December 24th, 2005

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What are you nicknames? (Preferably the funnier ones with stories please)

Is there a way to get a specific article out of a magazine merely as the text? I want to get a specific article out of the November issue of playboy, but I also need it without the pictures. Any ideas?

Do you have anything that turns you on no matter (for the most part) who has that specific attribute? For example, I like red hair and an accent, preferable southern or an overseas one.

Do you think that high oil prices are good or bad for America?

What do you think of a girl who chews tobacco?

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My grandma is Latvian, and every year she bakes "Pea Rugs" (unfortunate name, I know)- which are sort of pizza pockets with chewier meat- Christmas morning and we eat them and give them to our neighbours and its very very sweet. she had a stroke in January and has realised she can't remember the recipe. I'd like to help her make them this year.
anyone know what I'm talking about? how to spell it? I've tried googling but nothing comes up. I now they're not just her invention, because I saw them in Sweden once: "Pea Rugz" or something I don't remember.

the meat she uses is called speck, and then there are onions and pepper and... that's about it I think. so you put all that into a bowl. then once the dough has risen for quite a while you roll it flat then put a spoonful of the meat/onion/pepper almost on the edge of the dough then fold the little bit of edge over it and press a glass down over it, so it makes a little half-moon. then you glaze and bake them.

actually I suppose I can pretty much work out how to bake them. but what sort of dough should I use? how do I make it?

thank you!!!!

EDIT: so they're called Pierogis or something similar (thank you bopeepsheep!). I want to make ones with really soft, bread-y outside. not pastry-y at all. any ideas on the dough? or the spelling in... "softer-dough countries"...?

Sleeping Pills

1. Do you take them or have you ever taken them? What were the circumstances?

2. When they say long-term use of sleeping pills isn't recommended, what exactly is meant? I.e. how many times a week over how long a period of time is "too much"?

3. When taking sleeping pills, how "out of it" is a person? For example, what would it take to wake them up?

4. How does a person feel when coming out of a sleeping pill induced sleep?

5. Is it possible to tell the difference between a person sleeping naturally and one sleeping from taking a sleeping pill?
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Do you know where I could buy [online] blankets? I want to buy a blanket [not for a baby], preferrably with an angel on it but I can't find it anywhere. Help?
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If you buy someone a technology gift that has a mail in rebate (which requires you to send in the barcode of the product), is it tacky to ask for the barcode for the mail in rebate?

If I'm able to get this mail in rebate, I can buy this person a few more gifts (I set maximum price limits on gifts I receive because I'm broke, and it's embarassing to receive a gift that costs significantly more than what I can give). If not, I'll only be able to afford to buy one other present.
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Is it possible to get a crack of the complete version of Photoshop?

Does The Gimp support Wacom tablets?

What's a decent Wacom tablet out there that I could find for a quasi-reasonable price?

How much DOES the full version of Photoshop actually cost?

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1. Without looking at my user info, can you guess how old I am today?

2. What sort of birthday traditions do you have in your family?
-I know that as soon as I walk into my parents house that my mom will sing the part of the Blink 182 song, "Nobody likes you when you're..." And one of my siblings will do the Simpsons, "Happy Birthday, Lisa" song. When I lived at home I also got to pick what I wanted for dinner some day in the week before my birthday.

3. Are you still excited to have a birthday? I know some people get depressed because they are older, but I'm still running around like a little kid telling everyone.

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Can anyone suggest a site with some really funny/annoying e-cards? Like, I saw one (and can't remember where the damn thing is) that started with a pretty picture of skating penguins, then when you clicked on it, went to a cat in a Santa hat that yowled Jingle Bells and hissed at you when you tried to stop it. Stuff like that. Noisy pain-in-the-ass e-cards.

Making the holidays a bigger pain in the ass than ever...that's my job.
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what's a good digital camera that's easy to use in regards to uploading pictures, that is about 3 to 5 megapixels, cost doesn't matter. also it must be available at my local electronics store
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a friend and i are trying to make a bet.. but we aren't very good at it..
What should we Wager..
basically we invited a third party to join us for NYE.. and she thinks he'll chicken out and I think he'll go cause everything else going on is boring..
so help?
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If your favorite relative (sister/cousin/aunt/grandparent/whatever) was visiting you, and you only saw them maybe once a year, would you chose to stay out all night? My sister did that last night and I thought it was pretty rude. Espcially after she told me she'd be home early.

and, Hope you all have a Merry Christmas. (if you celebrate that. if not Happy Haunnaka or Kwanza.)
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I wondered if anyone here could perhaps point me in the direction of a book, or even a whole series, of a certainish kind.

Actually, all I'm really looking for is a Clive Cussler-ish kind of book, but better written. Action-adventure with a good sprinkling of mystery and comedy. A lead character, man or woman, with a friend who they're always getting into trouble with. They can be best friends, best friends with that little hint of subtext, or madly passionate lovers who have sex and go on crazy awesome adventures. And mad bonus points if the best friend or hero is captured by some force of evil and then either hero or best friend must rescue their other half.

I'm sure lots of books could meet these qualifications, but I'm hoping to find some with good dialogue, 3-D characters, and so on and so forth. I really enjoy Clive Cussler's crazy plots, but his actual writing makes me want to hurt things.

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Because of all of the Media Plays closing down next month, they are saying they are unable to take back anything you wish to return. Has anyone gone through this recently? My mom bought a $50 item before they mentioned they were closing. She's gone down, and my dad has to complain - also wanting their money back. But they refuse.

What should they do? They have a receipt that says a return is allowed, yet because of this closing, they're saying it isn't.

I called another store, and they said that now that another company owns it, they don't have to follow the policies...?

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Okay. The Best Buy where I live put a Christmas tree up in its store, and then had to take it down because, APPARENTLY, not everyone celebrates Christmas!

What do you think about this?

If you don't celebrate Christmas, are you offended that advertising and stores are all geared towards Christmas?

If you didn't celebrate Christmas and someone wished you a Merry Christmas (not a friend, just a stranger in the street) would you get mad and/or bother to correct them?
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What do you think is the most sensitive (in a good or bad way) of your five senses? Which is the least sensitive?

I think my most sensitive is hearing and touch - both in a bad way. While I love music, any other noise drives me crazy and makes me really irritable. I'm also very sensitive to touch - sometimes the lightest touch hurts me and I'm also not a big fan of being touched (except by my fiancé - I won't even hug my family).

My least sensitive is smell, but hopefully that will change soon. I can barely ever smell anything.

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I'm trying to recall a specific networking/friend community, similar to Friendster. What other networking websites are there?

It is not any of these:


I'm pretty sure it has a variation of "friend" in its name.

EditedToAdd: Answered. I was looking for Thanks everyone!

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Cheese recommendations?
I like ones that are dessert-like -- as in sorta of sweet, rich, buttery. Like brie. I dislike the moldy sorts, like blue cheese. I prefer creamy ones over hard ones, but I'm open to whatever! As long as it's not something that requires an acquired taste and doesn't taste or smell gross to the average person.
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Anyone know anything about clitoral hood piercings??

I woke up this morning, went to get in the shower, heard something hit the floor and there was the ring... when I looked, there was no blood, no pain, it just looked like the skin that the jewelry was thru had ripped in half.

Anyone know what might have caused this??
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Free Tow Home This New Year's

How nifty. AAA is kicking off a new program this year in Northern California, Nevada, and Utah, providing a free tow home (up to 7 miles) to anyone who contacts them, AAA member or not, and requests one. It's horrifically named (Tipsy Tow), but a great idea. I've known of companies that provide a free taxi voucher before, but this solves the problem of what to do with your car.

Is there any organisation in your area that has some similar program this holiday season? Does AAA have similar programs elsewhere?
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1. Do you consider yourself a generous/average/skimpy tipper?
2. How much do you usually tip % wise? (Of course depending on Where? When?)
3. Do you notice how much other people tip?
- Do you say anything about it (if it's low)?
4. Do you give less/extra depending on your satisfaction or not?
5. What do you consider the norm/average % tip?
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When adding fruit to jell-o, how long does the jell-o chill before adding fruit? I don't want it to be too chilled because I don't want the jello to look messy on the top but I don't want it too liquidy because the fruit will float...

the box doesn't say either.
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My husband and I always said that if we couldn't have children, we'd adopt. What does "not being able to have children" consist of? If I have to have shots every day to remain pregnant and not miscarry, is that really being able to have a kid? Or is not being able to have a kid flat out not being able to get pregnant without the help of science? I can get pregnant, it's just the staying pregnant part that seems to be the trouble.

call to all chefs! also,cats

I am attempting to follow a recipe for chicken, right now its in the marinating stage. one of the steps of the recipe says "transfer the chicken pieces to a cutting board and TENT WITH FOIL" what does tent with foil mean?? should i already have foil ON the cutting board? i am very confused @.@

also, does your cat ever growl like a dog? i mean exactly like a friggin dog ' grrrrowwl'  just like that?whats up with that??

Ps. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah! and Merry any other holiday i am not mentioning!

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I'm planning on ordering a product from an American website. I'm in Canada. The only choice of delivery is UPS Canada standard. Do I actually have to be home to accept it or will they simply leave it on the doorstep?

From the company's website:
We are not liable for any items that are seized or confiscated by any foreign government.
We are not liable for any tariffs, import duties or international taxes imposed outside the US.

If it gets seized, am I stuck with paying $50 for something I'll never get? If there are any tariffs/import duties/international taxes on my item, will I have to pay for those up front? (See first question - do I have to be home?) How does this all work?
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Is it still good?

For my Christmas Eve dinner, while my family had turkey, I the vegetarian had spinach and cheese ravioli with cream sauce. I had a portion of it, and left the rest to sit in the (turned-off) microwave. This was around 4:45pm or so.

I only remembered that I'd left the ravioli there at 9:00pm, so it was sitting there for about four hours, at which point I remembered about it and put it in the fridge.

Is it still good to eat? It looks fine, so I'm guessing yes, just want to get other peoples' opinions.

And an additional question, for those of you who celebrate Christmas - do you open your presents on Christmas Day, or Christmas Eve? Why do you on the day that you do? (Cultural thing, family tradition, etc.)?

My family opens presents on Christmas Eve. It's a Latvian thing. I get to sleep in Christmas morning.
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