December 23rd, 2005


1. Have you ever had one of those "donate" buttons for PayPal on your userinfo page or anything?

2. Did you ever receive a donation?

3. Have you ever ASKED for donations for a cause (like, how people give a sob story about their pet's health and vet bills and ask for donations...) for yourself?

4. Have you ever asked for donations for a FRIEND?

5. Have you ever donated to a random link on someone's userinfo page?

6. Have you ever donated to a CAUSE (like in questions 3 and 4)?

7. Have you ever given somebody a paid LJ account?

8. Has anybody ever given you a paid LJ account?

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Bearing in mind I live in the UK (for price questions)

I'm thinking of getting a series of three tattoos.
They'd be about two inches wide, and a cm or so thick, one below the other ( a cm apart) just basically like a ...

/\/\ (but wider...)

a) How much APPROX would this cost?
b) has anyone ever had tattoos just below the collar bone and above your chest (breast bone area) and if so, obviously, all tattoos are going to hurt, but does it hurt considerably more than say...a
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Mouse evacuation

Okay. Sitting in my guest/rumpus/rec type room, and this little mouse just crept up the step to the door and is sitting in the doorway. I probably won't be fast enough to catch it, and I'd like for it not to get into the kitchen, where it will doubtless have a mouse party with anything not properly secured. Is there a non-fatal way I can get this sucker out of here? And stop any little friends coming in, for that matter? Where on earth do they come from, anyway? It's not like we live near a dump or a field or anything.
minnie and zeus

The internet

How would the world change if we woke up tomorrow and the internet died?

Not like Y2K, where everyone was working fast to prevent it and updating their systems to get around it, but like completely shut down, pulled plug, all gone...all over.  We still have all the technology parts and whatnot (as in, we didn't go back in time), just no internet.  How much would you be affected?  Would your job/love life/way of communicating/ability to do schoolwork/ability to be entertained/whatever change drastically? 

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what are your bad driving habits? mine are smoking a cig and talking on my cell phone while driving, and when i'm coasting i tap my foot on the gas pedal to the beat of the song i'm listening to (but not hard enough to push it down). i'm totally going to rear end someone one of these days.
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Competitive Much?

Let's say you have in interest in Thing X. You interest level is approximately 80%.

Your arch rival has an 97% interest in Thing X.

Your success rate of obtaining Thing X is 80% no matter what you do -- Unless you take drastic measures.

Your arch rival has a 97% success rate of obtaining Thing X due to external factors that you will never have (Family connections, disposable income, etc.)

Does it suddenly become your life's work to attain Thing X if only to piss off your arch rival?

curious about footwear.

Where do you keep your shoes when not wearing them?
While I was growing up, we always kept all of our shoes by the back door. At my boyfriend's house, however, they seem to keep them in their rooms.

As a side-question, what do you think of the stereotype that all women are obsessed with shoes?
I personally dislike it.
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thoughts on handbags all you ladies?
i'm wondering your thoughts on vera bradley (google if you havent seen them) i think they are fun and cute but i dont want something too country-ish. im thinking of getting one for mom but we were also thinking of perusing the coach outlet because i have $100 to spend there (gift card)

i love any chance to talk about bags lol so if you all have seen anything super fun or cute post a pic and where to get it:)

happy holidays!
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Can some of you enlighten me on the ethical issues of Converse shoes?

I see different types of shoe companies like blackspot and the other who try to push a similar but more ethical shoe at us, so I'd like to know the basis for it, and maybe whether you agree or disagree with related issues.

hey folks

buddy (that's my dog) and i want to wish you and yours a most wonderfully joyous christmas and a fantabulous new year...


^_^ <---- (me)

()^_^() <---- (buddy)

so, won't you please have one?


Where can i get those things you put in high boots to make sure they hold their shape and do not shrink[ofcourse im talkin about leather boots, i just got mine stretched and i was warned that they will shrink ]


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You know the expression, "hes gone to davey jones locker"
Well we all know its lost at sea, or death of some sort
But what is the origion of the saying
Who is Davey Jones?
Fart joke

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I am trying to save that trailer so I can make a small gif from it. Any ideas? HELP ME PLEASE!


I usually dont have any probs with this stuff, but I use firefox and it wont let me save anything so I can open it in Animation shop and mess with it.

Any help will be rewarded with cookies for overly priced goods and services.

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December seems to bring out the petty ranting in all of us.

What do you need to rant about that is petty and possibly silly? What's bothering you? Let it out.

Mine: My housemates who cannot properly stock the freezer in our house. Boxes stick out every which way, making it impossible for us to load in our food. Seriously, is it so bloody difficult to take two minutes and line up all the boxes and cartons so that it fits in your allotted space?

Also, stop using my shampoo.. and if you use my towels, do the laundry once in a while. Pitch in and do your share of the housework!

guitar questions

1. Can anyone who owns Crowded House's debut album tell me which tracks Joe Satriani sang backup on? The liner notes don't specify.

2. Would I be right in thinking that unless I surpass the master (Satriani) my chances of personal lessons with him are nil?

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Is it tactless to use a gift certificate that you were given as a gift to buy something from that store to give to someone else as a gift?

Even if nobody knows about it?

Is it along the same lines as "re-gifting"?
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Does anyone know of a reliable place I could get the musical episode “Once More With Feeling” from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I have no money and the torrent that I have downloading has been stuck at 42.7% for days. Anyone?

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Does anyone here with a Playstation 2 use it to play DVDs? If so, have you ever had a problem with the screen going really dark red, back to normal, and then dark red again? And if you have, do you know of any way to fix it?

Edit - I think that it might just be a problem with playing full-screen DVDs...everything else seems to work okay, so I'm going to get some wide-screen versions and see if that works better.
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game systems

My mom and I used to be video game fiends -- we had the original Nintendo, the Super Nintendo, and the N64... then we kind of grew out of it. Now we're thinking about getting a new system, but I don't know what I want. We're not really into the action games or the extremely long storyline games... I want something that I can play DDR on, we want some puzzle games, maybe something on the lines of Starfox... ugh, I don't know. It's been a while.

What would you suggest? Which games are cheapest, which systems have games like this for them, what can I play DDR on...? I need opinions. And I'd like to avoid an XBox 360 because those are way too expensive.
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What do you get a 7 year old girl and a 4 year old boy for christmas?

I don't actually know these kids, but one of my co-workers is having financial issues. Her husband ended up in the hospital 2 weeks ago with congestive heart failure and is still there, so her children aren't getting much in the way of Christmas this year. As I'm only having to buy gifts for a few people this year, I thought I'd do a nice thing and get something for her kids and leave it on her desk tomorrow.

Sadly, I have no idea what interests kids these days...

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Am I going to need by ID to go into a sex shop? I wanted to see if there were any sort of last minute stocking stuffers I could get for my boyfriend, but I lost my ID about six months ago and still haven't gotten a new one. I do have a credit card, could that count as age proof if I needed it? I'm just afraid they'll kick me out since I sort of look like I'm twelve.
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quick piercing question.

I'd Google, but I am at work and we have the St. Bernard blocker, so I'm fairly certain it wouldn't work...

I got my navel pierced May 1st of this year. Every now and then, if it gets bumped even a bit, especially if it gets bumped a lot, it gets tender and the bottom hole (the one in my navel) bleeds a bit.

Is it just not healed completely yet? Or is it just not working out? I'd really like to keep it, because the boyfriend has really started to like it.

Am I just being impatient, or should I be concerned?
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I found this on the triva section for saturday night live on imdb,

"Martin Lawrence was banned for life after his appearance on the show due to an off color remark he made about women's hygiene."

does anyone know what he said? I'm just curious.

Also, does anyone know of anyone others who've been banned from the show? I found Adrien Brody, thats it.
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And now for something completely frivolous...

I spent the evening on the couch watching TLC...

1. Does anyone know if Stacey & Clinton on "What Not To Wear" are a couple? I think they are, my SO doesn't. No rings, but they're pretty touchy-feely, lots of hand-holding and arms around each other walking. Past "co-host banter," IMO.

2. Did anyone else throw a slipper at the TV after the 8-millionth Korbel ad? gah.

3. What's the song/band being played behind the new show "Riding the Bull" promo? I kept saying Everlast, and then Dave Navarro, but I know I'm wrong. I can't seem to place the voice.

and then:

4. What the hell was it I was gonna put on my sweetie's to-do list for tomorrow? I'm sending him out on errands so I can wrap presents, thought of something else he needed to do, and then it flew out of my brain. I HATE IT when that happens!

4.5 Anyone know where I can pick up one of those squishy/Nerf-like balls that goes on a car antenna? I've looked at Target, Walgreen's, (I don't shop at Walmart), 2 different dollar stores, 3 different auto-parts stores... no luck at all, suggestions?

5. Is anyone else just ridiculously glad that today is here? At the company holiday lunch today, we all kept looking at each other and saying, "we made it!" Thank heavens for a little down-time.
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Surely someone here collects the Waterford "Songs of Christmas" Christmas bells, so have any of you come across "Silent Night"?
I'm looking for it for my grandma because it's the only one in the collection that she doesn't have and I'd really like to get it for her. I know that's the hardest to find, but it's gotta be out there matter how much it is.
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FBI monitoring of radiation levels with regards to Kyllo v. US?

So, CNN's Ohmahgawd, The Gubmint's Being Stupid report of the day seems to be about the FBI monitoring various sites (both Muslim and otherwise, and private homes as well as businesses and religious centres) for radiation spikes over the last 3 years ( Is there some reason to think that radiation monitoring differs significantly from thermal imaging and thus would be exempt from the restrictions laid out under Kyllo v. US?
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So, what're you hoping Santa leaves under your tree this year?

(metaphorically speaking, of course, please don't be offended if your own traditions do not correlate with this question)