December 22nd, 2005

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(no subject)

How big is your work email box?
How many emails do you get a day?
How do you organize it all?

(It just cost me 2hours to get my mail down to 141 134MB and 46 43 unread)

Christmas Recipes!

I am looking for two Christmas recipes! I seemed to have mis-placed mine, unfortunately!

One is for a White Chocolate Rocky Road, another for a Ginger Bread house!

So any recipes you could give me would be a great help, also some links or two..

If anyone has any favourite holiday recipes to share please do! Im looking to broaden my Christmas cooking. :)

The recipes need to be easy to make, not too many ingredients, and I have only got 3 days left to bake! Eeep!!
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dvd/vcr recommendation

I would like to get my parents a DVD/VCR combo device, since they don't have a DVD player yet, and their VCR barely works (it's about 17 years old). I have been looking at a lot of reviews online, but most of them seem to have mixed reviews. Do you have any recommendations?
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(no subject)

has anyone else seen that short porn video that's like a girl with a pink shirt dancing in front of a big screen tv and what i think is halo2?
it has dominated my .mov downloads
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Pictures on the Net

My mom used to use this internet company to develop all her pictures.

It was cheaper than the store, I dont know why, but they gave you really little pictures, too.

I cant for the life of me remember the name of the company, nor do I think it even still exists.

Does anyone know of a company that does this. It's not digital pictures. You send them a roll of film, and they send you real pictures plus the negatives.

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The person I drew for our Secret Santa at work is someone I know very little about. I know she loves her iPod, so I was going to get her an iTunes gift card (thanks to all who posted telling me that I can get them in a bunch of places). The only problem is that they don't come in denominations smaller than $15.

Since the staff ranges from affluent teenagers living at home to people who are barely scraping by with 2+ jobs, they set a $10 limit for spending on gifts. I'm sure that most people will break it, but it won't be as obvious as with a gift card.

So, is it really egregious to go $5 over the spending limit? It's either that, or I resign myself to buying something stupid and generic (like lotion or lip gloss).
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Huh, q's of a soo not serious nature..

1. Ever streak or flash anyone?
2. Color underwear :P ? (ewwww I so don't need this picture but I'm trying to get some freaky q's)
3. Would you ever stand naked on doorstep of someone you loved covered in chocolate if they asked you to?
4. If you had to be called a female(if you're male) or male (if you're female) name for a day, what would you wanna be called?
5. For $100 dollars would you wear a pink thong (if you are a guy) or a jockstrap (I don't wanna know how, if you are a girl) for a day?

(bored, if you can't tell)
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Graphics Manipulation

Hi all...

I'm still trying to update The Food Bank's website, and need some extra buttons, like what are going down the left side. I have the button and font colors, the font is Papyrus, 12 point bold italic (except the Events button, italics was omitted, I need to correct that). I've tried Photoshopping this with the "More blur" tool, and it's close, but the letters end up a bit too dark. I also tried to "grow" the letters and then "more blur" them, but the "grow" didn't make any difference at all. This is my working copy (there are no links to this page in the site, I made it for here).

I just don't have that much experience with Photoshop; can anyone advise me on the steps I would take to make the letters "glow" like they do on the existing buttons?
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Hopefully this will be my last question in awhile...

How long before the flu isn't contagious?

More specifically, I was diagnosed with the flu on Tuesday. The symptoms slowly started showing themselves on Monday. The doctor prescribed Tamiflu and told me to take Advil to bring my fever down. Today, on Thursday, I feel so much better!! I feel like I just have a mild cold now. I want to get out of bed and leave the house. Am I ready to do that yet?
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To all of the girls that believe in marriage...

What do you guys think of having no bridesmaids??

Let me explain my situation, my two best friends ended up being not so good friends (one couldn't grow up, the other decided she hated me because I wouldnt give up a great relkationship and act slutty like her) all in all, I think we all just grew up and changed and grew apart... Now that I look back I would never want people like that standing up there with me... other than that I don't really know any girls who I am close enough with to have as bridesmaids... I suppose I am kinda close to a few girls, but I think I would rather be alone and know there is noone fake, or bad friends or just people up there to have bridesmaids... We will be having 4 groomsmen though...=\

Any opinions, thoughts or experiences similar to this?
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Stupid question:

Is this New Year's Eve called "New Year's Eve 2005" or "New Year's Eve 2006"?

Cause I know it's going to be 2006 but the eve is still in 2005...?

The smell!

I've been making greek salads all week for lunch, and every day after I make the salad, no matter how well I wash my hands, the smell of olives and pepperoncinis and red wine vinegar stays on my hands.

How can I get this smell off my hands? Short of just waiting it out?

(no subject)

can jump roping be a good cardio exercise? i'm home from college for christmas break and am the only one here doing the day. i feel very sloth-like because i dont do anything all day. i also want to lose five pounds. running outside is completely out of the question because of where i live, and i don't have a gym membership. all i can think of us jump roping in my basement and running stairs. any other ideas? are these even good ideas?
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Criminal Justice

So, I'm planning on getting an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. It says that it will qualify me for some entry level work, which will be great for me. My goal is to get the Associates. Get a betterish job than the one I have now, hopefully career related, and then continue onto a four year degree. Any advice, input, or suggestions?

Co-workers you can't stand...

1. Is there anybody you work with that you just don’t like? Why don’t you like them?

2. There’s this woman at my work who loves to stir up drama just for the sake of it. She lies, over-dramatizes situations and causes trouble and I have no idea why. For example, there’s been two separate occasions where she’s told me I’ll be losing my job soon because the managers have complained about me, but it is simply not true.

Have you ever come across somebody like this? How did you handle that person?

(no subject)

What should I get my family for Christmas?

I know that it is late, but I have been in basic.

My sisters are 14 and 14 and 9. One of them wants temporary tattoos, so that is taken care of.
I have two brothers, 21 and 16.

Then I have the hardest ones of all... my parents. Any ideas whatsoever?

I am open to anything and everything.

Oh, by the way, the gifts for my parents cannot be a joint present.

(no subject)

Someone had posted a little game about locating and marking the states in the US a couple of months ago. I can't for the life of me find this page again. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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(no subject)

anyone have any odd family Holiday Traditions they'd like to share?
we have the 'Christmas Spam'.. as a joke when I was a little kid, during a gift exchange at school, i wrapped a can of Spam and it went into the Mix. my 'crush' at the time (4th grade c'mon) got it and yelled, "HEY I GOT SPAM!" v. embarrassing ....anyway.. i told my future husband and he thought i should do the Spam thing at his families gift exchange, i did and it was pretty funny.. so far the same SPAM can has been exchanged for the past 5 yrs... we mailed it off to it's next 'victim' yesterday! :) everyone signs it w/the year they got it, and it sits in their cupboard all year until it's time to relocate again!
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Engagement Rings

I just watched the Sex and the City episode where Charlotte giver her ring to Carrie to sell. It brought up a few questions.

-What is the proper thing to do with an engagement ring after the relationship is broken off?
-Does it make a difference if it is divorce or just breaking off of an engagement?
-What would you do with it?

I've seen other movies and such where this situation comes up:
-Friends, where Rachel runs out on Barry and returns the ring
-Runaway Bride, where Julia Roberts has all of her engagement rings from her gazillion almost-marriages

(no subject)

I'm interested in buying a digital camera...but have no idea how they work. Where do you get the pictures developed? How do you use it with your computer (naking pictures look better, etc.)?
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(no subject)

Is it possible to technically be married in another country and still be seen as a married couple in the USA or would there have to be a second ceremony in the USA?

A friend of mine is absolutely set on getting married in Japan (We live in the US) and I'm trying to figure out if its legal and doable.
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locking doors, vegetarians, hair dye, and Christmas

1. Do you lock the door when you go to the bathroom (in your own home)? What about when you go to other people's houses?

2. If you are a vegetarian, what are your reasonings for it?

3. I want to dye my hair purple. Can anyone recommend a good permanent hair dye, preferrably one that you've had experience with?

4. If you aren't Christian, do you get offended when people wish you a Merry Christmas?
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This has probably been asked, but it's close to impossible to keep up with this community, so if it has, oh well.

Do the people you work with buy you christmas presents? Do you buy presents for them?
If so, what did they get you? What did you get them? If they get something for you and you don't get something for them, do you feel guilty?
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hair woes.

I have naturally blonde hair and I started dying it black about a year and a half ago. I have tried bleaching it myself to get it back to blonde but it never comes out right so I get fed up and just cover it back up with black.

I think my best option is to get it color stripped but with my length it'll be about $120.

Right now my roots are like 3 inches long and I want them gone for the holidays. But I can't decide if I should just dye it black again or get it color stripped.

The pros to dying it black is that it's cheap and I already know what the end result will look like. The cons are that my roots will grow back out and I will be back to square one.

The pros to getting it color stripped is that I can match my original color and stop worrying about my roots once and for all. The cons are that it's expensive for my budget and that I don't even know if I will like the end result.

So which should I do? Dye it black or get it color stripped?
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Music Question

I am trying to figure out a song, tell me if you recognize it...

In the video a little chubby girl with glasses was dancing around in a bumble bee costume in a field.
It was in the 90's sometime.

That is all I know does anyone know the name of the band or the name of the song?
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(no subject)

I have a list of all the things that I want to do before I die, and whenever I do something off it, I just cross it off. For example, this past summer, I went on my 1st upside-down rollercoaster, something I've been too chicken to do before. And, if I think of something new, I just add it to the bottom of the list...

1.) Do you have your own personal list?
2.) What is one thing you want to do before you die?

(no subject)

I'm running WinXP. For some reason my Paint program has some dialogue boxes in Spanish (only when I go to exit): it asks "¿Guardar cambios a untitled?"

It's not too much of a bother, but I'm curious as to how it happened. And how do I change it back to English?
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(no subject)

What, in your opinion, is the best program to make web pages? Frontpage, Dreamweaver? Or something else entirely? I'm looking for something easy to use, but will help me make a professional-looking site.

(no subject)

this is serious, so i you feel like making a joke, please make it somewhere else.

I can't get over my ex. He broke up with me almost a year ago, on new years last year. We were dating for three years before then and we were having some dificult times. i wanted to work things out, he didnt.

i really miss him. i think about him almost everyday, even though i have a new bf. i honestly feel as though i will never feel for anyone else the way i feel about him. I havent been really truly happy in a year.

i am pretty young, i am 20, and i hate dating.

i honestly thought that he and i would wind up together, we were really great together. looking back he doesnt think that we had anything special. i couldnt disagree more. this is killing me, and ive spoken with him before and he says he doesnt want to get back together.

i cant see him as a friend, i feel like i will always feel as incomplete as i am now.

i still cry all the time, i love him so much and i really miss him.

what should i do?
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(no subject)

I'm hoping there is a concise yet free website/program out there somewhere that lets you input what food you've eaten over a period of time, that will track the amount of calories you've had and how much fiber, carbohydrates, protien, vitamin C, etc. etc. Can you reccommend anything?

[Also, I'm not very good at nutrition/being healthy and I want to start eating right and getting back into shape... I want to slowly lose 15 lbs. Is 5lbs every 2 months realistic or not? Maybe every three months? I plan to stop overeating [yay!], start eating healthier, and work out everyday/every other day as time allows...]

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lemme axe u a quick quetchin

hi i am new to this community. i am trying to find out if anyone can identify a song I heard, it is a rap about "sticking your cock in gum". other SIPs included "administrin' gummilingus like a fiend" and "yeeh cos' I be poor with a capital EBT". i already tried google and couldn't find anything abt this, any help would be greatly appreciated thankx.

EDIT: No its not Ace of Base, someone already suggested that
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(no subject)

1. Do you know of a good online address book?

2. Watching Deal or No Deal tonight, my husband and I started talking about at what point of money would we keep vs. help out family members.

I mean, if we were to win millions in the lottery, we'd set up college funds, pay off mortgages, etc. If we won, say $1000, we'd keep it all to ourselves. But that's a big difference in amounts. I said that my "just our" money amount would be $100,000, whereas my husband said it would have to be closer to $250,000. What's yours?

3. Do you have life insurance? How much are you worth dead, and who gets the money?
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question questions

1.When someone here asks a question that has only one answer (ie not an opinion question), why does it get multiple comments with the same answer?

2. If you're one of the later commenters, why did you bother commenting with the answer that's already been given?

(I can understand, say, the first 3 comments all having been made within the space of a few minutes, everyone clicking and typing at the same time and all, but after that...? Why would you bother commenting with something that's already been said?)

3. Do you ever type out most of an answer to an opinion-based question, and then think, oh forget it, and just hit back without posting? I do this a lot, especially if an opinion very similar to mine has already been commented.
3a. If it was your questions I was answering, would you prefer if I just posted it anyway, even if it's sort of a repeat answer?

4. If you could change one small, mostly insignificant thing about the world, what would it be? (something like making flowers bloom in tydye colors, NOT something huge like, world peace; I had a friend say she'd make bubbles automatically float around things, instead of smashing into stuff and popping- small things that would be neat, but not life-changing.)


5. Are you chronically late, chronically early, or chronically on-time? Have you always been this way?
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(no subject)

Does anybody know how I can get ahold of the TV series "Twin Peaks" I kinda have a hankering to see it, as from what I've heard it's something that I would like but I was like 6 when it came out. I hear it's on DVD, but really hard to find and just the first season (but not the first episode, for some weirdass reason)

Also, what are some good bittorrent sites?

Which Music channel do you like best, MTV, VH1, Fuse, or something else?

question for the day

This isn't happening to me or anything, I was just wondering what you guys would do.

Your best friend comes to you and tells you that he/she needs to borrow $1000, but they won't tell you for what. All they say is that they really NEED it, but they won't tell you what they need it for. You would trust this person with your life, as they are your close friend, and you know they'll eventually pay you back... but you don't know what the money is for. Would you lend it to them?

Edit: Let me elaborate. I know lending money to friends is a bad idea and all, but, say if this were to happen- you KNOW that your friendship with said friend would be okay, you KNOW they would pay you back- there would be no problems with that whatsoever. The only issue is that they won't/can't tell you.

(no subject)

ok star wars fans.

what would consider Yoda's most well-known phrase?? The phrase that first pops into your head when you think "Yoda" and "quote". I said one thing and this girl i know said another.

(no subject)

Ok, I am plagued with this story about Tony Dungy's son being found dead. They officially ruled it a suicide a few hours ago.

Is there any medical way to rule something a suicide so fast?
or do you think he left a note, and that is why it was ruled a suicide so fast...?
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language learning problems

If you know another spoken language besides your mother tongue (whether it be English or not), did you start learning it in high school as a requirement or did you start learning it earlier?

Do you think that children should start learning languages earlier? Programs in elementary school, for example?

How about those of you who know sign language? If you started learning later in life, was it different than learning a spoken language?

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Ear Infection Cure?

Almost all day at work today my ear has been hurting me, I think the area is refered to as middle ear. Does anyone know of any cures or things I can do to help lessen the pain until I can go to the doctor (hopefully) in the morning?
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(no subject)

I just realized last night that the new season of Project Runway is on. Can someone catch me up on how they're doing eliminations (looks a bit different) and the gossip (early frontrunner, most likely candidiate for the Wendy Pepper slot, etc.)? I've seen the last few minutes of the Barbie episode and most of the lingerie episode, and I'm trying desperately to catch up...