December 21st, 2005

Beatles love (mothergodam)

My fiance and I were discussing what our answers would be for this question...

If you were sleeping and in the middle of the night your husband/wife woke you up and said "Honey, I'm in the mood, give me some lovin'!" (Hopefully not in those exact words, but you get the picture...) would you say yes and give them what they wanted, or say no and go back to sleep? Would the answer change in different situations, like if you had a long day at work or had to get up early the next morning?

EDIT: This is a hypothetical question, so everyone can answer if they would like to. :)

(no subject)

1. Do you like to drink water? I sure as hell don't, and I hardly ever feel thirsty, but I'm trying to lose weight.
1a, 1b, etc. "They" tell us to drink eight glasses of water every day...or else what? What's the proof that this amount of water is the absolute best for optimal performance? Is nine worse than eight? If nine is better than eight, why not just tell us that the more we drink, the better off we are? Would I really be fucked if I only drank, say, four glasses, so long as I'm significantly improving my water intake?

2. Have you ever lost a family member very close to you (parent, spouse, sibling, etc.) while you were studying at a university away from home? Did you have, erm, advanced warning of this? If so, did you withdraw from classes beforehand? If not, did you pull out of classes and go home? Did you not pull out of classes at all? (My mom is sick, and I'm confused as to what to do; I don't want to take a semester off earlier than I have to and waste time, but I don't want to go back to school for the spring and have to pack up and come back home immediately.)

3. 7-Elevens obviously don't exist everywhere, so is there another large chain of convenience stores in the United States (not counting Wawa in the Philly area)? What about in other countries? I could Google this, but, uh, why not ask here?

4. Speaking of convenience stores, do you have a local chain of drive-through convenience stores, similar to, say, my beloved Dairy Barns of Long Island, NY?

5. What's your take on processed cheese?
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(no subject)

1. Did you used to think reindeers were fictional creatures? I used to, and I've been surprised to learn how many others thought the same. I think it's the "flying" thing that gave me the impression that they were entirely fictional.

2. Do you eat Top Ramen?
2a. What's your favorite flavor?
2b. Do you ever eat it dry?
2c. Do you break it into smaller pieces or do you leave the noodles long? My mom used to break them up and for years I thought that was the way it was supposed to be done!
2d. Mmmmmm...ramen.

3. Your current piece of eye-candy: is it somebody you know and talk to, somebody you mutually flirt with, somebody you think is hot but he doesn't know nor care that you exist...?

4. Those of you who've been pregnant and are not anymore: what do you miss the most about pregnancy? What do you wish you'd "taken in more" or "appreciated more"?

5. What is your favorite show this season? Mine is 7th Heaven. I'm such a dork.
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English as a second language

Have any of you ever taught English as a second language to young (5-12ish) kids? Were there any games or books you used that were particularly effective? What were the hardest concepts to get across?

Have any of you ever learned English as a second language? If so, at what age? What was the hardest part for you?
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I really should be sleeping.

I know I just posted but this episode of Roseanne got me thinking.. Ok, the last few episodes, the parents have been really rude to the sarcastic, selfish, 20-something daughter... Roseanne is telling Darlene that she is glad she's in college and all that but that she is jealous (I think that was the word she used) because of everything Roseanne had to sacrifice for her to get there.. working crappy for jobs for little pay just to keep the family going...

Anyway, it got me thinking. When you're little, your parents sacrifice a lot for you but you're too young to really appreciate it, you just take it for granted because you don't know any better.

So in general (because every situation is different, but there can always be an "in general"):

1. Do you think that a parent has the right to feel angry at their kids for becoming what they've made them and for having to make sacrifices along the way?

2. When the child enters adulthood, do you think she owes anything BACK to her parents, or do you think she should "pay it forward" by providing the same opportunities for her own potential kids or other loved ones?

2a. If you think she owes back to her parents, in what way do you think she owes them?
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What do you think of some one when you see them wearing fur? I found a beautiful duster style sweater yesterday I wanted to buy but didn't because the collar had rabbit fur instead of fake fur. Normally I object to the idea of wearing fur. But then I thought...wait a minute...I eat meat and wear leather shoes and even own a leather coat. So doesn't objecting to fur make me a hypocrite? But even with that rationalization I still couldn't bring myself to buy it because I was afraid of what people would think of me wearing a fur collar. What's your opinion? What do you think of some one when you see them wearing fur? Does eating meat or wearing leather shoes change your opinion at all?

(no subject)

1. How do you remember things?
Allow me elaborate.
When I think back on everything ive done, I dont see it as I was visually seeing it at the time. Its more of an out of body memory, where I actually see myself (and other people) doing whatever it was that I/we was/were doing.
This makes me wonder if my memory is modifying things to suit me. So therefore, its not really helpful when I get in an argument and say, "im sure you said that" and I look like a complete fool.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know how to edit a picture and make it no wider than 400 pixels and less than 200 K in file size? Could you explain this to me, unless there is a super sweet person out there who is in the holiday spirit and wants to do it for me if I email them the picture :)??
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Engagement Ring

I'm sure many of you heard about the story where a man left his car unlocked and when he returned, there was a $15,000 engagement ring in his vehicle with a note attached, saying ''Merry Christmas. Thank you for leaving your car door unlocked. Instead of stealing your car I gave you a present. Hopefully this will land in the hands of someone you love, for my love is gone now. Merry Christmas to you.'' This happened right down the street from me.

This is just pure speculation, but what's your take on it? What do you think happened?

I personally think it was a guy who proposed and the girl said no, and he killed himself. My future in laws think it was an old man who "lost" his love because she died. I disagree because why a brand new $15,000 engagement ring?!

So, what do YOU think? I want to hear every possibly story, even if it's completely outrageous or unlikely.

For those who don't believe it happened, here is a more "reputable" news website:

There is nothing on about it that I'm aware of but like I said, it happened right down the street, there was footage of it on the news (and I believe some on CNN). Whether or not it was as simple as someone leaving it in his car is obviously not a given.

Heidi and Martha....

I apologize if this has been asked before, but am I the only person who thinks that Heidi Klum and Martha Stewart have some sort of lazy-eye thing going on? I think Claudia Schiffer might be in the club, too.
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christmas cookies

tomorrow will be my first time making cut-out sugar cookies.(yeah, i missed out as a kid, but oh well.) i'll be making then with my 6 year old niece, so in an effort to save time(and my mind) my question is... can i use the store bought cookie dough instead of making them from scratch? will it still roll out and cut like it needs to?
thanks in advance.
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(no subject)

This is for all of you who believe (or ever HAVE believed) that the world is exactly as it seems: that there is nothing supernatural or metaphysical about reality, there are no deities of any kind, there is no afterlife, etc.

So basically, for those who have to see something scientifically proven before they'll believe it.

Has there ever been anything in your life that caused you to question that philosophy, even for a moment? Anything that's happened to you that just seems to defy rational explanation?

(no subject)

Don't you hate those awkward moments when you aren't sure whether to get someone a Christmas gift, because you don't know if that person is getting you one, and you don't want to make them feel bad by giving them a gift and they have nothing for you? On the other hand, you don't want to be the empty-handed one either. Or does this just happen to me? :|

How much are you/did you spend on Christmas this year? Me, about $1200.
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arm hair woes.

Have you ever shaved your arms and then let them grow back in?

How long did it take for the hair to look "normal"?

I started shaving my arms about ten years ago but then I randmly decided to stop so I haven't shaved them since early September. It's been almost four months and they still look like they were shaven and then grown back!

Will it ever look normal again?

What if I wax them and let it grow back, might it look normal then?

Work question

How often do you get raises where you work? How much is the raise, generally?

To get right to my concern - is a $1 an hour raise good, or should I feel insulted? (That's $1 over a year, I'm not sure if there are other factors that would come in to play here - if there is, just tell me, & I'll answer as well as I can)

(no subject)

I've been absent from the internet for a few weeks, having just moved recently.

1)Did ya miss me?
2)Any really good drama happen while I was away?
3)Did anyone ask any really good thought provoking questions, or funny, or just overall interesting/good? I'm not going through the several thousand entries that were probably posted in the last 3-4 weeks because I have a small molecule of a life and can't be bothered with such menial tasks =P

(no subject)

When I moved, I neglected to disconnect the electrical bill. I got a bill in the mail now, that says that I owe 62.71 for 15 days of service. When I was there it was less than 6 dollars a month for me. Any ideas on getting the provider (local one) to not bill me, but instead to bill the person that is living there?

(no subject)

My current domain registration/hosting site has gone out of business. I need to renew my domain within two days or it expires. I don't know where to do this (previously I just did this through the site I originally signed with), or what site to sign up with to get hosting services.

Can someone suggest:
1. a good place to renew my domain name?
2. a good site that offers *free* domain hosting?

(I'm in Canada if this makes a difference)
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Another Sports Question

At least it's not political...

If you are not a fan of the game of Ice Hockey (The NHL)... why not?

A common answer I get is because it's hard to understand, is there one thing you can point to that you don't understand?

If you are a fan of the sport who is your favorite team and player and what do you like about the game the most.

Me... San Jose Sharks, Patrick Marleau. I love the speed of the game it's so fast and crisp.
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more boob questions

It seems like there are a lot of questions being asked about boobs and bras, and it got me wondering about someting. There are some places that are starting to sell bras with half sizes. I've seen one called nearly A and another that was called B-half.

1) Does anyone else have the problem of seeming to be between two cup sizes so that it's hard to find a bra that actually fits?

2) Do they make half size bras any bigger than B-cups?
2b) If so, where can I find something between a D and a DD?

3) *slightly more random* Have you ever used your boobs for evil? (like getting in somewhere for free or getting someone to give you his employee discount. And not by exposing yourself :op)


Which are the BEST study guides for those of us taking the ACT this year?

I'm current considering Sparknotes' "The New Act", Cracking the Code by Princeton Review, etc.

Any additional suggestions are appreciated- I just need to know which is the best for working up to a high score.
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(no subject)

1. In the past week in Chicago THREE babies have been abandoned. Can you understand what would make a parent do something like that?

2. Chicago (possibly IL) has a law that if you leave your baby at a police station, fire house, or hospital (not at a church), that you won't get in trouble for it. Do you agree with the law?

3. Why would a person, knowing this law - because it's all over the place - still not leave their child at one of the "safe" places?


I have a question (surprise, surprise). Does anyone know where I can download the song "Angels Among Us" by Alabama for free (MP3 format). Or does anyone have the song, and can put it on usendit or something for me?? I would appreciate it so much, I'm desperate!
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(no subject)

So what do they do if someone DOES object when they say "speak now or forever hold your peace" at a wedding? Do they stop to hear why they object? Escort them away from the wedding? Just go "er, too bad" and continue anyway?

Have you ever been to a wedding where someone objected?
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Adult Tonsilectomy

Has anyone here had their tonsils out as an adult? A friend of mine is lookingat that possibility and wants to know what he can expect (like, will he really need two weeks off work to recover?)
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Bewitched Kitty

Kinda Farfetched...

1. I've seen this trick two times now. I'm wondering if anyone knows how it's done. It's a trick with a paper dollar and an orange. The magician tells a volunteer to write something on the dollar, and the magician makes the dollar disappear. The magician then gives the volunteer an orange, and the volunteer slices the orange to find the dollar in the center of it, all with whatever was written on the dollar.

2. Also, what is something good to settle your stomach? I was diagnosed with the flu yesterday, and I've been kind of queasy since then. I do not have a fever now, if that means anything.
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How far do you go?

How far back do you follow threads in TQC? Or any other community you may be a member of? Do you feel like you may be missing something if you stop checking it too early?

For me, if a thread has gone past my first page, I never bother checking it. I don't know why. Sometimes threads blow up after they've hit the second page, but of course I never know about it unless someone tells me.

(no subject)

Is it possible to overdose on iron supplements? I know some vitamins/minerals are harmful if you take too much, but is iron one of those? Can I possibly take too much iron? :o)

My mom is convinced I have low iron in my system, since she does, my grandma does, and I'm exhibiting some of the same signs of low iron that they do. Anyway, I'm thinking about taking an extra iron supplement as well as my usual one-a-day vitamin that has iron in it. I'm wondering if this could do more harm than good.

(no subject)

I just received a gift from a coworker I've known for about four months. It's a small but very pretty pair of earrings. The thing is, I don't have my ears pierced and I don't plan on ever getting them pierced. I appreciate the gift very much, however. It was so thoughtful (and she's not even here, she left to go home to the Philippines for Christmas and left them with another coworker to put on my desk today!).

Should I tell her that (I think I have mentioned that my ears aren't pierced before, but I never mentioned that I would never pierce them on moral and esthetic grounds) or should I just not mention it and maybe she won't notice I never wear them? That's the problem though - I'm sure she'll be looking for me to use them.
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(no subject)

I have often been asked to describe what it is like to be deaf. Now it's my turn! What is it like to be able to hear normally? If you could turn your hearing off, like I can with my hearing aids, would you want to? I guess it's like closing your eyes when you're's great for me when I have a headache.

I've always wanted to know what it's like to hear, so what's it like?
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(no subject)

My neighbor's dogs howl ALL DAY LONG. We've talked to him before about it and the dogs seemed to stop for a bit, but the howling has started again.. I need to go talk to him about it again, but before I do, I'd like to gather some options for him so he at least has some ideas. What do you guys think? He has two larger dogs (an Akita and a pit/lab mix) and a Pomeranian. He leaves all three in his garage when him and his wife are at work (they do have access to the backyard through a dog door). They're driving me nuts and it makes my dog all nervous. I have no clue what he can do to keep them quiet, please help!

He sees you when you're SLEEPING!!

When you were a child, did you believe that Santa + his elves really made all the toys?
How did you figure they could make all the brand-name toys and electronics?
Do you think the Santa myth will eventually be updated since there are so few handmade toys these days?

I always thought that they used to make all the toys in the old days, but now they just buy and distribute the stuff. And the elves do mostly purchasing/accounting office work for Santa now.
Yeah, i had it all figured out.
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(no subject)

How accurate are skin scratch allergy tests?

does anyone have any stories about themselves taking the test and if it was accurate with them?

I recently had one done and it said that I am allergic to so many things. However, I don't know if I really am. It said i had a slight allergy to peanuts, however i seriously live off of peanut butter. I eat it all the time and have never had a problem before.

also, does anyone know anything about allergy shots?

(no subject)

So I just placed a bid for the first time on E-bay. I am still the highest bidder. I have my paypal account and whatnot already set up. I've even used it before, but never for E-bay. If I do win the bid, how do I go about paying the person?

edit: YAY I won the bid. :-) I paid right away too. I figured it out once I won it. Thanks everyone.
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(no subject)

why does every fucking group now have to put their songs in commericals.

do they really need the money or the exposure that badly?

what. the fuck.

am i the only one who gets a little dissapointed by that?

am i just being naive?
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(no subject)

I was just watching a rerun of 'In living Color'- a great time from my childhood-and they hada skit that i never got until now.
It was called 'The Brothers Comedy Hour' and it was about how the only way a black guy could get on tv was (in the early 90s.. same for the majority...I'll explain)as a pimp or a ho,etc. They also mentioned how The Cosby Show wasn't a real portrayal of black families(none of the kids had kids out of wedlock,etc) and then on Damon Wayans show, his kids had kids out of wedlock and it got me thinking:

why do black people and mostly all minorites(im hispanic and i don't agree with anyof this) believe that if you don't show your race in a negative life all the time, then you aren't showing a real portrayal?
I mean, couldn't those negative portrayals be what it was like where they were growing up and not the entire population?
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Daily Comics

What comics do you read (online or in your local paper) every day (or every other day, or whenever the comic is updated)?

Every day (or when they're updated), I read: Collapse )
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(no subject)

1. is there a medical term for total, all-body pain? i want to google it, but i have no idea where to begin.

2. (inspired by another post) my high school would write you up immediately if you weren't in class but weren't on the list of excused absences, so i never skipped class. if you skipped classes in high school, how did you get away with it?

3. how many languages do you speak? did you learn any of them in school?
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(no subject)

How often do you poop?

Do you have a certain time of day that you normally poop at?

Do you have a pooping ritual? Like reading or like some people said a match after you poop....;)

You know, I really love you guys because I can ask you such personal questions and you all answer them so honestly and candidly and think nothing of it. I really love that. You guys are awesome:)

EDIT: another question inspired by someone in this post:

If you own a vagina, do you wipe it from your front to back? This question has nothing to do with pooping. It is separate from the pooping question. I don't mean like wiping after you've pooped, just wiping in general....

If so, don't you find that the folds don't really work that way? Or that it doesn't feel as clean?