December 20th, 2005

Kyouya - Outside the Lines

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What's your favorite fandom-specific joke?

Mine is Star Wars related:

Luke and Obi-wan were tired from training all day, and decided to go to a Chinese restaurant. They both order, and Obi-wan uses his chopsticks like he was born with a pair in his hand. Luke, on the other hand, wears most of his food. Obi-wan notices after a few minutes, and says "Use the forks, Luke. Use the forks."

Yes, it's lame. But it makes me giggle.
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Is there a song that's so catchy you just can't resist singing along with it, even though the lyrics don't match your sex and/or sexual orientation?

For me it's "One Hour Mama" as sung by Lavay Smith:

"I'm a one-hour mama
So no one-minute papa
Ain't the kind of man for me

Set your alarm clock, papa
One hour, that's proper
And love me like I like to be..."
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more cheating questions

Inspired by the past couple of posts about cheating... and the story of a friend I know.

So here are our subjects:

a) a single person who willingly enters a sexual relationship with a married person (their spouse has no idea and would not approve)

b) a married person who willingly enters a sexual relationship with someone else (not their spouse, who has no idea and would not approve)

Is there a difference as far as morals, right/wrong, etc? Do you think the single person is just as much a cheater as the married person?

*edit* Would your opinion change for either the cheating spouse or single cheating person, if you knew there was unresolved miscommunication between the married couple about whether they were monogamous or not?
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So my boyfriend proposed to me, but I am confused by the inside of the band....

Inside on one side PLAT is engraved, but on the other side of the band, MAGICGLO 14K is engraved...

All of my other jewelry that is white gold just has 14K (or whichever karat gold) that the piece is engraved on it somehwere.

Does anyone know what this means??
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so at school this girl was talking about how she was going to take her mini ipod to the apple store so that they could put more space on it. can they really do that or is she misinformed?
grade 11 math teacher, Brucio

Mouth-bump things.

I have these bumps on the top of my mouth. They're about the size of mosquito bites and they don't really hurt or do anything unless I push on them with my tongue. They're there for about 3 days at a time then they go away and resurface somewhere else. My mom says they might be some kind of vitamin deficiency.

What are they?
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SSRI - your opinion.

what is your opinion on SSRI's (anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, etc.) i'm not necessarily wondering whether you are on any or have been, i'm just curious as to your general opinion of them. there has always been a stigma with taking them, though it seems to have lessened in the past years (perhaps not so with the whole mr. cruise blow up, but, yeah)

and now i think the word opinion looks weird.
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Annie Hall

Last night some of my friends and I watched Annie Hall. The movie is from 1977, but at one point, when Alvy is going through some political buttons of Annie's, one of them says "Impeach Reagan." But that's not really time accurate, is it? Can anyone explain why Reagan is mentioned when he wasn't even president until 3 years later? Does it just have to do with him being governor at the time?

I did a little googling, but I can't find much. Thanks!
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Anyone have any idea how to get a chemical burn to go away faster? I've been using aloe vera but it's not working fast enough for me. If you suggest some kind of cream for it... what brand/type has worked for you in the past?
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1. I'm trying to decide between two "first dance" songs for my wedding. I love both of them but I can't make up my mind. I know "Love Song" might be kind of hard to ... slow dance to.

Poll #637315 First Dance

Which should I have as my first dance song

Love Song - The Cure
The Way You Look Tonight - Frank Sinatra

2. Does anyone NOT have a cell phone?

3. What is one convenience of modern technology that you can't live without?

4. Do you think it's weird that many kids aren't taught to tell time anymore (with a real clock, not a digital one)?


why is it that the hair on top of one's head will continuously grow, yet body hair (chest hair, arm hair, etc) seems to stop growing at a certain point? does body hair continue to grow at all or is just at such a slow pace that its unnoticeable?
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I've googled this and gotten about six million different answers, so in the interest of not trusting my life carpeting to a bunch of people on the internet that I never actually met I shall....ummm...ask a bunch of people on the internet that I've never actually met.

My dilemma:
Red Wine on Beige carpeting.

I soaked up as much as I could right after it happened last night, then I hit it with cold water, soaked it up again, then hit it with half a bottle of resolve. You can't actually see the stain right now but apparently wine stains have a habbit of "soaking back up to the surface." (or so I'm told) We have a carpet cleaner thingy, but I won't be able to get it until later tonight. Right now I'm just keeping the area wet with water and rags.

So, any suggestions what to do with the stain in the mean time?

Google is giving me the suggestions of table salt and white vinegar, but I'm pretty skeptical of both since I've used both to set dyes before.

Anybody else have any red wine catastrophes before? What worked for you? Any advice/methods?

The Receptionist Classic

Two, unrelated

Question #1: For those that take (or give) music lessons...
What are some things I should look for in an instructor/tutor? Are there questions I should ask?
(Violin lessons, for an adult, if that helps at all.)

Question #2:
They're corny. They're overplayed. You hate to admit that you know all the words to them. They're... Cheesy Love Songs.
What's your favorite?
"All For Love" by Bryon Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting is my favorite.
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1) if you're working, what do you do?
2) if you drink coffee, when's your first cup?
3) what are you doing for lunch?
4) if eating, what are you having (i know this was asked last week, i just thought it was v. interesting)?
5) what's the weather outside?
6) what color's do you have on right now?

1) Admin. in an HR Dept.
2) at 7:45am when i get to work
3) i'm running errands (returning dvds, going to post office, returning books at library).
4) if i have time, a salad at home
5) it is currently 66 degrees outside, clear and sunny
6) black and burgundy

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The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend is so we can tell them about our own weekend.
[Chuck Palahniuk, "Invisible Monsters"]
Do you think this statement is true for asking personal questions also? IE: The only reason why we ask other people personal questions is so we can tell them our own answers?

I'm not going for too philosophical of a discussion, I'm just curious as to your thoughts and the reasons underlying them. Obviously, this statement is not true for all personal questions, but what about the majority?

Me, I think this is more true for women than for men; or particularly anyone who is trying to be "nice and polite."
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A)Would you eat kangaroo meat?
Aii)why/why not?
B)Would you eat venison?
Bii)Why/Why not?
If you answered differently to these questions, then why?

If kangaroo meat had a different name, would that change whether or not you'd eat it?

Question inspired by:
This news item
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1) If you were to take drugs recreationally, would you prefer something that made you mellow and relaxed or something that made you high? You can't say neither and this is hypothetical.

2) If you have an Amazon wishlist, do you check to see if anything bought anything for you around this time of year?

3) A coworker and I are having a disagreement. I'm not going to say whose opinion is whose but do you think that working out and/or muscle mass will help prevent bruising? After I see all your answers, I will tell you which I think, but I don't want to influence anyone, hahaha.
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I'm moving the first week of January, and sending out my resume to a couple different places. I've included my resume (required), application (required), letter of recommendation from most recent boss (I also have several more I could add from various supervisors, professors, theatre directors as well), and two internet copies of newspaper articles about my work at a job (I worked at a museum; I'm applying for positions at other museums in the same vein), and now I need a cover letter.

Is that too much stuff to send? I'm trying to make myself look the best I can; I have a lot of experience in museums and education, but I'm only a freshman in college, so I'm trying to make up for it (the position doesn't require employees to hold a degree).

What should I put on the cover letter? I'm in the midst of moving, and wrote my current address(I'm moving to another state, so the current address is in a different state)on the application, but I don't want them to look at the application and think I'll have a 3 hour commute, sowhere do I tell them my new address and that I'm moving? In the letter? What else do I put on a cover letter?

I looked at samples online,but most samples talk about how the guy has this portfolio and so many years of experience and education, and I feel like I don't have that much to say without it looking juvenile.
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Health & Beauty... and others

1) What's the real difference between going to the eye doctor and getting an eye exam at an eyewear store? Is there one?
I ask because I would really like to try contacts -- I'm not sure if I want to wear them forever, but I'd at least like to try them out. The eye doctor's office won't give them to me unless I can put them in in a certain amount of time -- I can put them in but it takes me a while. So I'm really tempted to just go to one of the stores around here, have them do an exam, and get a trial pair. Advice?

2) I'm a big fan of dying/changing my hair a lot, so I'm used to either A: bleaching or dying it, then dying it the same color when the roots grow in (when it's black or blonde); or B: dying it some wild color, letting it wash out, bleaching the roots and then doing a new color. I've got it bright pink right now and I'd like to stick with that, but my roots are starting to get long enough that I'd like to get rid of them before I go back to school in two weeks. What should I do? If I go to the stylist can they do just the roots? Do they bleach them and then I match-dye them pink when I get home? Or should I wait until this (fairly long-lasting) pink washes out?

3) Anyone here play X-Men Legends II? How the heck do you beat the Teamwork Danger Room missions? I'm totally stuck on those and I want Professor X. >:(

eta 4) Also! What do you do when you're annoyed/angry about something and the person you're annoyed/angry with refuses to apologize for it even though they were (objectively) wrong?
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I used to be able to cook the perfect pot of white rice. Clean pot, add 2 cups water, boil it, stir in 1 cup rice, put pot lid on, simmer 20 minutes, perfect.

Now for the past few times I've tried that formula, my rice comes out way too soft on the outside, and crunchy/uncooked on the inside, and it never absorbs all the water.

I'm using the same exact brand and type of rice as I always have. Same stove, same pots, same water, same everything I can think of!

What are some factors that would make my rice not cook right anymore? Waiting on what turns out to be horrible rice has ruined dinner one too many times!

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I'm going to rent a movie but I have no idea what movie I want to see. I'm home alone and don't want anything scarey. I don't want anything too stupid either, maybe a drama or something. Have you seen anything good lately that is a new release?
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1. Have you seen the movie It's a Wonderful Life? Is it good? Worth watching?

2. Is it odd that I am 22 and have never seen it?

3. What is your favorite holiday movie? (Probably been asked before, sorry.)
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Some questions from across the atlantic..

Hey just curious....

1. What do you think of when you think of England/Britain?
2. What do you think is the most annoying thing about English/British people?
3. Is there one piece of English/British culture that you would like to adopt where you are?
4. Do you have a fascination with the English/British accent or is that just a rumour?
5. What do you think about English/British men, women and children? Any personality traits you like?
6. Whose the most famous English/British actor/actress you can think of?
7. Whose your favourite English/Britsih actor/actress?
8. Seeing as it was voted Britain's favourite song of the past 25 years has anyone whose not British heard "Robbie Williams - Angels"?

Thanks. Just be interesting to find out.
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You've got two choices as to who you want to date. Who do you pick?

a) This person is a nice, normal person. They don't make you feel spectacular, but they don't make you feel bad either. You coexist peacefully. This person is madly in love with you and would never do anything to hurt you. You know that the relationship you have with this person is one that will last forever.

b) This person can be absolutely amazing, but does have one or two downfalls. You get along great most of the time, but sometimes the relationship is stressful. This person loves you dearly, but does not go out of his/her way to make that known to you because they assume you already know. The relationship is full of fun and excitement, but you're not positive that it will last forever because like I said, this person can be sort of stressful at times.

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Does seeing celebrity marriages fail (such as Jessica Simpson's and Jennifer Aniston's) make you feel a little better about yourself? Not that I like to see other people in pain, but I figure if Jessica and Jennifer, being two of the most "beautiful" women in the public eye, can't avoid divorce, then why should I beat myself up over my male problems? Obviously beauty isn't EVERYTHING, then. Anyone else?

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Should've combined with the last post by me,I know, but this just came to me.

How can those oppposed to gay marriage use the "sanctity of marriage" as an argument for them? WHAT sanctity??? The sanctity that makes it perfectly acceptable to marry, divorce and repeat 3 or four times? With the divorce rate so high, how can these people argue that marriage is something sacred?
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Say you're at work and it's one of those days where there's not a whole lot to do so one by one your coworkers slowly start trickling out. About 3 hours before you're scheduled to be off, you realize that there are only 3 of 10 of you left. There's still some working coming in slowly, so if you stay you;ll have stuff to do but if you leave you won't get behind.

Are you the type to stay at work or to leave early?

If you stay, what s your main incentive for staying? (Care for the job, care what coworkers/bosses think, care for the paycheck...?)

If you leave, what is your main incentive for leaving?

new year's eve

i'm having big new year's eve bash. the theme is: "denim meets glamour"...

the group will be VERY eclectic that's coming ages from 19-30ish. I'm putting together my playlist for the music now.

What are your favourite party songs? -current, old school or classic-

Do you believe?

Do you believe in anything that you feel the world will look at you sideways for believing in?

Do you believe in things like magic?
In faeries?
In dragons?
In Unicorns
In other dimensions?
In things of wonder that you believed in as a child?

And is it wrong to believe in them?
Or better yet, why is it good to believe in them :-)
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I know there are a bunch of different softwares to put music from the ipod to the itunes, but which is the best?

Have you tried using any, which ones, and how did they work? My computer's hard drive was wiped and I'm terrified of losing my 5000 songs if I screw up by picking the wrong download.

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Happy Eternal Moon

Conan O'Brien

Does anyone know where I can find the clip from the August 4th show when he made fun of John Bolton and G.W. with "Intelligent Design"??  It was one of the ones where he had the pictures of them with the mouths cut out and them talking while he asked questions.

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I've got a whole lot of fiddly stuff. I've got enough buttons, beads, coins, foreign coins, make up, stationary, pens, art supplies, jewelry, stamps, etc. to fill about fourty ice cream containers.
I'm trying to think of nice, cute-sy containers to put them all in (on my bookcase and window sill and everything). the only ideas I've had so far are: * in old paint tins
* I can put my umbrellas in a pair of gumboots
* nice biscuit tins
* a nice shoe box
* and of course the nicer boxes from ikea and everywhere

any more ideas?
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So let's say that you've been dating a guy for a while, and one night you end up hanging out with a girl who he used to have a bit of a thing with a few months before you got together (he hitchhiked to another city and back to visit her a few times, and got something like second base action but not the whole hog). You meet her and find that she's not particularly physically attractive, they have nothing in common, and although she appears to be quite intelligent, most of the time she is nasty and sarcastic, and generally an unpleasant person to be around.

Do you think "wow, my boyfriend is so great and sensitive if he can see something nice in that kind of person", or do you think "if he'd have a go at that chick, he'd do anyone" and get paranoid that he might cheat on you? Or do you think something else altogether?

I'm afraid this is kind of a dumb question, but I just want to know what other people think, as it's been bugging me for a while.
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I've heard from some people recently that even though they are in long term relationships, they simply don't enjoy/like sex and never have really. If this is you, how do you deal with it in your relationshihp? Does your SO feel guilty or sad or angry with you for not enjoying it as much as them? Do they feel like they constantly have to try new things to make it better for you? Do they feel weird about initiating sex? Do they think its their fault? Do they get angry with you about it?

Why is it that you don't enjoy sex? Is it a physical thing? A mental thing? Do you just not fit well together? Have you never discovered how to have an orgasm? Is it painful? Do you think there is anything you could do to resolve this or is it not a big deal? Do you enjoy other forms of sexual recreation and just dislike sex?
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What is:
1.) You’re favorite song
2.) A song you would recommend that you thing people don’t seem to listen too
3.) A song you hate
4.) A song that strongly evokes any emotion

And I’m looking for something to listen too (that isn't mainstream pop, country, or rap/hip hop etc...) Recommendations greatly appreciated!
Include name of the song, and artist!
Kyouya - Outside the Lines

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How do you make an offer for a ticket price that's on Travelocity or Expedia or any of those other ticket-finding sites? A friend of mine (who isn't online, dammit all) talked once about how she managed to get a really low ticket price by making an offer to them until it went lower.
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I'm growing my hair back out because I want it to be longer for the winter. For some odd reason my roots/scalp hurt. Is this because it's putting more strain on my scalp because it's longer? Does anyone have any tips to make it stop hurting? Thanks.

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1. Inspired by the NYC transit strike: if you take public transportation to work/school everyday and something like this happened, how would you get to work/school?

I can't afford taxi fares twice a day and I don't know anyone with a car well enough to give me a lift. I could walk to work fine, but I'd have to get up two hours (4:00 am) earlier to do so. That would be some good exercise.

2. I use Opera. You know the status bar (it may be named something else) at the bottom of most browser? If you hover over a link, it'll show up there? It's gone. How do I get it back? I hover over links quite a bit to see if the link is on LJ (if a cut is fake or not) or not and not having it there is annoying me enough to ask.
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I've got some jewelry from my ex which I'm finally trying to get rid of, 2 years after getting rid of him. My sister was going to the mall today so I got her to bring the pieces and get them appraised for me. I knew they weren't worth much, but I had no idea what the stones were or anything. So now that I know, how should I get rid of them? I've heard that ebay isn't great for selling jewelry.. and the jeweler told my sister that if I took them to a pawn shop I'd probably only get half of what they're worth. So I don't know how I should handle it, or if I should just donate it to Goodwill or something.

If it's relevant, the pieces are:
-one necklace. 10k gold chain, lab-created (but still real) ruby set in 10k gold, appraised at $150
-one ring (I don't know ring sizes, but I know it has always been too big for me). sterling silver, amethyst and two clear stones which are definitely not diamond and are probably CZ, appraised at $80.
-one bracelet. gold plated chain. the stones are probably tanzanite. definitely costume jewelry, appraised at no more than $30.

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Sorry if they have all been asked before, this community moves so quickly!! :)

1. What has been your favorite/most memorable christmas present?

2. At what age did you stop believing in Santa (if you ever did)?

and (on a completley different note)

3. Do you regret your first time? Why?