December 19th, 2005

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small dogs!

So someday within the next year, my boyfriend and I will be adopting some animals.  He wants a bigger dog, and I want a little dog.  Only thing is, I can't make up my mind what type of little dog I want (I've had a Bichon and a Cockapoo, and don't want those again because of painful memories).  I'm sure we'll just check out whatever's available at the shelter, and there's a good chance I'll come home with a mutt... but what is YOUR fav breed of small dog that you think I should get someday?  Post cute pics if you want to help convince me.  ;)

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1. What's your biggest or deepest scar? Where, when, and how'd you get it?

2. What do you carry in your purse/wallet/bag; things you have to always have with you?

3. What's your favorite season of Roseanne?
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getting a picture to appear in an e-mail

I would like to send out e-mail holiday cards with a picture I designed myself. But when I tried to insert it into my e-mail using HTML, the only thing that came up was the HTML code, not the picture.

I use Yahoo e-mail. How can I get a picture to appear in the body of the e-mail? I don't want to attach it or use their new insert picture feature (since that will only insert thumbnails and not large pictures). How can I get the picture to appear full size in the body of the e-mail?

Thank you
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So I'm working my new day shift at work for the first time. This is the first time I've been out of bed before 11am in like two years.

How do you get into a new sleep/wake routine at different times that you're used to? Especially if you are not a morning person? I nearly strangled my boyfriend with the alarm clock this morning as a result of my non-morning-person-waking-up-before-dawn-ness.

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Has anyone here had problems with parents of your boyfriend/girlfriend? Could be anything - disapproval on their part, a fight or disagreement, uncomfortable situations...

What happened? How did you deal with it?

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How can you tell when your wisdom teeth are growing in, without going to the dentist?

Sometimes the back of my gums feel a little sore, but then it goes away for months. But this morning I feel pressure in the back when I open my mouth really wide.

Those are them, huh...?

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I am looking for apocalyptic/post apocalyptic novels. You know, human race is almost wiped out by a plague/nuclear war/aliens, ext., and the survivors are...

Anybody knows any? (In addition to King's "The Stand" and McKeanan's "Swan Song"?)
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Does anyone know where I can find a song/music video code to Keith Urban's "Your Everything" or if there even is one? I've searched all over and had no luck, and it's such a beautiful song!
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Am I a dork for thinking when you make a study session with someone the two of you should actually be STUDYING?

For the ladies: If you get cravings before/during your period, what are they? Do they ever change? I usually crave chocolate, but now I'm craving baklava...

Do you have a picture on your credit card/checks? If so, what? I have plain checks, and a picture of a kitty with a parrot on its head on my credit card.

There is a candle. The candle is used to light a second candle, and the first flame is put out. The second is used to light a third, and the second flame is put out. The third used to light a fourth, the third flame put out... etc. Is the current flame the same flame as the first? (Bonus points if you know where I took the scenario from)
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Why do some people sign their LJ comments with their LJ username?

It really doesn't make sense to me at all. I can see your username in the comment, you don't need to tell me it again, dammit!
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Which is tackier for a male: wearing a tie with a short-sleeved, button down, collar shirt, or weating a tie with a long sleeved plaid, flannel, button down, collar shirt?

Do you prefer to work in a company that has about 5 employyes or a company that has about 50 employees?

What was the last thing you ordered online? How much was it and how much did the shipping itself cost?

Do you remember any of your dreams from last night?
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Does anyone know if photoshop can make a digital picture that is blurry any clearer?? When the person took it, they must have moved at the last second, and its a really good picture, only pretty blurry...
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so, i've been on the schedule at my new job for... well i guess this would be the second week now. the "Christmas" party is tomorrow night and i was invited... because i work there. i really only know and like one person at my job. its not that i don't like them... its just the average age is 19 and they are all friends and clique-ish and gay tomorrow but not gay next week type of thing. they make me feel old, which i'm not, but i'm older than a lot of 'em. plus i really don't have anything to put in for the 'white elephant' gift bullshit. should i even go to the Christmas party or am i just being a bah-humbug?
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I just read that the poverty level in Massachusetts for a family of four is $17,050. I cannot believe how absurdly low that is. What is the poverty level where you live? What options are there available to you if you fall below that?

I know there are a lot of things around here that work on a sliding scale so even if you're not "poor", they still offer assistance (the YMCA, Planned Parenthood, etc) but it just boggles my mind how people can expect a family of FOUR to survive on such a small amount of money - and that's in Massachusetts where housing costs are some of the highest in the country.

What do you think the reason (or is there a known reason) as to why the poverty guideline is so low? I mean, I think even $30,000 for a family of four would be really tough! I have been reading up on this but if you know of any other links that would provide useful/helpful/interesting information on this, I'd like to see them.

EDIT: Those numbers were for 2000 - the 2005 numbers are $19,000ish.

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1. Is there any way in which you would say you're a hypocrite? What is it?

2. Do you think it's a good or bad thing for college students to have "stars in their eyes" concerning the career they're getting into?

3. What is something you feel bad about saying or doing to someone in your past (especially high school, or junior high, two of the periods when we could be at our worst)?

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does anyone here use soulseek for downloading?

I can't download anything, i find albums i want to download but then it always says remote: banned in the transfers section


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People are intimidated by me, and that annoys me. I don't see anything in myself to be intimidated about. What intimidates you? Is it flattering or frustrating when someone is intimidated by you?
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How can I convince my mom to let me go to NYC for the day tomorrow?

I'm a senior in high school and she doesn't like it when I miss school.

If I do do a good of convincing her and she let's me go, what places/stores/restaurants should I go to? I'm going with 3 other people.
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I just got a new computer and I don't have any good Word Processing programs on it. Can anyone recommend a good one that I can download for free lets you work with .doc files? I have a huge editing project to do, but the file is a .doc file and I don't like WordPad. Thanks!
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opinions wanted

ok so i was going to do this for an essay at school but i couldnt.

--dont you think the drinking age should be 18?
i mean if you're old enough to go to war you should be old enough to drink.
i mean 21 is just too much, for me, and im only 16. LOL
--kids wouldnt be doing dumb stuff to try and cover it up either


what about marijuana?
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I tried Googling this and just got confused...

When something is tax-deductible, does that mean that you just write off however much you spent on it and it's like you never earned the money that year, or do you get the money back come tax time?
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So you really love someone, and you're willing to sacrifice a lot to make your relationship work. However, sometimes they just do things that are really hurtful to you, and you can't help but argue and fight with the person. Most of the time, these things they do are not done on purpose - they just do them because they're upset or angry in the first place. However, being a not-so-secure girl, you react as if they actually meant them - in the heat of the moment, it's hard for you to think logically.

The question then is, up until what point do you tolerate this? And by tolerate I don't mean "keep quiet and try to avoid the subject to make them less mad". Tolerate = discuss it after the fight; work on it constantly, etc. What are some of the things to you that would mean that they've 'crossed the line' (i.e. you may seriously consider overlooking your relationship (= to the point of breaking up)) ?
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I've asked a negative question in here today, so I felt it was time for a positive one. Sorry for seperating the posts, but this one will (hopefully) involve pictures and that always gets messy and it just seemed better to me.
What's one of your physical attributes that no one compliments you on or notices, but that you really like? (If that makes sense) Post a picture, if you can! We can all compliment each other on our obscure little beauties.
No one ever notices my nose, but in my opinion it's damn cute, as evidenced by Collapse )
No one notices noses anymore. So. . .go! Be fruitful and multiply.
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1. Have you ever slept with someone knowing full well that they had a significant other and were in a designated monogamous relationship?

2. If yes, why?

3. Did the other person find out?

4. How did you feel about it? (e.g., guilty, sorry, happy, etc.)

5. Have you ever slept with/dated someone that you suspect had a significant other, but was never confirmed? What were the signs? Did you break it off?

6. Have you ever dated someone that had a significant other and you did find out? What happened?

7. Have you ever married someone and later found out they were still married to another person and were leading a double life?

Collapse )

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Can anyone suggest some good music, artists or bands?

[Excuse the wide-open and probably commonly asked question]

Looking in particular for good female vocalists similar to Aretha Franklin, Mary Mary, Mara Carlyle and Skin.
Gospel, rock or R&B suggestions appreciated - also anything with good instrument solos.
Thank you :o)

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Language Question

My friend sent me a "puzzle" on AIM sent to him by a friend, we think this is another language but we don't know what. All I know is Lmar means sun in a language called Pashto. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I hate not knowing these things!

THE SENTENCE: Hei De Tea Van Gushat Doe Lmar

Thanks if you can help, I know this is a somewhat silly question but I tried google and translators and everything first!