December 18th, 2005


more fun song questions

Does anyone know of any songs that have certain names (below) in the title or in the lyrics?

The names being Kara/Cara, Karen, Laina/Magdelaina/Magdelena/Lena/any other variation of that name, Megan/Meghan, Jess, Debra/Deborah, Felix (either the name or the Latin word for 'happy', both work), Brandon, Bam, Allison, Davey/Davy, Robert, and Quyhn. The last name is Vietnamese, fyi, and it's a total long shot.

I tried google, but it only tells me about artists named Kara's Flowers and Karen Blahsawhatsit and whatever, not song titles or lyrics. So I'd appreciate your help!

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So, I'm planning on applying to University of California. More specifically, Berkeley and Northridge. I'll be a transfer student.

I see on the website that the admissions process is already done with. Is that so?

Can anyone help a sister out? :(
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Dell Pocket DJ help.

I try to turn on my dell pocket dj, and when I press and hold the power button, the blue light in the power botton flashes 3 times, then nothing happens.

I've charged it and installed the drivers and applications from (because I just have the mp3player no CD, and im using the USB cord from my old regular dell jukebox), and even when I plug it in my computer recognizes it, but when I click on the Dell Jukebox Explorer application it says "not connected"

Please help..
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What does it mean when a little box popups when I am dialing in to MSN (Yes, that means I am on dialup) and the box says "Another Program is dialing this connection" (Or something very similiar to that)..?
I've been getting that message on and off for past few days, ever since I've installed MSN9.
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is antibacterial gel a good idea?

ETA: so like a zillion other people i watched sound of music tonight and i was wondering... in that scene where they are hiding in the cemetery, one of the men has a flashlight. this is the 1930s, right? how was that flashlight being powered? i guess i'm asking what kind of battery.
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Insomnia, holidays...

So what do you do when you can't sleep?

(rhetorically:) Is anyone else sick of "How to survive the holidays" articles and tv spots? If you have to "survive" them, why bother? Do you feel pressured to participate in holidays when you'd rather not? Is it always about other people, or is it also about doing what's best for yourself?

(the question:) What are you doing for your holiday season? Is it what you really want to do?

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Me--State Fair

I just don't know.

Okay, I would like to buy a laptop. I have $779 available in loans specifically for buying a computer. (It was more, but they applied the check first to my student U-Bill, so yeah...)

I don't really care so much about brand, except I don't want some no name thing I've never heard of in my life. I'd prefer in store, and the stores that I have near me are Best Buy, Stapes & Office Max. (No Circut City. I don't even think there is one in Iowa.)

My ONLY requirement is that it have MORE than 256 RAM. 512, if at all possible. Otherwise, I'm not terribly worried about hard drive space. Bonus points for a wireless card, but it isn't necessary just yet.

Suggestions? Websites? Recommendations? Ones to avoid? I'm not in a hurry on this, as the other part of my loan hasn't been disbursed yet, but I'm looking for sure.
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1. Hypothetical: If you were given the following choices, which would you choose? a. You can receive any car of your choice or b. You can have a 50% chance (by flipping a coin or something similar, and there's no way for either end to "cheat" and alter the 50% chance) to receive any car of your choice, like in choice a, but also in addition to the car you will receive 10 million dollars. If you said, for example, tails and it came to heads though, you'd go home with nothing whereas a. you'd definitely get the car.

2. Holiday gift question: I go to the hair salon very often, usually at least once a week. Usually I get the same stylist. I'll be giving her a card with money in it, how much would you think is appropriate? Also, there are a bunch of hair washers there and I've gotten each of them a few times, and sometimes I even get other stylists if my usual stylist isn't in that day. Is it really awful if I didn't give them anything and I just gave my usual stylist? There are just so many there, and I feel bad, but...

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A friend of my dads called and asked me this, so forgive me if some of the terminology is wrong but how do you burn a DVD so that it is compatible with players in Europe? Does it need to be set to be compatible with PAL... does it have to be set for a different region code?

Any help, thanks.

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So I know everyone hates homework questions, but I am confused about one thing:

a)Say Home Depot's stock is historically never higher than 44.50, or lower than 36.75, does that make this a stable, good longterm stock?
b) The higher the price, the more it's worth?

c) Are $.10 dividends a good thing? Should they be higher, or do they make the stock more valuable?

Thank you.

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My computer hates me. It has a tendency to not open any programs. its not frozen and anything already open works just fine but nothing else will open unless I restart..and of course it wont restart without me manually doing it.. Why? What can I do about this problem?

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1. Do you usually make special effort to thank someone who does you a favor? How do you react when you aren’t thanked for going out of your way for someone?
2. Do you find it difficult to say “no”, so much so that you usually do favors for others you don’t want to do?
3. Is it easy for you to accept help when you need it? Will you ask for help?
4. If you walked out your door one morning and saw a bird with a broken wing huddled in a nearby bush, what would you do?
5. If you could have free, unlimited service for five years from an extremely good cook, chauffeur, housekeeper, masseuse/masseur, or personal secretary, which would you choose?
6. Before making a telephone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say?
7. How many email addresses do you have?
8. If you could use a voodoo doll to hurt any one person you choose, would you?
9. What things do you consider too personal to discuss with others?

Edited because I had two number 4s, sorry :x

presents/present job?

1. I was thinking about giving one of my friends the Postsecret book for Christmas. I think she would really like it, and we used to spend hours making our own postcards (not filled with secrets, just craftyness) when we were in high school.

Then I thought I could include some stamps and some blank postcards, so she could make her own secrets to send. But would that be weird, like I am implying she has alot of secrets to send, or that she would want to send them off to a stranger?

2. Do you think the Postsecret book is one you would read over and over, or just a one time thing?

3. I've had at the same job for two years. In July, my boss bought his branch of the business here (so basically it's the same company, with a slightly different name). Ex: it was "Smith Company" now it's "Smith Company West".
How do I list that on my resume/applications?
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Does it bug you when people reply to questions with "Google it!" or "ask this in another community" to posts a lot?

Is 2.5K USD a reasonable amount to spend on a trip to Thailand? EDIT: For a month, and that covers food and housing.

Why do so many people just not give a fuck about anything other than themselves?
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So heres the situation . . .I bought the coolest t-shirt ever off ebay (old school chicago bears) and it fits perfect too. However, the pits REEK.

Like you don't notice it at first, but as soon as I sweat or any moisture touches the armpits the smell so bad (and no its not me, if you smell the pits immediately after its washed it still smells). I've washed this shirt twice now and no change. Any ideas? I really like it :-(

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These days we're spoiled on the internet, but if there was no way to be notified when you get comments on an LJ post through emails, notifiers, and all that, how often do you think you would, on average, check for comments? Continuously refreshing? Every x minutes? Once a day? etc And yeah, I know there are many people who don't get notified, so you can just answer with how you currently do it.

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1. Name a good general fiction book. (I'm not allowed fantasy or historical, must be general, within recent time period.) I have a book report, and I'd appreciate it if I wasn't bored out of my mind. Thanks in advance!
kiv dancin.
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a question about movies and music.

so i have noticed that "hollywood" likes movies that are 'biographies' of musicians. i'm thinking chiefly of recent examples, such as ray and walk the line.

now let's say they were going to make a biopic about Frank Sinatra.

who would you choose as frank? is there someone that you think personifies that swagger?
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if you were forced to leave your home and live in the wilderness, what things (that could be carried) would you take with you? how would you survive?
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poems or song lyrics

I'm having problems :/

I'm making a scrapbook for my dad for Christmas with tons of pictures of my brother and I growing up. That part isn't a problem, I've gone tons of templates and stickers and all. I just need help thinking of some poems and song lyrics about dads and their sons/daughters to use to fill blank space.

Any ideas??

thanks! :)
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Over dinner my mom and I were discussing balanced polymorphism (or heterozygote advantages). I left my cell bio notes at school so I couldn't check it to be able to answer this.

I know that the advantage of sickle cell anemia is resistance to malaria. The advantage of Tay Sachs disease is resistance to tuberculosis. I could swear I remember my genetics teacher telling me there is an advantage to achondroplasia (the most common form of dwarfism). I've tried googling but haven't come up with anything yet. Any ideas? I might be making it up...
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Any one have any suggestions for airplane reading material? 

I am planning on getting the latest People and Cosmo, but any good books out there? 
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Disney Songs

Would anyone happen to know of a site with all, or at least a good number, of songs from the Disney Moives? Would like the lyrics, but just a site listing the songs would help a lot so I don't have to go via browsing all the soundtracks on Amazon. Any help greatly appericiated :)
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Lets talk literature and a bunch of other unholy stuff

1.So, anyone who has read the book, Fight Club is familiar with the philosophy.
Does anyone knows of any texts associated with this, hit bottom etc etc ideology? They might have nothing to do with Fight Club, but that idea.

Any real good must-read's dealing with
hindu religions
buddhist religions
tai chi

2.Anything else, any other words I missed that would continue on with this search? I'm sure you all understand the topic matter.

3.If you can't or don't want to suggest readings, have any of you tried to deconstruct yourself?
To break the shell and tap into something a lot wilder on the inside?
Want to share your experience? Advice?
I have Winter Break. It's the perfect time to start scrambling shit around in my brain.

4.Have any of you heard of Hobart and William Smith colleges (those of you in the states)?

5. What's a good laptop for a student to have? Non-mac. If you can list prices or general range that would be swell.

6. In vein of all thse, except perhaps 4-6...what should be my next question?
6b. What should be my next step?