December 17th, 2005

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What would you call this, and where do I find more of them?


In case it's not obvious, each word has one letter more than the one before.

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I have a laptop and the enter key is broke, the actual key fell off earlier (seriously...I have no idea how) and now I have to hit it HARD and just right to get it to work. I know how to fix a normal keyboard but not a laptop. Could I just take it to Best Buy or something and have them fix it? I dont want to break my laptop.
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Calling all Play Station Two players!

Which would you prefer as a Christmas gift -
1)Cordless Action Controller Gamepad
('Experience the freedom to play anywhere you want and eliminate cable clutter in your living room. The second generation Logitech Cordless Action Controller delivers the performance, convenience, and comfort you've been looking for. It's engineered to be small and light, yet it still uses Logitech's highly reliable 2.4 GHz radio frequency technology to deliver precise control with no lag.')
2)Airflo Controller
(Improved ventilation and Patented Air Flo eliminates sweaty hands during game play
Ultra-responsive 8-way D-pad
Multi-speed fan delivers custom hand cooling
Variable vibration function)


lead me

dry skin. help.

I know there was something asked about this not long ago, but I am so desperate right now I'll try anything.

My knuckles are *extremely* dry. I've noticed little spots of blood on them in the past couple days but I haven't had any lotion with me until tonight. I have some sensitive skin lotion from Avon that I put on my hands -- and OH MY GOD it burns!!! My knuckles are like, raw. I tried some Aveeno lotion and it was okay, and then I tried my oat milk lotion (truly good stuff, smells fabulous, made by Archipelago Botanicals) and it's better... but not great. I can't find my St. Ives intensive healing lotion....

but before I go shopping tomorrow, what do you suggest? Something thick that doesn't burn on raw skin... please, I beg you...

my poor hands.. :(

Help me help my friend....what would you say?

My friend is having a hard time with guys. She just broke up with her boyfriend, and the new guy she started seeing turned out to be a married liar. Every boy she's ever been with has been a jerk and lied to her.

She is the sweetest, loveliest person I have ever met, and I feel bad for her.

Today she asked me, “Why does this happen to me? Do I deserve this?”

Not being good with advice, I didn’t know what to say to her.

How would you answer those questions?
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Do any of you want a tattoo? How many of you have a tattoo?
(pictures are awesome.)

I don't have any tattoos. But I'm going to get "I'LL SEE YOU ON THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON" tattooed on my head, heart and life line (lines in the palm) , "I'LL SEE YOU" on the head line, "ON THE DARK SIDE" on the next, and "OF THE MOON" on the next. I'm really fucking excited. Get your ass over here, eighteenth birthday!

EDIT: I guess I left out a detail. I'm getting it done VERY SMALL. Not much bigger than the font in this here entry box. And yes, I know about the job opportunities and such. I have purple hair, and I don't really mind if there are places that won't hire me because of the way I look. And no, that won't change. I appreciate all the suggestions, really I do. But you know, I didn't ask "What do you think of my tattoo idea?"

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Have you ever been proud or very excited over something unusual or silly? Have you ever wanted to shout something from the rooftops, but you know that if you did people would just yell at you to shut up?

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Hey you guys! I died!
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Say i wanted to transfer to a state school in a state i am not a resident of. if i took two years off from school to do Americorps in that state, would i then be considered a resident of that state and then could i pay as an in state student?
thanks in advance!
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I know "this is grammatically correct." (the placement of the period inside the quotation mark)

now- with parentheses, is it (like this.) or (like this). ?

I've seen both and have no idea. I've always done it with the period inside because it just looked right to me, no one ever corrected it on a paper, but now I'm hearing it goes outside. What's the verdict?
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Statistics. Marriage.

What are some statements or statistics you commonly hear that you either KNOW are false or suspect are false? I know most statistics tend to be skewed, but there are some pretty common ones that I've heard aren't necessarily true (1 in 4 girls is raped/sexually assaulted, 50% of marriages end in divorce, etc).

Do you know of any others? Or do you have any sources that can either confirm or deny the two I listed?

As far as marriage goes - regardless of whether or not that statistic is true, what are things you think that contribute to the high divorce rate?
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In the United States, how many school days are in a high school semester? How long is a typical class period? And how many hours or days of "flex time" are planned for in course materials?

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1. If you give someone a pendant as a gift, do you think you should also give them a chain? Does it matter if you know they already have chains that the pendant would look nice on?

2. Are the miles on the interstate(s) that you drive on regularly marked with a sign? What interstate is it, and in what state? (The miles were marked and exits numbered on the interstates back home--as in "Exit 48, Main St."--but here they aren't. You just have to know the name of the street where you want to exit.)

3. Do you have a high definition television? Does it really make that much of a difference? (I always find the commercials for hi-def service funny, because without the tv you can't tell the difference ... so I never really care. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose--at least for my bank account.)

4. What is your best find from a used/consignment/vintage store?
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Is the idea that if you lower the drinking age in the USA... there will be less alcohol related deaths (European theory) overrated?

Because, I used to believe in this theory until one of my friends mentioned that European countries have a lot of other problems related to alcohol, substance abuse, addition, etc.


What is your favorite variety of "100 calorie pack" snacks?

aww, come on, you know you love them.
mine might be those oreo cookie things without the white stuff.
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Gift suggestions

My cousin is so hard to shop for.  He's going to be 22...a semester away from being a college graduate.  He's kinda nerdy...a history major with plans to go to medical school.  He watches sports, but I don't think he really plays them.  He goes running, but my parents and I have already gotten him countless pairs of running shoes over the years.  He likes to read, but only non-fiction books (because he doesn't see the educational value of fiction).  DVDs are out because he's already stocked up on hundreds of them in China.  Any ideas??
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I have two questions tonight:

1)I was awarded a $250 gift certificate at the store of my choice during my work Christmas party last night. When my supervisor asked me what store I'd pick I said "Pier One". Then I spoke with some friends at the party, they said they'd pick Targets if it was their choice because, as they said, "You can get practically anything there." I ended up changing my mind, picked Target, and told my boss today when she asked if I absolutely made up my mind yet.

What store would you chose if you were presented this award?

2) If you could pick 3 websites to "give away" as Christmas presents because you believe others would absolutely adore them as much as you, or they've added much fun, enlightenment and/or wisdom to your days, which ones would you choose?
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I'm still in High School, but I'm kind of looking into what I want to do you know for college and stuff. I'm really interested in psychology but my dad says that he sees no future in that. He says that "nobody goes to psychologists" and that it's going to be extremely difficult to find a job. Is this true? Do you know anyone that studied psychology and did well after getting out of college?

more miscellaneous questions

1. Where are good book groups on the internet? Which ones would you recommend?

2. Have you read The House on the Strand by Daphne DuMaurier?

3. I tend to get buildups of fluid in my middle ear (of both ears). You know, the prelude to an ear infection (which I rarely get). The buildup is really annoying and whenever I ask a doctor I get given more antibiotics. I'm a bit sick of taking pills and I'd like to find some way to drain my ears without antibiotics (or having them surgically drained). Any suggestions?

Quick question about Ebay

I've sort of made the name Spiffyhink into my "internet presence," if you will--it's my moniker of choice, you know.

So would it be a bad idea to register that name on Ebay? I'm slightly worried because it would be easy(er) to tie my internet presence to my real-life address, but doing something else would mess up my continuity and would be more difficult to remember. Should I choose another name?
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rude employees

1. What stores have you found to have the rudest employees?
Sephora, Neiman Marcus, and one of the Targets near me.

2. Are there any stores you refuse to shop at because of the employees?
Not yet, but I generally avoid that Target.
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why couldn't people have real hands instead of hooks in the 30s-now?
couldn't they use the same system of wires to open and close the hook to open a close a iron made hand?
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Can anyone point me in the direction of the faux college entrance letter that goes along the lines of, "I can throw a tennis racket with deadly precision," and "I can make 30 minute brownies in 20 minutes", and "I fought off a tribe of amazon people with a glass of water"?

I have an essay to write on the UC admission process and would like to cite it as a joke.