December 15th, 2005

Kyouya - Outside the Lines

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What would you do/how would you feel if you were told you accidentally caused* someone to commit suicide?

*As in, were the main reason for their suicide. They spiraled into a huge depression because of you.
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T9 Funnies

For those of you who use text messaging, what are your favorite funny or odd double-spellings that come up while using T9 or a similar program?

Ala, when I type 668437 for movies, ala "Would you like to go to the movies?" it comes up first as "Would you like to go to the mother?".

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Anyone know where I can get a knife just like this?

Yes, I realize I don't have much use for it. But I want it anyway. So if you could point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it. Because I know nothing about knives, whatsoever.

If you don't know where to find that one, could you at least tell me:

1) What is this particular type of knife called?
2) Can you tell what brand it is? I can't read it...but if it looks familiar, please let me know!

Thanks in advance.
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does anyone know anything about this camera?

it's a kodak instamatic 104. i cannot find any specific information online. manuals, instructions on how to take photos (shutter speed control? aperture control?)
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Vet Care

How much can I expect charges to be if I take my rat to the vet for an ear infection? This is my first time dealing with small animal illness, so I really have no idea what to expect.
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I was going to buy a PDA but I don't think I want one anymore. I don't know enough about them to decide. Any suggestions of some other little gadgets I don't know of? Anything but an iPod or something that's only used to store music and videos. I'm looking for something that's more of an internet connector/organizer..I don't know if there's anything else out there, the PDA is kind of big and they seem very business related?
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new ATM card.

I'm confused...

Not too long ago, I opened up an additional savings account under my existing checking account, and even though I checked "no ATM card at this time" they sent me a new one anyway. The number is exactly the same on both ATM cards, the only difference is that the new one is the gold visa check card and the old one is a regular visa check card.

So should I (a) activate my new Gold Check Card and destroy the old one, (b) destroy the new one without activating it and continue using my old one, or (c) keep both open?

Are there any drawbacks to destroying your original ATM card that I don't know about?
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For those who use and love CertainDri:

1. How much does one bottle of it cost?
2. Did it sting when you first started using it?
3. Did that sensation eventually stop?
4. Do you use a deodarent/ant-persparent during the day? Which type/brand if so?


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So there's this game online that I played a long time ago, and I beat it. Now I'm wondering if I can still beat it, this was like a year ago. My question for you guys is.. can you help me locate the game!? The game is that you're in like.. a house or something, and you're trapped in each room, and have to use what's in the room to help you get out. The first room is a bedroom, and like all that's in it is a bed and a dresser, and you have to find the key. It's really tricky. That's about all I can remember. If you could help me find it, it'd be awesome. Oh, and I think the opening page for the game is on a starry background. Thanks ahead of time.
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Flat origami

I'm looking for some fairly flat origami I can make to put in Christmas cards. I don't want anything TOO simple but nothing incredibly difficult.

Any ideas? Even if you know of something that's flat I can try and find a pattern if you don't know where one is.
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In windows XP, when I go to the start menu, then view all programs, they aren't in alphabetical order. They're basically listed in the order in which they were installed, which isn't very helpful. Is there a way to change it so that they're sorted alphabetically?

EDIT: Problem solved. Thanks!
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All My Sons by Arthur Miller

My friend (who does not have an LJ) needs some help with All My Sons by Arthur Miller.
1. Why does Kate say to Chris, “Dad and I are stupid people. We don’t know anything. You have got to protect us”? Does this sound like Kate? Explain.
4. Is there any truth in people’s accusation against Joe? Why wouldn’t people let it go?
19. How does Kate treat George? Why? Are there hidden reasons from Kate’s side? What does this further reveal about Kate’s personality?
26. Why does Joe offer Ann’s father a position after he comes out of jail?
31. How does Joe persuade George to believe that it was his father’s fault? How do Joe and Kate try to calm George?
65. What does Joe’s following speech to Ann foreshadow? “… You get older, you want to feel that you accomplished something. My only accomplishment is my son. I ain’t brainy. That’s all I accomplished. Now, a year, eight months, your father’ll be a free man…”

Perhaps some non-trolls could help her out? She was absent the day was discussed in class. For the record it's not homework, it's a study guide because some people actually like to be fully prepared for their tests.

Laptop/Computer Info

I'm starting University in January and since it is way more expensive than Community College, I have to bite the bullet and do student loans to cover what F.A. doesn't. Since I'll be going this route I figured I would use some of the money and buy a laptop. My other school used Dell and it seems to be a good company, so any advice for those that own Dell? Collapse )

holiday conflict

Hello. I've got an... odd question to ask.

Okay, here's the deal: I don't celebrate christmas. I used to, but things changed and I don't do it anymore. However, just about everybody else in my circle of friends and family does. I didn't celebrate it last year, either, but some folks still gave me presents. When I get their gifts, I feel sorta guilty. I mean, I don't celebrate it, so I don't give anything in return except for a heartfelt thanks. I feel like I should be giving them something, too, but holiday obligation-wise, I suppose I'm not really obligated to give anything. It's a confusing and uncomfortable feeling. Thus, I turn to you, the studio audience at home: what is the right thing to do in this situation?
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This isn't really one particular question but more of a grouping of problems that need advice on: Renting an apartment or studio, community college, financial aid, and getting a really good job.

Okay, so I'm a senior in high school. In stead of going the traditional route of everyone in my school [either staying at home and going to a local community college, or SUNY] I want to move downstate [to Poughkeepsie, NY] and go to a community college. This means that I have to rent. I looked on Craigslist through the NY listings, and I can't find a 1 bedroom or studio for less than $900, but there's very few listings. Should I look elsewhere? If all else fails and I have to look for a roommate, where can I look? Any other ideas for living there cheap without living in my car? I'm also looking for a field/position that I can go into as a HS graduate that pays the most. Any ideas?

And any hints, tips, what have you about any of the above would be so appricated. Thanks.


So I bake cookies every year at Christmas. This year, I'm going to make the standard chocolate chip cookies, but I want to try out a new recipe or two. So give me some suggestions, what's your favorite kind of cookie? :)
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Holiday and Hygiene Questions:

1. Do you send Christmas Holiday cards?
2. If so, are they specific to a certain Holiday or are they Happy Holidays/Season's Greetings-type cards?
3. About how many Christmas cards are you sending this year?

4. What kind of soap do you use?
5. Toothpaste?
6. Shampoo/Conditioner?
7. Do you use a squeegee*?

* EDIT: Loofah, not squeegee... lol Where was my mind at there?
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Okay, so I've been trying to figure out this crimson room thing, right? Well in the first room, what's the code?? I went to the site and got the numbers. Every time it tells me it's hte wrong numbers! BUt it's not! SO frustrated!!

photoshop tutorials

Are there any good Photoshop tutorials you guys know of online that teach you how to convert a photo to black and white? (More than simply desaturating or converting to grayscale, which, obviously, I can do, but that's the extent of my Photoshop knowledge with B&W.)

For laptop users

1. How long do you usually use/leave your laptop on?
2. What surface do you usually leave your laptop on? (your lap, a desk, a special laptop stand to keep it cooler, your bed, etc..)
3. Speaking of the special laptop stand, do you think that's the best thing to get to keep it from getting too hot or is there something better you'd recommend?

Sorry, I'm a bit laptop dense. So far from what I've researched about a stand, it *seems* like a good idea. I used to not use my laptop too much, and when I did it would be for pretty short amounts of time, but right now my regular desktop is messed up, so until I get that working I'm using my notebook. It gets really hot really quickly, I've been using it on a desk which apparently lets it get hotter since it can't let the air out through the bottom.
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Random questions.

1. Have you ever had surgery? For what?

2. What would make you happy at this very moment?

3. What movie has caused the most intense emotional reaction for you?

4. If you disagree with someone in here (or anywhere on LJ), do you read their LJ userinfo (or their journal) before responding? Does what is written affect what you write to them?

5. Do you sometimes wish people would ask more questions in here? It seems like no one asks anything interesting on the days where I'm the most bored.

6. What phases have you gone through during your life? I haven't really gone through many that I could place my finger on, but my brother for example was "punk" for a couple years - then he got all into hip-hop and rap and acted like a thug. I see other people who change who they are constantly. Do you do this or know anyone who has?

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So, I left my hat in the cinema, and they haven't found it. I like my hat, so I'm trying to find a similar one, but I can't seem to get the internet to help me! I bought it from Disneyland Paris about five years ago, so I probably can't get the exact same one, but still:
It was this kind of shape, but completely black, and woolly/stretchy rather than fleece. Plus it had a pompom on the end of the tail. Anyone have any idea where I can get a hat like that now? Preferably within the UK. Thanks!
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2. Inspired by a question earlier: have you ever gone a long time without having real conversations with people, so long in fact that when you do end up having a conversation with someone it's very awkward, as in you feel almost like you've forgotten how to communicate? I've spent this entire past semester as an anti-social hermit without much interaction with other people, so when I do talk to friends on the phone or run into people on campus I always feel flustered. I've been working too hard. :-(

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1. Do you pay for any virus/spyware/etc scanners and firewalls you use, or do you use free ones?

2. Aside from the above and your internet service, are there any programs you use that you pay for (whether a one time payment or a continued use payment)? What are they?
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When considering renting a room in a house with a bunch of other people (they live there, i want to move in), what kind of things should i be sure to find out?

I know most of the basic things to ask, I just want to make sure there's nothing I'm forgetting. =]

Men.. Can't live with them, can't cut them into little pieces and add them to the chili

Ok, so in a discussion about relationships my male friend said that it was unrealistic of me to think that there is a man out there that won't cheat. Simply that there might be men out there not stupid enough to tell me/get caught.

1. Opinions?? I'd love to hear from the men...
2. How old are you?
3. How many serious relationships have you had and for how long?
4. How many times have you cheated?
If yes
a) Why?
b) Do you think you would cheat again?

Be honest!! Email me with the answers if you don't want to be identified.

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Okay, this is the knowledge that I have in my head:

Diamonds are made from carbon pushed up really tight so the bits o' carbon form weird bonds and tada, diamond.

Other gemstones form similarly, and impurities give them their colour. So, amethyst is (something? quartz?) with a specific impurity that makes it varying shades of purple. Sapphire is something else, and its impurity makes it blue. Emeralds, rubies- the impurity gives it its colour and how much of it determines how dark.

Based on this information, I can see how a sapphire or emerald or whatever could be made in a lab- get the base material and the proper impurity together, squeeze, done.

HOWEVER! apparently this information is wrong somewhere, because this flyer for some jewelry store advertises lab-made *pink* sapphires. and by what I've been told, that's not possible, because the impurity that makes it defined as a sapphire also makes it blue.
And then there are blue diamonds, different colours of aquamarine and such...

So: What's wrong with my information?
Or are they(specifically the pink sapphire people) full of shit?
Or is it some of both?
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You know that phenomenon that is lamented by "nice guys" everywhere: how women seem to get involved in relationships with assholes or abusers while the "nice guys" usually get overlooked. Do you think it is true that most women (straight women, anyway) tend to gravitate toward asshole boyfriends? And why do you think this happens? I once saw someone saying in an LJ thread that this happens because most women seek men like their fathers, and there are a lot of bad dads out there. What do you think?
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jaw popping

Almost every time I yawn, my jaw pops (always on the left side, if that matters), often loud enough for other people to hear and be creeped out by it.

My boyfriend says that his jaw used to pop sometimes but that after he had his wisdom teeth removed it stopped. I've never had problems with my wisdom teeth, so I guess that's why I still have mine.

I find it hard to believe that the jaw-popping is wisdom-tooth related.

Have you ever experienced something similar that would suggest the two things ARE related?
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first post...

There's a blizzard occurring outside my window right now. How much snow has to be on the ground for school to be canceled?

I'm in Ontario by the way, so it may be different from other places because we're so used to the snow. I don't have the slightest idea so any guesses would be good.

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What would be a good videogame for PS2 to get for an 18 year old boy?

Non sports games please. I know nothing about videogames so any help from maybe some males would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)
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My almost-ex is going to move in with his dad briefly, and his dad is allergic to cats. My ex has three.

Michael recalls reading something about a medicine or product for cats that would block the allergens they release. He's called two different veterinarians, but neither of them had heard of it. (The town he lives in, though, tends to be behind on a lot of things, so that doesn't necessarily mean anything--though I'd never heard of it, either.) But he asked around, and several of his friends and coworkers have heard of it.

Has anyone here heard of it/used it?

The closest thing I can find is this, and while it's interesting, it doesn't help in this situation.

**As an aside: his dad won't even take his antidepressants or lung medication on a regular basis, so it's not likely he'll take allergy pills. =/


I see those Christian Icthus stickers (the little fish thing) a lot in traffic, but sometimes I see the "Darwin-ized" ones (the icthus with little two legs at the bottom) and me and my friend were talking about what those meant. Is it supposed to be funny or is it a serious way of saying that someone believes in Jesus and Darwin's theory of evolution?
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Medical questions.

1. This question is half stolen from a question in ask_me_anything.
a. What mental illness/disease/disorder interests you the most and why?
b. What physical illness/disease/disorder interests you the most and why?

2. Are there any instances where you have sought a second medical opinion and it turned out to be different than the first?

3. Do you worry a lot? What do you worry about the most? Do you talk about it a lot? When I'm worried, I talk about it non-stop and it probably drives everyone around me nuts, but for some reason it makes me feel better.

4. If you could be any type of doctor, what type would you want to be?
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(no subject)

I'm just a bit freaked out right now.

A few minutes ago, some guy called me. Said his name was Tom. I had just woke up and wasn't thinking too clearly, and just sort of assumed he was some guy my Mom knew from work. He asked me if I was working, and I said no, I'm going to school, but that I was home for the holidays.

Turns out he was just some random stranger.

He kept telling me not to freak out, and so forth. He said he was 'lonely' and just looking through the phone book, and that my name just 'jumped out' at him. He asked what I looked like and how old I am. ><; So yeah, a little freaked out. I told him not to call anymore. I'm worried that he might be a robber casing the joint or even worse.

So, my question is this: What should I do now? We already keep our doors and windows locked at all times, and I'm going to start carrying my laptop and DS (most stealable and portable iteas) with me, but...
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OK so..... I was watching this show and here's what happened:

A girl in high school painted a picture of a woman with her breast exposed. Not really pornographic in nature, but there's a boob and she put it up in the hallway of the high school to display.
Principal says take it down, not appropriate.
Students rebel and put pieces of paper over their boobs and crotches and hold demonstrations and contact the news about how their high school censors student art.

Yes, I'm totally against censorship but its a school and these kids were talking about how their rights were being violated and it was so unfair. I think that in schools, censorship is probably necessary at times and good. It needs to maintain a safe learning environment and if something is not a safe learning environment, it should be corrected. Certain things just aren't appropriate at school. Also, i think the kids just liked jumping on the bandwagon and drawing attention to their breasts by wearing huge pieces of paper over them. Except for the artist, i doubt most of those kids give a crap about artistic expression. I think they were overreacting because its fun to create drama when you are sixteen.

So, my question is: Do you think censorship is appropriate in schools? NOT whether its appropriate in the gov, but in schools,specficially. Why do you think this? Where would you draw the line between what is appropriate for school and what isn't?

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I've never had a problem with my wisdom teeth, so I still have them. Right now my left side gums where that tooth would be is REALLY swollen. I can't close my mouth because my top teeth/gums hit it. It hurts to talk to because my tongue rubs against it. So on to my question... Is this something to do with my wisdom tooth or me not flossing enough? It's the first time this has ever happened.
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Christmas music

Ok, so tomorrow I'm having a Christmas party for my kids at school before Christmas break and I want to play some fun or young Christmas songs for them. I'm downloading them as I type this hehe..Any ideas? Think elementary school..thanks a bunch.
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Two seniors in my class/school/grade have died in a three weeks time.
Which leads me to ask... what do you think happens after one dies?
And... are you afraid of death?

RIP- DG 11/28 & AC 12/14
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I was wondering if this sentence is grammatically correct.

"My grandmother loved me as a mother would her baby"

Somehow it sounds right and wrong at the same time to me.

College essays SUCK.
Getting deferred and applying to more schools SUCKS.

birth control question

so i just suddenly decided to stop taking the pill. i am 4 days into my latest pack. should i finish out the pack, or can i just quit now? does it matter? if i quit now will i start bleeding in a couple days?

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Does anyone here use Microsoft Antispyware? I downloaded it last week and it has yet to find anything in its scans. I also have Spybot and Ad-Aware, both of which find a crapload of things. Is Microsoft Antispyware supposed to be a good program?

miscellaneous questions

1. Would you say Dark Water flopped (relatively speaking) in the US? It did here, in Australia. These figures indicate it fared only ok. If you saw it and didn't like it, why not? If you didn't see it (for any other reason than a dislike of horror movies), why not?

2. What book can you read over and over again without ever getting tired of?

3. What sizes and types of knives are you legally allowed to carry in your country/state? Have you ever been caught with one illegally, or known someone who has? (I haven't ever done that, I'm just curious, so no scolding.)

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I'm looking for someone on LJ. I believe they're in this community. The one with the icon of a baby that looks very angry. I wanted to show a friend of mine this icon. Where are you mystery LJer?! Or.. can someone direct me to them?