December 14th, 2005

What would you do?

My job is good in almost every way – I get along with my co-workers, the workload is manageable, etc.

The only problem with my job, is the hours. I work in the evenings and my boyfriend doesn’t. I hardly get to see my family because we are never home at the same time. I miss them and wish I could spend my evenings with them.

I am very grateful that my job is good because I know it could be a lot worse.

So, if you were in my shoes, would you be content to settle with the good job, or would you look for another job with different hours, knowing that you could end up with a job you hate?

Basically, if things are going well, do you risk it in the hopes for something better?
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(no subject)

what's your fav thing to have for dinner? bonus points for a recipe!

what's something you're obsessive about? (like, my mom lysols EVERYTHING when anyone in the house so much as sneezes or sniffles)

what do you want for gift-mas? think you'll get it?

how much (hours, i guess) do you work a week in your job? school? for housework? (like, cleaning and whatever)

what are you doing over winter/christmas/end-of-semester break?
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is that too many?

1a. Do you wear a bathrobe after your shower?
1b. How many times do you use it before washing it?

2a. Do you have a matress protector under your sheets?
2b. Do you wash it everytime you wash your sheets?

3. How often do you wash your bedsheets?

4. Do you wash your top-blanket everytime you wash your bedsheets?

5a. How many times a month do you buy lunch?
5b. How many times a month do you take a home-made lunch?

6a. How old are you?
6b. How old do people say you look?

7. How many pairs of pants do you have in your usual rotation?

8. How many outermost jackets do you have in your usual rotation?

9. At what age do you think a parent should stop telling a child to go to bed? (ie: if it's 3:30 in the morning on a school/worknight)

10. At what age do you think a parent should stop telling a child to clean their room?

11. I just remembered that I left an egg-salad sandwich in the fridge at work from last Thursday. I don't work again until this Thursday. Would you call to tell them to throw it away before it becomes too putrid or just wait until you go in?
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(no subject)

Next summer I'll be traveling with my fam to the Grand Canyon. Around late May.
If you've been there, have any tips on things to do, what to bring, places to stay, places to eat at, what to avoid, etc? What did you like/dislike about it?

Also, does anyone live in an apt and have a dish for your tv channels? If so, from what provider, and how is the quality for the price? Any other tips/comments about it?

xmas gifts?

15 days left, time to /panic.

for the remaining (read: most) people on my gift list,
i'm probly going to just give them gift cards/certs to places.

how much is "good" amount to give on a gift card/cert?
do you give more to family then friends?
what if your friends are closer then your family?

i know you can get away with spending less on a person if you get a gift, becuase you dont controll how much something costs (ie, something someone realy realy needs, but only costs 10$ vs giving someone 20$ in cash)
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(no subject)

All of my LJ comments get sent to my e-mail address at Yahoo, and the other day as I was deleting a bunch of old comments, I accidentally clicked on the "spam" button. So I haven't gotten any of my comments.

Is there a way for me to disable it somehow so that I can get all my LJ comments?
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(no subject)

What is the proper term for those things that look suspiciously like shrugs, but aren't, but are everywhere now? Looks cute with a tank top?(I bought a furry one a couple days ago, love it, and am now looking for knitting patterns.)

(no subject)

how can i change this sentence to not have a preposition at the end?

Joe is the type of person that Mr. Jaggers would never want to be seen with.

with being the preposition, obviously.

ignore the names if you don't know them, it's irrelevant. just for my great expectations paper.


If you have contacts, how hard was it for you to learn how to get them in and out? What do you do to get them in or out (do you look up, down, etc.?)

I was supposed to get contacts a few weeks ago, but I absolutely could not get them out on my own, so they wouldn't let me have them. :) The guy who was instructing me told me for removal to hold my upper eyelid with my index finger and pull it up a little, and to look right at my fingers, and to make a "pinch" with my finger and thumb on my eyeball to get the contact.

And it so totally did not work. I couldn't get my eye open enough to get my fingers in like that (my crazy huge eyelashes kept getting in the way and I blinked everytime I bumped them), plus I blinked reflexivly when I got my finger close to my eye, since I was looking right at it. Also I couldn't seem to grab the contact, since in order to "pinch" enough to get my fingers together to grab it, it I would have had to scratch my eyeball with my fingernails (and I have short fingernails). And I couldn't feel the contact to tell if I had it anyways, and since my fingers and hand were right in front of my eye, I couldn't see what I was doing. I tried for like 20 minutes and couldn't do it. (It was a little frustrating, lol.)

So what works for you? I have another appt next week and I'd really like to actually be able to take them home this time. :)

EDIT: Thank you all, that was really helpful! :)
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(no subject)

Jews don't eat ham. I know some of them do, but typically not.

So why then, do they go out of their way to say "Happy Holidays" and "Holiday Dinner" on a Honeybaked Ham commercial??

I just found it amusing.
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(no subject)

Do any girls have "pink and white powder" nails? Also called "forever french", I was wondering how you like them and if you have any problems with them...

I'm also wondering if anyone has any websites where I can find a good hairstyle for a formal Christmas Party...
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(no subject)

I am making a scarf for my friend for Hanukkah, but she is allergic to cats and we have three. The yarn I'm using has been in our house for about three months, and I've set it down on furniture and stuff (and obviously I am working on it in the house). So, will this cause a problem with her allergies when I give it to her? I'm about a third done, so I don't really want to start over, but I also don't want it to be a problem with her allergy.
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(no subject)

what is the best way to study?

i have 2 tests in one class tomorrow morning.
the 1st test is a chapter test from the same book of the general final.
the second test is the final which encompases everything but the chapter test.
we were supposed to have it last thursday, but got snowed out and the school closed.
i was thinking of studying all day but then i would be too much.

should i study a little and then break or just study tonight?



Why are so many vegetarian and vegan foods made to resemble meat products in shape and flavor? Veggie dogs, Gardenburgers, Tofurkey... Is it just for the "beginner vegetarians" who still crave meat and are deluding themselves? Does it "scratch that itch?" Or is there something else going on here?

I realize that many vegetarians choose the lifestyle for various health reasons, but when it's a moral decision, doesn't it seem odd to even want to simulate the experience of eating flesh?

No drama intended, I really am just curious.
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JPG help, please?

I'm in charge of updating our company logo to reflect our 25th year of service. Designed, done deal, no problem, EXCEPT...

All of the elements were created in Word; I can use the picture there in word, and group it together with a banner&text to say "25 Years of Service," but then how do I save the whole thing together as a .jpg or .bmp? I can copy the whole thing into Paint or Photoshop (which I know very little about, I've asked local friends for a crash course but no luck yet), but the banner gets all pixelated, and the "smooth" command in PShop hasn't helped enough to fix it. I also tried FrontPage, but it wouldn't let me save it in a different format either. Right now it's an "object," and I need it to be a .jpg or .bmp.

Any suggestions please?


Edit: Duh, screenshot! I should have thought of that, thank you all!
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Crazy laptop at 100% CPU speed even at boot time.

A BIOS update fixed the problem. It's SO BEAUTIFUL NOW! The laptop isn't loud at all, and the PC is really fast ^_^ Thanks for all who helped

My dell inspiron 8100 laptop is going at 100% CPU speed from boot. I don't been from Windows boot, I mean, as soon as I turn the laptop on, the fans are going at high speed and warm, and the processor is crazy.

It used to be alright. This laptop hasn't had much use, so it's not really old, even though it came out a couple years ago.
I know about all the overheating issues with the inspiron line, but is there any way I can help it? I mean, at boot time there isn't even anything CPU intensive going on...
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(no subject)

Okay, so I've watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory without ever reading the book (yes, boo, hiss, bad me). Thus I have no fucking idea what's going on when it shows Willy trying to run away from home, failing, and when he tries to go back home... it's not there. There is a huge gap in the group of apartments where his father's house/dentist thingy used to be.

What the hell's up with that? Is that even in the book? Does he find his dad or end up living as a hobo until he opens his chocolate store?
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The New Racism

Ganked from the community "feminist".

"Based on some feedback, here are definitions of racism and sexism as we are using them. We are aware of the dictionary definition; however, we have chosen to use this definition because it is commonly used in anti-racist and social justice communities, and we ask that you also use it while you are in our space.

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So, what do you think?

Personally, I don't think it's right to trivialize anyone's experiences because they happen to be in the majority. I tend to concentrate on individual experiences rather than those of an entire group of people. I don't think ALL white people need to be "taken down a notch", or all straight people, or all men. A majority of those people in power have done nothing wrong. I think some of the women in that community, a lot of the queers in queer_rage, and maybe some POC or other racial minorities are just... uppity. It frustrates me.

I think gender neutrality, racial neutrality, etc should be the goals they're fighting for, I just see these groups going about it in all the wrong ways.

I don't expect to ever truly understand what the hell is going on here, but... do your worst.
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(no subject)

It's been raining here for about two hours. My mom called and said that the roads are really nasty and that I don't need to be out in this weather if I can help it.

I'm a college student and I work part time teaching piano lessons at a music store about 40 minutes away from my house. I have one measley lesson today. It's almost not worth going in for in good weather, but it's really not worth driving home in the dark in bad weather... and they're saying it could get really bad tonight.

How do I call and tell them I'm not going to be able to make it and sound convincing? (They know I live in the middle of nowhere and it's a long way out there). I was thinking of calling them around the time I normally leave and say that I saw cars going down the road, slowing down, and then turning around and coming back the way they came... and my little car most likely wouldn't make it through the water.

(no subject)

I hate flossing and to make matters worse I have braces. So I have to floss. Does anyone have any tips besides flossing the top one night and the bottom the next? Brushing isn't doing all the work, my teeth still feel yucky and hurt. Since I can't get all the food out, a little bit of my teeth are rotting... Yuck!

Any tips on how to get me to floss more often?

(no subject)

It's Christmas season and with that comes visiting the family friends. So what can I get their 20 year old son? Our families know each other quite well so the gift should be something nice but not overly expensive. Any suggestions? I have a horrible time shopping for guys. Worse comes to worse I'll get him a tie (and ruin his Xmas ~ ha!)

(no subject)

Dear question club,
A boy I just met asked me out on a date. I've only met him a few times but I think we would be good for each other. We have the same interests, same taste in music, even the exact same family problems. Well we are supposed to go sometime this weekend and since he says he's up for anything, he let me choose when and where. Any suggestions? He says he enjoys art alot, as do I but would it be a good idea to go to a gallery on a first date?

P.S. its snowing here.
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(no subject)

My University's website is currently so messed up I can't find the right catalog, and I don't feel like purchasing another university catalog to find this out.

Does anybody know if a grade of "incomplete" affects your GPA and/or Dean's list standing?

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(no subject)

1. What color is your sky right now?
2. Have you ever heard of Dane Cook? Isn't he hilarious?
3. For the college students, are you done school yet? If you are, what are you up to now? If you're not, what are you going to do when you're done?
4. Fantastic Four analysis. Good or Bad?
5. Most played song on your playlist/iPod?
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Grants/Scholarship help

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Sadly, I'm just about making ends meet at this point, and so I can't afford school on my own. So, my questions are:

1. Has anyone taken any classes with PIMA, and do you recommend them? They claim to have job placement, but when I was 18 I got my phlebotomy certification from a place that claimed they had job placement but didn't. As a result, my cert went invalid while I searched for a job for over a year. :/

2. Do you know of any grants, either Federal, or from WA state that are given out to adults who just want to get non-collegiate classes out of the way and start working? I guess places that give loans would work as well, but I don't have much credit established; I only took out one small loan 8 months ago to start my credit, and I have two credit cards that are only about 3 months old. (Credit cards scare me, so I avoided them for a long time :/)

3. Do you know of any grants or places that will give me a loan to pay for rent and stuff WHILE I'm going to school, or do I have to work myself to death with school and work? That's part of the reason I've avoided school for so long- Schooling full time doesn't pay the bills, and so I'd have to work full time and school full time to do anything.

I swear I googled this, but I'm really bad at searching for things and all I could find were articles about HOW higher education and grants help/hurt blah blah. I tried but it gave me grants from places like CO and AZ, which don't help me...

Cross-posted to seattle
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Appropriate song?

So, my friends and I have a really silly, psuedo tv show that we've been recording over the past year or so. For whatever reason, the kids in our grade find it amusing, and we decided to make a DVD in time for Xmas.

As I'm the only one with any DVD/movie software, I get the honor of doing it. It's pretty much all ready to go...except we want opening credits. With a theme song.

Now, for four teenage girls who are overly passionate about our favorite bands, we obviously each want 'our' band to do the theme song. The four bands would be, Queen, Panic! At The Disco, Cake, and Cartel, to give you an idea of what we like. So after we realized we couldn't use any of their songs without pissing someone off, we tried getting outside help. Too bad everyone we know listens to Death Cab and stuff, which just doesn't work well with Yes, Definitely (that's the 'show's' name).

So, I'm not asking you, the impartial bystander. Imagine you're watching a horribly produced show on MTV that's half Monty Python and half Jackass, but with girls. It's happy and stupid. What song do you know of that would be an appropriate 'theme song'?

(no subject)

Anyone know where I could find a cd's by a band that still isnt so big? It's difficult to find their new stuff. and they may or may not have been a different name back then. Now they are Cauterize, before like 01 they may have been T.O.E....Im not sure, and the internet is proving to be difficult.

(no subject)

1. do you think the US will ever convert to the metric system?

2. do you like it when people post one question at a time, or several questions in one post?

My answers:

1. No

2. i like one at a time...i find that i focus on each question better that way. when there are many questions in one post i tend to skim it. although i just went against my own preference in this post.

(no subject)

1. do you like my icon?

2. how was your day?

3. do you have co-wokers that are also friends? (they were co workers first?)

4. when you quit a job and give your two weeks notice, what the hell do u do for the two weeks?
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(no subject)

I go home for christmas break tommrow - I'm all packed.

Thing is, I have a small cactus that I am not sure if I should bring home.
I am fairly sure they don't turn the heat off in the dorms during break, but I worry for his saftey.

Is it worth bringing him home?

And is there anything else I'm forgetting?

Edit: Is a frozen dinner a perishable food item?
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(no subject)

If you were to right a compare and contrast paper on country and rock music, what topics would you write about? So far, I've come up w/subect matter, instruments used, social/historical impact, and areas of prevalence. Someone help me brain storm?

Thanks in advance.
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(no subject)

Which are better,

Canned Veggies


Frozen Veggies?

Fresh veggies are not an option.

2. What sauces/spices taste good on veggies that I don't have to make myself and I can just buy at the grocery store and add to them? Something that actually makes them taste good.....
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(no subject)

Have you ever not been hugged and touched in so long that it physically hurts?

I would ask what you do about that, but I know what that answer is and I don't have anyone to hug.

(btw, thanks for the replies earlier -- I called in and explained that the weather was bad and they were fine with me not coming in today.)
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(no subject)

Inspired by a thread hijack on another post:

What's your biggest grammatical pet peeve?

Please, no arguing about whether or not somebody's answer is "correct" or not. Regardless of its correctness, it bugs them and that is what I'm asking about.

For example, it bugs me when somebody says they don't believe in abortion/gay marriage/the war/other controversial issue. I always think "How can you not believe in it? It exists!" To me, that's like saying "I don't believe in legs". Now, obviously it IS an accepted way of stating opposition to something, but I just don't like it. So how about you?

(no subject)

1. Which community are you most active in? (If it's this one, put your second most.) Which one do you lurk the most in? Lurk can also mean replying to comments/posts but never posting. At least, in my world.

2. You make a mistake when replying to someone's comment. Maybe you misspelled a word or you need to clarify something you said. Do you reply to your comment or to the person you were replying to? If the former, WTF? I'm sorry, it just really confuses me. Is the correction or new information *only* for your benefit and whoever happens across and not for the person you're responding to? Don't you want that person to know that you know how to spell or that you really meant something else?

3. Who is the most negative person to you in your life, yet the closet? In other words, who brings you down the most, yet you keep close to you? Why?

4. In one or two words (three at the most!), what is your passion? eta: I want only one - your first priority or your top passion that defines you or comes close.

(no subject)

Has anyone ever been under nitrous oxide during a dental procedure? Im asking because its that time of year again, and it just takes too much novacaine to 'bring me to happy land' and I've actually avoided the dentist on sheer fear of the needle.
What Im looking to hear is-
How much it takes to be "happy"
What you feel like afterwards? (pain, sore, fine)
Can you drive afterwards?
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Idiots Guide

What are your personal favorite "Complete Idiot's Guide" or "XYZ for Dummies" books?

I've found that I like almost all of the ones I've read - they help me get into a topic that I wouldn't normally be interested in.
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Random questions.

01. Do you watch TV/DVDs with the subtitles/closed captions on?

02. What can you smell right now, or what does the room you're in smell like?

03. What is/would be your theme song?

04. Do you own a Maglite? Type? Colour?

05. Favourite Saved By The Bell (original series) character? Least favourite?

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I have a few questions about cavities.

I'm pretty sure I have at least 2 right now, but I can't go to a dentist because I don't have health insurance.

1. How long does it take a cavity to get to the point where the pain is unbearable and/or the tooth has to be removed?

2. I know there's no way to "heal" a cavity, but is there any way to slow the process? Or is it pretty inevitable?

3. Without insurance, approximately how much would it cost to have a dentist get rid of the cavities?

Thank you in advance to anyone who answers.
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(no subject)

1. whats the lamest lj you have ever come across?

2. whats the best lj yuou've come across?

3. did you friend either?

4. if you watch vmars, spoil me on what has been happening this season.

5. are you content with the way your life is going?