December 13th, 2005


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1. what did you do today?
2. what was the last movie you watched in theaters?
3. what was the last movie you watched on tv/dvd/video?
4. are you any good at wrapping presents?
5. where are you going to be for christmas?

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1)Girls: For those of you with more curvy bodies, and who are a bit heavier then others, would you rather have a smaller body that is more boyish, with less curves, or do you feel sexier the way you are?

2) for those girls with more boyish bodies who are less curvy and very thin, would you rather be more curvy, or are you happy how you are?

(p.s. Im not saying that just because you answer you'd rather be curvy or thin, that you aren't happy with who you are now. Im just asking if you would rather be a different way.)

3)Guys: Do you dislike or like when girls where lipstick. (not lipgloss)?

4)Everyone: How do you sleep at night? (what do you wear, what position, is your room hot or cold, or any other information you'd like to share)

5)Do you like sleeping with someone else, or are you a bedhog, and would you rather sleep alone?

6) What is something that you have that is really sentimental, that you usually don't let other people know about? (a stuffed animal you had when you were a kid, a book, or other random things...)
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1. How many of you are not Christian but celebrate Christmas anyway?
2. Have any of you ever had tofurkey? Is it good?

3. What's the difference between apple juice and apple cider?
4. What's the difference between jam and jelly?
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I have an aunt that works perhaps two days a week, not including piano lessons (which are for an hour or two every evening). I have a grandmother that is Very Sick and feels like shit, but would sooner gnaw off her arm than admit she can't do something. My aunt, despite not having to do jack shit most days, will send her two year old to my grandmother's for some reason. I don't know if it's because she's a lazy fuck or what... sometimes she just wants to go shopping, even though she's been shopping earlier in the week. Anyway.

My mother has tried dropping hints, and my aunt either doesn't want to hear them or is too thick to get them. I'm getting fed up with it. Should I say something to my aunt? If so, how can I not come across as a complete bitch? Though, if that's what it takes to get her to let my grandmother get some fucking rest, I'd do it.

*I'm temporarily living with my grandmother.
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i'm at a total loss right now.
my cousin turns 18 in just over a month. he and i are only a few months apart. for my birthday, his family gave me a beautiful necklace with an opal pendant. obviously, he wouldn't really want a similar necklace.
do you have any ideas on what would be good to give a guy when he turns 18 as a way of honouring his entry into adulthood?
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Halloween 2008

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1. Suggestions for moving out/leaving town type songs?

So far, I have:

Sara Evans - Born to Fly
Moulin Rouge - One Day I'll Fly Away
Eve6 - Small Town Trap
Eve6 - Open Road Song

I like just about anything, although I'm looking for slightly more upbeat songs, I'm happy with anything.

2. Any other songs that incorporate drumline/marching bands?

EDIT: Where can I find a pair of leather pumps that will be comfy after a few hours of standing?
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I've been speaking English, or at least trying to, for some time now. However, this gets me every time:

How do you pronounce "hostile" (hos-till/hos-tile), "fragile" (fra-gill/fra-gile) and "direct" (deerect/die-rect)?

Halloween 2008

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Would it be weird to contact my ex's mother, after I haven't spoken to her in over a year, and it's been a year since we broke up?

I just was close to her when my ex and I were together, and I'd like to see how she's doing.

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What do you think is the stupidest living being on the planet? (could be plants, people, animals) be as sepcific or as general as you want (e.g. teachers named mme. braulain who have horrible puffy brown hair and obviously haven't been shopping since the eighties, or men)

What's your favorite cheesy movie? The more recent the better

What's your favorite chick flick?

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1. What is the strangest comment you have recieved lately? Time-frame is this last week.

Mine is someone thought I was Canadian, but I'm from the South.

2. Also, do you like conspiracy theories? Do you read them for fun or really believe in them?

I love conspiracy theories, and I just read them for fun.

3. Is anyone in here an environmental science major (can be more specific too like soil science...)? Can you give me advice for the major?

a promise ring.

i'm at a loss for words! help me, oh wise tqc!

for christmas, along with a thousand other presents, i have decided to give my boyfriend a promise ring. we're not ready for engagement or anything, but i'd like that some time in the future. i would like to write a little paragraph or two to tuck inside the box with the ring, so that i don't have to blubber over myself when he opens the thing on christmas day. obviously, i am giving him this ring because i love him and blahblahblah, but for some reason i can't put this to words (except for blahblahblah, which does not strike me as terribly romantic.) perhaps you wise and crafty folks could shed some light on the subject.

what would YOU say?

edited to add: i think my big issue here is that i can't figure out what to say without sounding like i'm ripping off lines from soap operas or hallmark.
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What do you think of people who say something like "my mom died" when someone makes a "your mom" joke?
What if you know their mom died and a "your mom" joke is said?

Do you feel bad?
kiv dancin.
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a question about pop music

okay, i like a good pop song as much as the next person.

i know that for the most part there's no substance to it, and i don't take it seriously or anything.

i work for a broadcasting company that is really three radio stations, and so most every day i hear bits of the kelly clarkson song "because of you".

now, for those of you that know it, i have a question.

what the fuck is she bitching about?

her parents apprently told her not to play in the damn street, not to play in a manner that would injure her, and discouraged her from being a crybaby, and That is supposed to emotionally cripple her?

huh? am i missing something? or is it just, you know, Pop Music Angst.
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My mother in law just sent us some new phones for Verizon. When turned on, it says, "Programming required." What exactly should I do? Is this something I can do on my own, or do I have to takie it to a Verizon store?
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Plymouth Voyager windows?

Any idea why my best friend's 1987 Plymouth Voyager have such issues rolling up? They're manual, not automatic. It's not just the driver-side or passanger-side, but both! They roll down fine, but rolling them up is just barely possible. She doesn't seem worried about it (and refuses to get it inspected), but I'm curious.

I've Googled for about an hour, but I keep coming up with "Things to check/double-check before buying a new or used car," which doesn't help.
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There is a toll-free number that keeps calling my phone and hanging up when I answer. I tried calling it back and got a quick message saying "You have reached customer service, you will be contacted" and then it hung up on me. I tried a reverse lookup and got nothing. This is getting to be a massive pain, especially since I work nights and they end up calling during the day and waking me up. What can I do?
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I added a bunch of extensions to my Firefox browser, and now there's too many toolbars, too many things in the status bar, etc, and my pages are all messed up. Is there a way to delete some of these extensions, or manage them better so my pages look normal again?
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I feel stupid for asking this, but whatever: what the hell is a 'snow emergency'? My college sent an all-campus email stating that the county is issuing a snow emergency starting tomorrow and ending Thursday, and that students should move their cars off of the streets and into the temporary parking the school has set up. Snow is in our forecast for tomorrow, so I'm just assuming that they're preparing for a shitload of downfall, especially since we've had a lot of snow recently. Am I right?


An opinionated teacher has prompted me to ask the following questions.

It's definitely optional, but I would be interested in knowing your gender, age, and sexual orientation.

1. Does straight couple PDA bother you?
2. Does gay men PDA bother you?
3. Does lesbian PDA bother you?

4. Do you believe one is born gay or becomes gay?

5. Do you think kids who grow up with gay parents are more likely to be gay themselves?

6. Agree or Disagree with the following statement?:
"You're going to start seeing more gay and bisexual kids because the kids these days aren't learning as much about themselves when they're younger, like in junior high."

7. Your thoughts on gay marriage.

I know that's a lot of questions but your input will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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my sister got her first depo shot around 4 this afternoon. now (2 hours later) she says her arm hurts really bad, like a dull ache, especially in her shoulder area. it is hard for her to move her arm. is this normal? i wasn't in the room with her when she got the shot and she says the doctor didn't tell her that it would make her arm hurt. i haven't had any shots in recent memory so i have no idea if this is normal. she is prone to drama (she's only 16) but seems to be in actual pain.

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Background: I'm going on a 2 1/2 week trip to China. I will be in four major cities, with two internal flights and two bus rides. I will mostly be staying in hotels, but a few nights in a private residence. I generally prefer to travel light, but also like to have access to useful things.

Question: Should I take my laptop? It's a Thinkpad T42 (5lbs, fairly thin). Why or why not?

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First of all, I'm not at all sorry for what I said, but I am sorry that I started drama here.

I'm moving to a new apartment on Friday. My neighbors at my current one are constantly fighting. I don't mind the yelling, but they always throw large objects at the wall and sometimes it sounds like they're physically violent towards eachother. I've never called the police on them because I'm afraid they'll know I was the one who reported them and will harass/be pissed at me. A friend suggested that now that I'm moving, I should call the police and report that there may be a domestic issue going on. Should I? And for future reference, should I have called the very first time their fighting seemed to be getting out of hand?

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If you could ask anyone in the world, living or dead, one question, and they COULD NOT LIE, who would you ask, and what would be your question?

Do you prefer christmas eve, or chirstmas day?
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I would like to make myself some jell-o instant pudding, but I can not have Cow, Goat, Lactose-Free, or Soy milk. The only thing I can have is rice milk. So I was wondering if anyone knew if I could replace the 2 cups of milk with water or rice milk? (Something I can have?)
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My boyfriend wants to buy his mother cookware for christmas. She is in dire need of new pans and such. I was wondering if any of you had recommendations as to good brands and such for cookware? I've been scouring the web and I've come across a sea of different brands and quite frankly I don't know what is good and what is crap! Just because something is expensive doesn't make it good, I think, and just because it is inexpensive doesn't make it crap, it could just be a good deal. So throw your recommendations for brands at me, or any websites you think may help. I appreciate it!
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Is there anyway of finding out who has deleted you on MySpace? Besides studying your friend's for ages. I know it's not really important to know if the person deleted you but I'm always DYING to know.
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My mom says the whites of my eyes are turning yellow!! Oh no. What does it mean? Do I have Jaundice, which is all I can think of, or some other horrible disease/deficiancy/mutation, and can someone explain to me how exactly you get jaundice [I didn't understand wiki] in case that's what I have??

Thanks :]

Random List

1) How do you make *crispy* tempura? Mine turned out soggy tonight. :( Maybe my oil wasn't hot enough?

2) How tall are you? How tall do you want to be? Do you wear heels? Me: I'd like an extra 3 - 6 inches, especially since I don't wear heels.

3) Favorite Starbucks' drink? Mine: Venti Java Chip Frappacino with 2 shots of espresso & topped with whipped cream! Calorie's galore!

4) How does one get out of this kind of rut:

5) Does this ...conversation? make any sense to you?

6) Food you hated as a kid, but like now. Vice versa. Me: I didn't like mushrooms as a kid, but I do now.

7) Loose tea or bagged? Do you reuse teabags? How many times? Favorite tea?
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If it Wasn't for My Horse...

Does anyone know what the context of the following quote is?
It's important for us to explain to our nation that life is important. It's not only life of babies, but it's life of children living in, you know, the dark dungeons of the Internet.
— George W. Bush
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I had to restart my computer and when I opened firefox - my bookmarks are gone. I assumed that I somehow got into another profile, but no window that asked what profile to open popped up. How do I get back into my profile?
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'shipping and fandom

1. do you have an OTP (one true pairing)?
2. do you have more than one?
3. what is the worst pairing name you've ever heard?

Mine: Ashley and Craig on Degrassi TNG. And Kate and Sawyer on Lost.

I think some of the worst pairing names I've heard are Cranny, Kawyer, and Bennifer. I think the last one killed the whole "combine people's names" thing.
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Let's say you and some other loser are getting yourselves deep into a flame thread somewhere in a livejournal community.

How do you cope with "last word syndrome" (as in, you gotta have the last word)? Do you just keep trying to say something cutting and bitchier than the last time? Do you resort to personal insults? Do you troll their journal and gossip about them in other communities? Do you get last word syndrome at all? Share (but try not to name names, I just want a general survey of everyone's personal flame war behavior)

*edit* This isn't an advice question, this is an interested-in-other-people's-perspectives question.

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This is an act of desperation: yes, I realize this. I'm taking a Microeconomics class and am on the verge of failing. Without it, I will not get my degree in the spring. It's required. I'm getting my master's in social work so I'm not in the economics frame of mind and the whole thing has been the most hellish experience of my life. (yes, I'm sure that makes me very fortunate!) I did so badly on the midterm that she is scrapping that grade and putting the full 70% on my final. I'm terrified. particularly because I feel even worse off than I was on the midterm. At least on that I got the essay question correct, got full credit for it, b/c I understood it ahead of time. This one I don't.

My essay question tomorrow is:

The essay topics will come from this list:

-perfect competition

-monopolistic competition

-monopoly markets

-oligopolies, duopolies, and strategic behavior (game theory)

-the cost structure in production processes

In each case be prepared to describe the market, the typical outcomes in terms of equilibrium price and quantity, the underlying assumptions about behavior, profit-maximizing behavior in that market, and the impact on society as a whole of these types of markets.

Anyone here economics-minded who has some input right off the bat? If not, do you know where I could find out? My notes and textbook are proving to be fairly useless. I would appreciate ANY help greatly.