December 12th, 2005

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Any Italian speakers out there?

My friends are having a little disagreement. Apparently my one friend says her prof told her that when you want to say "my" whatever, you put the "my" part in front of the noun except in the case of house, where it should be "la casa mia" and not "la mia casa". My other friend has studied Italian for longer and has never heard such a thing. I speak very little Italian and my French isn't really helping me out on this one. Anyone have any insight?
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1. Is there a website I can type up a song, and find other songs like that song, by style, lyrics, trivia, beat, etc?

2. Other than Gwen Stefani's banana song, and Destiny's Child's 'Lose My Breath,' any suggestions for songs with a (marching-style) band in them? I don't mean solely a band playing, but n the background/beat like those songs.
Friends: Unagi.
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We're doing this secret santa gift thing on my floor. We were supposed to buy something of around 5 euro for a randomly picked person. I went to The Body Shop and found this white musk smelling bathstuff in a cute little bucket thing for 9 euro. I got that because that was the cheapest thing I could find and I didn't feel like going to the other shops.

One the way out I noticed some candles for around 5 euro and I kicked myself for not seeing that first but I didn't want to go back inside because it was packed. Now I'm considering going back tomorrow and getting these candles (wrapped per three and with fruity smells) and keeping the bathstuff for myself. But, according to my mother giving candles is "catholic". Now my question is; is that true? Are candles an appropriate gift to give someone? I'm not catholic and I don't know if the girl I had to buy something for is (all I know is her name) but would it be "wrong" of me to give candles to her?
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A Few Random Questions

1. What is your opinion on one night stands or casual sex in general?
1b. How do you go about finding or setting up such things?

2. What do you think is worse, present credit card debt or future student loan debt?
2b. What alternate sources of education funding have you discovered? Non-institutional scholarships? Special loans?

3. Best novel to film adaptation? Worse novel to film adaptation?

4. Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?
4b. Christina Aguilera or Judy Dench?
4c. Britney Spears or Kathy Bates?
4d. Kathy Bates or Norman Bates?
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facewash, sleeptalkingwalking, college finals!

1. When facewash makes your skin hot or cold or tingly or any of those other special effects, is it ever actually a result of some fancy kind of cleaning the facewash is doing, or is it always just extra stuff they added to make you *feel* more clean? (If that makes sense.) Maybe I'm just too cynical but I always think "Oooh that feels good and tingly... and probably means nothing at all." I'd love to be able to think otherwise!

2. What's the weirdest thing you've done in your sleep? (You can count things you've said.) How did you know you'd done it?

3. College students, what's on your plate for the end of the semester, and how's it coming along?

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is there a quick way to find something you posted yourself in a community? i tried the edit entry function but i don't know the date. thanks in advance.
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message boards.

1. Are there any message boards that you frequent?
2. What was one of the first boards you ever posted at?

1. I like Snarkfest a lot, and Fan Forum too. I used to be addicted to the Television Without Pity forums, but not so much now, because there's an amazing undercurrent of negativity over there.
2. I think the first boards I was really hooked on were eFanGuide's forums (do they stil have those?) and an *NSYNC message board called *NSYNC Galaxy.
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Hypothetical Question #21B

I'm sure most of you have seen The Biggest Loser, or at least know the concept of how the reality show works. Let's say you were a heavy person and made it on the show, and due to your perserverance and discipline, you managed to make it to the final 3. You've lost more weight than anyone else: 100 lbs. You look a lot better, are so much healthier, and feel great about yourself, and people are constantly congratulating you and you love it. You're the leading pick everybody has to win the $250,000 prize. Considering your dedication, you'd have to agree. The final portion of the reality show is; everybody leaves the ranch and takes their lessons and weight control to the real world. This phase of the game lasts for 2 months, this living on your own, without any help, to manage your diet and exercise regimen. Whoever comes back after those 2 months and has lost the most weight (cumulative) wins the purse. With an early weight loss lead, you feel confident.

However, one of the other two remaining contestants has a powerful billionaire father, and he approaches you with an offer your first day off the ranch. Take a dive, he says, so my daughter can win. And he wants his daughter to feel really happy about her weight loss, so, he tells you, I want you to put back on the 100 pounds you lost. You have 2 months and you did it once before. Do this thing and I'll pay you $1,000,000. He wants you to gain the weight so it'll look like you went off the wagon and weren't strong enough, thus making his daughter proud of her accomplishment. And you can't tell anyone about this deal. Do it and he'll sue you for slander. Oh, and if you turn down the million, his next and final offer is $3million.

So there you have it. Two choices. A quarter million to look good and show everybody you know and everybody watching at home what a success you are...or a cool million to three million to put back on all the weight you lost, which you know you can lose again, but everybody will think you're a double loser for falling off the wagon and ruining a good thing.
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Drinks After Work

Alright, so I'm going out for drinks and dinner tonight after work. (We're meeting up at 6 pm.) I would really like to avoid getting tipsy, so here's my question:

Should I eat lunch as usual around noon, then snack a little around 4-ish, so I have food in me before I start in with the drinks?
- or -
Should I hold off and eat lunch a little later, say 1:30-2-ish, with no snackage between then and dinner?
- or -
Some other brilliant plan that I haven't thought of? (You'd need to tell me what that is, by the way.)

And while we're on the subject...
Are you not supposed to drink beer before mixed drinks or is it the other way around? I can never remember that nifty little poem...

Edit: All taken care of! Thanks!

More Reality Show Questions


1. Contestants on Survivor are allowed to bring one personal item with them for the duration of their stay (or at least, they could as of season 3, the last one I watched). This item cannot be a tool or serve a survival purpose, and cannot run on batteries (no radios or cell phones). And the item cannot be hygeine-related, so no toothbrush or any amenities of civilized life. You're allowed to bring 2 changes of clothes, I think, and a swimming outfit, so the personal item doesn't have to be clothes. What personal item would you bring?

Amazing Race
2. The race takes a few weeks to complete (assuming you're not eliminated), so picking your partner is important. Someone who's competitive and who wouldn't annoy you (or vice versa) for being around each other for so many days. Someone you trust. Who would your partner be?

3. In the Amazing Race, you carry all your belongings with you in a backpack. This can lead to maybe 3-4 changes of clothes or a book or two. However, the more you bring, the more weight you have to carry everywhere you go, and sometimes the trials and challenges involve a lot of running or carrying things. Remember that the race takes a few weeks to complete. Would you travel light to better compete, or a little heavier just so you don't feel grungy all the time?

4. How much clothes would you bring? The race travels all across the globe and you don't know where you'll end up. Specifically tell me what you'd pack.

The Apprentice
5. This is a series based on acquiring a job. One of the things that gets you noticed is a good record as project manager. Trump will probably forgive a bad move or two if you have done well in the past. So there is benefit for stepping up to the plate and leading a team. However, in half or most cases, when a team fails, the project manager is axed. Even if one of the other players is unprofessional and hard to manage, he or she would have to be pretty disruptive to make Trump fire them instead of you. Lot of responsibility at stake and you're being weighed on how well you can spearhead a task. The show consists of between 13 and 15 assignments, so you can't sit back and watch for too long. Based on your type of personality, are you a better business leader or employee, and to get this job, do you think you'd be more aggressive and go after the tasks and get quick notariety, or rise up as a valuable indispensible worker/assistant type and get respect from your peers and stay under the firing radar, but maybe also staying under Trump's perception?
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When you hear on the news about drug busts (or any illegal activity really) where large sums of illegally-earned money are found, what happens to that money? Im thinking that the criminals who earned it do not get to keep it, so where does it go?

Edit; Where do you think the money should go?


What would your reaction be if you discovered that the person you were dating had a tattoo of:

-An ex's name?

-An ex's face?

-Something that they got to symbolize an event that happened between them and their ex?

(...No, I don't have any tattoos. My ex got a tattoo that I tried to talk him out of getting, that I'm sure he's regretting now, 1.5 years later.)

Smelly kicks.

How do you get the funk out of sneakers?
They smell even when I'm wearing them.

I've tried powder and throwing them in the washing machine. Didn't help.
They're now exiled to the balcony until I can come up with something.


"tookie" williams,member of the crips, murderer of 4 people, is on death row and was denied clemency by the governator of, that means - he'll be put to death around midnite tonite...
what's your take on this?

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If you were going to write a letter to one of your state officials regarding restraining orders (I don't need one, I just don't agree with the circumstances of getting one in my state), would your senator be a good person to write to, or would you think that another official would be better?

loss of feeling in left leg

thursday i got my wisdom teeth out. (still haven't gotten the feelng back in my tongue, is this normal?)
i've been taking my vicoden for 4 days, one pill every 6 hours regularly.
i took my last pill at 11:30 last night.
ok so today i woke up wicked nauseous and sweaty and i couldn't feel my left leg. since then it's gotten worse and i can't feel when i go to the bathroom (i mean, i know when i have to go, but when i'm actually going, i can't feel anything).

i've tried calling my doc but he hasn't called me back. i don't want to go to the ER if it's just a side effect of coming off of the vicoden (cause i know it effects your brain and spine). i'm a worrier, so obviously things like blood clots, and the like worry me. also because i have an infection form my wisdom teeth that i am taking antibiotics for.

please someone tell me this is either normal or something, anything, if you have any exprerience.
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If you were in a band, what would it be called? What kind of music would you play? Who would be in your band if you could have any famous (or not-famous) musician in the world?

(even if you're currently in a band... that's cool and all but I'm talking fantasy bands here!)

Random List

1) How do I get my sushi rolls tighter so stuff doesn't fall out? How to get the knife to neatly cut through the rolls? General tips on making sushi rolls?

2) I don't understand people's obsession with Japanese street fashion. Do you? Reference:

3) When people think of you, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Second?

4) Liquid soap or bar? Why?

5) Are you voyeuristic?

6) Favorite type of chocolate?


It's my 21st birthday in a few monthsn and my boyfriend has hinted that I need to make a weekend free around that time. My actual birthday is on a Friday so he's ruled out the actual weekend of my birthday and has asked me to choose either the weekend before or after my birthday.

Which weekend should I choose?

EDIT: I'm in the UK so I am legal to drink and all manner of other things. I just don't know if it's silly to do something the week before my birthday or not.


Hi all...I've recently applied to all of the colleges that I am considering going to, all of which are in the city (NYC for non-residents of Jersey :D). They are : Fordham, Pace, St.John's and Manhattan College.

A friend of mine goes to SVA and has recently informed me of the large amounts of roaches in her dorm. She claims that any school in NYC is bound to have the same problem.

I am deathly afraid of insects so I'm hoping that she is wrong, or at least exaggerating. Have any of you gone to school in NYC and if so, are the roaches as bad (and as big) as I fear they are?

Samuel Becket - "The Expelled"

Ok, starting to tear my hair out about this now, have read the story so many many times, and dislike it just as much now as i did on the first read through.

Does anyone have any idea on what the role of the horse is in Samuel Beckett's short story, "The Expelled"? If it helps, the seminar it is for is all about the importance of exile in a literary context, and then more generally about exile and identity.

I know I shouldn't be asking for homework help here, but I'm getting desperate on this one question, have tried a number of secondary sources, and they didn't really help much.

Thanks in advance
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Just curious.

How do you think you'd react if your mother or father told you that they were transgendered or transsexual (pre-op) but planned on transitioning? Would your reaction be any different depending on their behavior while you were growing up (e.g. if your father was very macho or homophobic)?
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What do the numbers 14 and 88 mean to neo-Nazis/Nazis of any kind, I guess? I accidentally clicked on some Nazi's myspace and saw 14's and 88's in almost every comment, and was curious, since I had never heard of this. Thanks.

Cell Phone Phonebook Question

I'm getting a new cell phone soon (as in the day after Christmas), and I'm wondering if there's possibly a way to put my phonebook online, or somehow export it with minimal effort. I'm trying to go as far away from typing/writing every phone number I have by hand, although I'm probably sure that's the way it is, right?

If it helps, the phone I have now is a Motorola C343, and my carrier is Verizon. I have no idea what the new phone will be.
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Does anyone else get hair that sticks up erratically and grotesquely in the morning with no hope of taming it until you get a shower?

If so, what do you do when you have to go out in the morning before you get a shower? Like, to take out the trash or run to the store? I generally wear a bandana, but with local gangs adopting colors like baby blue and green, it makes me wonder whether I should.

(Yes, this was partly inspired by the questions about "Tookie". Please don't laugh. :P )
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Say you have a job (which I hope a lot of you do). And you utterly LOATHE it. Hate every minute of being there, but it's tolerable because the pay is pretty ok. Quit or stay? If you choose quit, now or wait till you find another (not as well paying) job?

Cuz my opinion is... the money simply isn't worth the stress, irritation, and binge eating after a day like today...
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How the heck do I find my PayPal "number"?

I'm on the main website, and the only things it is showing me are my name, and my account balance...what's my account NUMBER though? I need to give it to a company, because that's how they give money, putting it through your paypal account...
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Are there any Comcast Digital Cable subscribers here? I have it, and we have lost 3 of our HBO Channels, namely HBO2 West, HBO Signature West, and HBO Family West. As usual, we never got notified. I was wondering if this was a widespread thing, or is it just us? The channels aren't listed on the menu listing either. Also, is anyone else really dissatisfied with Comcast Digital Cable? We have had nothing but problems with it.

survivor question

During the voting in Survivor, they always show 2 obvious votes that you know are coming. Even if these arn't the first two people to vote, when the host goes to pull out the first two votes, those are always on top. Does that seem fishy to anyone else? I don't like it.
Is you crazy?
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Domo Origato

I've had these questions on the backburner for a while.

Are you going to see the movie Memoirs of a Geisha?

Why or Why not?

Seems like a simple question.


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(Accidently cross posted in my journal.)

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I'm going to a wedding this weekend. It's not a formal affair, usually I would just wear dress slacks and a nice dressy shirt. This weekend though, my husband is a groomsman, so he'll be in a tuxedo. I was going to wear something more formal so that we actually look like we came together, but all I've got are skirts and nice shirts (mostly button-ups). Will that be formal enough, or do I need to try to come up with an actual dress?
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"What kind of garden has the most vegetables?
A flash garden."

That was one of the jokes on my friend's Laffy Taffy wrapper at lunch a few days ago. Neither one of us got it, nobody that we asked did either.

Do you get it? Care to explain it if you do?
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Does anyone have a Philips Digital audio player (gogear)? I just got one (not what I asked for at all, but that's another story) and I can't get the damn thing to work. I guess I have to download Windows Media Player 10, but that won't work because as Philips phone idiot told me, my brower version is only 3.0, but that is the latest version!

I guess my question is does anyone have one, and did they have tons of problems with it? and, can I return it even if it was a gift and I've opened it?
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Growing up, I was always told by my parents to not eat more than 2/3 eggs in the space of 2 days. I was also told not to eat more than 2 bananas per day. Upon asking why not, I was told it was not good for me. So, I accepted it and went along wih it.

As an adult, I still go by these 'rules', even though I've never found any real reason not to, nor found anyone else to have heard of.

1. Are there any foods that really should be avoided on a regular basis?
2. Did you grow up with any food / eating "rules" that you have never heard anyone else go by?
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What's a good DVD to get an adult male, age 50, who *loved* the Lord of the Rings trilogy? (yes, besides the obvious which they already own) Something maybe of that genre or style.... thanks!!
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Logo Design?

Hi, I'm starting an internet business, and I was just wondering if you had any suggestions for ways to get logo designs? Preferably free, as I'm starting from scratch. Just any suggestions whatsoever would be amazing :) Thanks!


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Are there any sites that have a compilation of song reviews?

I'd love to read someone's take on a specific song I'd be looking for, or an explanation of songs/how the artists were inspired.
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Can someone who is so appalled by a Chinese actress playing a Japanese woman in a movie please explain to me how Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc's appearances differ? Height, weight, type of facial features, hair type, skin color... whatever you want to include. It's easy to compare an Asian person to a white person, or a Latino person to a black person, but Argentinian vs. Mexican? Is there a difference? I have no idea.

holding hands


I just found an old Borders gift card that I got for graduation. We don't have a Borders near us, otherwise I would have spent it long ago.

So...what whould I buy???
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Being rather unfamiliar with politics outside the US...

Who are the left/right/middle wing idiots of other countries? (Think Michael Moore, Ann Coulter, etc) Why are they considered such? The people in other countries, I mean. Not Moore and Coulter.

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Whats the difference between cold sores and ulcers?

If anyone has seen Derailed with Jennifer Aniston:
is she naked at all in any way in that movie?
Thanks, my boyfriend wants to know. :)

EDIT: What are ulcers (canker sores) and how are they caused?
I have always thought it was when you accidentally bite the inside of your mouth and it gets a bit of swollen bump...
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A little help?

I'm not sure exactly WHAT I'm looking for here, b ut I'm hoping someone may have a suggestion. Therte's this guy (how many stories start like that, huh? But this isn't your typical kind, don't worry) I knew him in high school , but not so much. He was a super nice guy, but it was more after we graduated that we talked. And JUST talked, mind you, it was never anything else, not that neither one of us was interested - it was just never right, I guess.

Anywayu, about a year ago, I saw him at the bar in my town. We got a drink & chatted. Turns out he's now a Marine, and he'd been in Iraq for 18 months (this isn't so common around here - we're Canadian, not too many of our boys are over there. But he's half American, so he signed up). He was home for a week, then he was going back, I think for another year. We made palns to hang out, but since he was intown for such a short time, we never connected.

Now Christmas is coming, and I'd like to look him up. I don't have any idea where he's stationed, or what division or whatever he's in. Are there any LJ groups or outside sites that could help find my friend?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Many Many Lovers

Do you think it is possible to have a polygamous relationship, and truly love all partners equally? Like 3 or 4 involved?

Or do you believe that only a monogamous relationship can truly express love?

What are your reasons for or against polyamory?

Sorry I meant Polyamory, not Polygamy....


Example, Persons A,B,C and D are all equal partners and all date each other. No one has a romantic partner not shared and loved in the relationship.

So if a commitment ceremony were to occur, they would say, do you take persons B, C and D to be your lawfully wedded spouses, etc.....
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Sparked by the Memoirs of a Geisha question... quiz-- match people's photos to whether they are Korean, Chinese, or Japanese.

How did you do?

What's your race/ethnicity/whatever? Plus any other contributing factors (e.g. "I'm American but I lived in Japan for 6 years"... which I'm not, which might explain why I did so badly.)

(Why do we always say "Inspired by earlier question..." Like it's not obvious? Or like anyone cares?)
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about hot topic and/or fullmetal alchemist shoes

Does Hot Topic allow you to call one store and have something sent to another store in a different town/state? Or can you call a Hot Topic store and have something sent to you? I really want to find Full metal Alchemist shoes in a size 10, and it’s the only place I can find that sells them. The website is out of the size and there’s nothing on eBay. Or is there any other place to get them?
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How many languages do you know and which was the hardest to learn? Have you ever studied abroad, and if so, where? Was it a good experience? Did you have to study and other foreign languages whilst attending school in a foreign country?
(i.e. I'm American, and I'm going to Germany for ten weeks, and at that school I'm going to be studying French and Latin as well.)
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(no subject)

and yes, i joined aquaria and asked there. but this might be faster. copied and pasted from there.

what the hell just happened with my tank? 25ish gallon tank. a plecostomus, a giant snail, many small snails. I clean out a few gallons every weekend. This weenkend I cleaned it, suctioned out where it was crappy, all fine. today, fine until this evening, when my water looked a little bit cloudy. "weird," i said, and adjusted the automatic feeder*, and changed my carbon filter, and did a test-strip test of the water. chemically fine. Went to the store with a friend. Came home. ZOMG CLOUDY. Getting cloudier. Within a matter of hours, from looking the rocks were recently stirred to looking like... liquid smoke.


*automatic feeder has been set up for about a day, in prep for winter break, so i can check that it works.
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What would be a good small business (that is, one or two people involved) for someone with a solid 20+ years of experience (including degrees in the subject) in Architecture and Building Design (primarily single-family homes), that is not actually designing and building homes?

New provincial government regulations coming into play in the New Year are pretty much forcing my parents to close their architectural design business (all sorts of Ministry exams that would need to be taken, annual registration fees, additional insurance costs and more that raise expense costs to a point that they can't afford), and I'm trying to think of what my dad could do to continue to use his education and expertise and small business management skills, without actually designing and building.

As an additional hurdle, he isn't very computer literate (he does all his designing by hand, and has for over 20 years). They will not go work for other people, so that is not an option to be suggested. Looking for business ideas that they can do themselves.

Failing anything specific in the field.... ideas for small businesses that operate well within a small rural town that is an hour away from a major metropolitan centre (they have vehicles, so travelling isn't an issue)? They already also run an antique store.
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Canker Sores?

Both a friend of mine and I are prone to canker sores. So my question is this: what is the best method of relieving the pain and speeding the healing of them? I swear by tea tree oil for cuts and scrapes, but can you put it in your mouth without an issue?
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