December 11th, 2005

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1. I'm covered head to toe in what I think are flea bites. How can I stop the itching? Oh god the itching. [Home remedies would be nice. The stores around here aren't open at the moment.]

2. I asked this once before and I didn't get many responses. (I think it was cause I asked at like 4am.) To the writers who plan out their stories and/or characters before writing, what is your process? How do you plan out your plot and create your characters?

3. Where can I buy a giant sheet of plastic (or anything else that will work) material for cheap? I need to insulate a giant glass door that's like 7ft by 11ft. About how much will it cost?

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Do you think it's possible to be over a relationship without being over the person it was with? As in, you still love the person as much as you ever did, but you don't wish you were still in a relationship with that person?

Please, none of those "if you ever actually loved the person, you would want to be with them no matter what" answers. This question is coming from experience.


1) What are three things you are most proud of about yourself?

2) What are three things you are most shamed of about yourself?

3) What are three things of the most trival issues you've fought about & what were the outcomes of the fights?

Bonus: Do you wash your clothes after you purchase them / before you wear them?  (I do!  I hate that "store" smell!)

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If you could ask a celebrity a question, what would it be?

I'd ask Jason Lee and Joey Lauren Adams what their sex lives were like in high school. Rude, yes, but I do wonder.
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i hafta tinkles.

I don't know how word this without sounding like a 4-year-old... but you know how in springtime people get allergies from pollen, what do they get allergies from in the winter?

How come the new Shakira looks so different than the old Shakira? I never even recognize her anymore.

Speaking of Shakira, did she have a baby? She has a baby on her album cover, but I googled and didn't find anything.. but I have no google-fu.

Do you usually wear flat shoes or heeled shoes? Why?

Do you use a manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush?

What time do you usually eat dinner? I always have dinner around midnight, except on the rare occasion that somebody else made a full meal by the time I get home from work.

What would you NEVER leave the house without doing? I'll never leave the house without washing my face and brushing my teeth. I can go without showering or putting clean clothes on but I have to at least wash my face and brush my teeth.

Do you ever hold your pee just because you're too lazy to get up? Is it really as bad as they say it is? It seems like it would strengthen your muscles to hold it.. ::shrug::

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Im 15. 105 pounds. I took 3 ibruprofen and then 20 minutes later I took HALF of a loritab.
I obviously know this wasn't a good choice, but should I go to the hospital, or eat or puke it up or something?

(you can call me dumb and stupid, and I know none of you are doctors or anything like that. But, I have a tendancy to freak out over small things and I don't wanna wake up my mom to drive me to the hospital for no reason... But, if you're just going to insult me, then you might as well not comment.)

Thanks alot for anyone who helps.

Thanks everyone who helped. It made me feel alot better that everyone was nice and stuff. Im really thankful.
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Tongue piercing. omg. :)

So, I'm considering, among other things, getting my tongue pierced this Christmas. I've been asking around, and so far the impression I'm getting is that the piercing itself doesn't hurt much, but that the healing part is just miserable. One girl said she couldn't even drink anything (water even) because it hurt too much.

I work in retail, and while my company allows such things as tongue piercings, I don't want to get it done if the healing part (3 days?) is bad enough to cause me to miss work.

And so I'm asking all of you... For those of you that have had your tongue pierced, what was your experience? Pain level? Healing time?
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Adobe Premiere Pro AVI Encoding

This is probably a long shot, but does anyone here create videos in Adobe Premiere Pro? I've got the majority of a video put together at this point, but to save my life cannot figure out how to encode it to get anything near acceptable quality at a reasonable size (4.5GB for a 1m 8s video is not reasonable, last I checked). I'd like to encode it similarly to the way hour episodes of TV are encoded into AVI at ~350MB for 42-43 minutes of video, but at this point, I'd settle for anything under 150MB for 3m 38s. I've been banging my head against the wall on this for a good six hours now, and have no idea where to turn. I'd imagine people who do AMVs would know, but ... well, I've also got no idea where they might be hiding. =)
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Tree me!

We are supposed to get a Christmas tree today.
My husband demands that we get a live one.
Ok fine, but last year that bad boy dried out in an hour, wouldn't drink any water despite the fresh cut...and we had a fire hazzard that didn't give off that fresh tree smell through New Year's.
I want to buy a fake tree at one of those after Christmas sales.

Are you for or against the use of fake Christmas trees?
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1. Inspired by the favorite tea post: What tea is your least favorite? Any that you would recommend a newcomer to trying teas steer clear of?

2. What do you think about:
a) french manicures?
b) french pedicures?

3. Hypothetical question: How would you feel about a law being passed that states everyone must work in retail at least once in their lifetime so they can understand how it is to be in that position and not become entitlement whores? How well do you think this would work? And if you agree with it, how long do you think the requirement should be for?

4. Do any of you hate when you go to a clothing shop and they have a section with tops that are neatly folded and placed on top of one another? I feel bad about "undoing" the folding to see the rest of the top to determine if I want it/size/etc, because if I wind up putting it back I can never get it folded as nice as the others. What do you do? Do you bother folding it again? I know a lot of people don't, that's why there's often a mess in those areas, so I try to do it the best I can, even though the workers still probably have to redo it. :(
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Would it be rude to drag my knitting to church with me? I can knit and listen to what someone's saying, but a lot of non-knitters don't seem to get that.

EDIT: To clarify, I have obsessive skin picking, and if I'm not doing something with my hands I'm picking at my cuticles and bleeding all over the place.

No, knitting is not like playing video games. Knitting becomes second nature and you don't even have to think about it. I knit and listen to the TV all the time and can follow along just fine with what's going on.

To be honest, I'm not going to church because I want to be with God or anything. I'm Taoist. I'm going because it's a chance to see my pregnant cousin and let her know I want to be with her.
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What are some decent, not-terribly-physical careers for people that hate office work? I can't stand sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day with no human contact and an unchanging environment. But all the non-office jobs I know of either pay close to minimum wage (nothing wrong with that, but I need something I can afford to live off of) or require years of expensive specialized training.

Any ideas?
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another eyecon

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1. Do you store your glasses upside down or right side up in the cupboard? Why?
1b. Cupboard or cabinet?

2. What order do you do things in while you shower? Feel free to leave out wanking. :-P

3. Do you most of your gift shopping in real stores or online, or a combination? [Sorry if this one's been asked recently, but I don't think I've seen it.]

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gregory peck smart is sexy

Have you ever. . .

1. Have you ever had a dream about TQC?
2. Have you ever had a sex dream? How did you deal with the aftermath (you know, looking the person in the eye and such)?
3. Have you ever had a major surgery? If so, what?
4. Have you ever been to Eastern Europe?
5. Have you ever been on Jeopardy!?
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Can someone tell me how cell phones work? What I specifically mean is.....

Does any phone work with any provider? Like can you just buy a phone and then decide which provider you want and tell them you want it to go to your phone? Like how do they know to send your service to YOUR phone? How do you switch services but keep your phone? How does buying phones on E Bay work? I mean if a phone already had a phone number, how do you get it to a new service and new phone number?
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Okay, here's my situation:
My bosses got me a gift for Christmas that wasn't exactly what I wanted, but they gave us gift receipts, so we could return/exchange if there was a problem with any of it. Right, so we got our gifts last night at the Holiday party, and today I went to return it for cash so I could go to a store that definitely has what I want and have the whole process done with. (BTW I was told by someone working at the store where the gift was bought that I would get cash with a gift receipt within 90 days.) Instead, I was given a gift card to the store and sent on my not-so-merry way. I'm fuming, actually, b/c the gift do actually want isn't in stock now and sells out VERY quickily when they do get they're very small shipments in. So, now I have a gift card to a store that I have a very slim chance at getting the gift I want. I could shop online, but it's not in stock there and it says that the item is "arriving in 2-6 weeks." I don't want to pay shipping and I sure as hell don't want to wait 2-6 weeks for it, I've been waiting long enough, thanks.

So, do I have any options? My friend is thinking about buying the gift card from me, but he's not sure yet and I'm pretty open to ideas at this point. I just want the money so I can go get the gift I was originally supposed to get in the first place.
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some that I've been thinking of today:

1. In the past week, I've seen 2 cars with UK plates. How does that work? Do you have to register the car here or can you just drive it??

2. The only reason I don't wear my hair down very much is because it gets so static-y/ fly away in the winter. Any suggestions for what to use for that?

3. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? (flight, invisibility, lightning bolts out of your fingertips, etc.) I say the power to stop time would be the coolest.
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Hypothetical situation,
SHORT RUN -- Katie is eating less than 300 calories a day. She's lost 20lbs and she's continuing on doing the 300cals/day. On any given day, Katie went out with her friends and ate a salad, that obviously was a lot of calories for one day. She didn't purge or whatever, and now she's going to remain at the 300cals/day schedule. Will she automatically gain weight from that salad? THIS WAS JUST A ONE TIME THING!!

LONG RUN -- Katie has been on this 300cal/day diet for a long ass time. She has managed to lose 20 MORE lbs (40 in total) and is at a stable weight of 100. Now, if she switches back to normal food, will she gain weight? Again, she isn't purposely overstuffing herself. Will her stomach have "shrunk" into only accepting a specific LITTLE amount of food so that Katie can eat SOME normal HEALTHY food like a small bowl of pasta and be full?

Does dieting work like this at all?
Or does one have to stick w/ the 300cal/day thing for the rest of her life in order to like maintain the weight she wanted to be at?
Like is this method ...
1.) You need to do this for life.
2.) But, you'll still be really skinny.


1.) You do this until you're at your desired weight.
2.) And then you can switch back to eating HEATLHY and like a sandwich without gaining all the weight you lost.

BTW, I'm more interested in the LONG RUN question.
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Suppose there is a person that has no intention of ever converting to Christianity. They left long ago for various reasons and are happy with what they have now. But they enjoy going to a Christian church every once in a while from a combination of sentimental value ('awwwe, this is how I spent my childhood') and to hear other points of view.

Is this wrong of them?
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computer POWAH

How can I tell if the power supply unit in my computer is dying?

I think it is dying, because the hard drive shuts down for no apparent reason if I am running a lot, but not overheating at all.

dance dance revolution

Which Dance Dance Revolution game would you suggest for Xbox?

DDR Ultramix
DDR Ultramix 2
DRR Ultramix 3


Is it worth the money to get the name brand dance mats, or do knockoffs work just as well? Do you have a brand to suggest?

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Do you think the American drinking age should be raised, lowered, or kept the same? Why?


Does anyone think it should be kept the same or raised?
I personally agree that it should be lowered, but I have to debate that it should not be lowered and I wanted to see if anyone had any good arguments that I may have missed, besides drinking and driving statistics.

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aight, two questions. (that may be against the rules, but it's probably better than putting 2 posts right next to eachother.

1. what is that techno song that's like "from *somewhere* to *somewhere*"? i also heard it was called "the ballad of axl rose"? i really need a copy of this song. what should i search for.

2 do you know how to set up a streaming 24/7 webcam? how do i go about doing that? any thing for free?

this is my first post here, so thanks in advance.
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For girls -
Where do you like to buy your lingerie?
What's your favorite/sexiest piece of lingerie that you own? Why?
What's your favorite/sexiest piece of non-lingerie clothing/outfit that you own? Why?

patience is a virtue

i try to listen to the words that come out of my mouth...well, not only the words - but the tone in which they are said...
i hate cooking in the kitchen with my mom...she is all of 79 and i know thinks i cannot cook "the right way", which means - her way...
i am making spanish rice w/chicken & beans...for reasons that are buried deep within - i get completely bent with her suggestions, her taking over, her slights, her little advice...
i have tried time and again - and am still trying because she is my mother and i would walk the ends of the earth for her...i am working on this...i get easily frustrated...
is it an ego thing? is it a child/parent thing?
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Star Wars for Germans

Did the German's get fucked over by Star Wars? I know that Darth Vader = Dark Father in German. Did they change it to something else?

ETA - I was lied to. That isn't how you say it in German. I feel better and worse at the same time.
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I'm very nearsighted with a slight (and uncorrected because it's so slight) astigmatism. Ever since I got glasses about eight years ago, I've worn them for everything, even though I didn't really need them for reading. I just realized that when I'm reading the computer screen, I'm looking over my glasses. I can read up close perfectly well without them and it seems like the correction of glasses makes things harder to read.

So is it okay to study and read without my glasses, or would I be screwing up some kind of routine that my eyes have gotten into by doing that?

Anybody else with similar situations? (This doesn't happen when I wear my contacts, btw.)
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I know for sure it's been asked here if you shave or not (mostly for girls) but I don't know if this has been asked.

1) For girls (or guys too, I suppose): Do you feel (or have you ever felt) that you HAVE to shave (legs, whatever)?

2) Who or what makes you feel that way? Was it something a specific person says or just an overall feeling that you get that it's not right to NOT shave?

3) Lastly, if you shave or wax your uhh genital area, how old were you the first time you decided to do it? Did you do it before you were aware of the fact that there are other people doing it?
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i'm completely taken by the genre of "ghetto films". i've already seen "menace II society" and "boyz n the hood", and i want some more titles. are these about as good as they get, or are there other good ones? any suggestions?

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most totally random present you've ever gotten?

"Happy finals week, have some stress relief." And he gave me a square foot of bubble paper.

there are bubbles popping up and down the hallway.

Isn't bubble wrap the best part of a package? I still squeal with delight when I get something in bubble wrap. and I don't share.

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I'm planning on starting college in either the summer or fall. I have a disability and am on SSI so that complicates things.

I'm trying to figure out what needs to be done so the federal grants don't count against my benefits. Is this something an adviser would help with or should I contact the special needs office first? Will a college adviser talk to me before I even apply? Although unlikely, have any of you done this before? I can't afford to have my benefits screwed up so I'm a little worried about all of it.

(no subject)

I've got a formal party to go to for my company. Its a formal occasion, suggestion is tux's and gowns. I'm having a hard time finding something that doesn't make me feel like an over decorated pastry.

Any good websites or Philadelphia based shops to find a gothic or alternative inspired formal gown?

I'm looking for something thats less RenFair, more Lip Service.
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(no subject)

Can anybody give me a link to an online store that sells Japanese stuff? Clothes, food, cute little doo-dads... In particular, I'm looking for a site where I can buy a nice kimono for a more or less nice price.

(no subject)

Why do people who like jazz like it?

I mean, you have those emo kids who listen to Bright Eyes or The Juliana Theory, the preppy sort of peeps listening to pop like Mariah Carey, rockers who listen to Metallica... I'm being very general with the bands/singers here. I know most of you can relate to how when you ask someone what sort of music they listen to, what you really want to know is what their taste says about themselves. For example, I perceive people who listen to pop bands as a bit naive and idealistic. They're easy going for the most part, most of the time being young girls.

So, what do people who enjoy jazz look for in it, and what, broadly speaking, could it possibly say about their personality?
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awkward situations.

1. ok. Say you're with two other people who only barely know each other and one of them was giong to help you with somethiing or do you a favor or whatever... then sometime during the conversation, they PASS that duty onto the other unsuspecting friend by perkily saying "Oh, well then he can do that for you so I don't have to!"

I have a friend who does this ALL THE TIME and I think she thinks she's being "playful" but it makes EVERYBODY feel uncomfortable because then the second friend feels obligated to take on that task that they didn't even know existed, and I don't know what to SAY, because I'd feel rude if I said "No he can't, you said you'd do it" or whatever.

I've tried to talk to her in private, explaining that it's rude to volunteer other people for things but it's gone in one ear and out the other.

I just don't know what to say while I'm IN that situation.

Any suggestions?

2. OH relatedly, my mom has this habit of thinking she has the right to invite anybody to anything, even if it's not her function. If I ever mention any plans I have in front of another friend, my mom thinks it's rude to not invite them so she just blurts out a verbal invitation even though I didn't want them there to begin with. (not because I don't like these people, but because I just don't want to take my grandparents to a dance club for example). And then the person feels awkward because they know that got an insincere invitation, and I feel awkward because I have to either un-invite them OR deal with the awkwardness of them tagging along...

Again, I've talked to her in provate and told her that I don't appreciate her doing that but she just says it's rude to talk about an even without inviting them.

Any suggestions what I can say IN that situation, because there is apparently no way to avoid the situation itsels?

3. Do you ever get put in awkward situations like this? What kind of situation?
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We were watching the final episode tonight, and since football ran over, everything else was running late as well. The start time was supposed to be 7, and turned out to be more like 7:30ish.

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(no subject)

Has anyone here ever ordered anything from I bought a book from them through on November 22nd, and I haven't gotten it yet even though it was supposed to get here around December 2nd. Now they're saying it could take as long as 21 business days to get through the regular mail. Nothing takes 21 days to get through the regular mail! It's not the pony express!

so my questions are: has anyone heard of this company, and have you ordered from them? If so, was the service satisfactory? Thanks!

(no subject)

1. In your opinion, where (online) is a good place to buy clothes? Other than "" or other stores. I like unique stuff, so if you have any sites you like, reccommend :)

2. What kind of car was your first ever car?

3. How many balloons would it take to be carried away by them? Like, helium/1lb or something lol Idk?

(no subject)

What is the song in that Comcast commercial with the guy singing and playing the air drums? It shows him, then it says "Ruin your reputation 4 times faster." I tried to Google the lyrics, but the clip is so short.

Anyway, thanks if you can help.

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I'm in a class called Gifted Studies. Basically, every 9 weeks we pick a project to work on for that 9 week period and then present our projects. Projects can be pretty much anything from a research project to hands-on crafty types. First 9 weeks I made a music video, this 9 weeks I made a costume.

Do any of you have any recommendations for a project I could do this coming up 9 week period?
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minnie and zeus

Time capsule

If you could put no more than 10 things into a time capsule that would be opened in 100 years, what would you want the future generations to know...

1.  about 2005?

2.  about your life so far?
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This is a stretch... but...

Does anyone know those car commericials, they're usually kind of sappy and they're on around the holiday season (now) and there's always the (pretty nice) car being given to someone with a big red bow on it? I'm not sure what car company it is.

I love the song they have in the background. It's usually on piano but I've heard it done by other instruments like strings... It could be considered "Classical," although it isn't, really.. Does anyone know the name of it? I've heard it played other places so I'm fairly sure it wasn't just written for the car company but I may be wrong.

Like I said, this is a long shot.. I wish I could describe it better.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know how I can check the time and date a site was visited on Mozilla Firefox? I know in Internet Explorer you can right click and click on properties. Can I do that in MoFi? Thanks.

(no subject)

There's a shop in downtown Melbourne (five minute tram ride from home) which is fairly expensive... sells good brands and has lots of really nice clothes and shoes. I never buy anything there because I'm a student (read: poor).

Tomorrow they are having a sale. If you come in to the shop in your underwear, you get 50% off an item. They sell Lacoste shoes, which both my sister (14 years old) and I have been dying for but know that we can never afford. It's nearly Christmas, and I'd love to buy her a pair. $200 I can't do. $100... I probably can. Especially if my brothers want to chip in too. I can't imagine how excited she'd be.

I'm too scared though. I'm self conscious, even though I know deep down that my body is fine, really. I still don't like the idea of people seeing it. I can't imagine myself walking into a store in my underwear (bra AND panties, for girls, in case anyone is confused). But then again, if everyone else there is doing it, maybe it would be easier. I don't know.

Should I go for it?
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(no subject)

Dear thequestionclub,

If you have problems with other members of the community, please feel free to e-mail the moderators. We all have paid accounts, so it's not terribly difficult to figure out how to contact us.

Please avoid posting "meta-posts" that call attention to flame-wars or "rule-breaking" by other users. It doesn't accomplish anything, other than annoying other members and causing drama.


What were your favorite books when you were a kid?
minnie and zeus

The future

Inspired by a comment in my last post, what do you think the world will be like 100 years from now?

Think about food, clothing styles, politics, economy/prices, transportation, communication, population size, wars, social issues, etc.  Will it be pretty much the same, or will it be all Jetsons-like?  :P
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