December 10th, 2005


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I've only posted a few times...but, when hell broke out in the bathroom a minute ago about my hair....

my friend says "What color canceles out gray?....I dont know"

Me: "I'll find out...LJ, madradhair"

I need help....We've colored my hair...and i had been growing it out for months, months, months, to try and match up my natural color...well...we pretty much did, BUT, and a HUGE BUT!....I had so many colors in my hair already...that pieces are gray...I dont want to dye the whole thing darker...becuase then we will be right back where i started...just dying over dye...color over color,...and i really just want to grow it out and let it be healthy....please help....what color with cancel out the gray/silver color?????

Friend: "well, silver doesnt sound as bad"...


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Have you ever duct taped someone to a wall? How long did they stay up for?

Do you know what a Chinook wind is without looking it up?

How many origami figures can you make without needing a reference?

Are you able to balance a salt shaker on one of its vertices using salt?

Do you prefer numbered multiple question posts? I suppose I don't need to ask if you number it yourself if you do.

Do you not look like your ethnic background(s)? If so, what are they and what do you think you look like? Has this caused you grief? In what way(s)?
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Sorry if this is an odd question, but I worried.

I am going to make christmas cookies, and many of the recipes call for a hand mixer, while I realize that would be the best tool for the job (not to mention easier) I was wondering if I could just skip it, and use good old fashioned hand power. I suppose I can, but I just want to reasure myself.

If not anyone in the Chicago land willing to lend me their hand mixer? heh

Now for a non-cookie related question.

Are there any characters in the shows you watch, that you always wondered/wanted to cross over to the other shows you watch?

For instance I would really like to see a cross over between Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: CI.
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How is the name Brighid pronounced? It's an old Irish name. It's also my name, I've been pronouncing it as Bridge-ed or sometimes Bridget depending on how quickly I'm speaking. I have heard the correct pronounciation before but have forgotten it, and google didn't help me terribly well.

Chemistry help..

I know these are the basics of Chemistry, but I need to check my answers. I will be doing my second year of highschool Chemistry next year, and Im stressing. I really do not like Chemistry, any suggestions to make it more fun? hehe, thats a joke! :P I also find it very hard, so please excuse me, as I think it's kind of embarrassing..

Can anyone explain how to draw a mass spectrum graph, when I am using abundances of 4.000%, 95.00% and 1.000%.

How do I work out=

Q1. The RAM of lithium is 6.94 AMU. The atomic masses of the two lithium isotopes are 6.00 and 7.00. Calculate the percentage abundance of each of the isotopes.

Q2. Gallium has a relative atomic mass of 62.72 AMU.
One of the isotopes has a relative abundance of 64.00% and a mass of 69.00.
What is the mas of the other isotope?

I need to check my answers for these Empirical Formulas.


21.9 78.1

32 19
= 0.68/0.68 =4.11/0.68
= 1 =6.04

2 12



37.5/12 12.5/1 50.0/16
=3.125/3.125 =12.5/3.125 3.125/3.125
= 1 =4 =1
=2 =8 =2

Sorry if none of this makes sense, it's 2 AM. AHH!! Chem drives me nuts.

Cliche Songs

I want a list of the most overly used, most cliche, over quoted, emo/pop-punk songs. I want to make a mix CD. So what songs can you not go anywhere online without seeing a quote from it?


Taking Back Sunday, "You're So Last Summer" ("And with my one last gasping breathe I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt.")
Bright Eyes, "A Lover I Don't Have to Love" ("Where's the kid with the chemicals?")
Straylight Run, "Existentialism on Prom Night" ("You would kill for this, just a little bit.")
Fall Out Boy, Grenade Jumper ("Living Like life's going out of style")

You know really cliche songs. You know what I'm talking about.

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Anyone who uses myspace...
Is it not letting you log on?
For some reason it's saying "Request Forbidden" when I just try to go to, and I'm not automatically logged in, so it's obvious that I'm not "banned", or something like that.

Is it not working for anyone else?
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A local radio station was asking women yesterday whether or not they would want lingerie for Christmas, or if that's just a male's popular opinion. I had to go in to work, so I didn't hear many callers. So ladies, is lingerie on your Christmas list?
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Do you ever wear pajamas to go to work or school? Do you shower and put clean ones on or do you just roll out of bed?

How early or late do you usually arrive at work or school? How early do you think is ideal?

Is today a workday for you?

What about tomorrow?

Are you caffeinated today?

Don't you just love Clay Aiken? C'mon, you know he's the coolest thing since sliced bread.
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UK Mobile phones question.

Since Tesco mobile use O2 as a carrier does this mean that a Tesco SIM will work in an O2 simlocked phone?

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I'm looking for a really good computer game to buy that will be interesting and keep my attention for awhile. I was looking into getting Sims2, what do you think of that game? Any other really good games out there?
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ipod nano help

Hey hi.

I'm have a bit of trouble with my new IPOD Nano.
Is there a way I can add songs onto the ipod, without using ITunes?
Because when I delete the songs from my computer (so it doesn't waste space on my comp) it deletes the songs from my ipod. How can I prevent this?

Thanks a lot in advance..
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Study Abroad

Is anyone here from Holland? I'm interested in studying human sexuality and psychology at the University of Amsterdam for a year. Any information you have, stories, experiences, etc... would be very welcome!

That's my first choice, but a few other European countries have my interested- namely Germany or Denmark. Anything you want the say on the subject is cool with me.


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001. Does anyone have a good remedy for soar throats? I'm tried of tea and honey, and I'm going out with friends tonight and need to be happy and healthy.

002. If I got a friend something for Christmas, but then the friendship sort of goes wacky, do I still give it to her? If we aren't even speaking, emailing, etcetra, is it a waste otherwise?

003. Vanilla or chocolate?

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Has anybody had to tell your parents something very important that might upset them?

I'm atheist and democrat and I haven't told my dad or stepmom (who are catholic and republican). How should I go about telling them? I'm afraid my dad will flip out and be really mad at me.

Any advice would help.
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  1. Does your company have a Christmas party? (Holiday/"year end" party for those evil America-hating liberals.)
  2. Are Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco the same band?
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Sorry to ask a music/cd question but it's sort of urgent.

I'm making a CD for one of my good friends. She broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years about a month ago when she found out he was cheating on her, and she's been a really great listener to me this past week through my not really a crisis, but overblown in my mind boy issues. We decided that our song of hope was God bless the broken road by Rascal Flatts. The thing is, I've got room for about 4 more songs.
Here's what I've got so far:

Someone Like You - Van Morrison
My Girls Ex-Boyfriend - Relient K
God Bless the Broken Road - Rascal Flatts
All my Life - K-Ci and JoJo
Why don't you & I - Santana and Chad Kroeger
When I'm 64 - The Beatles
Let it All Out - Relient K
Save the Last Dance - Michael Bublé
Pretty Baby - Vanessa Carlton
Goodbye to you - Michelle Branch
Be my Escape - Relient K
If you Believe - Racheal Lampa
Making Memories of Us - Keith Urban
You're my Better Half - Keith Urban
You'll Think of Me - Keith Urban
Waiting on the Wonderful - Aaron Lines

So it's a pretty diverse mix: country, pop, oldies. Some cheesy, some funny, some touching.

What else would you add to this list? Think "I just broke up with my boyfriend so I want to be sad, but I'm also trying to be happy looking forward to meeting a better, greater guy". Any style is fine. I know she likes country though. THANKS!!

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So many people seem to live for tomorrow - it seems that so often they can't wait for a baby or a raise or better job or to finish school or to buy a house or to _______ and never enjoy what they have now (myself included).

So: what do you really LOVE about you/your life right now and will sorely miss if/when it's gone?

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Any picture I try to view on my computer (whether stored on my computer or online) appears with small white spots...sometimes many of these spots sort of "clumped" together in one spot. At first I thought it might have been Facebook acting sketchy, but it's happening in my own photos too.

What could be the problem? How might I fix this?

Nomen Canis

What would you name a female dog?

I think we're going to be getting a lab puppy. We're thinking we don't want to use a common people name. We did that before, and it was sometimes awkward.
Quinn Twin

Figuring Out Stuff at Home

Ok, so someone told me before I shell out for WW, I should just try to count calories and stay below 1200. Tedious, but possible the same effect as figuring out points and such. But here's my question - how can I figure out things I make on my own? For example, my sweet tea (that I am trying very hard to cut back on) - I use 6 tea bags, 1 1/3 Cup of sugar and add enough water to make a gallon. This is probably really simple and stupid for the rest of you, but I am terrible at math. So much so that when I try to logically figure out how many calories would be in an 8 oz serving of my tea, I get lost and frustrated before I even get half way done with it all. So can someone tell me how to equate stuff at home? Thanks in advance!!!

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i have an english presentation to give tommorow, and i need help.
i need to find a poem that illustrates the theme of The Lord of the Flies.
the theme i'm using is civilization vs. savagery.
any suggestions?
thanks so much. i'm really not asking you to do my homework for me, it's just a difficult thing to search for.
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How much does it cost to emigrate? I know this is a pretty random question with a million possible answers but I am thinking about an elderly lady, living in Canada with a lot of bad health, coming back home to Scotland. I doubt she would be bringing home any furniture and she will stay with her sister. I need some help here. PLEASE! i want to try and raise the money to bring her home (she's my aunt) and i dont have a clue where to start. I don't know anything about this.

even if you could direct me in the way of some website or something where i could get some information? Much appreciated! XX

"Just because you weild an ancient boundless power doesn't mean you have to be such a jerk!"

Is limitless the same thing as unlimited?

Would nail polish react to rubber, or the other way around?

What does "mutually exclusive" actually mean, if anything? Does anyone even really know?

Did you know that C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien were friends, and that Tolkien--although Christian--didn't like the The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, because it was an allegory? Did you know that Tolkien was Christian? Should that last sentence have been: "Did you know that Tolkien was a Christian?"?

(Fun fact: Lewis was an atheist for most of his younger years, and went into Christianity "kicking and screaming" after multiple conversations with friends at Oxford--including Tolkien.)

What's a preposition, in relation to sentences?

Under the umbrella of Christianity.

I realize in advance this may be hard to answer, but in a few sentences a peace, can you sum up the differences in,


Or any other religion that may be under the Christian umbrella. (I apologize in advance if one of those is not under the umbrella, I am trying to broaden my awareness.)

I want to get a better understanding when trying to tell them apart, and I want to give each one the individuality they deserve.

So keeping to the basics, can you give me a few sentence description of what makes each religion different?
Like, this one believes in Purgatory, while this one believes in Heaven... etc....

Thank you.
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I just have 2 random questions about you and your SO :)

1. Which of you is better at remembering things? Like your anniversary and so forth.. whatever other things are important to you guys.

2. Do you know each other's sizes?

Edit: I just remembered something else

3. Have you met any Mormon missionaries? (or any other kind I suppose, we have a lot of Mormon missionaries where I live)
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So, A friend of mine were watching a porn sim, and she was surprised at the difference between the model's head-hair colour and her pubic-hair colour. blah blah blah, discussion, apparently this friend shaves because she's going grey in her girlyfur.

Is that normal, she enquires? To go grey at different rates for different places(she's also going grey up top, but not nearly as fast)?

She's 21, and she estimates she'll have salt/pepper kinda fuzz to shave by the time she's 30.

fast food

we had jack-in-the-box for lunch...tried macdonald's, but their atm was, which do you prefer and what do you like to eat their:
1) macdonald's
2) jack-in-the-box
3)burger king
4) wendy's
she blinded me with science!

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For non-virgins:

1. What's the least number of times you've had sex with one of your partners?

2. What's the greatest age difference between you and one of your partners?

2a. Were they older or younger?

2b. Are you male or female?

And for everyone:

3. When you're walking down the sidewalk and someone has their drapes open, do you find it really hard not to look in their house as you're walking by?

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Me--State Fair

football questions...

What division was the team at the college you went to, if you went to college? (and if they had a football team!)

I go to UNI and we are 1-AA, and I think it makes for pretty exciting football, because it seems like 1-A can be really overblown sometimes. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy it, but I think it's great to see all levels of play.

Did your school team ever make the playoffs?

We won our first semifinal in school history last night, in our sixth appearance, and we go to the championships next Friday night. I am wicked excited, I board op for the sports network, and it is going to be a fun game.

Were you at all surprised that Reggie Bush won the Heisman?

I had no idea what was going on with that, but everyone I talked to wasn't a but surprised.

Do you think the Colts will go undefeated this season?

I think they have a good chance to, but I just don't know if they can pull it off or not. I need to see a couple more weeks, personally.
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