December 9th, 2005

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I'm trying to find a Realist painting for my english class. It was a painting of a group of lower class citizens going off to work in a cramped train car in the early morning. In the foreground was a younger woman with a baby sitting next to an older woman (presumably her mother) and next to her was a small boy, presumably the son of the younger woman. it was a murky brownish colored sort of painting.

any ideas as to what it is? I left my notes at school and I'm assuming I'm having a snow day tomorrow, so I can't get them. If you don't know what it is, is there, like, some super useful art history search engine I could use?


1) What the hell is with the Gorillaz, how come theyre always animated? Have they ever performed live in person?? Does anyone have pictures of them? so

2) Does anyone hate that Nickelback song "photograph" as much as i do??
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Dilemma time.

I have one last test on one of my classes on Wednesday morning at 9am. However, I also have class for work three towns over that begins at 8am, and they lock you out if you're late, no exceptions. I have to take this class for work because once I complete it (it's a 3-day class), I get a raise. With that raise, I'm going to pay for tuition for next semester. However, missing the test would make me feel horrible and regretful for god knows how long.

My question is this: What would you do? The class for work is once every six months, and I can't wait that long for my raise, as I need to pay for my classes NEXT WEEK. Even if I could get on a payment plan, I can't be paying for classes after they end. However, I don't want a bad grade, as I get an insurance discount for being a good student.

My professor has no other classes that I could sit in on and take the test in, and she also lives about 45 minutes away and I don't want to incovienence her by asking her to drive out solely for me. I'd even go visit her if that's what it would take...but she's in the process of moving. Hell, I don't even know if she's WRITTEN the test yet! I'm only free until Monday afternoon...after that I have to work and then I have the class beginning Tuesday morning.

Good GOD, what can I do?!

On another not-so-traumatic note, here's a weird one for you:

The inside of my nostril's all dry and hard and ridgy to the touch and hurts when my nose moves. How do I fix this? It's only on one side...

[edit]: Oh, I just thought of something else I was wondering. Do you need any special schooling or anything to become a photo tech. at like, Walgreens or something? It seems like something I'd want to do.

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How do you like your lasagna?

I like my mom's lasagna. It's layers of cheddar cheese, tomato sauce, noodles, ground beef, and on top there are squares of american cheese that get all toasty as it bakes. How about you?
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Do you guys prefer creamy... or- OR, do you prefer chunky peanut butter? I personally don't really understand why creamy peanut butter exists at all.
Is it for people who don't have teeth? It's probably for people who don't have teeth.

So what's your preference?

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What is Bill Nye the Science Guy up to these days?

I probably could have Googled this, but I want to see everyone reminisce about Bill Nye.

Did you ever watch this show outside of science class?

I came home every day from school and watched it on PBS.

Do you know what album is in my icon?

Random List

1) Have you ever been / thought about being violent?  Why?  Did you follow through?

2) At what age did you take your first airplane trip?  Where did you go?

3) What is your favorite type of cookie?

4) Are you jealous of your friends?  Why?

5) Recommendations for good mailing lists?  Tell us how/where to sign up.

6) Film camera or digital?

Radical Edward, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

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When you hear "hardcore" in reference to music, what genre do you think of first? Rap? Metal? Punk? Something else? (Evangelical Country/Western with an overwight guy in too many gold chains doing beatbox along with a skinny blonde southern girl on vocals, but with Slash as a guest guitarist? Yes, I'm just being weird now because I'm too tired.)
alex christmas

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1. the delivery place that i work at is open 24/7 for finals week right now. it's 6:15AM and i'm starving. there is no other way for me to get food.

but it's snowing really hard.

should i call for delivery anyway? i'm willing to tip close to 100% but i know they'll get mad at me because i know what a hassle it is to deliver in weather like this.

edit: i called and got pretty lucky because i wasn't recognized. the driver'll notice me, but i was more concerned about the manager on the phone. thanks for the input.

2. what's the longest amount of time you've had your fly down without your knowledge?

3. if you wear both glasses and contact lenses, do you find you see more clearly with one and not the other?

4. what's your favorite kind of poptart? have you tried the weird new flavors like hot fudge sundae?
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Please work we are having a decorating door contest for the Holidays, anyone have any ideas? something related to the season, it's an office environment, we've already made snowflakes to cover our windows... help! we've got access to glitter, post-its, colored paper, multi-colored pipe cleaners, etc. thanks! we'd like to make it hanging things down w/fishing line...
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Hi, I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday at 2pm, surgury ended at 3:30pm. I still can't feel my tongue and it's been 17 hours since I got out. I know this isn't normal, and before the procedure I had to sign a thing that said that using novacaine could cause permanent numbness. My swelling has also gone way up (which i think is normal?) but it feels like its all fluid. any tips??? i've been using the ice pack every 20 minutes like they told me to!


I have to make a sign for a couple of doors, asking that they use our center revolving door instead of the side swinging doors. I have this so far:

In order to reduce the building’s exposure to the elements,
we ask that you
use the revolving door,
unless in need of the handicap door

but it just doesn't seemed to be phrased right for a sign.

Any ideas for a way to phrase it better?
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presents and teeth

1. Has anyone been to a White Elephant party? (You bring something from your house wrapped as a present). What did you bring? How "nice" is the stuff people usually take? Do you just find someone random to trade with? If you don't like what you get, can you trade with someone else?

2. I'm trying to wear my retainer again after about 6 years... it hurts like a bitch. Any advice? Will it do something like make my teeth loose? It hurts enough that I'm concerned.

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What does a girlfriend get her sixteen year old boyfriend for christmas (not porn)?


okay, we've been together five months (broke up in between but got back together). I can spend like up to 60ish on him. I just want to get him something he'd like

meh, he's in athletics, he plays football and baseball and runs cross country. He's a texas a&m fan. He likes scary movies, he plays some video game, dunno what kinda music he likes really. Him and I spend a lot of time together, umm, he hunts (deer) and plays trumpet in band.
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Snow and Car.

1. Are you as scared of getting into a car accident in the snow as I am?
2. Is it snowing where you live?
3. Is it normal that my rear defrost kicks in after about 60 seconds of my car running (not driving) but my rfront defrost doesn't kick in until I've actually been DRIVING for about 60 seconds (even if the car has warmed up for like, 15 minutes)?
4. How long of a commute do you have to work if you actually drive and don't take public transportation?

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1. What can I do with an old keyboard? Any fun crafts?

2. Any ideas for a 16 year old coworker boy that I got for Secret Santa? Our limit is $10, but I have no ideas whatsoever. I don't know what kind of music or anything that he likes. I guess I just want something sort of generic and fun.

3. Is anyone else as frustrated as I am that classes got cancelled today? (For two inches of snow! Two!) I'm annoyed mostly because this is my last day before finals next Monday, and I wanted some last minute help.
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Is it better to watch the movie or read the book first?
How about when you have to write a compare/contrast essay for the book/movie?

I have to do this for Pride and Prejudice.. Not sure which I should do first.
cat tea

police records, court records

Is there something similar to this that doesn't apply strictly to sex offenders? I'd like to be able to find out about one person in particular - any court records, etc.

I always hear about people googling someone before they date them (I'm not looking to date this person) but that hasn't turned up anything valuable (and I've googled people who I know DO have records, and still nothing comes up).

Is this something I'd have to pay for to find out? Or go to the actual courts? Is it not public information?
dr who

school, nurses, scrapbooking, titanium

1. i finally decided what i want to go to school for. well, i have two things. should i become a phlebotomist or a pharmacy technician? if i take two extra courses, i can actually get both. would that be worth it?
2. i saw an 800 number posted at one point that you could call to speak to a nurse at any time. what is the number? is it free?
3. what are some things i can make a scrapbook out for? i am already doing one for my boyfriend and i while we're dating.
4. are titanium rings nice? i've never heard of such a thing, but saw a one i liked online and bought it 'cause it was within my price range. did i just buy some junk?
Moi 10/08

OTC Allergy Meds

What is the best OTC allergy med you have come across? I am going to visit my best friend who has 5 cats, for 4 days, and I am highly allergic to cats. I normally just bring some benadryl with me, but she has never had this many cats before and the benadryl makes me sleepy and wears off rather quickly. I'd prefer not to have to go to my doctor and get a prescription. Suggestions?

EDIT: I think I am going to try the Claritin, thanks everyone!
ET Fate
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1. Do you eat breakfast?
2. What do you normally eat for breakfast?
3. If you eat cereal, what kind of cereal do you eat?
3a. Do you add anything (fruits, nuts, etc) to your cereal?

Have you ever been cussed out by a member of a community? I mean, in a post (not in their head).
This made me mad. I'm sorry if I'm not supposed to put a link like that in here. If I'm not, please tell me.
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Gift Ideas

I have a niece who is going through some rough times right now. She's 13, and has an extra dose of teenage angst punctuated by some shitty skanky friends. When I was about that age, I read Reviving Ophelia, and it helped me realize I wasn't alone. I'd like to get her the book, and maybe something else on the along the same lines. Any ideas? Her Mom got her the Chicken Noodle Soup books, but frankly they're too "lame" for her.

Does anyone else have ideas for books that I might get her to help her through those craptacular early teen years?
abby genius

Application Closing Times, etc.

1. Say an employer is looking for a lot of people to do some temporary (3-6 months) work - 1000 people. The application is all online. It is not a high-skill position - that is, you don't need a university degree or much in the way of training in order to do it. Would the fact that the closing date for applications has been pushed forwards (that is, from November 23 to December 2 and then to December 12) be an indication that they haven't received nearly enough applications to fill the spots required, so odds are good to be getting an interview?

2. There is a special interest group, let's call them group A. The members of group A are also a part of wider interest (but still somewhat special interest) community B. Members of group A hold most of the leadership and authority positions in community B. Looking at this statistically, members of group A make up less than 1% of the general population, but they make up about a third of community B. Then a few months down the line, members of group A start complaining that community B does not represent their views/issues/concerns at all, and form splinter group C to address these concerns. Who is at fault that community B does not represent group A's views, when group A is in a leadership position?

3. Do you know how to make a braid (in hair, with string, whatever)? Everyone seems to be shocked that I am able to braid my own (hip-length) hair. I've always considered braids to be fairly simple, so I'm confused that a lot of people don't seem to be able to do them.
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1. Why is it that babies are expected to be chubby? Adults are teased for being fat, but babies are teased for being too "skinny" even if they're healthy. Why?
2. Are you the kind of person who gets bored/restless/other if you don't have something constructive to do? Are you a work-a-holic? Even when you're ill?
3. Tell me something you do that's rather OCD-like?
4. If you have winter break: What will you be doing with your vacation time?
5. Have you ever been to one of those live shows, like Oprah, Ellen or The Tonight Show?
6. What is something you're embarrassed to admit that you're sensitive about?
7. Does your family hug? Say "I love you"?

whats my average??

i am very dumb at math.
and i cannot figure out how to find out my average for a class.
if anybody is kind enough to tell me what it is, thank you very much.

my marks for the class are:
70% on something thats worth 20% overall.
90% on something worth 10%
70% on something wirth 25%
75% on something worth 15%
and 72% worth 30%

i know there's a simple way of doing it.
i just can't remember what it is.
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What's your favorite guilty pleasure movie(s)?

As in, maybe it's a movie geared for kids/preteens, or it's a chickflick when you normally don't ususally see them, or it's a really cheesy movie, or most people/reviews hated them, etc.
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honestly, does anyone here actually go to a person's profile before replying to their comment/post to see whether or not they still have posting access where you're replying?

that is probably the last thing on my mind when i comment somewhere. and if they get banned, i figure it's their own fault, not any of my responsibility to keep up on that and tend to their inability to continue a conversation due to misbehaviour.


don't you hate it when someone repeats what you say several times? i said - i have to take her to work at 6am...he said, "what? at 6am? did you say 6 am?" i replied - "did i stutter?"
man...then he said it again...
cartoon cat
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Brain Candy

Recently I watched "Brain Candy," a Kids in the Hall movie (I think). But the movie was incomplete and cut off some time before the end. How does it end? The last thing I remember is one of the ladies who took Gleemonex was reliving her happiest memory, which showed her younger self dancing in a 70's disco or something. Sorry I can't remember more details :/

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What's a good book that's just so engaging that I'll absolutely love it? With well-developed characters and a solid plot, the works. I'm looking for a good book to lose myself in this winter break.
Kyouya - Outside the Lines

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Many years ago, I had this program that would deliver mail. It'd have a pet of your choice (I specifically remember a rabbit), and you could play with them and whatnot. If a friend had it, when you sent email the pet would leave and go to their 'house' to play with their pet.

Does anyone else remember this? If you do, what WAS it?

EDIT: It was a really cutesy sort of game, and I remember just as I stopped playing it they had introduced a 'town' of sorts for your critters to play in. I had/have a slow connection, though, so I lost interest.

DOUBLE EDIT: Found out that it's called PostPet, and that as of 2002 they stopped allowing downloads of the English version. D: Oh well, at least it won't bug me now.
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Lately, my legs have been very uncomfortable. I call them "restless legs", if that makes any sense.

When it gets around my bed time, they start becoming very painful. I get fidgity, and I feel like I have to keep moving them. I try to rub them, but it doesn't feel like it's my muscles. It doesn't happen during the day, only about 2 hours before I go to bed, and while im in bed. It is causing me to stay awake for hours. I feel like I can't get any relief from the pain.

I can only think of a few reasons why it may be happening, but really I have no clue and I would love it if someone know's or has the same experience as me.

I am an insomniac, it happens in cycles, and my legs play up the most when Im not able to sleep.
I am very fit, I walk everyday, and I do an intense dance class once a week. But I don't think it is from it because I have been doing dancing and areobics for years. I don't get sore from my classes. But my legs hurt only say for a few weeks, then stops, then starts again!

I dont think Im growing anymore. Im 17, and did my growing when I was about 12, which is normal.

What is going on with me? Is there anything I can do to relieve my pain?
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Today my friend told me that her breasts say "Hello, we give good hugs. Come give me a hug."

So, what do you think your breasts say?
OR (for the males here)
If you had breasts, what would they say?

Personally I have no idea what my breasts say but I'm working on figuring it out.
gnome child

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For those with longer hair (or those who are fans of longer hair): How do you wear your hair? I'm stuck in the ponytail/bun rut. Also, I have no idea how to french braid my own hair, so anything too terribly fancy is out. :)
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What would you do?

Say you have been in a relationship for over 3 years. Planning on moving into an apartment together in January, etc. Pretty serious. In those 3 years your bf has called you nearly every name under the sun, bitch, asshole, jerk, whatever but he has never EVER called you a cunt because you absolutely detest that word and if he called you that it would totally violate a boundary.

Say this boyfriend called you a cunt today, because he was mad and then apologized because he didn't mean it. Then he got into a fight with you later that day and called you a cunt again.

Remember, he's never said it before today, but he said it once and APOLOGIZED and then did it again? Huge boundary for the girl as a word that shouldn't be used, is super hurtful, etc.

What would you do?

phantom fans:

I just watched the most recent incarnation of "The Phantom of The Opera" (with Emmy Rossum as Christine). Having no real prior knowledge of the storyline, I understood most of what went on, but I need to know: who was the man at the end of the movie that lay the rose on Christine's grave? He was also at the auction in the very beginning, and was wheelchair bound. My mom swears it was the phantom, but then why was his face not deformed? Was it Raul (sp???), Christine's suitor?

Thanks! I cannot fully abosorb and appreciate this tale if I am so in the dark about its ending!
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Sorry I keep posting polls, it's just so damn addicting. This one's actually for my friend's statistics project so you can't be too mad at me.

Current/former college students: What are your sleep habits?

Comments disabled here cause she wants everything all in one place. Thanks for understanding :)
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What is a GOOD starting salary for anyone getting right out of college? Undergrad.
$70,000? Okay, guess not.

This is a long story, but 2 companies I interned for want to hire me and pay me a competitive salary if I say "Screw College" and just go directly to work. Now, chances are that I'm probably going to just go to college. But, for some reason, the job/opportunity is amazing. BTW, I'm a senior in high school. I'm from NJ and I would be working in NYC.

Major = business/marketing
Company = nordstroms & another which I can't say bc I'm not legal yet.
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relationship question

i missed some really big presentations in my film class today.
the ones that mattered (people i want to be friends with) and the ones that would be just cool.
and i got up before this girl's presentation that i want to be friends with.
and i totally missed a good buddy's presentation.
i spent all the time trying to make my power point better.
i got there late and my presentation had some bugs in it, so when i got into class, i asked if i could fix the bugs and get it right.
well, i didn't get it fixed until too late(for some reason i figured they would let me do mine..been a while i guess since i did one of these)and no one got to see it atall.

now- i have the girl's number (we were part of the same lab group)but she liked me early in the semester and i kinda led her on b/c i wasn't sure how i felt. but towards the end, there was something nice being created.a nice good friendship. should i call her and try to create a friendship that way or wait for her to tell me it's ok to call? because chance are, i probably won't see her again. i did call her when she liked me, and said "i want to talk' and didn't b/c i figured she did too, she didnt.
very awrkward phone call.

my best buddy-he never answers his phone.
or rarely does. he seems very friendly toward me in class and we have hung out outside of class but i have seen him answer his phone in class before.

any ideas?
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is it better to have friends you enjoy or friends you love?
i mean, if you enjoy having them around but you don't feel equal, is that ok?
especially if youre choices are limited and the people you do want to be friends with are not entirely everything you need,but they have what you basically need?
veggie chaz

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I want to write on shower stick-ons, and I want the writing to last. They won't be stepped on -- they will be stuck onto walls. What should I use?

I've thought of fabric paint and permanent markers. Permanent markers are cheesy and fabric paint... is for fabric.

aaaaand go!
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If someone were to post in here asking "who do you think is the most annoying regular participant in this community," would you reply and name names and all that?

Note: I am not actually asking this question since it could be considered trolling. I was about to, though. Enjoy my lame excuse for a metaquestion instead. This is what happens when I'm bored. Here's a better, semi-related question:

If you were the moderator of this community, what would you change about any of the rules? Would you add any new rules or strike some that already exist? My answer: nothing, and I'd probably be really lazy about enforcing them anyway.

Need fashion advice

I know this isn't a fashion community, but considering the number of members here, I'm guessing some of you will have some fashion sense you can share :D

So, my question is: what colour / style of dress would go well with the shoes under the cut?

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By the way, I'm really paled skin, so I can't really pull off light colours.

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Alright I asked this a few pages back, but I really need to know by tomorrow and I have more stuff now:

What should I get my sixteen year old boyfriend for his birthday.

(he's in athletics, he plays football, baseball and crosscountry (running). He likes Texas A&M. He's in band and play the trumpet. We've been going out for three to four months. He likes scary movies and punk, rock and pop-ish music. He plays video games sometimes, but not too much. We spend lots of time together but mostly in school or going to eat somewhere, stuff like that.)

I'm crazy about him and want to get him the perfect gift, so to all of you out there. Can you think of anything?
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Prompted by ljsecret -

I see so many things on ljsecret saying 'This or that band saved my life'. I rarely recognize the band, but that's just because I am, actually, a hermit crab. But my question is: how does a band save someone's life? I'm not disparaging the sentiment, I'm just curious. Is it that you relate to the music? It came along at the right time? I guess I just don't get it.
If you have posted one of those or been in that situation - enlighten me?
Also: Have you ever been in a Christmas Pageant?
How important is musical taste to you in a friend? A boyfriend/girlfriend?
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What would you do in this situation.

I have a 25-30 page paper due on Monday. I have the vast majority of it to do still. I am also very tired right now.

Should I force myself to get some of it done before I get some sleep tonight, or should I try to take a nap and work on it after I sleep? (keeping in mind that I might sleep through until morning, since I have no one to wake me up)
grade 11 math teacher, Brucio


So, I made this teapot.

It's already teapot shaped and everything, but how should I decorate it? I haven't made the cups yet so those could be shaped as something different. I'm out of ideas.
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"Mean Girls"

We've all seen Mean Girls, right?
1. So, who is the hottest plastic?

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2. What is your favourite quote from the movie?

3. Did you like this movie, why or why not?

4. Who are the meanest girls you've ever met?

5. Who was your favourite character in the movie?
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How do you feel about the World Trade Center being airbrushed/digitally removed from photos and videos not related to the events on 9/11? I understood why they did it at first but I'm surprised that it's still being done four years later. I honestly don't see how the buildings are any less of a depressing reminder of what happened than all those "We will never forget" ribbons and the constant references to it on the news. I guess I'm just curious as to what other people think about it. There's probably a really good reason I haven't thought of.
Self cleaning

Fun with thesis statements

I'm sorry to post again so soon, but my brain doesn't seem to want to work for me tonight. I am writing a paper, and having trouble wording the thesis/purpose of the paper. The paper is on osteoporosis, how it affects younger women, and why it is important for younger women to be educated and concerned about osteoporosis.

The way I have it jotted down is:
Osteoporosis is a growing health concern for younger women. Addressing the risk factors and prevention of this potentially debilitating disease can lead to reduced prevalence in young women, as well as better health outcomes later in life.

Something about is just seems off to me. Anyone have any suggestions for improvement?

Thank you in advance to anyone who might be able to offer any suggestions.


Also, does this order make sense for the organization of the paper.
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Thanks again!