December 8th, 2005

Ahh! Babies!

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A guy murders someone really close to you brutally and horribly. It is a horrible traumatic incident that haunts you forever. Would you be angry and upset if the guy was sentenced to life imprisonment instead of being given the death penalty? Would you feel that justice had not been served? Why?

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In English, there’s the sort of nonsense phrase “blah blah blah,” used when you don’t really feel like going on about what you’ve just said. (“And he told me he didn't want to go and blah blah blah...”)

What’s the equivalent in other languages?
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can't sleep, clowns will eat me.

1. Which sitcom do you love to watch over and over no matter how many times you've seen each episode?

2. Which bodily function do you hate the most?

3. Do you buy name brand or store brand products mostly? If a mix, what things are you more willing to buy store brand and which things do you have to buy name brand?

4. What is your favorite condiment for tator tots?

5. What is your favorite mix for chocolate milk?

6. Do you like hot chocolate better make with milk or with water mixes? Do you like marshmallows in your hot cocoa?

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In the movie Chicago when they're singing The Cell Block Tango, would someone be able to translate the part the innocent girl sings? Also, is there a specific name of the jazz they sing in that movie? Danke.
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have you ever failed a college class more than once? more than twice? what were the circumstances surrounding this? was your family aware of your grades, and if so, how did you bring this up to them, and what did they say?

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Whenever my computer goes into "sleeping" mode, it signs me off of AIM, and then when I wake it up it automatically signs me back on. How can I make it stay on with an away message even after I close my laptop?
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Is there any verse in the Bible where Jesus says the death penalty or war is okay?

Do you think Christians who support the death penalty or war are hypocritical?
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Children's questions

My 8 year old daughter asked this morning, "What does it mean when you feel alone inside. Even when you're with other people". Is this something to be worried about, even at her age? How would you talk to her about it? She always has seemed more attuned to things but I was at a loss.
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What is the BEST handcream out there?

I work with kids, so I wash my hands 500 times a day, and my hards are looking rough! I'm looking for something that might stay on even after hand washing? Is that even possible?
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oh, man

i feel unwell. i think i have a fever. i also have a therapy appt. this afternoon. i don't think i'll make it. so, what're you like when you get the flu/a cold? fevers? body ache? what?
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Yesterday my boyfriend and I got a kitten and I'm supposed to be looking for name suggestions. We're geeks so anime/game/comic/movie/etc. related names are cool, other names are cool too but we're looking for something that isn't too human. (So no Heather Morris. *L*) Also our other cat is named Gambit so we're looking for something that isn't X-Men related... unless it's really good.

So far she's incredibly loving, loves to purr, she can be a little skittish and she has a feisty playful side too.

Suggestions so far
Kira (leonardo_mystic)

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minnie and zeus

parents and teens

How do you feel about parents who search through their teen's room?  Have you had it done to you and how did it make you feel (also, what did they find?)?    Would you do it as a parent and why? 

How do you feel about parents drug testing their teens?  Would you do that as a parent?

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Do universities care how many units, or classes you take at a community college each term? If you don't take a full load, and don't work will that affect whether or not they will accept you?
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i'm getting my husband a new newsboy cap for Christmas because the one his has now is looking rough. so before i buy i have to know...if a man has a head circumference of 23, what would his hat size be?

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What stupid things do people automatically say when they hear your name? You know, the thing that sounds really clever if it's the first time you've hear it, but gets really old when you hear it every time you introduce yourself? :-P

My name's Rose, and I always hear:

"A rose by any other name..."
"A rose is a rose is rose"

At work, whenever I take a message from someone with the last name "Robinson", I always start singing "Mrs. Robinson". Or when I processed a check from someone named "Anderson", I said "MR. ANDERSON" in my Agent Smith voice. I'm sure that gets really old to people with those last names :-P
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Search Engines

Does Google rock your socks?

Is it your search engine of choice? Why or why not, and if your answer is No, then which to you prefer and why?

Do you ever feel like smacking someone just for asking a question that could so easily be answered by means of a search engine? They're at a computer already! (This question/comment doesn't relate solely to this community.)
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1. Are you more critical of yourself or others?

2. I got a $50 American Express gift card from someone for Christmas. What should I use it on? I'm thinking a massage but I can't decide for sure. I'm not big on buying clothes. I'd rather buy an experience than something material. Any other ideas?
My Kansas icon.
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Any jews here? My father is jewish, and I have a few questions.

My father told me that if I wanted to get into contact with my 'roots', so to speak, he'd cook me gefilte fish. My mother was all 'don't let him! it's disgusting!'. So: what does gefilte taste like? Would you recommend that I try it? Or should I just by some Matzi or some Brisket (is that how you spell it?) and be content with that?
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Because the cooking members of the family are sick, all I've eaten over the past few days are eggs, jelly toast, and fries. How much longer can I do this and not suffer for it?

(Yes, I am lazy.)
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Is there a trick you can do to get a phone with a completely dead battery (that wont even start up when plugged into the wall) to start up long enough to make one quick phone call?
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Citation question:

I'm plugging away at my end of the term paper, and my google skills have failed me. I'm convinced that there is no standard citation for this type of document in chicago style.
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My questions:

1. Anything you think I need to add to the citation?
2. I'm currently using the date it was published online, should I be using the date it was first published?
3. How should I footnote it the next time I refer to it? I was thinking: "Sudan Reconstruction and Stabalization" P xx Sound good?

Thanks in advance. I hate figuring out citations and this proffesor can be pretty picky.

Personal or cheap?

As i have no money, I am making all my holiday gifts this year. Mostly bath stuff (body scrubs, lotions, lip balms, hand creams, etc..) for my close friends/family.

If someone were to give you something of a similar nature would you think it was a nice personal thoughtful (all of these ae going to be scented with the individual in mind and according to skin type (dry, oily, etc..)) type of gift, or, the type of gift a cheap type person would give out? Again, as i have no money, all labels will be handmade and only tags instead of cards are going to be used(except for my mum and dad).

I personally like gifts i know people put thought into but what do you think?

*Edit* General consensus states - personal is good. Which is good because that is what is going to happen :P

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how much do you generally spend on your significant other for christmas?

is that more related to how long you've been together or how much you can spend?

my answers: i spend about one hundred on my boyfriend each christmas. we've been together three years. this year i meant to spend less because i'm broke. but it didn't happen.
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Does anyone know how to get rid of the viruses TROJ/ADCLICK-AG and WORM/SDBOT.CTJ?
I tried googling it, with no help.
And I have PCcillin and AdAware, but PCcillin just tells me its there, and that it cant delete them, and AdAware does no good either.

Please help!
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I've never been one to pay much attention to facial skin care until now. I'm 25 and I am still not sure what "skin type" I have.

My face is pale white combined with red and blotchy areas, but they aren't zits. They're just red spots that get redder if I'm too cold or too hot. I have sunken-in eye syndrome with deep gray bags under my eyes all the time. The skin is always really dry and flaky on my cheeks, chin, and forehead. It's really oily on my nose.

I've tried using "combination skin" products and products for dry skin only, but they don't help much. The dry skin extra-moisturizing products cause pimples AND dry flakes later on. The combo skin products don't do anything for the dry skin and flaky areas although they work OK for the oily parts. My skin just starts flaking off again after a while too. I've tried peel off masks and exfoliating the flaky parts. I've tried leaving it alone and only washing with water and not putting on any kind of toner or moisturizer. Nothing seems to solve the problems... and it makes me look like a leper when I go out in public because my face looks like it belongs to an old lady and a zitty teenager at once.

So the question is what should I be using to a) even out the skin tone and get rid of the red blotchiness (it's not the same thing as rosacea) b) stop the dry flakes from appearing so often c) get rid of the eye bags?
Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
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International Baccalaureate

It seems we have a large number of people who went to or are in IB programs. Which school did you go to? Diploma or Certificate? When did you/will you graduate?

Me? Certificate in English, History and Biology, Minneapolis Southwest High School, class of 97.
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Since the day before yesterday, I keep getting emails from livejournal with comments to my posts... OLD posts, with no new comments. 25-30 emails and counting. Is this just happening to me?

EDIT: Now, you people say that it's because lj had problems last week. But I got all those comments last week too - so I have the same e-mails in my inbox, sent to me at the day they were posted and a newer one with no change. THIS is what I'm wondering about - why 2 times. It's not a big problem, I was just wondering. No need for you to get pissed.

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If you see a person with tatoos, or even just one tattoo, does that make them seem trashy in your mind?

What if it's something non-offensive and in a place that can be easily covered up?

edit: I should elaborate more.
I want a tattoo, but I still live at home. My dad has a major problem with me getting one because he thinks it is "trashy." When he was growing up, I guess that's the way that most people saw it, but that's not how things are anymore. I want to see how many people still think that way.
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Based on a true story!

Here's a moral dilemma that I was faced with a few years ago. I'm curious as to what others would have done in my situation:

You are going to a concert with your best friend and your significant other. You have also managed to get backstage passes. The catch- you could only get 2 passes, so only one person will be able to go backstage with you.
This is for a *major* band which both of them have been fans of for years.

What do you do, oh WHAT DO YOU DO??
Are there any special factors to consider, such as the length of dating time vs. friendship time?

Mold in the work place

If the building you are working in has a mold infestation (to the point where it is visble on the eye where it has spread to the outside of the ducts), what kind of recourse do the workers have as far as unsafe working conditions? (We're talking in Minnesota here, and a public university, and yes the workers are having adverse reactions to it.) A freind mentioned it and I was curious but wasn't having any luck with Google on the subject.
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Quick help please, I need to make a decision!

Are flights during the day, when it is light out any more safe than night flights, when it is dark out? I am trying to make a decision on whether to take a day flight or a night flight...and I am nervous as hell to fly in the first place. Help!

I am going to KY to visit my best friend. The return flight will be from KY to FL. If I take the day flight I have to leave at the ass crack of dawn, but fly during light hours and change planes in Cleveland. If I take the night flight I get a whole extra day with her, but fly in the dark and change planes in Detroit. What's safer?

Disclaimer: I know it's all chance and no one can say for sure that such and such will be safer...I am just looking for opinions and maybe if anyone knows any type of statistics or info on flying at night vs. flying in the morning. I'm paranoid, what can I say!

Thanks everyone, made my decision.
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So I just ran across a picture of my ex.. the one who left me for some woman he met in Mexico....

Should I burn it, rip it to shreds, or just throw it away?
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do you know anyone who sleeps with their eyes open?
my dog does it, always. she twitches when she dreams, too. it's quite, quite creepy. I can only imagine how creepy a person doing similar would be.
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Who stole my belly button?

1. I know that the urinary tract and the bladder are not the same body part, but are "UTI" and "bladder infection" used interchangeably?

2. Which was your favorite season of Friends and why?

3. If you had two friends who were dating, and the boy told you that he was going to propose to the girl, he showed you the ring, and you knew she'd hate it... would you tell him?

4. Did you cry today? If so, why?

5. Did you eat a sugary food today? Which?

6. Did you do something that made you feel stupid today? What?

x-mas gift idea for boy.

does anyone have any ideas for a christmas gift for a mildly metrosexual boyfriend (straight though), 25 years old, he likes very classic things (though I'm not sure what that is exactly - like a nice letter). He wanted a nice letter opener, but I havent found a nice one. I would like to spend under $30.
Any ideas?
Nora five months

Heating + pets

How warm do I need to keep my house for my indoor cats?

We're trying to avoid huge gas bills by keeping our heater off during the week.  We only turn it on during the weekend, when we're home a lot.  We work during the day; I'm comfortable at night once I get in bed and under the covers, but the just hanging around the house in the evening, it gets pretty chilly.  I'd estimate that our house stays about 20 degrees above the temperature outside.  Right now it's 37 outside and 57 inside of our house.  It's warmer during the day, so obviously the coolest times are evenings and early morning.

I always thought that cats could regulate their own temperatures pretty well, what with them having fur coats and all, but now that I think about it I'm worried about making them uncomfortable or sick.  I live in Atlanta, so it doesn't get much colder than it is right now for the most part.  Our last residence was an apartment with free steam heat, so we didn't have to deal with this issue.  Anyone have any experience with this?

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very random request

okay, well TQC is my last hope before i give up in my search. i am looking for an orange kids newsboy cap for my niece for christmas. i have googled/yahooed/ebayed/what have you-ed the hell out of it and i'm about to give up on it. so my question is... have you seen what i'm looking for? i know this is a long shot. thanks.
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joys of personal questions!

this is obviously for the girls

Has your aereolas/nipples taken over your boobs?
If so, do you feel less sexy because of it?

and if you guys want to answer
Do you find a woman less sexy if she has large aereolas/nipples?

My answer? Yes and Yes. Pregnancy has did an entire 360 on my aereolas/nipples. They are HUGE. I swear it's like they have ate my breasts.

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1. Is your work having a Christmas party? Are you going? Why or why not? Do you have a date?

2. Throughout your school career, have there been teachers who have been special to you? What made them special? Were they generally liked by other students? Do you keep in contact with any of your old teachers?

3. Who is the hardest person to buy presents for?

4. Do you set a limit on how much money you spend on Christmas? Is it set per person or is a lump sum you won't go over? Do you feel more special when you know someone spent more money on you?

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Inspired by the post about the restless legs...

Along the same lines, does anyone ever have pain in their legs, but not the muscles? When I have it, it almost seems like the bones are aching. For the lack of a better reason, I think the pain might be caused by running on concrete surfaces (I tend to jog down the streets), or at least that's what my couch suggested.
Usually it hurts from the knee down, and not the front of the legs, but to the side a bit. Ever experienced that? I would love to know the cause.

promise rings

So TQC, My boyfriend (of almost 3 years) is going to buy me a diamond ring for my birthday, next month. I dont want an engagement ring yet, so I asked for a promise ring. In this case "promise ring" means "pre-engagement ring". :) I picked out my fave ring Isnt it beautiful?! I am going to give him his ring that he picked out for our 3 year anniversary in July which is also the month of his bday, too. Im so excited, I feel like this is a really big step in our relationship. We are already living together and also go to college together. We both want to wait to get married until after college when we have secure jobs. The rings are a way for us to symbolize our promise to eachother to eventually get married and to symbolize our love and commitment.

my boyfriends parents suck. they dont support our relationship at all and they hate me because I am not filipino. My boyfriends mother pays for his education. She would shit a ton of bricks if she found out we were engaged before he finished his education. I know there is no difference between this promise ring and a long engagement. we kind of just had to compromise and get the promise rings so that his mom wouldnt freak out. its better than nothing, imo.
My questions:

What do you think about promise rings for Pre engagement? Do you think that its a common thing for a couple to do or is it weird?
I think that a ring and what it stands for is a wonderful thing to exchange and experience with someone you love. I dont know if its common.

What do you think about promise rings for a celibacy pledge?
I think its a lame purpose for a ring. I think sex is an important part in a relationship and there is no way I would give that up lol!

How long would you have to date someone before you would marry them?
prob a few years. I guess it depends on where you are in life...

will you please show me your rings/share your stories?
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