December 7th, 2005

I have no self-control.

Can you think of a good way to prevent myself from using my credit card?

I don’t want to cancel it because I want to keep it in case of emergencies. I don’t want to just throw it in a drawer because I’d be too tempted to take it out and use it. I also don’t want to give it to a friend for safe-keeping.

Any other ideas?
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disposable care packages?

I have a friend who's been travelling around Australia for two months, and she's just gotten an apartment so I'd like to send her some sort of care package. But I don't want to send her anything she'd feel obliged to keep, because I'm not sure how long she'll be staying in the area and I don't want her to feel like she has to cart this stuff around the country just because I gave it to her. But what could I send her?

My first thought was to send cookies but she doesn't eat cookies. She's a complete vegetarian and, more than that, the only candy she eats is sugar-free. Can you even send stuff like this from Canada to Australia and be sure it'll arrive in an edible state?

She recently acquired a bicycle and so I'd send her something for that except I know nothing about bicycles. Also, she e-mails me rather infrequently, so I'd be worried I'd gotten her something she'd just recently bought for herself. I'd send her a book but she might feel like she should keep it afterwards.

I really have no idea what sort of thing I should send! Any ideas would be great, and thanks so much. :)

(no subject)

theres this website that you can upload a picture and then enter in the dimensions and it will print out pages that make a very large print of the picture....I cant remember what its called...anyone know?

idk if this makes any sense...

My boyfriend Neil is at a fam reunion in switzerland. I am stuck at home alone on spring break. today I hung out with a mutual guy friend of ours and one of his close friends. I had a few drinks, shared a few laughs, made some pizzas. and played pool with the two guys. nothing out of the ordinary. but I am bad at reading guys when they flirt so I need ur opinions lol!

if your guy friend (joe) u just hung out with all day sends you a text saying "No offense to Neil and I'm not trying to hit on you, but you looked really pretty tonight, just thought you should know. have a goodnight" would you consider that hitting on you, or just being nice?
and now he wants to hang out again just the two of us... come back over to my house and have a few drinks and shoot some pool.... what would you do? do you think if i do hang out with him alone he would try to put the moves on me?

I am 100 percent faithful to my boyfriend and I dont want to put myself in an awkward situation with our friend... joe has never ever said anything like this to me before and it is kind of out of character for him.
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(no subject)

I just read an article on about how some "megachurches" have cancelled their regular sunday morning services on Christmas day and that some people are in an uproar about it. So this leads me to ask, if you normally attend church services on Sunday morning, will you be attending on Christmas day? Will your church even be holding services on Christmas day?

odd, tmi, random, and possibly disgusting questions..

1. have you or has someone else ever chased you or otherwise threatened you with a bloody tampon?

2. what is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

3. have you ever accidentally pooped while taking a shower?

4. where the hell do you go to meet people when you live in a rural area?

5. and finally, where is the weirdest place you have ever woken up?
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(no subject)

Hi, this is kind of last minute (I'd ideally need it by Friday), but I've looked all over the place and can't find anything remotely close to what I'm looking for!

What I'm doing:

A market research study on an American university pursuing to start a study-abroad program with an Argentine university.

What I need:

A five-year trend in the WHAT students in Argentina study. How do I find this? Does anyone know of any good, reliable data?

I've already looked at NationMaster, but it barely gives what I need.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


questions for the bored

1.) If you drop food on your shirt, do you lick it up?

2.) Do you drink all the milk in the bowl after you eat cereal?

3.) Have you ever been driving in yoru car, or sitting idle and think "Whats a good question to post in the Question Club?"----(I'm a tool.. I so do that)

4.) Can you name a body part on you that is still virginal.... if any.. :-p
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whenever i'm broke i roll my own cigarettes. right now i have this 10 oz. canister of amsterdam shag. when i bought it like two weeks ago it was very moist. even though i keep the lid on, it's starting to get dry and it makes for a worse cigarette. would it be ok if i put a damp paper towel in there to try to get moisture back?
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I have to leave my fishtank unattended for three weeks... Lighting and food is pretty much settled, the chemical balance stays even because I've got one fish and a bunch of snails in a 25 gallon tank... that's fine. no worries.

But, evaporation. I have no lid on the tank (weird size tank + filters), the most I have is the half cover that was holding up the light (now burned out and currently replaced with a vacation-timered lamp). I don't want to come home and find that something died because the water level dropped three inches and threw the chemical/salt balance off...

I'd saran wrap the top, but I think that'd cause a greenhouse sortof effect?

So, the question is: would plastic wrap work(not air tight, obviously)? If not, what? (besides getting a real lid)

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The apartment we live in has a huge sliding glass door. It's nice and all, but not when you get a huge draft from it. Is there anything that I can do to prevent a draft from coming in?

Right now we have blankets covering the bottom, but that only helps a little bit. We were thinking about putting the winter plastic over the whole thing, but when people come over they need to go through that door since it's easier access. Do you think tacking curtains to the wall and floor would help? So that way when the guests come over we can just un-tack it when they enter?

(no subject)

If something is happening at 3:00 pacific time and I am in central time, what time would it be for me?

Has anyone had an Anthropology class? What kinds of things did you study in that class?

I've got both my answers. Thanks!

This is fucking scary =(

What the hell is this thing? For shits and giggles I put in my old web page url and it not only had that, but old old old old old old old blogs that I've deleted long ago.

This scares me. I'm a totally different person now and back then I had no idea about anything about archive shit like this.

How the hell did all that get there?
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air travel

i just read about an incident earlier today where a man was shot by air marshals in florida after claiming he had a bomb in his carry-on bag. this prompted the question in my mind - are their air marshals present on every single flight? obviously, it would be on flights within, outbound and inbound to the US, but is there always just one seat of the flight reserved for an air marshal?

anyone have any idea about this?
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Self cleaning

Medical Information on teh intraweb

*note - For these questions, I am asking what you do personally, and how you feel about it, not what you think others should/shouldn't do.

When you want to look up information on a disease or medical condition online, where do you start?

How do you determine if the site you are looking at is providing correct information? What about a site would make you disregard the information contained in it?

What is your main source of medical information, especially if it is something you feel you may be at risk for?

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(no subject)

What does the holiday season mean to you?

No proper nouns as answers (Christmas, Hannukkah, etc.), just the emotional qualities and the meaning of the season to you.

(no subject)

1. Do you have a cheap/bargain movie theatre near you? How much does it cost? If you do have a cheap theatre but you don't go to it, why not?

2. What could I get my nephew for Christmas? He'll be three this March and his dad says not to get him any toys since he already has quite a few.

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(no subject)

anyone know how to isolate one part of a sound and quiet the other one?

i have a movie clip that i am trying to fix.
it involves applause mixed in with some bars of a piano.
i need to quiet the applause and raise the paino sound so it is only the piano, the speaker and his audience.
if anyone knows how please respond.
i am using goldwave and audacity.

better yet-
if anyone can do it, please let me know and i will send you the clip.
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Making Out ... Ouch, my lip!

I have a dilemma: I just met and hooked up with this guy on campus. We had been talking for a while, both on AIM and the phone, and I thought I really liked him. But, upon meeting him and hanging out for a little over two hours, I realised that I didn't. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't his looks (because he's gorgeous), I just had no physical attaction to him. He got me off any everything, but I wasn't into him like that. I think A LOT of it had to do with the way he kissed - which was more like biting. After that, it all went downhill from there because I didn't wanna do anything where I'd have to kiss him, because it HURT so much. My lip is HONESTLY swollen.

So, my questions: What should I do? Is there any nice way of telling him this? I don't even know why I feel this way, so how can I explain it? Does that fact that his biting kissing turned me off the most make me a horrible person? I really want to be friends with him, but will he understand this? And he knows I'm still into and hooks up with my ex-boyfriend, so how do I stop him from thinking it's because of that (Because, honestly, I don't think that's it)? It's weird, because I really like him, but I think that a relationship that WILL have some sexual attention to it should AT LEAST include a physical attraction. Does that make sense?

For all the others: What's your worse kissing/make-out experience?
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(no subject)

All you healthy-type people...

What's a low-fat food I can keep at work to eat for lunches and snacks? Preferably something that I can buy a lot of at once and it will keep for a few weeks (i.e., not fresh fruit/vegetables).

I've been eating nutrition bars for the last couple months, but I'm starting to get tired of them and they're not all that low in fat anyway.

(no subject)

EDIT: ok, let me rephrase everything! i want to make a site, i want to make it totally cool and of course i dont want to have to pay for it. what is a good site that provides free website hosting AND lets you make your site however you want. and i also need to know what program i should use to design this site, is there another website i can download this program from?

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I think I ask about money too often.

1. a friend got me curious. do you have a budget? do you stick to it?

2. do you have a "cushion" in your checking account so mistakes aren't as big of a deal? if you don't mind sharing, how much is the cushion? I have one, and it's $2000 - and I'd like to put some of that in a higher interest account but for some reason, I'm neurotic about going below that amount. I don't have a mortgage or much of rent (I live in the basement of my fiancé's parents), so my monthly bills are less than $800 or $900. Is it necessary to have that much "extra" in there or would it be better in an account where it will earn interest?

3. are you constantly stressed about money? because i am... and i wish i wasn't. my parents always were when I was growing up even though they had no need to be and I think that's part of why I am.


Say there's this girl, who is pretty much the village bicycle. She gets off her face when she can, quite deliberately, and uses it as an excuse to get laid and then deny it happened. (For the purposes of my question, this isn't to be disputed.) Say there's this guy who, typically, claims to be oblivious to her behaviour and says he likes being around her when she's drunk because she "acts silly."

Now, 2 questions.

Part One. Given that these two people were drunk together and alone together, the guy being so drunk himself he claims not to remember all of the evening, is it unreasonable that they slept together? He could be lying or he may genuinely not remember.

Part Two. New information: he has lied about going to see her whilst she (and possible he) was drunk. Is it believable that they didn't sleep together, then or any other time?

I'm really grateful to everyone who responded to my post about trust. Thank you ♥
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(no subject)


NOT SPAM! I am a real person!

I'm looking for photographers,
that can do one or more of these types of photography:

creative-artistic photography
advertisement photography
fashion/modeling photoshoots (with spreads like vogue) or just Jcpenny style pics
product photography

(Skills in cosmetology, photo editing, fashion, props, hair-styling) will make you more desirable, but are NOT necessary to be hired

I'm looking for people in these locations (currently):

New York

!Other locations may apply to

Portfolio links or a photo sample are nice
Experience is not a must but you must have at least an example your work

I am looking for someone to shoot for advertisement for a website/catalogue for my store
you would be working under a safety contract (short term or long term depending on your desirability and skills)
you will be able to fully review a copy of this before employment
compensation will consist of:
payment for needed supplies(within reason, equipment, (such as a camera) is not within reason)
PLUS you will receive salary/commission/product kickbacks/photos/etc (but that will be discussed on a person to person basis
Misc: Cowboy Boots
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(no subject)

I have the most irritating little flies (fruit flies, I think) that are, like, infesting my apartment. How in the world do I make them go away!?

Edit: I have no food sitting on the counter or anything like that. :)
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(no subject)

1) what is your color/theme of your bathroom(s)?
2) favorite scented candle 'flavor'? and if so, what company?
3) how many clocks are in your house?

1) downstairs: a lime green color, a sunshiny yellow, and a sky blue
sounds weird but they actually do come together quite nicely.
upstairs: teal and marine blue, and i have nice ocean/beach shots
of Big Sur on the walls
2) all round: Vanilla
usu. tealights from Target for everyday use
3) 4, includes laptop clock
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this happened today

how does someone love two people at the same time? she's been with her girlfriend now for 2 years...but then started talking to her ex - a guy on the phone now...she and her girlfriend almost broke up over this...the guy's a jerk...

(no subject)

has anyone ever seen the movie about Hitler called Downfall? for my history class, i have to write a paper on the way in which ideology (ie: authoritarianism, nationalism, etc.) was shown in the movie. I watched it, but i was only half-paying attention because i was working on some other homework. Can anyone help?
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not sick YET

i was wondering what i could take to help boost my immune system BEFORE i get sick or something to help prevent sickness. i haven't gotten a flu shot; should i? any suggestions?
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phony annoying women

What's a good way to deal with cliquey annoying bitches in school?

I'm not even talking about high school. I am talking about college, with GROWN UP women. And it's only a class of 12, so it's not exactly easy to avoid or ignore them.

Anyway, any advice would be appreciated. I'm not the most patient person, and I have issues with hiding emotions. Even if I don't say anything, it shows on my face.
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XBOX or Nintendo Gamecube?

I need to decide between buying and XBOX or Nintendo Gamecube. I don't know much at all about video game systems beyond the original Nintendo I had back in the day.

I don't really care about crazy graphic fighter games. I love Donkey Kong type games, and also really want to try Dance Dance Revolution.

- $129.99 (Canadian)
- Donkey Kong games!!
- No DDR except some stupid-looking Mario one

- $199.99
- No Donkey Kong :(
- Lots of DDR

I have no clue what to get. I would appreciate your advice about which to get, and most importantly, WHY.

EDIT: Playstation 2, $179.99. What about this one?

EDIT 2: I went with the XBOX. While the Gamecube games are really more my speed, I really really wanted DDR. The XBOX came with 2 games and then I got DDR Ultramix 3 (including the mat) for cheap. I got home to these comments and now I'm regretting it!!

NO I'm not. Well, a bit. Aaaagh!

Thanks so much!!

(no subject)

1.) Is there a way to find out past AP test scores online?

2.) If you're driving to someone's house for a previously set meeting and you see that person walking toward their house about 2 blocks away from their house on the other side of the street, do you stop and offer a ride or do you keep driving to their house and wait for them there?

3.) How much does filling out college applications suck?
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(no subject)

Is there a name for combining whiskey (or bourbon) and orange juice as a mixed drink? (other than disgusting!)

I made myself such a drink since Jack Daniel's and OJ were the only things in the house and it was gross. Since I was cooking dinner I decided to pour the drink into the chicken pan, add some plum sauce, and marinate it for a while before pan-cooking it. It turned out decidedly non-gross! What catchy name would you give to that recipe?
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(no subject)

One thing I've noticed in this community is the number of people who have lived in multiple countries. I would love to move to another country (Spain in particular), but I have some questions.

1. What country are you from, and where did you move to?

2. What immigration requirements did you have to meet? How hard was it to meet them?

3. How did you go about finding jobs in other countries that are important enough for them to allow you entrance? It's always the job requirement that trips me up.

4. Are there any (developed) countries that don't require you to have a job lined up to live there? I'm not the most career-oriented person out there, but that seems to be the only way to gain entrance to another country.

Someone tell me there's hope for me.

Two quick edits: I want to stick to legal methods, and I'm more interested in responses from people that moved their by themselves and not with family members.
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Soda and shoes

1. I have recently come into the possesion of some bottles of soda that expired three days ago. Is it fine to drink them?

2. I live in small room in a dorm. There is snow outside. Tips to prevent water from collecting on my floor? I'd prefer to not buy anything, but I'm willing to if it's the only way.
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(no subject)

What helps you to concentrate on work?

I have a really big paper due tomorrow, and my parents won't be quiet. When I ask them to please be quiet so that I can do my homework, they yell at me. All in all, I can't concentrate. Any ideas on what I can do?

Two unrelated questions.

1. I heard today that the president sent out cards that say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" and that some people are actually mad. One man said that NOT saying Merry Christmas was not very christian... ly(?, I don't know if that's a word) and chastized the president. I think that it is more Christian.. ly(?) to say Happy Holidays because you're being respectful of other people and their faiths. Now, without causing an argument, because, really, it isn't something to get argumentative about, Do you agree with me or with the guy mentioned above?

2. I know I'm not supposed to ask about LJ communities.. but.... is it ok since I asked a legit question? I think so.

Do you know of any good hair communities?

wickedhothair is too slow and madradhair is too overloaded.

I'm really looking for some place where, say, a hot pink mohawk isn't the least bit shocking.
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There is a type of fabric which has a similar texture to crepe streamers. Does anyone know what I am referring to and what it is called?

(no subject)

quick & easy..

I really did look & do an interest search...

somebody a while ago asked "what songs do you think match for this mood" or whatever and in the comments was a link to an LJ community that did that..what was that community?

(wicked sorry, I did look, I swear!)