December 5th, 2005

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Holiday Baby.

How close to a holiday does someone have to be born to be a considered a holiday baby? I mean, like, is a baby born on December 11th still called a Christmas Baby? What about December 20th? What if he's born on December 28th, after the holiday?

What about smaller holidays like Valentine's Day? How close to Valentine's Day would one have to be born to be considered a Valentine's Baby? (I really am that geeky to wonder that, haha)

It's psychological

For a period of time recently I was relatively poor. In that time I learned to be very tight with money and I went without almost everything but food!

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My questions:

1. Do you ever feel guilty when spending money?

2. What is the most amount of money you are willing to spend out of a single pay packet, on non-essential items, without feeling terrible?

3. What is considered a normal amount of spending money each week? ie, money that goes on luxury items and not food/bills.

4. How can I get rid of this paranoia I have surrounding money?


I'm in a terrible need to try something new.

Anyone got any good recipes I can try?

Nothing with tomatoes though, and preferably no paprika either, but I can live with that ;)
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(no subject)

just wondering if anyone has tried any of the "diet" or "detox" herbal teas? if so, what did you try, did you like it or not, and did it taste good/ok? and anything else you want to say about it.


I asked for recipes earlier.

And I'm just worried about what the size of a 'cup' is on that side of the Atlantic. Because when I think of the ones I have they all seem much too huge...

(no subject)

You know when people ask what age can you date, that's younger than you? (That's badly phrased, but I think I got the idea across, right?)

1. How old are you?
2. What's the youngest you "can" date (your age divided by 2 plus 7)?
3. Would you actually date someone of that age?
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Cheeseclothy craft question.

so i'm making some apple cider spice sachets for my coworkers for christmas. you're supposed to use two pieces of cheesecloth per sachet and i've run into a problem that i'm hoping you guys can help me figure out. okay, so the cheesecloth that i have has 3 thin layers, is that one piece of cheesecloth or 3? i've never used it before so i have no idea. thanks in advance.
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All I want for Christmas...

Do you think it would be tacky for me to say "money to help with tuition" when people (like my grandparents, parents, family -- not my friends) ask what I would like for Christmas this year?

I've been thinking about it (because they all keep asking me) and really, there's nothing that I need. Except help paying for this semester. Between fees and books, it should only be about $300 or so. But that's still $300 that I don't have on hand right now. I'm not asking for them to foot the entire bill, but any bit helps, right?

So. Tacky or no?
Kyouya - Outside the Lines


Is someone vegetarian if...

They eat fish? Chicken? If you answered yes to either of those, would they be vegetarian if beef was the only meat they ate? What about pork? What do you think of people who proclaim they're vegetarian and proceed to chow down on meat (of any variety)?
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you think you know me?
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(no subject)

Which do you think is more true (as a rule, not just for yourself), and why?

  • You are the only one who can look at yourself objectively.
  • You are the only one incapable of looking at yourself objectively.
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    waterproof material

    Can you guys think of a material that is waterproof, but wouldn't be loud or uncomfortable, that I can by in a large piece, to make a waterproof cushion cover type thing out of? Like, to put UNDER the cloth slipcover that would protect the cushion underneath from small spills?

    I was thinking of a shower curtain liner but they are kind of loud and uncomfortable... any other ideas?
    Cold Stick Figure Guy
    • nere05

    Holiday Gift Ideas

    What are some good gifts for:

    1. A female senior citizen who doesn't get out of the house much?
    2. A male senior citizen who REALLY doesn't get out of the house much?
    3. An eighteen-year-old who is fascinated by imported cars?

    I bought a laptop on eBay and I was supposed to get it "within 4-7 business days from the purchase date". I bought it on Black Friday (November 25th) with PayPal. Does Saturday count as a business day? When am/was I supposed to get it?
    I thought I'd get it by today, at the latest, if Saturday counts. IDK
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    Well, I just got a hermit crab and I was wondering... is it NORMAL for them to smell terrible?
    He's not dead, I checked, he seems fine.
    He's in a much-too-small tank at the moment, will it maybe get better once we move him to a bigger one?
    I'd like to have him on the desk where I can see him but he's giving me a headache. X_X
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    epic shit

    (no subject)

    For those of you who read fanfiction in the Harry Potter section.

    Years ago there was a certain epic being written called The Mirror of Maybe which stopped updating for quite awhile. Today, I decided to do a google search on it, and found that it's actually up to 18 chapters. When I stopped reading (for lack up updates) it was around chapter 12/13.

    Does anyone know of the approximate update date (day, month, year, anything) for the twelfth or thirteenth chapter?
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    (no subject)

    I just recently bought a Gateway Laptop. I set up a wireless network through my desktop computer - and I have been on the internet many times using my laptop. I recently stayed in a Holiday Inn where I had to connect to the internet using a cord (?) so maybe the screwed up my wireless connection settings? It also says that I should turn on my "wireless switch" but I have NO idea where/what a wireless switch is or where to find it. Anyone have any advice on getting my laptop back up and running on the internet?
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    (no subject)

    They say to drink 8 glasses of water a day. 2 Questions

    1) How many liters/mls/whatever should we drink a day? Glasses vary greatly in size
    2) Does it make any difference if we drink those glasses within a 4 hour period? Or does it need to be constantly throughout the day?
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    Shower Sketching

    An odd question...

    I like to think when I'm in the shower. In fact, some of my best ideas for essays and such happen when I'm in there. However, I forget some of my ideas by the time I'm out.

    What could I use as a waterproof notepad of some sort? Just something where I could write down my ideas while I'm in there, and then copy them out somehow afterwards. (I've already figured out how to pipe my iPod into the shower; this is the last step to making a perfect thinking spot.)
    Avocado Kedavra

    Most popular songs of '05?

    So my little sister is getting a stereo for christmas and I want to put together a mix tape for her with some of the most popular songs of the year. She is almost 12 and in that "just discovering music" stage.

    So my first question is what were your favorite songs of the year?

    And my second question is what would you recommend for a 12 year old (anything that doesn't fall in the above question?)

    p.s. I really like this community...I've been a lurker here for awhile...umm hi :P

    (no subject)

    Okay, i have a fishtank, with a light. The light is currently on an automatic timer so that it gets turned on/off when I'm not here, or would otherwise forget. I plan to leave it like that over christmas break, knowing that everyone alive in the tank is an algae eater- i can put crushed up pellets in an automatic feeder and all will be good.

    The light keeps flickign on and off. through testing it has been determined that this is the fault of the (fluoresent) bulb, which is old for a bulb.... at least 6 years now, though not running for most of that.

    question 1: if it just started doing this today, how long before it goes out entirely?

    question 2: is it possible to get a custom size of bulb, or a bulb adapty thing to make a smaller bulb work in a larger space?

    question 3: when I measure the bulb for replacement, do i measure the end cap bits as well, or just the glass?

    EDIT: I knew there was a reason this bulb would be a pain in my ass. attempting to remove it from the socket, we enlisted the help of an interior design student who had taken a lighting course. Apparently this lightbulb is longer made (i don't know if just in the states or at all) due to laws about energy efficiency. I'll be taking the whole bulb with me to lowes or soemthing.

    it's the most wonderful time of the year *snerk*

    This one is for all of you who work/have worked minimum wage or near minimum wage jobs in which you deal with customer service.

    My fiance and I were complaining to each other about our jobs the other day- we've noticed that around the holidays, people/customers/"guests" get even more bitchy, mean, rude, and demanding. Has anyone else noticed this?

    Also, we were discussing about how we wish that we didn't have to kiss customers' asses all the time, and when they're rude, give them what they want with a smile. For example, this lady came in to my store the other day, ordered her food, and when we gave it to her, I admit, we got her order wrong. But instead of pointing it out to us politely, she YELLED at us and called my coworker an incompetant idiot. I wanted to tell her she was being a bitch, and if she couldn't be nice, then to get out of the store. But no, we had to smile at her and apologize profusely. I hate that stuff. So... if you were allowed to treat customers the way they treat you, would you be willing to make 50 cents less than you do now? How about a dollar? A dollar-fifty?

    If I could treat customers the way they treated me, I'd be willing to take a dollar pay cut.
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    (no subject)

    1. How do you keep a necklace clasp to stay in the back and not keep turning to the front?

    2. What is your current favorote color combination?

    3. How many pounds have you gained or lost in the course of 2005?

    4. How long have you had the pair of shoes that you wear most often and what kind of shoes are they?

    5. What was the most recent pet you got and how long have you had him? What's his name?

    6. I did that PayPal thing to get "verified" where you add a bank account and they make two deposits within 3-4 days in your account and you just have to confirm the exact amounts to get verified.. or whatever.. anyway, are they going to e-mail me when the deposits are made so I don't have to keep checking?


    Does anyone know where I can buy a really cool mug online? Google throws up a bunch of sites that either do wholesale only, or offer mugs for personalisation, but I just want a predesigned one.

    (no subject)

    Hi, my name is Lisa and i am new :P. Does anyone know any good pick-me-up songs? What is/are your favouite songs ever? I like 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' as a happyish song but lately i have listened to it too much and it no longer works :P
    Moi 10/08

    Eating Disorders

    A friend of mine has recently gotten into obsessively reading and checking pro eating disorder websites and I'm getting a bit concerned. I know she is incredibly stressed out with school, work, and home life and is feeling like she has no control over her life right now... which leads me to wonder, what do you think the main cause of eating disorders is? I have heard different things from different sources and I am wondering if eating disorders are mainly caused by "the need to have control" or more of a media fueled "you must be perfect" kind of thing. Thoughts?

    I don't want to interfere with my friend's life or her choices, but I just want to understand this a little better, as I want to be there for her without being judgmental. Thanks.
    i like to live on the edge

    (no subject)

    What do you usually give your friends?
    Do you exchange with all your best friends.. and give the same exact thing to them, just different varities/colors?
    Do you do Secret Santa and get one really good present?
    Do you spend a lot of time/money either way?
    Do your friends/yourself give out a wishlist for people to follow?
    Best gift you've ever given?
    Worst gift you've ever given?
    Best gift you've ever received?
    Worst gift you've ever recieved?

    Fashion Faux Pas?

    I know this isn't The Fashion Club, but I was hoping to find some help. I bought the pictured shoes from payless and noticed that it is the same exact color of a shirt I own. I plan on wearing said shirt and shoes with an ankle length white skirt. I know it would be so much easier if I had a white jacket/sweater but I don't. Is it still a fashion faux pas to wear a brown shirt with a black zip up sweater?

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    (no subject)

    What is the male version of a camel toe?
    Someone once told me it was a moose knuckle but then I looked it up in urban dictionary, and it sayed it was an oversized camel toe. Is there even a man version of the camel toe?
    panda dance

    (no subject)

    For those of you who likes to drink herbal tea -

    What's your favorite tea(s)?
    What's a tea you've tried that you hated?
    What do you add to your tea? (sweetener?)

    Do you drink the teas for the taste, or for the health benefits? If for the health benefits, what benefits does it have?
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    (no subject)

    1. When you turned 18 did you go out and buy cigarettes immediately?
    (assuming you have to be 18 to buy cigarettes where you live)
    I didn't. I was talking to these kids during Functions, Trigonometry, and Standards today and they couldn't believe that I didn't go and buy cigarettes the day I turned 18. They claim that most people do, even if they don't smoke. I don't smoke, so to me there would be absolutely no point in me buying cigarettes.

    2. Do most people?
    I didn't think so before today.
    jon snow

    Attention all university/college students

    I'm a second year university student. I have an exam tomorrow (haven't studied yet), 10 page essay due on Wednesday (haven't started it), exam on Friday, then an exam on Saturday.

    I usually only study a maximum of an hour for exams and usually write essays the morning they are due in about 3 hours.

    Anyone else here barely study or spends very little time writing essays?

    Most students I talk to spend loads of time studying and spend a lot of time writing essays and assignments.
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    (no subject)

    how do you heal a cracked tooth(crack right down the middle)without going to the dentist-if it is even possible?

    how do you strengthen teeth?
    i heard milk is bad b/c it forces your body to steal calcium away from other vital parts.


    tonights dinner

    I want to make chicken and rice for dinner.
    I want to brown the chicken on the skillet and then throw the skillet in the oven and finish the cooking process by baking the chicken.
    I have never browned chicken and then baked it before.
    I have fresh garlic, driend herbs, and an onion that I can use as well.

    My questions:

    ~What is the rice to water ratio for cooking rice in a rice cooker?

    ~How long should I brown the chicken on each side?

    ~How long and at what temp. should I then bake the chicken?

    ~How should I use the onion? I am thinking about slicing it and sauteeing it with the garlic with some salt and pepper and serving it with the chicken Y/N?

    (no subject)

    This question is inspired by a previously posed question. As i was reading people's replys to their sexual history I saw some say "Kinda late..." (and this was 19), and some said "kinda early ... " at 13. What is the "ripe age" for being de-flowered?
    another eyecon

    first time

    1. If you took a dog off the hands of someone who wasn't willing to take care of her anymore and was considering putting her down, and your first two vet visits cost you a thousand freakin' dollars, would you ask the previous owner to chip in, particularly if some of the problems were preexisting?

    2. When you started dating someone, did you still look at dating websites you had accounts on? Did you change your account to reflect your new status?

    I swear I had like eight questions I wanted to put in my post, but that's all I can think of now. How lame. Oh well.
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    Hey guys. I am wondering, does anybody know of some really great music right now? In the genre of punk and also some chillax stuff?
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    Quinn Twin

    Soul Caliber III VS Mode

    I just got Soul Caliber III and am attempting to play for the first time tonight, but I am worried... It doesn't want to load VS Mode. It is a selection and I can highlight it, but when I try to select it, it acts like it can't work for some reason. I am very confused! I have a working controller in each slot, so I am not sure what's happeneing. I tried Googling "Soul Caliber 3 VS mode," but I'm not getting any help. Can someone who has it tell me if it's locked or if there's something else I have to do to get it as a working selection? Thanks guys and gals!
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    (no subject)

    I am trying to analyze a Shakespearean Sonnet ( XIV to be exact) and I have it figured out except for one phrase. . .

    The sonnet:

    Not from the stars do I my judgment pluck;
    And yet methinks I have astronomy,
    But not to tell of good or evil luck,
    Of plagues, of dearths, or seasons' quality;
    Nor can I fortune to brief minutes tell,
    Pointing to each his thunder, rain and wind,
    Or say with princes if it shall go well,
    By oft predict that I in heaven find:
    But from thine eyes my knowledge I derive,
    And, constant stars, in them I read such art
    As truth and beauty shall together thrive,
    If from thyself to store thou wouldst convert;
    Or else of thee this I prognosticate:
    Thy end is truth's and beauty's doom and date

    In the third line from the end (or, for loanwords's amusement, the antepenultimate line), what does he mean by "to store"?

    (no subject)

    When you manage a community and you make the community posts moderated, you can select certain people to be able to post without going through the moderation queue. Great, but let's say you have a really large community, and you want to allow almost everyone in the community to post without being moderated, and just have a few people you want to be able to moderate. You have to select the "unmoderated" box next to ALL the names, one by one. Is there any way to do this faster that I don't know about? There doesn't seem to be a "select all" box.


    best way to get RID of them??

    I feel like they're taking over my dorm room..they aren't very big..but they are everywhere I don't want them to be..on my dresser..AHHHHHHHH.
    I filed a request form to get of them and the only thing the people did was give me some spray that pretty much did nothing..

    I am not sure why they're here roommate and I are pretty careful about leaving food out..and stuff.

    any advice on dealing with/eliminating these things..???