December 4th, 2005

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"Growing Pains"?

For as long as I can remember I've gotten pains up and down my legs, at least once a year. They ache, not in the joints but the entire muscles. Only in my legs. My parents told me they were growing pains, but as I'm 18 now I feel like the major growth spurts are dying down.

I did walk quite a bit today, and it does tend to happen when I've walked, but it doesn't ALWAYS happen when I've exercised. It always happens at night, though.

Have any of you experienced this?
How did you make it go away? I usually just take Tylenol because I can't go to sleep without some sort of pain reliever.
Will you give me a hug? My legs really hurt. *sigh*
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being sick makes you think about these things..

What do you like to do when you're sick? What do you eat?

How sick do you have to be to miss work/school?

If you hypothetically had/have children, how sick do they have to be for you to keep them at home?

Does it bother you if sick people still go to work/school? Are you one of those people?

How often do you get sick?

Did you get a flu shot this year?

Random List

1) What's your idea of the perfect date / birthday party / wedding / funeral?

2) Would you continue to work if you won 10 million dollars in the lottery? What would you do?

3) What's your favorite M&M color?  What's your favorite Skittles color?  Black or red licorice?

4) How do you deal with anger?

5) What's on your answering machine?

6) Have you kept "friends" in your life even though they have proven to be negative forces?  What do they do that is so awful?

7) Were you a late bloomer?  Why?

8) Do you suffer from PMS?  How do you deal? 


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Question, obviously.
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And since Im posting this question, I will ask some advice for my friend. When you really like two guys and can't decide which one to date, what do you do to help you tell which one you like more? What helps you figure it out? Idk shes stuck in a rut, and I feel real bad for her, lol.
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excessive sweating...

I have a problem with sweating. A lot. I pit out my shirts frequently, and I am not sure why. I don't get excessively hot, in fact, I am usually cold sweating when I do pit out. (where I am kinda warm but my hands, feet, and nose are cold). Suggestions on antipersperant? Right now I am using Secret.

For that matter, would there be anything other than poor circulation that would cause near constant cold hands, feet, and nose? My boyfriend seems concerned, the rest of me gets warm, but it takes a long time for those extremities to get warm.
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I remember in my eighth grade health class, we watched a movie about sex which was narrated by Whoopi Goldberg. She said that we fall in love an average of 17 times throughout our lives.

What do you think about this?
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I just bought my husband a new band for his watch - it's one of the things he wanted for xmas.

How the hell do I change this thing? Will directions be inside the little box that the new band came in? Do I need any certain tools?

I don't want to mess this up, but I really want to try to do it myself!
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A couple spelling/grammar questions:

"Person-based data offer an understanding of ways in which individuals use the internet."

Should that be "data offers an understanding.."?

And is it technically correct to capitalize "Hispanics" in a document?

I'm pretty sure you don't capitalize it, but just checking.
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Inspired by the post below:

For those of you who answered that you kept a friend in your life who was negative and draining but for some reason, you couldn't cut them out, Why?


Are there any decent digital cameras out there in the $70-$80 range? I'm not looking for much... it doesn't have to have any supercool features or anything, my main want is good picture quality and easy to use.

Also, what is the lowest amount of megapixels that a camera can have that ables it to take quality pictures? I've heard that anything over 4 is unnecessary if you're not a professional.

I've found quite a few digicams that are even cheaper than that (I didn't even know they made them that cheap), but I'm looking for personal opinions.



Trimming the tree

When decorating the christmas tree, do you like a wild ensemble of various ornaments and colors, or do you prefer a theme or color scheme, like red and gold ornaments only?

I like a variety. I like rainbow lights, and a swimming array of objects to look at.
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three somewhat unrelated questions

1. How many years older/younger do you think can a person's significant other can be and still have a healthy relationship? (Not sure if I phrased this correctly, but meh.)

2. What's the best way to get rid of a bad case of nerves? Like say, during an instrumental audition. My heart starts to race, my hands get really cold, and I find it very hard to concentrate on the music.

3. Judging by the picture in my userinfo, how old do you think I am?
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Another inspired question:

I noticed a lot of girls replied to a question further down that they waited MUCH longer to have oral sex performed on them then to give the guy oral sex. If you are one of those people, is it because you were squeamish about him going down there or was he was squeamish about it or was it some other reason?
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taxes and marriage

I've been reading up a bit about the ways of filing taxes when you're married but I'm still having difficulty understanding (probably because I'm not an accountant). I plan on asking the accountant when I see him what he'd suggest but in the mean time, could someone explain to me the whole tax thing for when you're married? Some websites have said that it could be better to still file separately because of a "marriage tax penalty" and then others have said it's a myth. I don't know much about filing taxes in general, so this is even more confusing to me. Is there someone who understands this who could give me a quick run down?
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What do you do when somebody gives you a really thoughtful gift but you don't really like it in its entirety?

My mom gave me a pink heart necklace at my baby shower as my "for the mom" gift and it's really pretty and so thoughtful and I love it, and I love that she gave it to me... all except that the chain/loop are gold instead of silver and I reeeeally don't like gold colored jewelry. I've never work gold colored jewelry in my life because it's just not me.

I'd love to wear it because I'm sentimental like that but I just don't like that it's gold.

Would you wear it anyway and just get used to it?

Would you exchange it for something you did like, even though then it wouldn't have the sentiment of being picked out by that person?

Would you keep it for sentimental purposes but just not wear it?
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secret santa

I work at a music store. The secret santa party is in two weeks. I got the 16 year old drum instructor. He has a 16 year old's sense of humor, too. (I was stringing glass ball ornaments a while ago and he just couldn't have enough fun with it.) It can be a normal present or a prank gift around $10. The only thing I've thought of so far is one of those stick vacs that were on sale at Walmart a while ago if I could still find one. Practical yet stupid.

Suggestions? Please?

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If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
And if you say something like salad, you can't have potato salad one day and garden salad the next. It would be potato salad forever.

Edit: What one drink would you like to have?

I would have to say that I'd want to have the swirly pasta with lots of chessy alfredo sauce on it with bits of broccoli cut up and little chunks of chicken.
I'll have some chocolate milk with my pasta please.

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I've been wanting to get involved in some way with some organizations dedicated to ending world hunger. It may be by donating things/money, working, spreading the word around, I'm not sure yet. It's really just something I've been contemplating for a while. So far, the one I'm interested in the most is Heifer International.

What are some other organizations dedicated to stopping world hunger? I like ones that focus more on donating material goods and enhancing education than anything, and they can be local as well as worldwide (I live in Northern Texas).
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I've had this burning question for a while now.

Why on earth do the front hubcaps of cars get dirtier than the back hubcaps?

I've thought about this a lot- maybe since the front wheels go through stuff on the road first, they get dirtier, and leave a cleaner road for the back wheels? But this seems like a big stretch.

What do you think?
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Random List

1) I'm watching The Aviator -- Who are other famous eccentrics?

2) What are good moisturizers for people who wash their hands a lot?

3) Good movies or books about tragic love affairs?

4) Did you do anything productive today or was it a day of rest?

5) Most rude act you've been guilty of? Most rude act you've been a victim of?

6) Do you like being photographed?
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audio player sockets

Know how back with old walkmans or cd players the headphones socket used to get messed up and you'd have to turn/twist the jack plug to get the sound in both ear pieces, if you were able to.

Is this still an issue with new mp3 players? How do you deal with it?
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First, male or female.

1. What is your workout routine? How often do you work out, what do you do exactly when you work out, and how long you work out for?

2. What do you or would you like to work on the most? (for example, arms, abs, or butt) Why? What are you doing to work on it?

3. Right now, how in shape do you think you are? Why? Is there a time in the past when you were the most in shape? If so, when was it, and why do you think you were so in shape then?

4. What is your favorite physical parts of your body, and the your least favorite? And why?

5. Do you try to eat healthily? What kinds of foods do you eat at a normal basis?

6. What's your favorite workout?

7. Do you think you need to workout more, the same, or less, ideally?

8. Why do you workout? To look better/attractive, for health, or other reasons?

Edit: I'd prefer if more people who actually DO workout to answer this, please.
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MP3 Player music management software

Another question about mp3 players.
I'm thinking of getting this one:

First of all: does anyone have it? Any impressions?

Also, how is the music management soft that came with your mp3 player? (not specifically this one.) Are there ways to go around it and simply use Windows Explorer?

I'm kinda worried about getting a Sony player, since they rootkit scandal, etc. But I'm getting it for free... (points from CC)
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1. How much do you expect to spend on holiday gifts this year?

2. Does anyone have an upside down Christmas tree?

3. Does anyone here have or is Turner Syndrome, Metafemale, Klinefelter's syndrome or Super Male? If so, can I ask you a few questions for my science paper?

4. For those of you students that pay for your apartment with loans how do you do it? Do you add up how much it'll be for a whole year and just take out that much?


Does this line sound right? I'm not too sure; I think it sounds a little redundant. Though I don't know how I would rephrase it either.
"The two authors both tell the reader about..."

EDIT: Also, is there a PC term for mulatto or is that it? I never heard of this word until I had to read Harriet Jacobs and Frederick Douglass so I wouldn't even know.
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Self cleaning

Holiday Celebrations

What holiday do you celebrate around this time of year (Christmas, Winter Solstice, Hanukkah)? If you are up to it, how do you celebrate that holiday?

Do your holiday celebrations include a religious aspect? (For example, some people incorporate going to religious services into Christmas celebrations, while others don't.)
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Slylock Fox

Does anyone read Slylock Fox in the sunday comics?

This is what today's said, I want to know if this is bullshit or not:
Puzzle: "The car being pulled from the lake is the getaway car used by bank robbers earlier today. The police would like to know exactly when it was dumped to help determine how far the robbers may have fled since. Slylock Fox knows how to find out when the car was submerged. Do you?"

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