December 3rd, 2005

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Inspired by the other post about crying.

What's the most random thing you've cried over? Something that's usually so petty you can just laugh it off, but it just set you off that one time?

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When you get home what are some things that you always do within the first 10 minutes?

I always take off my shoes, hat, and jacket, then I put my keys on the hook, put my bag down, take off my watch and rings, change out of street clothes and into my home clothes, and wash my hands.

Straight from the Heart

Why is it that for the past week or so, every time I go to lay down to go to sleep, I can feel my heart beat hard and faster than usual? At first I thought it was from using an electric blanket, but I don't think that's the case.

What could be up? Is this reason for concern, possibly? I don't know if it could be a real condition or all in my mind with a panic disorder or something... it's just kind of scary because it feels like I just got done sprinting or something. I don't feel anxious or scared, I just feel a faster thud,thud,thud.

Anyone ever have something similar happen?

boredom takes another victim

1) Soo im really bored, what sites do you usually wander through to waste time and entertain yourself?

2) What song ALWAYS makes you want to dance along to it?

3) Tap water or bottled water?

4) Whats the best concert/show you've ever been to?

5) Have you heard of the band Panic! at the disco? Do you like them?

(no subject)

Sprint (or other cell phone store), Home Depot, Hollywood Video (ugh), UPS or Staples?

Which would you rather work at? I live in a small town and refuse to work around food or little children so choices are limited. of course I couldnt add a job into the mix until summer but its all about planning ahead...right?

Random List

1) Would you be offended if your SO ordered (your food in a restaurant) for you?

2) Are there times you just want to "shut off your brain" for a little while? When?

3) Phoniest act you're guilty of?

4) 5 essentials for a weekend away? 5 essentials if you were lost in a forest (no cell phone reception).

5) When have your morals been tested? What did you finally choose to do in the situation?
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(no subject)

Is there a way to find out where a company is registered and obtain a phone number for them? I found the administrative contact for their domain, but he's just an outside contractor who may or may not still be responsible for maintaining their (now broken) Web site. I wrote to him, but I'm impatient. :o)
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Hi! I have a virus, and since it won't go away without me deleting the file its in (as far as I know) (its in my Internet Extension file) or so it says, I don't really know if I need it, but I think so. Does anyone know how to do a system restore (I don't have a backup disk, bugger, didn't even know how to create one until today, not that that helps) I mean, how to tell your computer you want to reinstall everything again and start kind of from scratch (delete all images and songs and etc from my pc, and make it almost like it was when it first came to me)
Have Windows Me on my laptop if that helps, its a dell, they sent all of those discs with me (most) I still need to get my msn one in the mail. Any ideas?
It is just sitting in there now, but A. It's embarassing, and stupidly on accident
and B. I don't just want to leave it sitting there, even if its not doing anything
C. I tried to quarantine it, but then the file it was sleeping on didn't work (internet and who knows what else, or so it seemed)
D. Afraid to delete it because of reasons C
E. Haven't realized my norton needed money to keep going grrr (I am soooo not talented with the computer) So when I reinstall everything hopefully I will install new norton (have to go buy one)
And, will this help it at all to restore my computer? Will it get rid of virus?
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Cold Urticaria

Does anyone else here have or experience cold urticaria?

It's the weirdest thing and it always happens to me. Anytime I go outside for a somewhat long time (for walks, exercising, etc) when it's cold out, I have hives on my face and legs when I come inside that last for about an hour. I always just thought I was really weird or "allergic" to the cold (I'm allergic to everything else!) ...

So does this happen to anyone else? It's not too big of a deal because the hives usually go down within an hour of being inside but sometimes it's really itchy. (And no, for the record, I'm not asking for medical advice or what I should do ... just wondering if this happens to anyone else. A few websites have told me that aside from food allergies, the cold is the most common trigger for hives.)

And so other people can answer something:

1) What have your parent(s) done that you are most grateful for?
2) What have your parent(s) done that you wish they had done differently?
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diamonds are a girls best friend

I know it matters with size and quality, but does the price of a diamond have anything to do with the cut? Which cut's the cheapest?

*edit* Oops, I'm being stupid. I'm thinking about shape not cut. ^^; Sorry So I guess what shape is generally cheapest? (trillian, circle, square, heart, etc?) That kind of thing.
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(no subject)

How long is it appropriate to keep items in a lost and found before you donate them, keep them, throw them away, etc.?

We get a lot of small things like sunglasses, clothing [scarves!!], or books [not textbooks] at my workplace and some of this stuff has been here forever. How long does your workplace keep items?

[because basically there's this scarf I'm in love with. I was chatting with the girl who left it here about the college she's attending, she was here for Thanksgiving break and came by our coffee shop. When I noticed that she left it I ran around looking for her, obviously no luck, and I don't think she's coming back but I still feel guilty keeping it because she was so nice. Okay to keep the scarf? Should I see if she comes back during Christmas break?]

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So I'm trying to free up some space on my crowded hard drive. I'm uninstalling programs that I never ever use, or really don't need.

On my add/remove programs list (I use XP), it shows Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7.2 and Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0. Is 1.0 built on top of 0.7.2 or are they separate files? That is, do I need both of these or can I uninstall 0.7.2?

Same thing with Firefox - I have 0.8 and 1.0. Can I uninstall 0.8?
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(no subject)

Has anyone else experienced this? (ETA: Abbreviations are for UK school system, GCSE is a lower level than AS. These are for History Essyas)

In GCSE, when writing essays, we were expected to write them like this:

Was X the most important reason for Y?

Introduction - there were several reasons for Y, of which X is one.
Conclusion - no one reason is the most important, all are interconnected.

eta: For example: Although reparations were a very important factor in the hatred of the Versailles treaty by the German public, other factors such as the limitation of the army to only 100,000 men and the Rhine-Ruhr crisis were also responsible. Since all factors are in some way contingent upon the others, it would be a gross oversimplification to state that just one factor was the most important.

in AS we are now told NEVER to write essays like that, and intead do them like this:

Introduction - there are several reasons for Y. I do not think/I do think that X is the most important one.
Conclusion - a firm and cohesive argument for X being/not being the most important factor + what you think the most important factor is.

eta: For example; In conclusion, James I's extravagance was not the most important reason for his financial problems, although it was a factor. James had shown, through his willingness to give up his feudal rights in return for fair compensation, that he was perfectly willing to compromise with Parliament. It was more Parliament's intransigience over issues such as purveyance and tunnage and poundage which was the real reason.

Why the change? Is one considered more mature?
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(no subject)

What's a good way to find people who you only have their names. I'm talking about either email or adresses so I can send a letter?

I found an old elementary yearbook of mine, and I ran some of the names through Myspace and also a search engine but found nothing. I remembered alot of good friends I had back in the day and want to see where they are now.

(no subject)

when speaking of someone who you intern for, what would you refer to them as?

i am interning for a photographer, but i never know what to call him in conversation.

i need a word ! in my mind i think, "internist," but that has entirely medical connotations !!

(no subject)

so i am at a hotel in detroit, and i went swimming in the pool a few hours ago, and now my right ear is completely plugged... WHAT DO I DO? i've tried yawning a lot, chewing gum, plugging my nose and breathing out... and it won't give! see, i wouldn't care but i am goingtoa concert tonight and i really need my ear back.

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I ordered some Lacoste shirts on ebay, but I'm beginning to think that the seller is a con artist. They're advertised as 100% authentic, in the bag with tags and everything. I was so gungho to order them that I did it before reading his comments. Some people are saying that the sizes don't match the regular Lacoste shirts. He's trying to scam me. :O. What can I do? I paid with paypal I haven't received the shirts yet, but one of the top things that you can tell if a Lacoste shirt is fake is that the size on the tag is in US sizes. They should be printed with European sizes (in number).

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How do you write a chapter narrative?

I have to write two, and Im completely stumped. its basically supposed to be a summary of the chapter (psych) I believe but its overwhelming. ANy tips to break it down? should I go heading to heading or...what?

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What's your favorite pizza topping? What unusual pizza topping combination toppings have you tried, and how well did they work?

My favorite topping that I always get (when people let me!) is olives and mushrooms.

Once I tried getting sundried tomato and artichoke hearts on it. The sun-dried tomatoes were especially good, but I felt the combination was missing something... not sure what though.
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am I a horrible person?

I have a friend, we'll call him B. He has a friend, we'll call her J. I cannot stand J. AT ALL. She says things that make her sound like a complete idiot, and she embarasses her self, and then I feel embarassed for her when people look at her like the idiot she is. I do not like to be out in public with her. At B's house, that's fine. In public, no way in hell. We were supposed to go see Rent tonight, B, myself and our other mutual friend who also does not like J. I just got a call that J is going as well. I told B that I did not want to go, and that I'd see it later on my own, and to not worry about it. He said something about all going to see it together, and I said something along the lines of "I'm sorry, but I just can't spend that much time with J in public" (we were going for dinner later). I really do not like to do things that I don't want to do, and I would have been unhappy the whole evening.

I guess my question is: Is it horrible of me to not have gone?
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I have these wound type things all over my head. I don't know what they are, since I have hair and can't really examine my scalp. Not sure how to describe it, but I keep picking at them (I know that's bad, but I can't resist myself). When I pick at them, they come out as either little bits of dried blood, or skin/scab things.
It must be head acne or something.

Anyone know what I'm talking about...?
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Someone correct me if I have a disgustingly oversimplified view of Hinduism, here.

There are many, many gods in Hinduism, but all of these are part of one God (or came from one God?), correct? Why would Abrahamic faiths have issues with this instead of saying "why, look at that! You worship one God, too."
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1. For those of you who answered this post about the pizza, and this one about sex, did you answer it/them the way you did because you're actually a synesthete, or did you just make up a color?

For those of you who ARE synesthetes:
2. What kind do you have?
3. Do you like your mixed senses, or would you prefer to get rid of it?
4. What mundane things can you completely not stand just because of your synesthesia?
5. Do you have the initial "NO, that's not right!" response to another synesthete describing the way they experience things?
6. Do you have associations you'd like to give up? (like, would you like to stop tasting sounds?)
7. Do you have associations you'd like to have? (would you LIKE to taste sounds?)
8. Do you ever get your senses mixed to the point of trying to change something one is experiencing to fix something that another is experiencing?

For those of you who are NOT synesthetes:
9. Would you dig being a synesthete?
10. If you could become one, what associations would you like to have?

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Hello. We are making christmas cards, and are making one for our history teacher, we know he is a Medievalist, and as we do not know much about medieval personalities, so the question is,

Who, from the medieval period is generally accepted as being a likeable/admirable character??
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(no subject)

I'm not sure what to google in this case. I want to help people in poverty or just help people that are in other countries. Possibly just helping with something in general, not sure what other things I could be doing. I know there are programs for this but I'm not sure what to look for. I want to do this when I am 18 or so, before I start the whole college thing. What are some programs for this?
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What are some good & cheap ways to keep warm or keep (at least parts of) a house warm during winter?
My house mates and i are super-poor, and usually go without turning the furnace on until it starts to hit -25c. But i don't know how many more years i can live this way.

I'm wearing gloves as i type this.
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(no subject)

1) I was given an iPOD nano (2g) for my birthday, is there anything I should know about iPODs, and Apple?

2) I want to buy my boyfriend new speakers for his car, where should I look for them?

Thanks =]


This computer now has Spyware (no thanks to a certain someone in my household) and I don't know what to do. I've never had any problems with it before.

I've tried a whole bunch of things (of which include trying to launch system restore but that doesn't work because there are no restore checkpoints).

So...what do I do? Do I have to take this computer into the shop now? Or can I fix it myself? I don't even know where to start.