November 30th, 2005

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How can someone have a favorite number? I mean, colors I can understand. Colors look pretty. But what on earth goes into choosing a favorite number? Something they find easy to work with in math? The number they learned their multiplication tables for the quickest?
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Last night in class we were discussing "Love Types" and our teacher asked us which we felt was the most reliable, effective, or in short the BEST type of love. Thought I'd run the same question by you guys and see what you guys thought.

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gpl code question

at what point when dealing with GPL'd code do you cross the line of:
"my tweaks to someone else's code" to "my project spawned from someone else's code"?

what is one required to do when you decide to make it your project?
what kind/how much/where do you have to leave credit?

and do i REALLY have to have that gpl notice in every file?
(its kinda a pain to scroll past when editing)
what if i'm not planning on releasing the project as a whole,
like if its for internal use only?

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Monday a student/faculty political panel was held. A question that seemed to stump the Republicans and Democrats, but was thoroughly covered by the Libertarians, was what is the role of government?
So, praytell, what is the role of government? Also, please include your political affiliation.
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Who are your favorite Muppet characters?

I love Miss Piggy, Gonzo the Great, the Blind Pirate from Muppets' Treasure Island, Rizzo the Rat, the Swedish Chef, and Fonzie the Bear. Oh, and I can't forget Kermit the Frog either. He's one of the greatest Muppets.

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1. Have you ever met anyone famous before?
2. Do you know a famous person as well? Or do you know someone that knows a famous person? Or has some connections in some way or another?

1.I met Kirby Puckett from the Minnesota Twins, the musical group 'Cleopatra', Kent Hrbek from the Minnesota Twins, and Michael W. Smith.
2. I know Kirby Puckett's niece, or well I did go to the same school with her for awhile. I know Kent Hrbek's nephew, and also one of Chuck Knoblauch's cousins. (All of the those people that I mentioned that are famous are from the Minnesota Twins, or did play for them). My uncle knows Josh Hartnett's g/f's mother. That's a long stretch, I know. Who else? The same uncle also knows Walter Mondale and Bobby McFerrin. And I know a senator from Minnesota as well.

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This is driving me nuts! Years ago on Nickelodeon, they used to have this thing where on the first day of each month, you say this... thing.. and you're supposed to have a good month (I think).. anybody remember what it was? I think it was a word, just said twice..

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how often do you weigh yourself? if you weigh weekly, do you have a certain day that you weigh on? why that day?

are you trying to lose weight? does that effect how much/when you weigh?
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Halloween 2008

A scenario

Person A is hired at a widely known clothing retail store. Person A has 12 months of retail experience as a cashier, working at a family-owned bakery/deli, and a chain coffee shop. Person A is 19.

Person B has been hired at same retail store as Person A, at same time. Person B is 22. Person B has worked at another location of retail store for 3 months prior, about a year ago. No other retail experience.

Person A is hired at $6.75/hour. Person B started at prior store at $9/hour, and is paid same amount at this location.

Both persons have worked at this retail store for about a month and a half. Both are female.

Both employees carry out same jobs, neither cashier. Both employees have the same work ethics.

Should Person A speak to employers about wage? Person A wrote down his/her ending wage at previous job of $7.50/hour (work at nonprofit that could hardly afford to pay more) on application, and wrote $7.50 as expected wage. Person B left space blank for expected wage.

Is the retail store correct in keeping Person A at much lower pay than Person B, if they're doing the same exact jobs, both part-time, both students?

What should Person A do? Does s/he have any say?
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So important/big of a deal is it if you fail a class in college? If it's just a core class?

I'm really trying my hardest and working my ass off.

Edit: Finals are next week and I've already been to see the teacher several times. Also, I'm in my second year of college and I'm planning on getting my masters in my 5th year.
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What do you think the concequences would be of the goverment not listening to half it's people?

Like the War in Iraq. What if a bigger percentaage did not want to go? And still, has the government/ nation been effected much by it?
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1) When bringing a lot of bags inside do you do take a bunch in one hand, but only one in the other? Even if you don't have to open a door?

2) How far can you throw a waffle iron?

3) Try this: Hold your arms out in front of you perfectly straight (like the mummies on old horror movies). They should be about even. Now rub one of your elbows sort of hard. Then stick your arms back out. The arm you rubbed should be shorter than the other. If you tried it, did it work? Are you male or female? (I've never had a guy be able to do it so I'm curious.) How do you think it works? Oh yeah, and just shake your arm to get it back to normal. ^_~

4) Is there a certain phrase that just drives you crazy?

5) Is it weird to give my boyfriend flowers and candy?

6) Have you ever been told or called something sweet that if others heard it they'd think you were being insulted?

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Do you ever catch yourself associating people's screennames, usernames or icons with the person it belongs to - not just, for example, 'Bob has a sparkly unicorn icon' but 'Bob IS a sparkly unicorn'? I think, just a little bit, that Lou Rawls is my boyfriend.

What other internet weirdness has seeped into your life?

Or computer/video game weirdness - like, if you play the Sims, have you started thinking about your comfort/energy/social/fun levels? If you binged on MarioKart recently, is it weird to drive a real car?
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1. What can tartar sauce be used on besides fish?

2. What can cocktail sauce be used on besides shrimp?

3. Does your family keep books or magazines in the bathroom? Mine keeps the TV Guide in there, is that weird? haha.

4. What is your favorite 3-syllable name that ends with a 'y' sound?

5. What is your favorite appetizer?

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Inspired by a response to an earlier question by gdkerplunk...

Have any of you tried taking Maca Root for increasing libido? Particularly females? I've been on birth control for many years now and it's almost completely destroyed my sex drive, which makes me sad. So I heard about this and it's got me quite curious. Anyone have any experience with it?
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In the top drawer of my desk at work I have a hair brush, 2 lipsticks, some perfume samples, a mini bottle whiskey and only the bare minimum of office supplies.

What's in your top drawer?

Knowledge...the anti-faith?

Not sure if this topic is off limits. If it is I understand, just delete my post.

I've recently heard some "buddies" mention jokingly that they can't "tolerate" stupid people. And in our society it seems that "knowledge is power." The more you know, the more you can compete, prove yourself, and support your families or self. People are rewarded for their education it would seem.

Yet some Christians I've spoken to feel that the bible is written the way it is (without mention of the dinosaurs and all) to instill faith in believers. Disclaimer:(Not saying that Christians aren't educated, just that I've endured a few shaking heads at my trying to associate science with my beliefs). And then of course there's all of the implications of the "tree of knowledge" in the book of Genesis.

So my question is, how many of you believe Knowledge is the Anti-Faith? If not, how should people mix the two worlds before its considered heresy?
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Growing up, what was one of the weirder things that you did?

I was a weird kid to begin with, but one of the things that sticks out the most to me was the period when I was in fourth grade and took to wearing dark colors and black, because I wanted to be a secret agent or a spy for awhile. This lead to me believing that everything was bugged and that there were constantly people watching me, and for awhile I was extremely paranoid. I outgrew that phase, thank God.

I also used to chew grass stalks in preschool.
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Recently ive decided to start doing some exercise because ive been a lazy bastard for too long. Only problem is, my joints are always clicking (my shoulders, albows, knees and hips) and its really disconcerting. Should i stop, or will the clicking go away once i start getting into shape? It doesnt hurt, it just doesnt seem right

Two totally unrelated questions

I have a $2000 laptop budget. What should I get? I would like Windows XP Professional, and I'll use it for work and personal use. I am looking for one that isn't TOO heavy, and I'll need to make brochures and powerpoint presentations on it. It needs to burn cds too.

When you are in the bathroom in a public place and someone knocks on the door, what do you say?

EDIT: Thanks! This was lots of fun! Now watch, nobody will ever knock on the door when I'm in the bathroom again, now that I have all these great ideas! Still not too sure about the laptop though. My current one is a DELL and it's kind of heavy.

Help help help!!

I went to the post office and bought a box to mail a present in. They stamped it in big red ink "PAID"..on the way out, it was unwieldy and I pressed it to my beautiful tan suede jacket. My BRAND NEW, kind of expensive, but worth it, suede jacket.


Does anyone know a good way to get ink out of suede? Is there anything I should try before I beg the dry cleaners for help?

Good and Evil

Diet Sodas

To the diet soda drinkers out there:

Which diet or low-calorie soda tastes most like the "original" version, in your opinion?

EDIT: Although I appreciate any answers, I'd prefer to hear about sodas only.

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sometimes when people believe they have acquired superhuman abilities, it doesn't go so well. if you could have a superpower, what would you choose? what would you do with it? for contemplation, i offer you an old edition of this american life.

one power (if you have questions about your chosen power's limits as a deciding factor, for these purposes, i'll serve as judge).

i'm torn between super-speed and invisibility.
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Ways to calm anxiety?

I'm having issues with anxiety. I got a call from my boss earlier today and she stated that I need to go to head office tommorrow to meet with her and the VP of the company I work for because they need to talk to me about something. I'm having issues trying to keep calm. I keep thinking I'm going to get fired or something even though I can't think of why that would be the case.

Does anyone have any ideas or ways to calm my anxiety until tomorrow? I've pretty much accepted that I won't sleep tonight, but I'd like to get through the rest of the work day without stressing myself out too much.

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How much should I pay for a laptop that's 5 years old, and has Win98 on it?

Those are the only details I have about the laptop, so far.

A girl posted on my college forums, saying:

"What do I do with an old laptop (like 5 years old) that works ok, not great, and is running Windows 98? Should I even attempt to sell it, or trash it, or what? What are my options?"

Since I want to play around with Linux on a laptop, I thought I might buy it...
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1. What are your favorite suspense-thriller type movies that I probably HAVEN'T seen? Or courtroom drama type stuff.

2. What aspect of your personal life are you currently trying to improve? (It can be as simple as "career" or something like "I am trying not to constantly criticize myself", etc)

3. Is there a personality trait that others see in you but you don't see it in yourself?

4. What "high-school cliché" would you have fit into, if any? Please don't say none - choose the closest!

5. Are you not getting LJ comments in your e-mail again? I started getting them regularly for a day or two and now they've stopped.
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Does anyone know anything about power steering systems (or engines in general)? I lost my car's manual and I have a power steering leak that is spilling fluid all over some part of the engine but I don't know what part it is. It's not the engine block itself...

PS: No, I'm not going to ask a mechanic. This car is worth less than what it would take to fix it. It is a beat-up 1993 ford tempo.

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How can i set up a multi-person contact list on GMail? Is there a way?

I just got elected secretary of DDR@ISU, and gmail seems to be best, but I'm going to have a 300-person mailing list and a 5 person list to set up soon...

so far i have saving it all as one person (they do seem to give an unlimited amount of space in the 'email address' field), but then you have to put >, < between each one to kindof trick the coding... which works fine, but I'll not enjoy copy/pasting that between 300 email addresses.

edit- nevermind. the boyfriend showed me how the mailing list is set up, so I just have to email a specific address and it goes to the entire list.
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weird question

so i remember that i was on this website, that had all these cynical cards for 'real situations.' the cards were just black squares with white block letters used to write the messages, and they were for things like "are we dating" and "how to tell someone off for being late."

I feel like the website started with a "w."

does this make sense to anyone??

Prostitution Controversy

For those that live in the United States:

Answer number 1 first, then move on to the other questions. That sounds friggin obvious, but bear with me and don't read ahead.

I'm writing an essay on legalizing prostitution. 1. Would you legalize it or decriminalize it, or keep it illegal? Legalizing would have it be government regulated and controlled. Decriminalizing would just make it be like any other profession, no control, no punishment for doing it.

My professor told us today that there are a few types of ways people deal with controversial topics like this:

a. There is no evidence to prove they should believe something, but they believe it anyway.
b. There is evidence to prove it, and they believe it. Likewise, if there is no evidence, they don't believe it because they have no proof.
c. There is evidence to prove it, but they ignore and believe something else.

2. Be honest. Which one of these people are you?

There is evidence to suggest that legalizing prostitution to some extent, like the way Germany does, would help make the practice safer for clients and the sex workers themselves. Sex workers cannot report being raped or abused because they are afraid of being arrested themselves. If they were not afraid to come forward, police could attempt to catch violent rapists and murderers. It would also give police forces more time to spend on violent crime unrelated to hookers, and keep them from using entrapment to catch illegal escorts. The government could also regulate work hours and eradicate the need for pimps, which often times harm more than they help prostitutes.

3. How do you feel about prostitution now? Has this changed your opinion in any way?

4. If you live outside of the United States and prostitution is legal where you live, how do you feel about it?
5. How do you feel about the United State's laws on prostitution?

I do realize that some counties in Nevada allow prostitution. My questions don't include them, because they are by far an exception to the rules the majority of the country uses.

... shush...


is there anything that works..
That could make my breasts look bigger/better?
I'm not looking for temporary changes, I'm asking about any pills , exercices... I don't know, anything that will change my body a little.
I'm a B cup, but that's definately NOT good enough for me!

Please share experiences, if you have any.

jimmy kimmel live

did anyone watch jimmy kimmel live last night?

i tuned in when the comedian was just finishing- and i guess he totally bombed or offended the audience, cause they didnt clap- and jimmy was like 'sorry everybody-' and they cut to commercial.

i was wondering what happened?
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i am thinking of visiting anchorage, alaska. has anyone ever been there? i've been trying to get tickets on maybe they don't offer flights there. anyway, my questions are, to anyone who has been there,

a) when is the best time to go weather wise?
b) when could be the cheapest but still not too cold?
c) how cold could it get there?
d) i'm from chicago so i know something about frigid temperatures, but how bad in comparison could it be should i choose to go there at the cheapest travel time?
e) what is it like at the most expensive weather wise/overall enjoyment wise?
f) what airline did you fly and were you happy with them?
i am intrigued. please tell me more
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indian food.

I'm looking for a good recipe for dhosa (dosa/dosai). So far, the clearest one I've found (in English) is this one at Anyone else know of another? And just what is urad dhal? I think I was told it was a kind of lentil, but I can't remember exactly.

On a related note, what's your favourite Indian dish/meal?
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misc - cemetery

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For those of you who went to/are going to college, how do people dress at your school?

I feel like at most schools, most people kinda just roll out of bed and go to class, they can wear their pajamas or not style their hair or not wear makeup.... but at my college people REALLY look down on those who don't look presentable. PJs are never acceptable in class, and only ok for the dining hall on weekends. You would probably get a "dart" in the newspaper for it (there's a column called Darts&Pats where you can give a dart to someone who does something you didn't like or a pat to someone who does something you like)... I've seen several that read like this: "A 'didn't your mother teach you how to dress yourself?' dart to the slob who wore pajamas to class." Sweatpants are ok, but you'll probably get glared at unless it's exam time (and naturally, sweats are always more acceptable for guys). Things that other people would wear to parties, people here wear to class. Not like dressy, but nice. Cute. Preppy. A short skirt when it's 40 degrees outside, silky tops, nice sweaters, etc. All the time. Ohhh JMU girls...

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Alright, I need opinions for good bottles of shiraz, cabernet, and merlot at the $25 and $50 level for a grab bag I have to do.. I only know my zinfandels and hard liquor. ;) Thanks.

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Should I post my resume on on CareerBuilder?

Anyone have any experiences (good, bad, or indifferent)?

I'm scared of putting my info out like that but I need a job :(
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yum food

1. What's your favorite healthy food/meal to eat?

2. What junk food is your guilty pleasure?

3. I go to class from 11 to 5 - what is something quick, simple, and filling I can take to class?

4. Do you go out to eat a lot, or cook a lot? How much do you think you spend on food?

5. I recently bought some herbs - basil, sage, oregano, and chives. What dishes can I use them in?

6. When I have a really bad sweets/chocolate/sugar craving - what should I eat that isn't too bad for me?

On a whole other topic sorta-
7. What does bee pollen, green tea, hoodia, or apple cider vinegar pills do? Do they supress your hunger or is it all hooky?

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Will somebody from a continent other than North America make a voice post so I can hear your accent? It would totally make my day. If anybody's dying to know what an Upstate New York accent sounds like, here's mine.

Oh annnnd:

Poll #623813 fooooooood

What's the best food for a party?

potato chips
corn chips
tortilla chips & salsa
fruits & veggies

Title of old PC game?

Ok. So help me out here.

When I was 9, or 10, roughly around the time that Populous first came out, I had this PC game. You were a little explorer dude, with a backpack, and a miner's helment light thing. The game was to navigate your way through a dungeon, by shining your light on mirrors to solve puzzles to open doors, etc, and there were snakes, and you had to climb ropes, and there were moving platforms. I think you had to collect something? And at the end of each level you had to solve a puzzle that was a mixed-up picture.

What the hell was that game called? Anyone??


EDIT: It's called Challenge of the Ancient Empire. My parents are terrible geeks - I called them out of desparation and they STILL HAD THE FLOPPY. They're zipping it and e-mailing it to me. :D


We're doing a secret santa at work, and I picked my manager. One thing I want to do is make a mix CD for her. She's really into hip-hop, but she doesn't like rap. I was thinking that I want to burn her some indie hip hop- but I'm not into it at all. Who are some good indie hip hop artists, artists that aren't on the radio, maybe some stuff she hasn't heard before?


Edit- she says she likes music that she can dance to- she doesn't like rap because she can't dance to it. So I'm looking for dance hip-hop, I suppose.
Ahh! Babies!

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Can anyone recommend a really good avi to DVD converter that I can download?

So far I've used cucusoft and all converter and they both only converted to mpg files and I want VOB files. Can you suggest one that will convert easily enough without fucking up the order of the files and putting them in random order and that will convert to VOB files, not mpg files. If it didn't change all the file names, that would be even better. Thanks
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Does anyone know of any women's clothing stores that offer pants in petite? I know of New York and Company, I'm looking for stores along that line, nice semi-dressy clothes, but with petite pants. My mom is short, and what's good a gift that she has to hem?


I have a Verizon phone, and the only place I can find the ringtone I want is through Cingular. So I can't download it to my phone from Cingular. The tone I want is from a Charlie Brown Christmas when they are singing "Christmas Time is Here". I have found the tone in MIDI a couple of places, but I want the actual vocals of the gang singing. Surely there is some way for me to get this song onto my phone...right? I know this sounds stupid but if I can can get this song on my phone I feel as though my outlook on life will become much better!

So, how can I do it? Thanks!

death and debt

If you are in massive (say thousands and thousands of dollars) debt, what happens to that debt when you die? Do your kids have to pay it? Or does it just go away? I am thinking that probably all your assets are liquidated to pay what can be paid and then it goes away? Or maybe it varies from state to state? What about in Texas?
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The next 2 weeks are exams, papers, and other fun stuff like that.

I've been feeling a bit tired and mentaly fatigued recently, what can I do, supplements I can take, or food I can eat or anything that will help with my mental sluggishness?

(no subject)

Ladies - do you shave your legs during the winter? If so, how often?

Guys - what do you think/would you think if your girlfriend didn't shave during the winter?

I, personally, haven't shaved since October 28. I'm not planning on doing it again for at least another 2 months.
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two unrelated questions

1. Our kitchen sink is the type that is divided in half. Whenever I am doing dishes, suds rise up on the opposite side (where I have the dish strainer), and I have to keep running water on that side to keep from getting soap on the clean dishes. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

2. Does anyone have any tips for memorizing lines? I have to memorize some lines in a play, but I'm terrible at it. Any suggestions, especially from those that have acting experience?