November 29th, 2005


Who still uses a landline?

Today, my friends told me that using my mobile phone is safer (to give out personal information) than a cordless because the latter encrypts the data.

Summer puppy by ninneve

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I need to find a proctor so I can take online classes. The only school near me is an elementary school. I did go there, but don't know any of the current staff.

Does anyone have any tips for approaching the teachers there and asking them about this?
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How Cold Is Too Cold?

Now that it is getting colder, I have been wondering how sensitive dogs are to the temperature. My furkid, Graycie, is a toy poodle with a decent amount of fur, and I want make sure that she is comfortable. (A recent picture can be seen at In addition, while walking Graycie around the apartment complex this morning, I saw a short-haired dog (no clue what breed, probably 70lbs) that was shivering on my neighbor's patio. There is a kennel (the light tan, plastic kind with the silver, metal, grated door that can be used for travel)with a couple blankets, but the dog was sitting on the concrete. It was 41 degrees Farenheit at that time. I expressed concern to the maintenance man (no one else was in the office yet), and he said that he would say something to the owners, but I am still worried about the dog. The dog looked uncomfortable, but I don't know if it was cold enough to actually be harmful.

1. What temperature range is comfortable for most dogs?

2. What temperature range is acceptable for dogs to be in?
(As in: How cold is too cold? How hot is too hot?)

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Normal people.

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Which shift do you find more difficult, opening or closing?
Can you share your experiences with either shift in any employment?

EDIT: If one shift paid more, which would you think it would be? [Say you heard a rumor that one shift or the other was going to be getting a raise for having more work].

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When I order chinese for lunch at work, I usually get some variation of wonton soup and an egg roll or sweet and sour chicken.

I want to try something different. I'm a meat eater, veggi only dishes don't appeal to me. I also don't like General Tsao's (I like it, I've just been Tsao'd out), and sesame chicken IS General Tsao's, with seasame seeds on top!

What should I order today?

EDIT: AND THE WINNERS ARE (keeping in mind that chinese food is yummy as left overs):

Crab Rangoons/Steamed Dumplings/Kung Po Chicken!

Thank you for playing.

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1. has anyone ever gotten a blood pregnancy test from planned parenthood? about how much did it cost?
2. what is your favorite soda?
3. can you make wookie noises?
4. what is the coolest thing you've seen today?
5. how old do you think your children would be before you let them stay the night at a close relative's house?
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i'm drinking a safeway select diet's alright, as it's what i can afford, but i prefer diet coke...
and you? store brand or name brand? of what? or does it even matter in taste?
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If Catwoman isn't the worse movie, then what is?

(White Russian. Hold the vodka, hold the Kaluha??? This is dialogue? It's not witty, it's not funny. It all sucks and so does Halle Berry.)
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Farm Animal Questions!

1. Is there any way to stop a Rooster from crowing quite noisily at all hours of the night?

2. Is it normal for a rabbit to have only one baby bunny? It's her first...umm...litter? I'm not sure what you call it.
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I am currently working for a womens clothing company as a customer service specialist. I have comtacted the DSM of the store in Chicago and she has given me a job for when I move. This company does not do direct transfers. My benifits and hire on date does not change but I have to resign my postion as a customer service specialist to be re-hired as a sales associate, therefore I have to write a letter stating basically that. I have no idea how to, my past jobs didn't require a letter of resignation. Any tips or ideas how I go about doing this?
Thank you.

and when you get a bag of you eat the burnt or green chips?


parking in front of my house today, i had to flip a u-turn to get the angle i wanted, and i noticed a red car with a man driving inside... this car had been up the street a little while before. the man seemed odd to me... creepy and stoic. he parked across the street but i didn't see him get out or anything. perhaps an hour later, i hear the doorbell ring (twice) and i'm too scared to answer because it's the same man. i wait until his car leaves and then go to my door, where there is a business card and handwritten instructions to call the guy!!! he is a "deputy sheriff- background investigator". should i call? e-mail? who could he be investigating? i am scared shitless and i feel guilty all of a sudden for i don't know what! eek!
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b movies

i was inspired by sassi214's question from earlier today.

what are your favorite movies that you are almost ashamed to like. i'm not talking about your standard "oh, i love the goonies" nostalgia. i mean seriously BAD movies that, for some strange reason, you adore watching.

movies i am almost ashamed to own:

super mario bros: the movie - (bob hoskins and jon leguizamo as mario and luigi fight an evil king koopa, played by none other than dennis hopper).

the stuff - seminal b-horror movie director larry cohen's commentary on 80's commercial identity, where evil, addictive, alien yogurt turns ordinary people into mindless zombies. stars an increasingly drunk michael moriarty.

kid: hey mister... i threw up in your car"
drunk michael moriarty: that's okay, son.
kid: i'm SAW-ry... i... i just ate shaving cream!
drunk michael moriarty: well, son... we all have to eat shaving cream sometimes.

maximum overdrive - you asked for it, and stephen king delivers it (in the height of his cocaine snorting days). emilio esteves takes on an army of posessed big-rigs at a gas station outside of wilmington, north carolina, one of which has a cab shaped like the green goblin's head. totally fucking awesome soundtrack by AC/DC.

troll - another drunken appearance by michael moriarty, who plays a man named... you guessed it. HARRY friggin' POTTER (also starring noah hathaway, who was arteyu in the neverending story as harry potter... JUNIOR). the movie is set it the town of Nilbog (for those of you who aren't dislexic, that's GOBLIN backwards... how's THAT for ominous?).

oh man, i could go on forever with bad movies i love, but then what would be the point of asking the question? let's get our netflix queues in gear with some seriously bad movies. recommendations? yattaboe has some great recommendations that i will not spoil for you.
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If you could tell one thing to one person (or to a group of people), what would it be?

And I don't mean advice like "There are a lot of fish in the sea" - I mean informing a group of people of a particular fact you think is important, a common misconception that you want people to be aware of, a myth you'd like to see debunked, etc.
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For my english homework I have to say what the style, diction, and tone is for a character in a book. I know what all those words mean but I'm not sure how to express them. Can someone just give me a rundown on what each word means...uhhh, for example, diction is how something is expressed in words (word choice) but I don't know how to actually write out what diction is for this particular character in the book. I don't know if I am making sense? Thanks for any help.

Budget Problems

1) Does anyone know how I can earn $100++ within a few days? School fees.

2) My birthday's coming. Any suggestions on how to celebrate it with a budget of, say, $200? I don't really want a big celebration party, more of a gathering of friends. Where, what, how...? :D

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Happy late Thanksgiving to everyone...This weekend while at the mall, I saw anoter black-white interracial couple. I was very excited to see another mixed couple because I don't see too many of them where I am from (Northern NJ). Where are you from and how often do you see interracial couples?

P.S. Its my birthday!:D
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Damn hippy drive

Around Christmas when people ask for their friends' addresses for cards I get told a lot that I have a cool address. So I was wondering who else had an interesting or unusual address. I'm not asking for full addresses, no numbers, no states, just your street name! I can't even drive, I'd make a lousy stalker.

I live on Moon Shadow Lane. ^^
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When you get bored, what stupid, impulsive things do you do?

What was your worst impulse buy? What was it? How much did it cost? What did you do with it after you realized it was a bad buy?
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Does anyone know where I'd be able to find a jacket simliar to the one that Maddy wears when they go to the football game where she's wearing just jeans and a bikini top under it?
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My Dodge Neon hit 100k miles- see the uber exciting photograph here. Everyone is saying I should pretty much start looking for a new car cause mine isn't gonna last much longer. I'm not too worried; the car runs just as well as it did when I bought it in 2003- it was five years old and had 60k miles. I'll ask anyway, though: are there any tell-tale signs of impending death I should look out for?

Bonus points for any "I know this dude whose Neon made it past 200k" anecdotes (haha, it's like the damn things are goldfish).

Taken from a conversation from a strange guy

He said that if parents are divorced and it was a bad divorce, there is always going to be a part of them that hates and resents the child because the child has the hated spouse's genes.

Is this true?

I've never heard about that until this nut job went on and on about it and how he thinks that's why he doesn't get along with his parents.

I should do a "friends only" on the instant messengers!

A First Post

I have been waiting for forever to find this place. I have so many useless questions.

For instance...

Whenever you find yourself talking to someone with an accent, do you find yourself mirroring thier speach pattern on complete accident? Once you catch it, do you stop? Has someone ever pointed it out to you?

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1. What's the difference between just someone you date and someone who's "marriage material"?

2. What's a good website to buy belts? Buckles, belts themselves, seatbelts, whatever.

3. What's a good amount of $$ to spend on Christmas gifts for a boyfriend of 8 months?

4. Can anyone tell me anything about Essex and Montpelier Vermont? Preference?
Bonus Points to anyone who guys to NECI at either campus.

5. Any good gift websites? Stuff like is excellent.

6. Which energy drink has the most effect?
Which tastes the best?
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(no subject)

1. What's your favorite funny/amusing lyrics song?
2. What about favorite cover song?

My Answers
1. Frank Zappa's Jewish Princess
2. Nouvelle Vague's cover of Too Drunk to Fuck or I Melt With You
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What over the counter hair dye do you use?
I got my hair highlighted for a lot of money, with this new product dye, there's like no ammonia(sp) or whatever. And turns out, it's too dark. I originally wanted to do dye it fully dark brown, but w/ the new product, it was in the hundreds. So now I just have dark brown highlights, I guess that's what I get for not thinking. Anyway, I'm thinking about maybe dying my hair myself.

So, I'm scared as hell bc I don't want to screw up my hair.

What brands do you use, and how satisfied with the results where you?
Also, any 1st time hair dying tips you can give me? :)
++What SPECIFI dark brown color do you recommend in particular?

Thanks in advance!
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Netflix or something similar

What do you think of Netflix? Is there another, similar service that is better? Is it possible to purchase an account as a gift? My husband is movie obsessed and as an X-mas present, I would like to sign him up for one of these services. Thanks!

Clip Art

Does anyone know of a really good Clip Art program? I got "The Big Box of Art" and I don't like it. It's too cheesy. I know that Clip Art in itself is cheesy but I was looking for something that had some retro graphics and cool patterns. Something more Pop Art-ish. Does anyone know of a collection of Clip Art like that? I'd probably use it for scrapbooking mostly so I'd take a scrapbooking program as long as there were a lot of good graphics in it.
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is there anything essentially "wrong" with using a wireless connection that is not your own?

(like if you are in your car and it says a network is available that is unknown to you, but you use it anyway for internet connection)

just one of those things


Do you know the art...-thing with the 3 monkeys - one with hands over the mouth, one with hands over the eyes and the last with its hands over its eyes - What are they called?
books = good

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To start with, I am not a programmer by trade, but since I've switched to Mac I've had a lot of fun developing little things due to the relative ease of writing programs for it. What I would really like to do is learn how to create a game--nothing complicated, maybe along the lines of WinterWolves' Magic Stones game, which is a fun little RPG with a pretty simple interface and no "animated" graphics, as in there's no 3D rendering-type stuff. Could anyone recommend any books or sites that would be good to check out, game design programs to recommend, etc.? I'm not looking for anything fancy--I'd just like to develop a game in my spare time that is fun.

Edit: Never mind (don't know why I didn't go there first), unless anyone has any really stellar recommendations.
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1. what do you think of the personal ads on craigslist? is it lame to respond to/post them or perfectly acceptable?

2. would you be more likely to say "i have a big headache" or "i have a bad headache"?

that's all for tonight, merci
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Anybody here a non-drinker?

I don't really all,actually, and people question me a lot about that..I never really know what to say except that I really just have no desire to big deal..

So,if you don't really drink alcohol..why not? and do people seem to question you about it?

just curious..really.


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Why do bars open at 6am? Who the hell goes to the bar at 6am? The same people who just passed out drunk at 2am?

What does the "fi" in wi-fi stand for?

Which do you like better, leopard print or zebra print?

How tall are you?

What do you consider "average height" for a female and a male?