November 28th, 2005

SM - Unbreakable Trio

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Two questions that have nothing to do with each other:

1.) Are any of these "work at home" jobs actually legit? How would you know?

2.) Is it normal that I actually like the feeling you get when you're hungry?
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So... I was cutting my toenails, and one nail on a toe that got slammed quite hard in a car door 2ish years ago has finally started growing again.... which made me think of a few years in middle school when I thought my toenails were ugly and cut them very very short(often to the point of bleeding) with the intent of sooner or later not having them.

Is that even possible? In any way, to make your toenails go away altogether, and the space under them look relatively normal (aside from the fact that holy shit you have no toenails)?

AND! is your tree up yet? real? fake? realistic looking fake? my parents are lazy about getting the tree up- it's fake, but it's not horrendous.
I kindof have a tree. there were some pruned branches laying out on a hill near my dorm room... and I broke one off (otherwise I'd never have a tree this early... It'll probably be dead by christmas; I won't replace it unless there are more branches about). It's in my window in a giant vase-type thing of water, with one of those booksocks things pinned around it like a dropcloth. we haven't decorated it yet.

AND AGAIN! what's your subject? that thing that you're freakishly good at? today a girl I talked with way long ago accidentally IMed me(she had one of those AIM virusey things), and we got to talking, and it came up that I'm big on grammar and she doesn't understand it. I explained commas, brackets, semicolons, colons, apostrophes, and me/I to her. She thanked me, I told her it was no big deal- and that if she forgot it all tomorrow, I'd gladly explain it all over again, because sentences like "Their Johns' book's." drive me crazy.

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I have been wondering this for the longest time... What is the significance of the icons with the syringe and buggy eyes? I see it all the time. Where did it come from?

Also, what is your favorite program for downloading music?
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thesis paper

it's later in the night and i'm growing sleepy and i have to tackle all the research for a project in the library tomorrow that is due on tuesday at 7 so this will be blatant paper help.

if you had to write a thesis from one of the following vague subjects:
-the global aids crisis
-poverty in america
-the war in iraq
what would you do?

i shuffled through a plethora of ideas in my head and none of them seem to be melding into a really strong, concrete argument. it's infuriating because it's so general and leaves such a margin for me to work with but my head is honestly elsewhere.
thank you endlessly.
abby genius

All of your life....

What is something (or some things) that you've struggled with for your entire life (or at least from an early early age)?

For me, it is identity. I grew up in a Latvian household, but born and raised in Canada. To Canadians, I am Latvian, and I got teased mercilessly for it in elementary school. To Latvians, I am a "rich" Canadian (even though I'm not). Logical would be to identify with other Latvian-Canadians, but beyond sharing a common ethnicity, I have nothing in common with any I know, so I don't feel any sort of identity with them. I've felt that I'm nothing and everything at the same time, and constantly in a catch-22 situation.

What about the rest of you?
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Which Books Do You Want to Read

On the NYT's 100 Notable Books of the Year?

My list:

  • HOME LAND. By Sam Lipsyte. (Picador, paper, $13.) Lipsyte's antihero, a loser but unbowed, asserts in endless letters to his alumni magazine that all the others are losers too.
  • HOW WE ARE HUNGRY: Stories. By Dave Eggers. (McSweeney's, $22.) A shining miscellany peopled by characters in close touch with childhood.
  • INDECISION. By Benjamin Kunkel. (Random House, $21.95.) This postmodern, posteverything, fresh and funny novel by a young writer seems to develop a nonironic social conscience.
  • LUNAR PARK. By Bret Easton Ellis. (Knopf, $25.) A novel starring a brat named Bret Easton Ellis, who knows everybody and has more fun than ever happens to real people.
  • MEMORIES OF MY MELANCHOLY WHORES. By Gabriel García Márquez. (Knopf, $20.) A strange and luminous novel whose elderly hero pays for sex but finds love.
  • PREP. By Curtis Sittenfeld. (Random House, $21.95.) A scholarship girl at a nifty prep school is thrust into a world of privilege in this novel.
  • VERONICA. By Mary Gaitskill. (Pantheon, $23.) A novel that ruminates on beauty and cruelty, told by a former Paris model now sick and poor.
  • ARE MEN NECESSARY? When Sexes Collide. By Maureen Dowd. (Putnam, $25.95.) The Times's twice-a-week Op-Ed columnist for the last decade expands her observations on the gender situation, from the Y chromosome up.
  • FREAKONOMICS: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything. By Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. (Morrow, $25.95.) A maverick scholar and a journalist apply economic thinking to everything from sumo wrestlers who cheat to legalized abortion and the falling crime rate.
  • GARBAGE LAND: On the Secret Trail of Trash. By Elizabeth Royte. (Little, Brown, $24.95.) A chronicle of the weird stuff that happens to what we discard.
  • JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU: Restless Genius. By Leo Damrosch. (Houghton Mifflin, $30.) A life of the self-taught Swiss who proclaimed the noble savage and denounced conventional social distinctions.
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For all those beginner crafters out there...

For you crafters... did you ever take a look at your stuff and feel like proclaiming it pathetic and giving up forever? If you felt like it and didn't give up, how did you get over your 'funk'?

I'm looking at the simple baby sweater I'm knitting with cheap acrylic yarn and feel like putting my needles and yarn in the closet and never speaking of them again. :(
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If you're at a restaurant and somebody else is paying for you - whether it's a date or you're with someone's family and they refuse to let you pay - and they tell you to "order whatever you want" you? If it depends on the circumstances, then what are those circumstances?

Me, I never do unless it's my parents, and only then when I haven't seen them for a while or they haven't sent me money in a long time and I decide it's time for them to pay their dues in the form of a good filet mignon or something (I'm a mooch, I know, I'm not proud!)

happy post-thanksgiving

so, i thought the best dessert at my house was the jello thing my sister made...strawberry jello, crushed pineapple, frozen strawberries, sourcream, crushed walnuts, and bananas...quite the yum-fest...what was the best dessert at your place?


saw the new harry potter movie and another called "just friends"....loved the first one, and thought i wouldn't like the second one - but wound up laughing my ass off...
what did you see?
Non Cognito

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1. How does one learn to stop thinking so much and simply start feeling?

Sorry for how abstract that is. I've been told I overanalyze things. I'm constantly thinking about how I should react to a situation, versus letting my real reaction show fully. I'm not normally a worrier. But a few days ago, I became very anxious about a new situation, and the person I was with kept telling me just to stop thinking and let myself feel. And I couldn't do it for the life of me.

2. For those that do reenacting, or know someone who does, where can I find online some accurate but reelatively cheaper clothing for women from the late 18th century period? (Specifically, I'm looking for a bed jacket)
EDIT: I only recently started teaching myself to sew, so there's no way I'm gonna try anything fitted just yet.
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Liam Bumbo

layout Q

Has anyone seen or know of a community where I can get a good Christmas/winter layout? I've been looking in layout communities for a while, but I can't find any...Thanks.
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Do you have a cowlick/swirl in your hair?

Does it swirl clockwise or counterclockwise?

Do you have angry/agressive tendencies?

I just heard that having a counterclockwise swirl in your hair is indicative of an aggressive personality... I have two that are both counterclockwise and I was WAY agressive as a kid. heh.
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Today, I was at an intersection with some train tracks. There's a large set of railroad crossing lights, as well as a traffic light. Which are not within the same depth perception (railroad lights before the intersection, traffic after) and thus when you're focusing on the traffic light, it's easy for the railroad lights to fade to the wayside (at least for my dense self).

At one point, the light turned green, and yet the railroad lights were still flashing, warning us of an incoming train.

Is this supposed to happen? Shouldn't the traffic lights take into account railroad activity?

gift ideas/ several questions

My husband and I are only children with two kids. Our parents live 6 hours and 10 hours away from us. What are some good gift ideas for limited budgets? I'm thinking something that would symbolize the grandchildren...

Also, can someone recommend a cheap but functional VHS/DVD combo? Ours sucks.

What are good board games that kids 7 and up, as well as adults can enjoy?

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I was talking to a friend of mine about the sweatshirt i'm wearing today. it's a white hurley sweatshirt with gold brown and reddish detailing(which i think i got for about 80 bucks) that doesn't fit me taht well anymore. i mentioned that I'm thining about gettin rid of it. She automatically mentioned that she would love it! I let her try it on and it fit her really well. But then I told her that I was thinking about selling it at this auction thing I go to sometimse, and that I might get up to twenty bucks for it. She thouht that was cool.

So my question is, if you were in this situation, would you just give it to your friend, or would you try to get some money for it?

EDIT: I forgot that I'm EXTREMELY poor right now. Like literally no money. I don't know if that would change anybody's answers though. And just for clarification, I'll probably just give it to her.

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How would you feel about a student (nurse/paramedic) starting an IV or drawing blood on you in the hospital? Would you protest and demand a "real" nurse draw it or would it not matter since you're getting poked either way? Reasons?
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You know those scales, the old fashioned "analog" type that just has an arm that spins around to your weight? If it's right on 0 when not standing on it, is it still possible that it could be wrong?

Is it more likely for an analog scale or a digital scale to be wrong?

The analog says I weigh 10 pounds more than the digital one and I just don't want that to be true! ;|
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Paper or private diaries

For quite a while (say age 12-20) I kept a paper journal. I quit because it was helping me dwell on things better forgotten. I'm thinking of taking it up again, but I'm not sure it's a good idea. So:

If you keep (or have kept) a diary you don't share, what were the good things about doing so? the bad?
What did you get out of doing it? Do you ever look back at your old journals, for example?

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1. Does same-gender nudity bother or offend you? If so, why?

2. If you're at the gym, are you squeamish about changing in front of others? If so, how do you normally change?

3. I'd say most people are stimulated or titilated by nudity on some level. Are you one of those people who aren't? What reaction do you have with nudity?

4. For women: have you ever been to a strip club? How did you enjoy it?

5. For men: are you homophobic? How well do you handle same-gender touching (back patting, hugs, etc)
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What's the weirdest thing you've accidentally said while answering the phone?

I've only made the mistake of giving my work spiel while answering the phone at home.
A friend just somehow mixed the phrases "thank you for holding" and "can I help you?" to produce "can I hold you?" ::gigglefit::

Inspired by the super power question.....

If you had aforementioned super powers (feel free to remind us what power you would have), would you be a super hero, or super villain?

Personally, if I had the first power I mentioned (the ability to turn into "fog" and go through walls, have bullets phase through you, etc) I would be good, I think. But the mind control would be a total evil magnet, and I'd have to turn to the dark side.


I have a blood test tomorrow morning. I have been told that I can't eat breakfast tomorrow morning or anything after dinner tonight. But what and how much can I drink? Just water, or are things like coffee or juice permitted?

EDIT: I have the answer I need. Thank you all ^_^

opinions for curtains

Hi everyone!

my husband and I recently painted our dining room (see pics below, not spectacular but it gives you an idea) the colors are frosted pomegranite and juicyfruit.  What do you think for curtains?  something in the red family?  the ceiling is white but I dont think white would look good, I dont know.  Thoughts?


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Another short story question

The recent question about short stories reminded me about a short story that I have been trying to track down for about a decade. I originally read the story back in 7th grade (I'm 27 now) so I have no idea who wrote it or what the title is.

The gist of the story is that it takes place in the future where society is divided into Producers (adults with jobs) and Consumers (everyone else, but mostly kids). Since the consumers vastly outnumber the producers, kids are "encouraged" to kill each other off. In one scene the main character (a consumer) decides to get the mail, but to do that needs to crawl through a trench while the kid across the street fires a machine gun at him. He manages to survive by enlisting his brother to provide covering fire. The climax of the story takes place during a "football" game at school, where the game is played with grenades and artillery instead of a ball.

Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?

For a million dollars would you...

1.) Not utter a word for one year? If agreed, a device would be placed around your vocal cords, nullifying it temporarily. The device can be removed by you at any time, but cannot be re-attached.

2.) Agree to be locked in an 8x8 room for a year? An adjacent bathroom, which contains just a toilet and modest shower, is not part of the 8x8 room. Once agreed, you are locked in for a full year and monitored and can quit at any point.

3.) Be willing to relocate to a shabby second-world town somewhere in India for one year? You can take no one with you, can make no communication with the outside world. Various people in this town speak English. However, no modern amenities will be available, no indoor plumbing nor running water, no convenience stores. You will be innocuated against various diseases, so your health will not be in jeopardy.

4.) Undergo a surgery that would turn you and your parent of the opposite gender into conjoined twins for 2 months. The surgery is completey reversible with no ill effects. The connecting points are your right and his/her left hip, your right and his/her left arm, and your right and his/her left leg. You two share custody of the one leg and arm, so you'd have to take turns using it for your own needs. Things to consider: showering, public appearances, bathroom breaks, getting dressed, your love life and horniness (and their's), your normal activities (hanging out, surfing online) and having to do it with your parent.

5.) Agree to gain 300 lbs. All you have to do is weigh in before, then put on exactly two more bills and you get paid. You can take off the weight immediately afterwards, if you are able to

6.) Become paraplegic for 6 months? A serum is injected into your legs, rendering them numb and useless for half a year. After 180 days, the effects wear off with no adverse effects whatsoever. You will go back to living your life normally, except in a wheelchair. You cannot explain what actually happened (chance to win a million) and have to make up some excuse why you're in a chair. So, half a year of going back to work, school, church, whatever in a wheelchair.

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Without googling- can you think of a connection between waffles asnd Nike?

I can't, never heard of it until today, I have to write ad copy for one of their shoes for an assignment and it was brought up as their big 'unique selling point'... but no-one in the class knew about it.
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flame on!

I'm watching Sky High right now. It's really corny, and at most, only entertaining, yet I can't stop watching it.

So it inspired this question.

If you could have any 'super power', what would it be?

I've always wanted to be able to change into any animal, and also be able to communicate with whatever kind of animal I turned into. That would be so awesome.

minerva_fan brought this to mind (thanks)

when i was a child, i remember seeing "night of the living dead" and it scared me so bad that i could not see it again until i was a junior in high school...around the same age i saw "whatever happened to babyjane?" starring an ancient better davis in gruesome makeup, and an equally gruesome joan crawford...well, this one gave me such nightmares that to this day - i will not watch it...ever...i tried watching it again as an adult (about 15 yrs. ago), but it creeped me out so bad - i changed channels...even the one they redid and made for can do...
so, with this in mind, is there a movie that you absolutely cannot see because it scares you so?
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Don't know if this has been asked before and don't worry, they're all hypothetical questions...

1. Do you believe "once a cheater, always a cheater?" What if the person cheated when they were young (e.g. in high school)?

2. If you are in a relationship, is it over once the person cheats? At what point in a relationship would you be willing to think it over and try to work it out rather than just breaking up or ending things?

3. a. If you have been cheated on in the past, do you worry about your current significant other cheating (if you have one)?
b. To what extent?
c. Are you the really jealous type?
d. Do you ever snoop through your SO's things - email, phone, etc?

4. Would you be upset/jealous if your significant other went to a party/concert/whatever if you knew their ex would be present (even though other people would be there)? Would you let him/her know that you were upset?

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Is there a way for landlords to find out what happened at your last apartment?

My complex manager is mad at me cause my apartment isn't the cleanest thing ever. It's just messy, with things like clean clothes, and a bag from the store that's as-of-yet unpacked, it's not like it's dirty, or gross. I don't like it, but, being disabled, i can only do so much. I'm afraid, after what she said today, that she might try to kick me out. I would survive that, but i'm worried that it'll go on my credit or something, and i wont be able to get a new place that easily. I've never dealt with this before, this only being my second apartment, and the first one i just moved out of when my lease was up.

Any help i can get would be great, thanks in advance.
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At a prayer service... do you wear black?
Let's back track, yesterday, this guy in my class who got into a really bad car accident, in short, he's brain dead and on life support. His mom is flying in from England to pull the plug. So we're holding a prayer service... now, I know you're sopposed to wear black at a funeral, but he's technically not dead... so yeah.

edit: It was just confirmed that they pulled the plug. So I'm wearing black right?

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Do you know anyone who has forced their child/was forced as a child to stop being left-handed? What was the reason?

What is the main reason that some people today still look down on being left-handed?

Is being left or right handed something you are born with that cannot be changed? How exactly is it established? If you are naturally inclined to do everything with your left hand, will that inclination always be there no matter how you teach yourself to use the right hand or does it "disappear" once you've made yourself right-handed?

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Does anyone know of any websites dedication to fashion? Specifically models, photographers, makeup artists, etc.

If you're confused about what I'm talking about, check out and I'm looking for sites like that.

I've tried Google, but it's just giving me porn and career opportunities.
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rent pedestrian (excessive extra)

to anyone who has seen the movie version of rent:

in the scene where collins and angel get off the subway and start some song (i believe it was about living in angel's house), did anyone notice one girl in the backdrop who tried to get into every single shot?

she was wearing a hat and gloves and carrying a messenger bag and she was wandering back and forth across the screen and chasing them down. there was one part in the song where collins & angel break out into a light run all down the block and when they pan out the girl is STILL RIGHT BEHIND THEM.
it was ridiculous. does anyone have a picture of this?
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What kids' movies give you the creeps? You know, the ones everybody loves but still give you nightmares after all these years?

My first is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I so cannot watch that movie (not the original and definitely not the remake) without cringing and wanting to take a scalding hot shower. Creeps the heck out of me. The Oompah-Loompahs are tools of Evil, and every one of those nasty kids reminds me why therapy should be provided free of charge until the age of 21.

The other one I can never watch is The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Personally, I find the residents of Whoville just as eerily terrifying as the Grinch himself, and that little dog with the reindeer antlers just makes me fear for the collective sanity of Western society.

Anybody got any others?

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Based on an assignment from my political process class:

What is something you thing every teenager should know before graduating high school?

What about something that I could fairly easily teach to the class in 5 to 10 minutes?
These ideas are all things I agree with, but mostly would be quite difficult to teach.
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introspective. Holiday memories.

Some questions . . .

1) Do you ever just think about certain memories just to make yourself sad? Not like balling like a baby kinda sad, but just a little melancholy.

2) What are those things that you think of? (if you answered yes to question one.)

3) A little more holiday oriented, how about your favorit holiday memory?

4) What is your ideal Christmas gift? (giving or getting, or both) :)

My answers under the cut!

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whats a dumpling?

what is it made of?

have you ever had one?

did you like it?

do you know any jehovas witnesses?

Are they annoying?

What if your family converted and you didn't want to? would you accept them and their beliefs?

*if you are in school what is your last day before holiday break?

*why is thanksgiving celebrated in october in canada?

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My friend would like to know "Do you know if it's possible for me to set my mail program to check my gmail account?"

He uses a Mac and his account is set at which he says is his Internet service provider, if that helps.

long shot.....

I keep getting mails from someone I don't want to, and I know it's because he has my name on his 'friends' e-mail list. BAH!!

Is there any way in which I could 'reject' his mails into my hotmail that he actually KNOWS they have been rejected??

(no subject)

I have to write a 10 page paper on a 5-10 verse passage on a Bible passage in the Old Testament where I analyze it, do a word study, and quote scholars on its importance. Any suggestions on a passage?

(no subject)

What would you do if your family thought your fiance was abusing you, refused to listen to you about the situation, and insisted that you make a choice between them and him?

My fiance is NOT abusing me, for the record, and I love both my family and him very much.

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Inspired by an earlier post...

Do you think that homosexuality is genetic?
If you want to be gay, you can be gay, and if you don't want to, you don't have to, ect.
Different theory (specify)

Also inspired by recent feelings...
I am young, still, but I think that I might be a lesbian because no relationship works out and I never really find myself 100% attracted to any male. I ignore pretty much any feelings I have for girls, because I do NOT want to be gay, but I seriously feel like every fiber in my body is saying YOU LIKE GIRLS. I dont want to?
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(no subject)

Okay, so. I got a (HIDEOUS) ball of free yarn in the mail today, and I'd like to make catnip balls for some of the animal shelters. Question is, do they want their cats having catnip stuff? I can just as easily make regular balls for them to attack, but I'd like to add catnip to it. Is there a general rule about this, or just something I'd have to call the shelters about?
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Meta - Berries

movie titles to movies I watched too long ago

1) Does anyone know which movie this quote is from? I tried google already, but no luck.

"my name is laura and I'm an alcoholic"

It's from some movie I vaguely remember watching like...7 years ago on City TV. I think basically there's this girl whose name is Laura *surprise surprise* and then she goes to some rehab place for a supposed alchol problem.

2) Also, does anyone know the title of a movie where this girl runs away from home to end up performing with a "diving" horse" in a circus-type place? At one point in the movie she ends up losing her vision because of an accident while diving or something.

1 more to go ^_^
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(no subject)

1. If you got married after losing your virginity, would you wear a white wedding dress?

2. If you had a child before marriage, would you still wear a white wedding dress?

3. If you attended a wedding where you knew the bride was not a virgin, but was wearing white, would you think it was odd?

4. If you attended a wedding where the bride had a child and was wearing white, would you think it was odd?

5. What color, in alternative to white, do you think makes a good wedding dress? (that would still be obvious as a wedding dress and not just look like a prom dress or something)

6. Does it annoy you when someone stops the microwave with, like, 3 seconds remaining and just LEAVES it with :03 on the clock?
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DDR Mario Mix

Does anyone know where I can find the DDR Mario Mix for the gamecube? My cousin wants to get one for her son, but can't find it anywhere. It appears to be out of stock everyehere she's tried online and it's not in any stores here (eastern Connecticut) or here (southern illinois) does anyone know where we can find one. Oh, and not on ebay.
where home was

(no subject)

does it really bother anyone else here when people respond to comments as new comments? even though it isn't deliberate, it makes me cringe! i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it!

other livejournal pet peeves?
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Hand over the CHOCOLATE and nobody gets hurt! =P

1. Are you a chocolate fiend?

2. What types of chocolate do you like the best?

3. What chocolate confectionery manufacturer do you like the best?

4. What do you like in your chocolate? (fruits, nuts, berries, grasshoppers, etc)

5. What don't you like in your chocolate?

I have an ulterior motive for this post. ;) I'm trying to see what other kinds of chocolate goodies I can score during PMS time!
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(no subject)

I have to memorize the Hebrew Alphabet (recite and write it) for one of my classes. Does anyone know any kid's songs that will help with memorizing it? What would be the best method to memorize it?

(no subject)

I have a Kodak Easyshare z740 digital camera and a printer dock for it. Yesterday it was working beautifully but today when I put it on the dock to transfer pictures onto my computer it says "Transfer Interrupted Reason: There is insufficient space to complete to operation" There is plenty of room on my computer, Ive reinstalled the software and Ive searched Kodaks site for an answer. Any takers?
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(no subject)

What are some things you prefer to do by yourself that some people have a hard time understanding?
There are a lot of things that I prefer to do alone that the majority of people can't seem to understand. For me it's mainly shopping, and going to the movies. I ask because I went to see Bright Eyes on friday and saturday by myself and when people found out they thought that it was completely bizarre that I actually wanted to go alone.
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Random questions

1. What are your feelings on the HRC?  I'm asking from an activist's standpoint...have you ever worked with them?  How do you feel about their approach?  Generally I am all for an organization working for equal rights, but a couple times I've been caught off-guard by people's ("people" in general, no one specific) negative comments about the HRC.

2.  What are you currently reading?

3.  When you're in your car, do you prefer to listen to the radio or cds?  Do you listen to just one station or many?  Do you make mix cds specifically for in the car?

4.  What genre is the band They Might Be Giants considered to be in?  I always heard of them in the context of alternative bands, but a lot of their stuff seems to be for kids too...

5.  Do you tend to prefer odd numbers or even numbers or do you not have any preference?

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Christmas Music

What are some good Christmas songs (AND the names of whoever sings them)?

I always have trouble finding decent remakes of the classic songs because every artist wants to put his/her own 'spin' on the song (i.e. adding notes where there where none, etc.).

The CD will be for my mom who is in her 50's, so I'd rather not put things like "Platinum Bells" by Destiny's Child on it.

Thank you so much. :)
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$ $ $

will credit companies/collection agencies sue you if you don't pay your bill? my friend told me that she didn't pay her credit card bill for over a year and they finally wrote her off as a "loss" after calling her for about a year. how common is this? we are both pretty poor college students living on grants, loans, scholarships, and part time jobs and don't really get help from our parents.
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(no subject)

For all of you who own pets-

What pets do you have, and how many? [feel free to share pics if you like] How much time do you spend on taking care of them? How much money do you approx spend, and on what, to keep them?

I only have a dwarf hamster right now, and I do want other pets - but 1) I am still a student and I don't exactly have that much money to spend on keeping pets. and 2) if I would want to go on vacation or a trip or something I don't know what I should do - bring them? have friends/pet sitters/etc watch them? so any tips for me or if anyone are also poor students with pets - what do you do?