November 27th, 2005

Splurge v. Steal Spreads in Magazines

1. Can you tell the difference?
2. Do you usually prefer one style or the other? You always prefer splurge or you always pick steal? Based on price or looks? Be honest!
3. If you had the money would you always splurge?

Unrelated: Just got a One-Touch Maxtor external hard drive -- Having trouble setting it up so it always backs up certain folders. We click on the setup button but nothing happens. We've already checked the website. Thanks.

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What sorts of recent books would you recommend for an 11-year-old tomboy? My little sister loves fantasy and such, but she's already read all the ones I liked at her age. She hates girly things and isn't at the age where she's interested in books about boys and relationships.

Collapse ) Should I get him a gift? I wouldn't want to get something from him and have nothing ready in return, but I also wouldn't want to make him feel guilty if he doesn't actually buy me a gift.
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Does anyone know what the minimum working age is in Australia?

I've looked everywhere and some sites say 14 and 9 months, some say 15, some say there's no minimum age but most companies won't employ under-15s...


Edit: Thanks!
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Quick question. When i was just updating my journal, i accidentally clicked something towards the bottom of my screen. A bunch of icons appeared inbetween the subject line and where you write your entries. These icons were for changing the size, color etc of font and what not without using html. I cant seem to find them again and i have NO idea how it happened. Any ideas on how to get them again? Anyone else had this happen?

EDIT- Answered! Thanks a bunch :-)
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defogging a car?

I have a 97 jetta. I LOVE my car. Except that if it's 40 or below outside I pretty much can't drive safely, due to the inside windows fogging up and killing my field of vision. I've tried turning on the A/C, even though it freezes me; I've tried turning on the heater both low and high settings; I've tried leaving the vents open so outside air comes in; I've tried not turning the A/C or heater on at all.

Nothing works (except leaving my two front-seat windows open, which, when it gets down below freezing outside, is just not an option). It's so bad I have to drive with a squeegee in one hand and constantly wipe the windows, which is not safe for driving but I've got to get to work somehow!

Do/did you have this problem? Can you offer any advice for stopping it?
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jogging and zoning

two questions:

1-in Los Angeles, CA there is a zoning law that prohibits teaching yoga out of your home. Does this law also apply for teaching dance out fo your home??

2- I've just started jogging [read:today] and i do the whole walk, then power walk then jog a little bit then power walk, jog, power walk, etc. my question is: what is teh best way to keep from getting out of breath? i've heard that you should inhale for 4 counts and exhale for 4 seems to help but my lungs still feel like their on fire.

thank you!
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Money and the way your family brought you up

How did your family bring you up in regards to money and the way you spend, save and earn it?
(For example, did your parents buy you everything and give you spending money and not encourage you to work? Did they make you get a job once you were of legal working age? Something in between?)

If you are from a family where you had to work and save for anything that you wanted, how do you feel about people who have everything handed to them? Say for example you've been working since you were 15 and have had to pay for your own clothes, prescriptions, doctor appointments - pretty much everything except food - and your college education. Let's say you're in college right now and working full-time to help pay it off. How would you feel about someone who is in college full-time and doesn't have to work because his or her parents give him or her money?

What about the opposite situation. If you are from a family whose parents gave them everything and you never had to work for anything or worry about money, what do you think about people who have to save and have to work harder? Or people who buy things that aren't expensive and aren't always the nicest things? Or people who are always worried or stressed about money?

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I have a green sweatshirt that I got a splotch of paint on. How do I get the paint out?

I have a wireless keyboard and one of the option is being able to change the volume with it. It was working before when I first got he computer, and now when I push on it nothing happens. I am assuming I need to set up the shortcuts, but how do I do that?
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Anyone have a cure / remedy for aching feet? I've just started a new job and mostly I have been wrking 4hr shifts, tomorrow this goes up to a full day! *gulp* can anyone reccommend anything i can do or buy to help my aching feet? I've found something called Antistax for aching legs but thats not really a problem.

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anyone know how to take off a update ?

i updated real player figuring it would make it better and the comp can handle it, but now it's messing everything up.

any ideas?

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So... This is a bit of an odd question.

I'm 5'6" and my boyfriend is 5'8". I need to be really really careful about shoes I wear because I hate being taller than him. I love being able to look up at him, and the instant I put shoes on I can't really do that.
So, can abybody give me a nice website where I can order shoes and they're not all things that add, like, 5 inches? Flats = good for moi.

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Okay, i have a chair that's at least 6 years old, although it hasn't been used all that time. It's getting a bit wobbly. I still feel safe sitting or standing in it, but... pretty much all the joints are loose.
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Also! Every Ben I know is whiny and angsty(which is amusing ebcause one actually makes fun of emo kids). Every David I know is really bad with girls(ie very gay closet case, ex fiance hates him). For you! "All the (NAME)s I know are (ADJECTIVE)."
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What are some things to look for when shopping for a set of luggage?

How much would you pay for a good set of luggage?

If you needed luggage, what places would be on your list to shop at?
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transmission flush and fake plants

When we bought our secondary car (a little over two months ago - we've only put like 60 miles on it since then), we took it to our mechanic to be inspected first. He had mentioned that the transmission would need to be flushed in the near future. Is this something we can do ourselves? I imagine it's really just draining and completely replacing the fluid. And I know when you change your own oil, you can take it places to be recycled/properly disposed of afterwards - so I would think there's something similar for transmission fluid. Bueller?

I got a fake ficus tree to fill a corner in our living room yesterday. The problem is that corner is (quite unexpectedly) housing a Christmas tree right now. And I have no where else to put it until after the holiday season (believe me, I tried everywhere). Out of frustration and lack of space, I stuck it out on my balcony. Will it be ok there? I live in northern GA so it shouldn't get iced or snowed on and if it does, it'll only be a little. Thoughts?
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I make lists...

I will be moving from my parents house in Florida to an apartment in Chicago with two of my friends. I am buying a bed and having it shipped and same with a tv. I make list for everything I do, because I am always afraid to leave or forget something. So with that being said what should my list include...other than the obvious; clothes, bedding, and hygiene products? Also, my friends are already living in the apartment but I don't want to move until after the holidays so they have alot of the things. I am more concerned with my person things and needs that need to be added to the list.
Thanks in advance. :)

My Question...

This may be a really weird question, but I want to know the answer once and for all. :)

Can cows pick up one of their back legs and scratch behind their ears?

I could swear that I saw one do it when my mom and I drove by some cow pastures, but of course, we couldn't stop and look. I've gotten many different answers/opinions on this issue. lol
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Printer margin problems

For some reason my printer (HP LaserJet 1300) always screws up the bottom margin of pages. It ignores it completely, no matter if I print from the browser or from MS Word, and often times the bottom-most line of the text I'm printing is partially cut off, sometimes so much that you can't read what it says. I'm sure It's not the paper I'm using because it's the largest size that can fit in there.. so...

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this and how to fix it?

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1. Have you ever banned a bunch of people from your 'friends' and 'friend of' list all at once before?
2. How many and for what reason(s) (if it was something personal you don't have to answer)?
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(no subject)

1. does anyone know how difficult it is for a native english speaker (with previous foreign language acquisition experience) to learn russian?

2. i have a roommate who's a nice enough guy, but my other roommate and i aren't really good friends with him, should i buy him a gift for christmas?

3. would you answer that racial stereotyping question below if the poster allowed you to comment in the post instead of sending an email? the post in question was deleted.

4. what do you think of the prospect of hillary rodham clinton running for president?

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AH! My computer keeps saying "Your computer is infected with SpyWare!" and that it is critically low on disk space. I've run the disk cleanup a couple times but it didn't help.
Is there something I should download?

p.s. computer please don't crash!
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If your significant other was going on a trip to another country for more than two years with an aid-oriented group and you couldn't go, would you remain in a relationship with them until they got back or move on?
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Mattress Questions

I’m moving into my new apartment next weekend, and I’m shopping for a new bed because, well, I need a place to sleep, and the bed in my room in my parents’ house is old and worn out. I am completely clueless about mattresses, though, so I hope someone with mattress-shopping experience can answer some questions!

1. How much should I plan to spend on a mattress? I can afford to buy a good mattress that will be comfortable and last a long time, but I don’t want to spend more money than is necessary to get a good one.

2. What are the best brands of mattresses? I know that Simmons Beauty Rest is supposed to be good (that’s the kind with the individually pocketed coils). However, I thought that the main benefit to the Simmons mattresses is that the other person doesn’t get disturbed when one person moves, and since I expect to be sleeping alone for the foreseeable future, that’s not particularly important.

3.How do I tell if a mattress feels right? I went mattress shopping today and looked at Simmons Beauty Rest and Sealy Posturepedic mattresses. I lay down on at least a dozen different mattresses, and I couldn’t really say that any was significantly more comfortable than the others. It’s hard to tell in 2 minutes how a mattress would feel to sleep on all night, every night.

4. What should I do? I have to make a decision by tomorrow (Monday) afternoon in order to get it delivered on move-in day. Right now, the decision is really between a Simmons and a Sealy. The Simmons is about $200 more, but if it really is better, that’s not really much money over the course of 10-15 years. However, there’s also the decision on whether I’m ready to make a decision now, or whether I should do more shopping and thinking about it before I pick one.
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(no subject)

1. You know how cakes in restaurants are sliced and they have a thin piece of paper in between the slices... how do they get the paper in there?

2. What's your favorite kind of cheesecake?

3. Are you more likely to lose your patience with someone of they have really bad breath?

4. Were any of you cloth diapered as a baby? Do you think that would make you more inclined to cloth diaper if you had kids?

5. Do any of you naturally have an outie belly button? Are you self-conscious about it? If you don't, do you know anybody who does?

5b. What the heck makes an outie belly button anyway?

6. I work in the advertising department at a newspaper that gives FREE weekly issues, and is also downloadable online. Sometimes I think the ads or pictures for ads are funny so I post them in my journal to show my friends. Is that legal? I mean, it's free and downloadable anyway, so it should be legal, right?
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Computer games

What computer games would you recommend for someone who hasn't played a computer game since Civilization 2 and a video game since FFVIII? I got a new computer almost a year ago and now I'm itching to put a game or two on it. I love RPG's but I'm not sure if I'm ready for a MMORPG.

So any suggestions?
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(no subject)

1. Describe the person/people you consider to be worst person (or people) you've ever known. What made them so bad?

2. You know those sleeveless shirts that men wear... why are they called "wife-beaters?" Is it because they conjure up a stereotype of a spouse-abusing redneck or something? What is their proper name?
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Are there any good places for random chat that aren't full of people phishing for cyber and are free? I'd prefer local (yahoo chat doesn't allow user rooms anymore and doesn't have a room for my location.)

(no subject)

How do you know if you actually like a guy, or you just like cuddling with him, and hearing him say sweet things to you, and the fact that he thinks you're beautiful when you're at your most scrubby? How do you know you just don't miss that attention and you actually like him?
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(no subject)

Okay, I really really want a pink christmas tree. weird? i know. anywyas, i have looked and all i can find is this one but its only small. i want a BIG one! So, can anyone point me in the direction of a big pink tree OR let me know if spray painting a normal one would be possible? I'm more than willing to do this and would be so grateful if you could help me out. I just don't know if spray paint would 'stick' if you know what I mean. All would be fine had I kept my old tree then I could just test it out myself. But I threw it out.

Hope someone can help!

Have a lovely Pink christmas!

Thanks xxxx

eta - i forgot to say, i'm in scotland
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Is it unhealthy to eat a chocolate bar everyday?

I generally eat quite healthy but I seem to crave chocolate everyday and end up eating a chocolate bar every night.

I also don't drink pop or sugary juices so I probably don't consume as much sugar as the average person.
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(no subject)

Would you have sex with someone who's a virgin and you only think is decent looking? What if you don't really know them that well?

(This is, in fact, a rhetorical question. Just so you know.)
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Clothing Question

Last year I was lucky enough to find me a long sleeeve fishnet shirt that fit me. I love it to death since it goes great with a bunch of different things and when I'm cold I can throw it on under just a regular shirt to warm me up, like I'm doing now since heat is damn expensive. The only problem is I own just one. This leads me to my question.

Does anyone know or have any suggestions for where I could look for a fishnet shirt in plus sizes? I'm not picky about the styles or colours, I just really would appericiate any suggestions at all.

Thx and hopefully maybe I'll get some replies to this :)
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(no subject)

Where would be a good place to get a sweater vest? I've looked at American Apparel, Gap, and Old Navy so far and no luck. I don't want it too big (I wear a men's medium most comfortably) but not too fitted, either. Any ideas?

Got one, never mind about that.

New question: Would 'Yule Ball' be a good thing for a winter school dance? I, personally, think it would be pretty damn amazing, but I'm biased.
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I need to read some good fantasy/sci-fi novels for Literature class. By June we have to have read 7 novels of a specific theme and my theme is fantasy/sc-fi. So far I have read Deerskin by Robin McKinley, Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, and The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide by Douglas Adams. So my question is what are some of your favorite fantasy/sci-fi books? I could really use the recommendations since I'm at a bit of a loss for what to read next.
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(no subject)

1. So I watched Rent this weekend and loved it absolutely. I have never seen the play and am curious to find out what scenes and songs were left out of the movie. So, any helpful Rentheads here?

2. What did you think of Rosario Dawson's singing (a. if you've never seen/heard the original Mimi, b. if you've only seen/heard the movie)? How'd she hold up next to the Rent vets? b - I thought she was fabulous. Surprisingly fabulous. I had only heard her sing in The Pussycats movie and... well, it's not like she had anything to work with. Besides, she was a backup singer.

3. Have you ever been alone at Christmas? What were the circumstances? I think I may be alone this Christmas. I'm looking for empathy.

4. What does "mangia" mean? I know it's Italian. Is it slang? What for?

5. What's the biggest age range ever between you and someone you've slept with?

6. Are you a hockey fan? Ever been to one of your team's home games? What happens when your team scores a goal on their home turf? Here at the Calgary Flames' Saddledome these bursts of fire go off and light up the entire arena. You can feel the heat from wherever you are too. It's amazing.

7. Do you have brothers or sisters? What's your relationship with them right now? Non-existent? Thicker than thieves?

ETA: #4. Okay, the context I heard it in was from the movie Kissing Jessica Stein. A woman is writing a personal ad seeking women. Her friend is helping her with it and suggests that she puts "looking for friendship or more". Her friend says that this way she'll have access to all the bicurious girls as well but she says she doesn't want virgins. Then he says something about virgins and how they're "mangia". So, something sexual obviously. I'm just not understanding exactly what he means and it's bothering me.
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Laptop query - long I know....

My laptop, after almost two years of wonderful service, is playing up. I only use it for university work and usually work from a USB drive. However, the laptop has been freezing up when in use and keeps showing "Operating System" not found when I start it up. Sometimes it takes two or three attempts to get it started.

The final straw came when I was working a final draft of an essay and the laptop froze. I found it usually began working after a few minutes. When I tried to save it, it wouldn't let me save the file. So I closed the document and the entire file vanished from my laptop. I'm not stupid and I know I didn't accidentally hit delete or anything like that. Since then I've been scared to use it in case I loose anymore work.

Another thing is that it has been getting very hot when in use and has been making a weird clunking/grinding sound. Also, it seemed to work fine when I was using it on battery power but started playing up again when I plugged it into the mains (due to the battery running low).

So, does anyone have a clue what could be wrong with it? Is it a problem with the charger or does it lie with the actual laptop?

Any help/advice is much appreciated!
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(no subject)

Do you have any tips for someone who is thinking of selling stuff on ebay?

Do you ever have the problem of having miscellaneous bleach spots/streaks show up on your clothing? If so do you have any idea what they could be from? I dont use bleach and I cant think of any products that I have that could make them.
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(no subject)

I've noticed a trend around a few different issues, both here in TQC and in other LJ I thought I'd ask:

How many of you hate one or both of your parents?


Your age? (Or range of years)
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(no subject)

I'm moving next month and I hate moving.

Any packing/moving tips? Any settling in new place tips too?

I want to do it as easily as possible.

[I live on the third floor and new apt is on third floor too - and no elevators, blah]

(no subject)

sorry for the number of questions..this is the last.

Ive searched google but anyone know the percentage of christians especially or religious affiliated people that are in the government? The Top Dogs, Senate, Congress, Cabinet?