November 25th, 2005

So good in bed

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To any Canadian who's ever ordered something from

Were you charged any duties or CODs? (I'm trying to figure out if standard shipping is worth it, or if I should just go with the much cheaper economy...)
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Have you ever moved to another state?
How did it go for you?
Did you have a job first, or move and hope for the best?
What state are you in?
Do you like the state you live in?

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What movie is this?

The big deal was that the (2 hr long?) movie was shot in one continuous roll.
I think a ball was going on, like a European affair way back when they had those lovely extravagent dresses and such.
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Jackie Chan fans?

Help! My cousins and I were watching a Jackie Chan movie last night, and since we were at our uncle’s, who doesn’t have Comcast or a TV guide, we have no idea what it was called.

I only saw part of it, but it seemed to have been shot in Australia or New Zealand, and Jackie looked quite young (though it’s hard to place him, time-wise anyway). All the scenes between him and another Chinese character had obviously been filmed in Chinese and then dubbed over later. All the non-Chinese actors were obviously Australians or New Zealanders.

There was a scene where Jackie was chased around an expensive high-rise home, and another where he was being chased through a Chinese New Year’s parade. He also fought a bunch of bad guys using a metal ladder.

Any help? I’m very curious and IMDB isn’t helping any. :-)

Edit: magp solved it! First Strike.

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I'm helping my dad with a party he's throwing for people from his work. It's just sort of a social hang around and chat kinda deal, not a formal dinner party.

Anyway, we're trying to figure out what appetizer-like foods we can have around. He said that he wants enough types of food that people can snack around while they're at our house and feel like they've had enough.

Do you have any ideas for what kind of appetizers we should make?

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this has come up and I'm curious what others think.

Let's say you fall for someone who already has a child and everything is going great except you find out that they don't want anymore kids and you do. Would you still go on with the relationship or would that end things?

A few questions

First off, is it snowing where you live?
Second, if it does snow by you, or even if it doesn't, what's your initial reaction to snow?
Third, if you're not a Christian do Christmas decorations/sales/specials/whatnot annoy you? Does the fact that they call them 'holiday' decorations/sales/specials/whatnot make it worse, or better?

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01. What is on everyone's Christmas wishlist?

02. If I bought a sewing machine from Walmart about 2 monthes ago and opened it and used it only once, will they let me return it? I have the receipt.

03. Any idea what I can get these people for Christmas?

-My boyfriend (Really likes to watch TV -- Family Guy, Dave Chapelle, anything Comedy Central.. Loves to hunt!) I don't want to get the usual cologne.. I was thinking maybe the season DVDs of Family Guy and the new movie?

-BFs mother (NO IDEA!) Seriously, I have no idea..

-Mother (Lovesssss golf)

-Stepmother (Hairstylist? I have no idea anything else she likes to do)

I don't really have a lot of cash this year, so can't really buy anything big.

Any ideas?
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Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer...

Or to be more accurate, Spooky the glowing-antlered non-reindeer.
Yesterday, while visiting my aunt and uncle for Thanksgiving, they told us that they had seen a deer with glowing antlers.
It was a week or so ago, and they were watching the deer at the feeder. They live in a sort-of country area, so they get a nice little herd of deer. This time they noticed one that wasn't from their usual herd.
At first they thought he was a mule deer because he seemed to have the big ule deer ears, but when they got the binoculars they found that he has low, sort of flattish antlers.
It was evening, getting dark, and the deer's antlers seemed to be shining. They assumed it was just the setting sun shining on them, until the deer moved into the shade of the trees. His antlers were actually glowing.
They said that he didn't stay long but they could tell his antlers were glowing VERY brightly, though I don't think they mentioned if they were glowing any sort of color or just white.
Edit: Ok, mom corrected me on that. They were definitely glowing white.
They haven't seen him since and they didn't have time to get their camera, so alas, no pictures.

So, can anyone tell me what would cause a deer to have glow-in-the-dark antlers?
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A cash discount of $110 on an invoice for $5,500 represents a percentage cash discount of:

1. 0.02%
2. 2%
3. 12%
4. 22%

I put 2% but according to the answer key it's 0.02%, can anyone help explain why? I tried to find it online but I can't, is there a special rule for cash discounts? Damn, I thought I knew percents.
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yahoo mail

I'm having trouble logging into my Yahoo email account, but it's only on my computer. (It works fine on my dad's.) When I try to sign in on the main Yahoo email page and click on 'sign in', the next page (after I've put in my username and password) shows up as 'page could not be displayed'. This only started on Wednesday and is only on my computer. Anyone have any clues as to why this might be happening?

Thank you!

EDIT: It's fixed! :) My dad helped me out...somehow the combination of clearing the history, cookies, etc. (like you all suggested), and doing a disk cleanup worked. Thanks!
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Homosexual Marriage

I realize America's 'seperation of church and state' is a joke (please see our currency for proof), however, I thought of something last night that really, really bothered me : IF it is supposed to be enforced, and people say marriage is a religious state, how can the government define marriage? Has no one brought this up in the arguement against the ban on homosexual unions? WTF?!

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01. Ladies: Does your face tend to break out during the early stages of pregnancy?

02. How do you know when you're in love? I know I'll probably get replies along the lines of "You just know..", but HOW do you 'just know?' I mean, what does it feel like?

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How common is it for someone who does not resist an armed robber (does everything the robber asks) to be hurt/murdered anyway?

I'm trying to find even ANY statistic on this but all I'm getting is general casualties associated with armed robberies with no mention of whether the person resisted or not.

Long shot maybe, but does anyone know where I can find the above statistic, or something like it (e.g., number of instances where someone who resisted was attacked, number of instances where someone who resisted was NOT attacked, etc)?

some really random questions

1) Any of you guys natural red heads? I loovvee my hair color, but im dying to do something to it. Definetely not dye the whole thing, but streaks of any color really or something. Any suggestions? Because some colors wouldnt look that good on redheads i wouldnt think, but im no expert on hair coloring since my hair is already a different color. (heres a pic- - its like 2 yrs old, but my hair is around that length now, though its layered more now).

2) Do you have a strange voicemail/answering machine message? What does it say?

3) Do you read any webcomics? If so, which ones?

4) Have you seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail and NOT liked it?
:) (:
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What's your favorite classic Christmas song?
- cover of a classic Christmas song?
- modern Christmas song (that's not a cover)?

AAAAND. If you use Blingo, have you won anything yet? I'm getting FRUSTRATED.