November 24th, 2005

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Say it's late, you're bored, you've got a drink or so in you, you're online, and you've got sex on the brain. You're not horny, but your in the mood for sexual stuff. What site would you go to?

Not in the mood for porn tonigh. Looking for something rather more... artful? Erotica? Or some place where I can pick up some nice tips to use on my boy the next time I see him?
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Ever heard the term National Geographic Boobs? I guess the women on there have learned to love theirs, but I view myself as afflicted with ngb.

Have you ever dated someone with this type of breasts? Are you repulsed by it? I'm merely 20 and I can hold pencils between the underside of my breasts and my stomach; my nipples are angled downward. I absolutely loathe my breasts; I'm worried no one will ever find me sexy or attractive.

Thinking back to the dealbreaker question awhile back... is this one for you?
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I'm at school 500 miles from home. Because I worked tonight, and I'll be working on Saturday, I couldn't go home for thanksgiving.

1) What should I do what I'm here alone?

I'm kinda considering getting a little turkey and making that, just so I feel a little like I'm a part f the fesivities.

2) Would tomorrow morning be too late to get a turkey?

EDIT: My official poll
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It's christmas timeee.....

Okay - Hard drive personal opinion.
80GB - 5400 RPM or 60GB - 7200 RPM ?

And RAM-wise, because I'm ignorant.
What's the diffrence between "512MB DDR PC-2700 at 333MHz - 2x256 SO-DIMM" and "512MB DDR PC-2700 at 333MHz - 1x512MB SO-DIMM"?
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Have you ever been sleeping with your SO, and they happend to say their ex's name (or someone they/you know) in their sleep, followed by such things as moaning, or "yeah.. yeah, baby," etc... to make you think their dream is being sexual?

What happened? Did they remember the dream?

No, it's not happened to me at all - just wondered about it. :)
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modified a file in a wavepad program(sound mixing program)is there a way to modify it so it can play without this program?


also-anyone know how to shrink the size of a file?
like 17,220 kb to like 70kb?
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Cookie help

I'm making cookies I saw in a little magazine (the kind you get at the checkout) Simply Better Holiday Cookies and they have some that look like they're completely covered in icing. It says to "glaze" them but I'm a little confused. How exactly am I supposed to do this? Dip the cookies in the icing? I can paint them if that might work, I have paint brushes I use to make chocolate.

Thoughts? I need to finish these in about two hours.
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1) What's the best program for downloading tv shows?

2) My brother, who is 17, has lived here (Australia) all of his life. but he has a noticeable non-Australian accent. his vowels are a lot more nasal but in a rounded, deep way... I'm not quite sure what else it is but he definately sounds different. almost every time he meets someone new they ask him where he is from (they've suggested South Africa, New Zealand, France, everywhere except America or Asia really.). it's definitely not affected because he's had it since he was little and it gets stronger when he's upset ("NOUW!" instead of "NO!". it's very funny.)

We were half-raised by our Latvian grandmother who has a very strong accent (and she says certain words like him), although we never learnt Latvian. but that couldn't stay with him, could it? I know people who heard English for the first time when they were 9 and they don't have an accent.

is it a speech impediment that sounds completely accent-y?

does anyone else have something like this?

it's really weird for my brother to explain to everyone he meets, we've never heard of something like it.


1. Have you ever taken out a loan? What was it for?

2. How do you feel about debt, and owing the bank money? Does it bother you or are you happy to live with it?

3. Do you have a credit card? Do you use it responsibly?

4. If you were to marry somebody who had debt, would it piss you off that you had to pay off debt that isn't yours? What if the debt was left over from their previous marriage?
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harry potter questions, NOT RELATED TO THE MOVIE

What house was Dumbledore in when he went to Hogwarts?

Are the Creevey brothers American? In the books they are (I think) but in the films they're not. It always seemed weird to me that there would be any American students because shouldn't there be a wizarding school in the states, if there's one in France and one in Bulgaria...?

There are 280 students at the school (5 boys and 5 girls in each of 4 houses for each of 7 years). Why is it so freaking huge?

Why is everything (in the films) run by all sorts of crazy gears and mechanics? I would figure they can make things move by magic and would be a lot less intricately mechanized than it all looks in the movies, ya know?

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For Christmas, I want to buy my parents a digital camera. I want to get them one that is relatively simple to use, one that you don't need a computer for. That is, one that you can just connect to a photo printer (which I would also buy) just click print. Any suggestions on a specific camera, or on what to look for when I'm buying one?

Have you ever bought anything from
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engagement advice

Hi, I'm looking for some advice-my birthday was the 19th November and I got engaged on it-my partner bought me a ring and proposed. His birthday is 8th December and I'm thinking of buying him an engagement ring for it-but is that a really weird thing to do?
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Does anyone here have Gabriel & Dresden's version of Motorcycle's "As The Rush Comes" from Nip/Tuck? If you have it, would you mind IMing it to me?

I can't find it anywhere.
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1) Did you know tomorrow is Buy Nothing Day? Will you buy nothing?

2) You know how in English we have words that when written backwards, actually make another word (like "God" backwards is "dog," and "live" is "evil") - well in Chinese or Japanese, are there any cases where you flip a character upsidedown that it means something else?
Or does anyone know of something similar in some other non-Roman alphabet using language?
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Do any of you wear a ring on your left ring finger that could resemble an engagement ring but isn't one? Does it symbolize anything or do you just like the ring and just like it on that finger?

My sister's boyfriend gave her an "I love you" ring that she wears on her ring finger and people ALWAYS ask her if she's engaged but she's not. It seems like that would get annoying.

I've worn rings on that finger but they never resembled an engagement ring so nobody ever thought that...

Oh yeah and my ex's sister wears a "virginity" ring on that finger because she's 23 now and wants to save herself for marriage.
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Hair? (the song, that is)

I was wondering if anyone out there could possible help me find a specific version of the song "Hair" from the musical of the same name. The version I'm looking for can be heard with this Harry Potter fan-made music video (it's cute, I promise). I did manage to find a couple of versions of the song, but I don't like them as much as this one so I really, really want this one. Anyone know where I can find it? Thanks!
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So. Would You?

This is the first question I've had pop into my head that I've gone "Hmm, I wonder what thequestionclub would say!"

So, here's the situation. You know that OMG-I'M-SO-IN-LOVE feeling, that feeling that gets referred to as "the honeymoon period" in romantic relationships? Yeah, that. Anyway, the deal with that is that you've discovered how to bottle it. What's the catch? If you bottle it up, you're taking away from your own stock of it. It's a limited quantity, not infinite. You can make MILLIONS from this--but it may make your relationship significantly less fun.

So. Would you bottle and sell it, or keep it all to yourself? You have to pick between the two extremes, not "Well, I'd sell a little bit and keep some for myself." That defeats the purpose. Also note that if you bottle/sell it, you'll still be able to feel it later down the road, when/if you get into another brand-new relationship.