November 23rd, 2005


Ok, so I just watched four episodes of the first season of Lost this evening and I noticed that although the guys are all stubble-y none of the girls' eyebrows have grown back in. Does this make sense or is it just so that people don't die watching actresses with unattractive eyebrows? Also, they all appear to still be shaving their legs. Same question.

And, what do you think of girls who don't pluck their eyebrows? Don't shave their legs? Don't shave their armpits? Hair on women in general? Do you like girls to have long hair or short hair (on their heads)?

Has anyone had lasic hair removal? What was the experience like and more importantly, how much did it cost?

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I'm looking for a store (physical location, not online) within 30 miles of Minneapolis that can sell me a pair of tabi boots (lank).

Does such a place exist?
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"Where there's a whip, there's a way"

Ok. So when I was a young child, I watched a video of the LOTR that had a a song in it with the chorus of "Where there's a whip, there's a way, (reapeat that line), we don't want to go to work today, (something something) all day all day all daaaaay". It was the scene near the end where Frodo and Sam are sneaking across Mordor and the legion of orcs finds them and makes them march with them.

I have recently watched this and this and that song wasn't in either of them, unless I missed it.

So where did I hear this song??? :D

I also recall seeing in animation the scene where they are attacked by the gate guardians at Minas Morgul and use the vial of star light, and Eyowyn fighting the Nazgul, but neither of these had those scenes the way I remember. Huh.

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just wondering if this is from LJ or from my Hotmail account..
I am no longer recieving comments from LJ thru my e-mail... am I alone? Is there a fix for this??
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Has anyone on here ever won a prize by using the search engine  it is a google search yet you can win prizes.  I've been faithfully using it for what seems like forever and have never won anything. 

So, I'd like to hear about people who do use it and have actually won something!!  to keep up the hope.


Stupid HP...

So I have an HP Pavilion computer -- the one that comes with spyware/annoyware built-in. One of the things I'd been actually meaning to do is make the recovery discs, which it saw fit to remnid me about at least twice a day.

So I finally get to it, get a couple of black CDs ready, and actually click "yes" instead of "GTFOH". And find out it takes 11 CD-Rs, or 2 DVDs. I have 3 CDs. No problem, I've been meaning to buy DVD-Rs for a while anyway. Click cancel, go out and buy DVD-Rs (and some more CD-Rs), and eventually go to finish the process.

Except 1) it's not spamming me automatically anymore (finally, but...) 2) I can't find the the damn application to restart it manually.

Anyone with an HP Pavilon know where the "Make Recovery Disc" option is on this thing?

Edit: Woot!

Also: Where does one find source image to make he pointy needle device icons we are not to speak of?


1. When you're interviewing for a job, at the end they usually ask you if you have any questions. What questions do you/would you ask?

2. Do you believe it would be okay, as one of your questions, to ask what the interviewer thought of you so far?
i don't like it, no sir

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My full name is Katherine, but I typically go by Kat, although I'll answer to either. However, there's this one lady at my work that insists on calling me Kathy every time she sees me. I know it's probably just a silly little thing, but it irks me to no end.

Are there any variations of your name that you just can't stand? Or nicknames that your friends call you?
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1. Does anyone know the answer to this puzzle?? It's been boggling my mind ...

what is the largest amount of coins money you can have in any combination of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quartres, and STILL be unable to give change for a dollar? (No bills involved, only those coins.)


1. Now that I can swallow pills (thanks to you guys!), I decided to take daily vitamins. Do I need to take them in the morning, or will they be just as effective if I take them at night with my medications?

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3. What's that fairly popular book that has off-beat daily tasks that are supposed to improve your quality of life? I think one of them was that you couldnt talk for an entire day, but I may be thinking of something else.


do you feel as though you are destined for great things? either achieving something monumental or doing things that effect vast numbers of people, something along those lines? if yes, what is it and why do you feel this way?


OK, I know I'm being totally clueless about this. I've figured out a bunch of these TLAs, But what does "TMI" mean?

I mean, I see that and I think of Three Mile Island.

Quinn Twin

Pop Up Turkey Timers

Ok everyone, I have a quandry... It is only my husband and I (and possibly a friend) for Turkey Day this year, so we obviously only needed a small turkey (we have to get whole because my husband likes dark meat, otherwise I'd get a breast and be done). Well, the only small ones they had at the store all had those Pop Up timer things. I mean, I would check the internal temperature anyways before just blindly believing it was accurate, but Alton Brown says those things are the devil! And I believe just about anything Alton Brown says!

So I have a (probably stupid) question - can I just ignore it or do I need to remove it or what? I'd be keen on taking it out so there's no chance of plastic crap in my turkey, but then I imagine a gaping wound oozing throughout the cooking process. Thoughts? Ideas? Declarations?


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A girl I know who goes to med school was telling me about something that happened in one of her classes. A student had to go up to the front of the class and do some complicated problem on the board as the professor read it to her. So she does the whole "hard part" correctly and is just up to the last "x=" part. It was x= 75/50. She stopped and the professor said everything was correct so just finish up. And she had a blank look and froze. So he got the answer, 1.5, from some other student.

My question is, do you think this is something a student should be able to figure out without a calculator or really quickly? Or is it quite understandable in these days of higher math with calculators to be rusty with that? Also, it was in front of a whole class so I'm thinking maybe she just got nervous in front of everyone and couldn't think. I don't know.

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1. Is anyplace tha you spend a lot of time at haunted? Has anything freeky happened to you there?
2. at what age do you think it's inappropriate to pass notes (at school or work)
3. since it's getting cold (for some it's been cold) do you have a favorite sweater or jacket that you wear every year? or a peice of clothing that you always wear on a holiday?
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Let's say someone wants to apply for a job (full time) for the spring until fall. She's college-aged but currently not taking classes. She plans to go back for classes that fall, but would want to continue at that job, but instead part time. Since she knows all this ahead of time, should she tell the employer what she wants to do now or wait until the fall? If she mentions it now I'm thinking it could affect whether or not she gets the job, but if she does mention it and the employer is okay with it she knows that if everything goes well she'll be set in the fall and still have the job. If she doesn't, she might get the job now, but it'll be uncertain whether she'll be able to continue later on?

I want more funny

I just dicovered a Loveline podcast and it's cracking me up. That show is hilarious. I want more funny.

1. I'm new to iTunes. Is there a way to get earlier episodes of a podcast? I missed this show a lot.

2. What are the funniest podcasts you know of?
i like to live on the edge

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If you're opinionated, is that automanically a negative contotation?
I'm sopposed to write 3 words that best describe me (college application), and I wanted to put that... except I've been getting remarks that opinionated might come off that I'm cocky/arrogant/whatever.

And, it's more like, I'm honest/direct.
i like to live on the edge

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*Which quotation do you like the most?

1) “I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue..”

2) “I admit it's tempting to wish for the perfect boss, the perfect parent, or the perfect outfit. But maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been dealt, and accessorize what we've got.”

3) “Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.”

4) “And I said Johnny whatcha doing tonight? / He looked at me with a face full of fright / And I said how about a revolution? / And he said, right.”

5) “There's Only Us / There's Only This / Forget Regret Or Life Is Yours To Miss / No Other Road No Other Way / No Day But Today”

*What is your favorite food?

Security Concerns

What are some of the ways that the security and service of an e-commerce site (or just websites in general) can be hampered, or have information stolen?

I'm doing research on the many possible ways that an e-commerce site can get hacked into, or have information stolen. But I'm no IT whiz and the technical terms is driving me nuts and confused. So far I only understood DDOS attacks (at least enough to answer my teacher's probing).

In layman's terms, preferably. :)

syringe meme

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Based on what the media has reported, what do you think about the girl from Pennsylvania whose boyfriend killed her parents? Do you think she should be held accountable?

My opinion is that unless she actually plotted beforehand to have her parents killed, she should be treated as a victim and not a criminal. It disturbs me to hear the prosecutor and the talking heads on TV saying that she could be held criminally responsible if she willingly fled with her boyfriend instead of reporting the crime. Honestly, do you really think a 14-year-old girl can be expected to know what do to in a situation like that?

The defense has also hinted that only a fraction of the boyfriend's statments have been released publicly, and that there is evidence we haven't heard about that could be considered mitigating in the case. Now, this is totally conjecture on my part, but let's say that this girl and/or her younger siblings were sexually abused by her parents, and the reason we're not being told the whole story is that she's a minor and her name is already out. If the boyfriend killed her parents as a means of protecting her, would that lessen the crime? I think it would, considerably.

pistachios, anyone?

why don't they sell pistachios already shelled? or do they? i don't think i've ever seen that. i love them, but they're annoying to shell. most other nuts come pre-shelled, right? or am i just not looking hard enough?