November 22nd, 2005

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Where could I get some dried orange and lemon peels that are suitable for food use? Is there any particular cuisine that would make use of them?

I need them to make mulled wine, and I don't want to waste a bunch of oranges and lemons.
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How much do you put into savings per month?

How much do you think is an IDEAL GOAL to put into savings? (feel free to give variables like age and income...)
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dancers falling through floor video

I just saw the craziest video. It was of this dance, with a LOT of people, and the floor just caves in and they all fall into this huge whole. It is gore or anything in the video.

The video can be viewed here:

My question is: Does anyone know of this incident? I don't know how old it is and I did some searching on google but couldn't find any story about it. It's a pretty scary video so hopefully someone here knows something about it.

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bwahaha. Advice question!

My boyfriend's mom has been dating this guy for the last two years (or less). They're now engaged.

Problem is, he's borderline sexually harassed me twice already.

(Edit: Fine. Said creepy ass shit to me with sexual undertones. Happy?)

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I tried talking to his mom about the first incident. He was able to talk himself out of it.

(My boyfriend seems to be neutral - perhaps apathetic, perhaps informedly- about everything.)

Can I let them be married with my conscience clear? I'm assuming that I'll be at the wedding, and the person marrying them will say "Speak now or forever hold your peace".

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do any websites have black friday specials? i'm can't think of any and i'm wondering why not. i know the sales are just a marketing ploy to get people into the store. but why don't websites do the same thing?
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So I'm looking into various graduate programs, and a lot of the websites talk about "previous work experience".

What exactly does that mean? Is that work experience as in having a job to get you through school, or a job actually related to the field in which you are studying?
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Does anyone have the motorola itunes ROKR from cingular? I am considering getting it since I need a new cellphone and have also been wanting an ipod.

So, if you have it or know someone who has it, is it any good? Do you/they like it?


Edit! Does anyone know how good Sony Ericsson phones are?? Specifically Sony Ericsson Z520a? thru cingular?
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a few randoms

1. Can someone explain how Wi-Fi works? Is it just you have a wireless card in the computer, it searches for a signal and jumps on that?

2. If a person goes on 'stress leave', upon recommendation from a doctor with the appropriate documentation, and the company fires the employee because they think she's working another job (but don't have proof), is that grounds for wrongful dismissal?

3. I'm leaving my job of 2.5 years for a new job. It's no secret, my supervisor is really behind me on it and everything. I was going to get a thank you card for my supervisor and the site manager (who was my old supervisor). Is that cheesy?

4. What's your favourite thing about the Christmas season (if you celebrate/like it). I personally love the music and the lights and stuff :P
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Frat vs. Sorority?

What's the difference (besides the gender of the members)?

At Iowa State University, all of our "Sororities" are actually Female Fraternities (save for one), and I was curious if anyone knew why they aren't sororities.

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What is a good website to order interesting (unusual) books?

EDIT: What I mean is the book probably wouldn't be a best seller. Not something that alot of people have heard of but is still a really good book. Something to give as a present that the person I'm giving it to probably would never get for themselves.

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when should a letter i mail tomorrow from new york state get to california...(considering thanksgiving)?

what is your favorite "chill" song? as in mellow, low key, etc.

do you ever use the word "chill" (in this sense) in everyday conversation?

do you like flavored pancakes? (such as banana nut, pumpkin, apple, chocolate chip, etc.)

do you have a poster hanging above your bed? what is it?

Ugh. Human nature sucks doesn't it?

1) WHY is it so DAMN DIFFICULT to love yourself?

2) Why is it so hard to see that "everyone makes mistakes" and not beat the shit out of yourself for ever little imperfection?

3) Why is it so hard to NOT compare yourself unfavorably to everyone else?

4) Why is it so hard not to be paralyzed with fear of what other people think about you?

It's all SO frustrating.
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anyone know why a soundfile i recorded from a movie website works on my laptop xp at home but not at my school library which also has xp?

when im at the library and try to play it, it says 'buffer not big enough'
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Pie Question: High Altitude?

I'm going to be making pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. I've never made a pumpkin pie by myself before, so I'm a bit afraid of somehow screwing up.

I live at a high altitude. Most things that you bake have high altitude directions, which usually involve adding some extra ingredient... if you don't follow these directions, whatever you bake will be ruined. However, the pie mix and pre-made Marie Callender's pie shells have no high altitude directions.

So my question is this: when baking pies, do you have to do anything differently, depending on altitude, or does it not matter?

Oh, another question. Am I the only one who doesn't like pie? I never cared for pie because of its slimy, varying textures. Pumpkin pie is too rich/sweet/slimy/clammy, and I don't like how you bite through the slime and suddenly hit a hard crust. Same with most other kinds of pies. So I probably won't have a single slice of these pies I'm making.
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my boss just got flowers & balloons that she sent to herself for working here for 20 years...then she turned to me and said, "you see - this could happen to you, too, if you stay here for 20 years."
what do you say to that?
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Random questions...

1. Which is more scary to you:
- Being completely inconsequential in the universe, and not being remembered once you're dead, or
- Being extremely important (president, ruler of the Earth, Christ) and having a bunch of pressure to do well?

2. Do you know what is? Have you ever participated in their contests? Did you win?

3. What's your preferred method of birth control? Have you ever had a pregnancy scare? Do you worry like crazy every single month like I do?

4. Whose photographs/pictures do you have by your desk (or wherever you spend most of your time)? I have a picture of my boyfriend and my kitty... who is sadly gone now. :( I never got to say goodbye.

5. Do you find that you dream more when certain things are happening in your life? Stress, time of the month, moon cycle, travelling, being pregnant...? I've had crazy vivid dreams lately.

6a. If you could design your perfect type of cereal, what would it be?
6b. If you could design your perfect flavour of ice cream, what would it be?
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music questions...

I'm not good at keeping up with music releases, so...

What artists have released cds recently? I know Enya has a new one, but that's about it...

And, for old time's sake, what are your favorite albums EVER??
...mine are Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt and Rush of Blood to the Head by Coldplay
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anyone ever see someone again after a while and then you have a somewhat decent chat but when numbers are exchanged and talks resume, they ended up stilted b/c of loss of convo?

then you call them and you don't get a response for 2 and a half weeks then you see them again and its like pleasantries and when you ask about the call you get an excuse?

possible friendship or ended before it began?

Ahh! Babies!

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If you listen to Internet Radio, what do you use? do you use Netscape, AIM, something else,a specific website station? What do you like/not like about it? What are your favorite stations on that browser? What kinds of music is that?

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Literature majors, I appeal to you. Where in the United States can I find thought-provoking, incredible literature classes that do NOT deal with Shakespeare, Chaucer, Milton, etc.? Where are the women writers, the gay/lesbian writers, the world's (and I'm not talking about Achebe and Tagore) writers?
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Anyone know of any sites that list writers who were known primarily for their writing but were active in the occult? (Yeats, Blake, Shelley, etc.) Google keeps giving me people who write about the occult, which isn't really what I'm looking for...

Or for that matter, any other suggestions to my teeny list there?
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1. If you were on a budget and your headphones died, would you replace them with $7 ones hoping they last for a while and get more expensive ones when you can afford it, or would you get thet expensive ones hoping you won't have to replace them for a long time?

2. Where do you carry your cell phone?

3. Does your office have a water cooler where people gather to chat?

4. Did you know that 1-cup of walnuts has nearly 800 calories? How on the freakin earth...

5. What was the highest calorie snack you ate today? The lowest calorie? (If you don't know, guess)


I just got a pair of cute dwarf hamsters. :)

But they seem to be fighting a lot (they are both females by the way). Should I separate them?

Any advice regarding hamsters?

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one of the main news headlines tonight was about a school where parents are keeping kids home because a 6 year old boy was caught sexually touching a girl of the same age.

i thought it was a sort of a common thing for young children to be curious about each others bodies

would you keep your kids home because of this?
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Hi everyone!

I have a question about Grad school recommendation letters.

I told my Professors that they have a month to turn them in. Which would mean they would turn them in around mid-December... but I was talking to the Assistant Director of Admissions at the school I'm applying, and she said that it would be better if they sent them earlier.

Would it be horrible if I told my professors that they have to turn them in earlier? Do you think they'd be angry? What would be the best way to tell them?

Thanks to everyone who replies!
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1. Do you have an S1 or S2 layout?
2. Do you have a customized layout or just one of the default ones?
3. Do you have your layout set so that when people leave you comments, they have to do it within your layout?
4. Does it bug you to leave comments via someone else's layout?

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For those of you who are of the Pagan persuasion... ;o)

If a friend of yours who is not pagan were to send you a pagan holiday card (for Yule, for example) that celebrates a holiday you are observing this season, would you be offended or upset? What if said friend sent you a Christmas card, knowing you're pagan?

I know I could always send a "happy holidays" generic card, but I'm trying to be a bit more personal than that this year. Any thoughts/input are appreciated. :o)

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I know you all probably hate these gift posts, but it's worth a try.

I'm looking for something for a guuy that's very into history, especially reenacting in the 1812 War, and into tallships as well. I don't want to get him a book, clothing, or music, but I want something quirky and fun.

EDIT: I have a price limit of about $50. He's also looking to collect old rifles/muskets. He has a Brown Bess (2nd Short Land Pattern), but I don't want to buy him another weapon as I think it's a little too over the top, and I haven't got a clue as to what he wants.

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Just thought that I would let everyone know that I joined the military and as such, I won't be posting for quite some time.
So now to make a question, so this post is legal.

What do you think of me joining the military?


1. Does your family dress up for Thanksgiving?

Mine doesn't but my boyfriend's does and I think it's just the weirdest thing ever. Maybe that's a bit hyperbolic, but it does seem terribly unneccesary to me.

2. Do you go shopping on black Friday?

helllllll no.
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your daily dose of pretty.

1. Are you a member of any daily photo communities (like the now-retired rightclicklick or its predecessor rightclickdrool)?

2. Do you run a daily photo community?

3. What do you think of people who post things like fan art and icons or even articles and such in daily communities?

My answers:
1. yeah... several. [g]

2. yes: holloway_daily, and a dead one at GreatestJournal called lickoftheweek.

3. it irks my last nerve. There are fan communities for posting news and articles, and fan art communities for icons and fan art, et cetera.
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I know this type of question gets asked a lot but just want to ask because my music collection stresses me out, all but one or two safe songs...

What are some good "moving on from a relationship," "getting over it," "just keep on keeping on," type of songs?

I'm loving Clay Aiken's "I Survived You" right now. I mostly listen to country and pop but I'm open to anything that fits the bill with a positive message.
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and boredom sets in

1. how're you doing?

2. what's on your mind?

3. what's your favorite type of foreign food?

4. do you like russian literature?

5. what does the room you're in right now smell like?

6. do you have siblings? how old are they?

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