November 20th, 2005

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Aardvarks are from the Netherlands. Of this, I am sure.

Is "aardvark" a word of Dutch origin? I don't speak Dutch (yet), but coming from an American's unfamiliar perspective of the language... I'm sure the lil buggers must be from Holland.

Example of some rough Dutch from my translator widget: "Ik houd va het wanneer de dagboeken in leven zijn."

Extra points if you can translate that.
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Does anyone know who the artist is that is asking people to tattoo one word of her story to their body so that she can compile a book of pictures of these words? I need to know her name! Thanks.
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Is there any logic to AP style writing? If so, please let me know so I can inform my newspaper. We think it's just a bunch of made up rules completely unrelated to anything else...even other rules of its own style! Our poor sportswriter...I thought AP style captioning was funky...the rules in sportswriting are just...made up or something.
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Do you post nude pics of yourself on the internet? If so, why? (You don't have to provide links or anything) I've always been fascinated by this...why do people feel like they have to do this? I didn't realize there were this many amateur porn stars...So, why?

This question brought to you by a really frustrating late-night on MySpace.
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My boyfriend has a really old gun and he's trying to figure out what exactly it is. I could take pictures of it (as detailed as needed) but where could I post them to try and help? Apparently this thing is from the 1800's or something.

Also, I know nothing about guns but I'd really like to help.
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An honest question:

A friend had up an away message that said, "Do vegans swallow?"

She meant it as a joke.

But really - do they? Semen is a by-product of an animal, so does that mean a real vegan stays away from it? If a vegan does swallow, does that mean they are 'cheating'?

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inspired by the 'how soon to test for paternity' question:

1. Are there kits that you can buy, get the DNA you want tested, send it in, and they send it back saying sample A is related to samples C and D, sample B is related to sample D, and sample C is related to sample D?

2. How much do they cost?

3. Would they jsut say 'related', or how they're related?

4. What sort of DNA would they use? Like, I could swab my own cheek and probably my brother's too... but my mother would probably be annoyed that I was questioning this much, and my father would be all "ZOMG! U'R IMPLYING MEEN THINGS ABOUT ME AND UR MOM!!!" (what he says if I even bring it up)... and to get his it'd probably be easier to say "hey, you've got a loose hair-::pluck:: oops, I guess it was attached afterall."

5. Is it just me, or does 'Sample" look and sound kindof like a made up word?

Question set B:
1. When you were younger, were you ever sure that you were *not* actually related to the people claiming to be your biological parents?

2.If the possible results are "Both your parents are your parents", "You are the milkman's child"(as my friend puts it- that the dna from your mother matches but not your father), or "You were adopted and/or switched at the hospital"- What would you rather get and why?
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Question for the electrical engineers

Anybody know if a laptop power supply uses less power when it isn't connected to a laptop (but is still plugged in to the electrical outlet)?

I've noticed that my power supply gets hot only when it's plugged in to the laptop, so I'm assuming it uses a lot less power when the laptop isn't connected to it, but I don't know for sure.
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Various questions

1. This is sort of a personal type question. Since there are a lot of people here, and therefore many different job backgrounds, I'd like to know how many of you have had jobs (and can suggest one for me!) that seem like something I'd like to be when I grow up? (shut up; 24 is NOT grown up *pout*)
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2. How many of you can't stand to see people making really stupid grammar/spelling mistakes? (there/their, its/it's, 'alot', 'defenite', lose/loose etc) How many of you jump in and correct the mistake in a comment if it's on LJ? Now, how many of you are done being polite about it, and just tell it how it is?

3. Are you better at Math or English?

4. Why do people capitalise He when referring to God? I can understand capitalising God when referring to the Christian/Catholic/etc god, because that's essentially his name. But why on earth do people capitalise He/Him/His/etc?

5. Do you love or hate your job? What do you do?
---5a. If you love your job, how did you come to do what you do? Was it intended or an accident?

6. Do you carry a purse? What the hell do you keep in there, anyway? (I can't stand carrying anything, and can't imagine needing anything other than wallet, keys and cell phone; I'm just curious what ladies think they need when going out :)

7. For those of you who aren't virgins, how long does sex typically take you and your partner? From stripping off clothes to the time when one/both of you are too tired to continue? Estimate if you have to :)

8. Do you take things and learn from them better if people are polite about it or really, plainly blunt?
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The boyfriend is coming to my house for his birthday. We both live at home still, but I have to admit that this is kind of a shock to the system. My family's not a family family, but we still try to get together for birthdays and Christmas, all that jazz. It's the first birthday together, mine's not til April.
So, the questions:
1. Do you think it's odd that someone would want to spend their birthday away from their family? If not, why not?
2. I've made a cake (Chocolate with Cherry Ripe), got the present all ready to go, just have to make the card,and I'm taking him out to tea to avoid the awkward family dinner thing- since they know it's his birthday, but we've only been together six months, the rentals are confused as to what to cook/how much effort to go to. Have I missed anything out?
3. How did you celebrate your birthday this year?

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People who have read the 4th Harry Potter book AND seen the movie say a lot of stuff was left out. I've read the book 4 times so far and i haven't seen the movie yet. What i'm wondering is if any of you have seen and read the book would you be able to tell me what they left out?

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I have Windows XP. I have a laptop. I have a wireless cardbus I use to connect to the internet.

Whenever I connect anything to my computer be it the cardbus, any usb connection, there is a sound: two tones. It means my laptop has recognized that something has been connected. When I disconnect a usb device or the wireless cardbus, it makes the same two tones but in reverse to indicate disconnection. You know what I'm referring to, hopefully?

Okay, so a few days ago I took out the cardbus and then reinserted it. Instead of those two tones, there were four in rapid succession. Connection + Disconnection.

So, my laptop isn't recognizing my card anymore (or it does, but rejects it immediately).

What happened? More importantly, how can I fix this?

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I have Firefox 1.5. When I restored the toolbar to its factory settings, all it has it Menu, which does lead to Tools and Go and such. But how do I make it so that all of the Bookmarks, File, View, Edit stuff is back up there too?

Ahh! Babies!

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I've heard of people getting a mac and running a different operating system on it. How is this possible? What operating systems besides mac os can you run on a mac and how do you do that? what are the benefits of doing this? is it possible to run windows on a mac? if not, can someone explain to me technically why this is not possible? thanks
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As far as I know, "God save the king" is still sung across the pond.

Do people there make such a big fuss as people over here with "under God" in the pledge and "In God We Trust" on the money?

1b. Does "God" in public places bug anyone here?

EDIT: Don't say "I think it could be offensive to some people." I only want to know if it bothers you.

about my broken external harddrive question

Ok, I've been connecting and disconnecting and restarting my computer for days trying to get this external harddrive to work. It's an 80 gig drive (Western Digital) with no operating system. It's use is just for extra storage. Just a few minutes ago, Windows (XP) just detected new hardware but instead of it saying storage device, it said infrared and then tried to find drivers for it and failed.

The lights come on and it makes noise every time I connect it, but it still will not show up on my computer. In device manager, it has been showing that there is a problem under the USB controllers/USB Mass Storage Device. Now it is also showing that I'm having a problem with an infrared device. And when I click install, it tells me that it cannot find software for either device.

Why would it say infrared?

And the Western Digital external harddrive didn't come with any software anyway. Just plug n play.
I can't even find any screws so that I can take it apart.

Should I really try and freeze it in my freezer?


Photos of harddrive under cut:

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Health concerns

What do you think causes this?
My friend needs to take a shit at least 5 times a day, sometimes it's diarreah and sometimes it's bloody. He's obese and doesn't eat well. He says he only bleeds when he walks a lot first. Do you think that this is caused by just his being obese or does it sound like something very different? He won't get it checked out and we don't think that he's diabedic although he very well could be as he's predisposed for it.
Any insight?

Also, what do heart palpatations feel like?
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Proximity parking

1). When you go to crowded malls, stores such as Target or Wal Mart, restaurants, etc. where do you prefer to park? Do you circle the lots to find close parking, or just take the first thing you can find even if it's pretty far away? Why?

2). I read that constant bowel movements can lead to hemorrhoids. How often does one have to have BMs to be at risk for hemorrhoids? (I mean per day, such as 5 BMs/day, or 2 BMs per day...)

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I don't know how to get there! : (

I am trying to figure out what to do tonight, and I have an idea. I want to explore a drain with a friend known as "West Kittsondale," or more commonly "Triple Helix." This is in St. Paul, MN, somewhere on the Mississippi, under a bridge. The trouble is, I don't know which bridge. Do any of you?

If not, do you know any other explorable areas in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area?
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Okay this might sound stupid but...

Isn't Microsoft WIndows 2000 the same thing as Windows ME?!

I'm trying to download iTunes and it's telling it can't because I need to be running either XP or 2000.

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A year or so ago there was loads of drama on LJ about a girl who made a post in her LJ about George Bush and how much she hated him, and then a couple of days later the FBI or the CIA or whoever came to her house. Does anyone remember who the person was or have a link to the posts about it? Thanks.

Edit: Was the story true or false? Does anyone know?
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1. Have you ever been on a train before? If so, where did you go and did you like it?
2. How comfortable/large are Amtrak coach seats compared to say, a Greyhound or coach airplane seat?
3. Is train food really expensive?

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