November 19th, 2005

tech help

I've had an external hard drive for a year or so now. My sons are always messing with my computer and I always end up having to reformat so I put all my important things onto the external harddrive. Important things being mp3s and zillions of photos from my digital camara. Well today I heard this weird noise coming from the computer and I thought it was a fan messing up so I turned off the computer but I still heard the noise and noticed it was coming from the external harddrive. When I went to click on the icon to get into my files, the icon wasn't even there anymore! So I unplugged it for awhile but when I reconnected it, it still wasn't registering. I went into the device manager and it shows that there is a problem but it won't fix it. I uninstalled and deleted it and then after restarting, my computer still did not recognize it.
I'm spazzing out because I cannot access all the photos of my family!

It's a Western Digital external drive just for storage. It has no operating system on it at all. I didn't have to install it, just plugged it into the USB port on my computer and plugged the power cord into an outlet. It has a 80 Gig capacity.

Do you think it's a lost cause?

Anyone know what I can do to get my files?
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I'm getting a divorce, as I've mentioned. We have four cats and a dog, which I love like children. I want to divide them up in a way that will benefit the ANIMALS. However, since animals can't talk, I'm unsure how to do this. The stuff behind the click will bore you if you don't care about pets.

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What do y'all think? Do animals understand about being separated from their friends? Do they remember?
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I told my mom I wasn't eating the proper foods : (fruits,veggies, some meats) and she said my skin won't look as healthy and will cause pimples to remain longer.

True or wives' tale?
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job applications

1. I work one job on the weekends and I'm applying for another during the week. It's for a retail position and they want to know if I'm willing to work weekends.
How should I answer that question?
I could probably cut back my hours at my other job or quit, but not for a few weeks until they find a replacement for me. So my answer is "yes, I'm willing to work weekends starting in a month or so" but on the application I have to check yes or no.

Also, it asks if I am willing to work nights. I would be, but I have class this semester (and next semester) 2-3 nights/week. Should I say I am willing to work nights and hope they can work around my school schedule?
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Just some random questions...

1. Would you ever go on a "panic diet", one where you just stop eating or cut out most food to lose weight extremely quickly?
1b. If you do do you worry about any health risks that could come about from these diets?

2. I want to create a survey, but I want it to be more indepth and give a more acurate view of the people I'm questioning than most online surveys. Is there a site I could go that could give me pointers for how to word the questions?

3. What's the one thing that people do that really gets on your nerves?

4. Would you consider yourself to have a strong stomach?

5. There is no question 5.

6. What's the one thing that could go wrong in your life that you would not be able to deal with?

7. Do you ever look through magazines that are meant for/aimed at the opposite sex?
7b. What's the most unexpected thing you've come across if you do?
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If a man opts to have NOTHING to do with a child he created, do you think he should still have to pay child support?

Why or why not?

It doesn't make sense to me. If I put a kid up for adoption, I wouldn't still be paying child support... even if I put the kid into foster care, I wouldn't be paying child support. Why is it different?


As I am sure, most people have read or/and studied works by Shakespeare. Actually I do not know why I am posting, or thinking about Shakespeare at 3:19 am! LOL

1. What is your favourite play, and why?

Im a huge softy, so I would have to say Romeo and Juliet. Why? Because it is filled with lust, passion, romance, power and innocence.

I have just finished studying Macbeth. I enjoyed it, although I found it too violent, and morbid.

2. Are you glad that he existed? Do you think he has changed the world?

Sometimes I wish we did not have to study his texts at school. Yes, I love reading, and learning old english, but after a while I find it very tiring. But I think his work is very beautiful and inspiring. I don't think I can answer the 'do you think he has changed the world?' that is why I am asking. :)

3. Who is your favourite character/characters from his works?

I really like Romeo. I found Juliet too immature, niave, ignorant, for my liking. But Romeo, well there is something about him.

4. Who is your least favourite character/characters?

I hated Lady Macbeth. A manipulative witch!

5. Do you think that his texts are still relevant in our modern day?

Yes, because the themes are still relevant. We can connect with his work because it is what people experience in every day situations.

6. Do you have links to Shakespeare?

My relative owned some of shakespeare's manuscripts.

[Edit: I think shakespeare has a very good sense of humor! My class was in fits while reading the scene with the drunk porter in Macbeth! Hilarious!][Another Edit: My english teacher is so nuts on Macbeth that she made us dress up as characters and sit there and was a very strange as we weren't that enthusiastic as her..we also had to voices..guh..-.- ]

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You see this icon I have? I uploaded a picture to use as an icon.. when it finished uploading into LJ, it kind of looked garbled. I uploaded it again and it turned out like this - someone's messenger conversation?! What the hell is going on? Can someone make out the user names? Odd..

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About a month ago I got a new computer and installed Microsoft Office 2003 that I had bought from my school. It was working fine, I hadn't installed all the CDs or anything, but just the ones I needed to make all of the programs work, or so I thought. I tried to open powerpoint to make a presentation and it asked for my product key. I put the one in from the back of the cd case (and the only one I have for all 4 discs) and it told me that it was wrong. I bypassed the problem by opening an attachment because after that it lets you into the program. Anyway, I wasn't too stressed because it was just powerpoint and I figured that my dad and I could take care of it over Thanksgiving. Today though, Word (the program I use most) decided to say that it needed the Product Key as well when I was trying to open an attachment. I eventually got around it and into Word, but I'm sure next time I try to open it, it will ask again and say that the ony I have is wrong.

Is there anything I can do besides uninstalling everything and reinstalling it? I definitely paid for this software, so it's not like I'm trying to get around things, so I'm just really frustrated.


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What does childbirth feel like? I'm not looking for the watermelon lemon answer, but I'm fascinated with hearing how it feels - in detail. When I was a child I was scared of the pain I would have to go through one day to have a child and I thought I would never have a child because of it. I'm not scared of the pain anymore but I would love to know what it feels like - physically and emotionally and whatever else.
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How can you tell if you have a USB 1.1 port or 2.0 port? My computer was built by my ex-boyfriend about two years ago, and it doesn't say on the computer. The reason I ask is that when I first got my iPod the other day it charged fine, just like the manual said, but ever since then it's not charging when it's plugged in. If I update it, it charges for a minute before it stops. The iPod manual said that this may be due to my USB port not having enough power and to try another on my computer, but the others are having the same results. An iPod that won't charge isn't good for long! Tell me what's up, please?
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[The Jackson/Robertson question made me think of this.]

Are you liberal, conservative, middle-of-the-road? Socially? Economically?

How about taking the OkCupid Politics Test and tell us where it says you stand.

Post your social and economic scores. Don't bother posting the graphics.

[Edit 1: I'm a social liberal and a economic liberal. For some reason, I left mine off.]

[Edit 2: OK, you don't have to take the test. Just let us know if you're socially and economically liberal, centrist, or conservative.]

[Edit 3: What, no social conservatives in this community?]

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Cyberpunk Comics

I'm relatively new to the comics scene, but I've become quite the comics addict in the space of a few months. Does anybody have any recommendations for Cyberpunk comics? I'm particularly interested in comics that have an emphasis on technology, virtual reality, "jacking in", chip implants, etc. I'm a fan of William Gibson and Neal Stephenson and I'm curious to know what's out there for someone who is into the genre.
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So... I've never used the drive-through banking thing, and I need to deposit a check. Could someone walk me through how that works?

(Yes, I am thoroughly embarrassed that I don't know how this works!)

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I was considering becoming a masseuse as a part-time thing during the summer/school breaks/sporadically to make some extra cash.

I was wondering how hard and long the training is, what sort of training schools should I look for, and what other general advice you can give to me?
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(no subject)

1. Why is every two weeks called bi-weekly and twice a month is called bi-monthly?

2. If you wore two shirts, layered, would you still wear the outer layer one one more time before washing, feeling like a clean shirt? Or would you still think of it as dirty?

3. Have you ever been with a guy with a crooked penis? Did you care?

4. How do you prevent yourself from name-calling duing a frustrating argument where all you want to do is yell obscenities? ;)

5a. A man has been at his job for 30 years. One day, his boss (whom has hardly ever said ten words to him in the last 30 years) asks him to pick up lunch for him. He's a little taken aback but does it to be nice. The next day, he asks him again. Would you have more respect for the guy if he (a) stands up for himself and tells him that he will do it this one time but it will be the last time because running errands is not in his job description; or (b) shows work ethic by doing tasks that are outside of his job description?

5b. Which are you more likely to do?
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I've been Googling and found a few, but Google didn't turn up one site from my bookmarks so I'm sure there are others...

Do you know of any sites that sell really pretty Yule or Winter Solstice greeting cards? I want to remind my family and friends that Jesus is not the reason for the season.

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ick medication- not for use on baby fish, tetras, and scale-less species.

I actually got through almost the entire bottle before it was pointed out to me that my plecostomus doesn't actually have scales(I felt stupid)... but he's fine, and ick free (stay ick free! god!).

What was it supposed to do to him? What was I *supposed* to do, since that ick medication is apparently not kosher for him?

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1. What careers do you personally think are the most "interesting"?
2. Most "boring"?

Yeah, I know one person could have tons of answers for both of these questions, just wondering a few that come to your mind.


1. Did you get upset over LJ being down for a while?
2. Do you get annoyed at people including their current music & moods in community posts?
3. There was something else I was going to ask. Do you remember what it was? u_u
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What does this mean?

One or more errors occurred processing your request. Please go back, correct the necessary information, and submit your data again.

This page can't be viewed except via POST.
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Tutoring Rates

Hey guys, hope you're all well. (Just read the bolded words if you're lazy.)

For my question:

My neighbour has asked me to tutor her daughter with her fourth grade math homework. She said she'd like me to come over for about an hour or two a week to go over stuff with her daughter.

I've never tutored before and am unsure of what to charge. I'm just a first year university student trying to make some cash with some tutoring jobs. So basically, around how much should I be charging per hour?

(Please note what kind of currency you're suggesting!)

Thanks so much. :)

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Inspired by an earlier question.

1. Why do some people think they have to spend an exorbitant amount of money and do dramatic and bizarre things when they propose to someone? Do they think it won't be as memorable or as special if they are doing something normal and something they know they enjoy?

2. Would you think it was as special, as romantic and as real if your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner proposed to you in a non- dramatic way and in a normal and ordinary setting?

3. Do you think it's romantic if your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner or spouse spends a lot of money on you?

4. If you discovered that your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner or spouse would think it's romantic if you spent a lot of money on him/her, would it make you uncomfortable? Would it encourage you to spend more money on him/her, or would it encourage you to spend less? Would it make you contemplate leaving the relationship?
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My sister (who's almost 22) and her fiancé (who's almost 21) are due with their first baby early next month.

I'm trying to come up with something I could get them as a together gift for Christmas? They've already got tons of stuff for the baby, plus I want them to have something that's just for them so I'm not looking to get them anything baby-related. I had thought of giving them a weekend stay in a hotel or somewhere or something, but they won't want to leave the baby till he's at least a year old, even for a night.

I'm looking to keep it in the range of $100 or less, if possible.

Any suggestions?

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*sigh* Anyone have any guesses as to why LJ suddenly decided to stop sending notify e-mails to me? I haven't changed anything since it was sending e-mail comments to me this morning.
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Anyone know the name of this song? FOUND IT!!!

EDIT EDIT: the artist's name is Alice marie. The song is "Lipstick Diaries". Just updating so it's not open-ended.

I have a copy of this song, And I have no idea what the name of it is, or who the artist is. Anyone know? And the lyrics are a little shady in one place... I transcribed 'em, and I have no idea what they say right there. It's sung by a woman. I like the style and her voice, I was curious if there's more music. Thanks.

EDIT. I've tried Google.

I haven't thought about you in a long time
So why call me now, show up now, steal my peace
I've got a new life, a nice life--

Or so I thought

Then you came back
and changed it all
And now....

I'm opening diaries...
Painting my lips pink
I don't wear that shade
Or so I'd like to Collapse )

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Erland Oye, Mac gaming, and PowerBook durability

1. Surely there are some Erland Oye fans in the audience. Well, my college radio station plays a mix of the song known as "Sheltered Life/Fine Night" on Oye's DJ Kicks album. Except!, unlike the DJ Kicks version, the radio mix isn't a mere 2 minutes, 4 seconds. Where on earth can I find this extended mix? It's so beautiful.

2. Does anyone know when a Mac version of Civilization IV will be coming out? The only video games I play are the Civ series, Smash Bros., and Katamari Damacy, and when I'm being denied that first one, it's agonies, I tell you.

3. Speaking of Mac stuff, I'm trying to decide whether my next Mac will be a 12" or 15" PowerBook. I've had a 12" iBook for 3.5 years and it's been incredibly durable, surviving being toted around in my backpack several times a week and being dropped from my desk twice. Does anyone know how durable the 15" PowerBooks are in comparison to the 12"? They seem like they might be a bit on the fragile side.
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(no subject)

I know someone recently posted a question very similar to this, but now I can't find it!

Have you ever used an online dating site? Which one? Would you recomend it?

More specifically, has anyone ever used eHarmony? Was it worth the money?

I've always liked LavaLife because their payment system is so fair. You don't pay a monthly subscription; you buy credits, and the credits stay on your account until you find someone worthy of contacting. However, I live in the USA, and LavaLife's clientele seems to be mostly Canadian.