November 18th, 2005


Uncle Tom's Cabin

I hate to bug you guys & girls with a homework question, but I'm mainly coming up with excerpts from the book itself. I'm doing a speech on Uncle Tom's Cabin and my speaking part is on the influences it had on society. So far I have the negative impact it has inadvertently caused in the last couple of decades, Lincoln, plays that were created, and her own inspiration to write the book. Anyone have suggestions of people during her time that were inspired/impacted by the story or her? Negative/Positive? Books written in response or applauding her? I'm going to keep searching, it is just that google hates me sometimes when I need it the most.
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heys there! thanks for the advice u guys have given me the other time.

i need some advice (again!) and here goes nothing.

a group of my friends are doing some volunteer work and we are trying to reach out and help a bunch of 13 to 15 year old teenagers with their studies and all. it's pretty much like a mentorship program.

our first session with the teenagers is coming soon. and we are hoping to do some ice breakers and maybe tell them more about the mentorship program and what is going to happen and all. hopefully we will be able to squeeze in some time for some games or something.

so what kind of ice breakers is fun and easy to organise?
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1. My parents have just upgraded from CompuServe dialup to NetZero. Can I game or download torrents on NetZero comfortably with that connection? (I'm not sure whether I should be excited or annoyed. I was hoping they'd get real high speed.) I'll find out Friday but I don't wanna get my hopes up if it's gonna be just as shitty.

2. Often times in college classes, teachers will have you write an end of the year essay about what you thought of/learned from the class. Have you ever been honest? "I learned absolutely nothing and this class was a waste of time." (I've always wanted to but bullshiting is a valuable skill to practice.) My boyfriend did this recently. x_X; He says he thinks the teacher took off some points because of his answer.

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I just got a new fish from a guy down the hall. "Chinese algae eater" or some such. named it dash, after what it does when you look at it.

1. Is there such a fish, or is this name made up?

2. Do allll suckerfish change colour, or what? because the plecostomus does different levels of paleness on his belly, and this one had a long dark stripe down his side this afternoon and now it's a dashed line.

3. why does he keep jumping? I keep hearing splashes, i managed to be looking at the right time and i saw him attempt to jump from the water.

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I seem to be stuck on AIM on my cell phone, which is pretty shitty because every time I get an IM on my computer, I get another text on my phone. Every time I try to sign off, it seems to work, and it tells me that I'm signed off if I try to do anything else. But I KNOW I'm still signed on on my phone.

I have a few friends who have been online on my buddy list in the mobile IM state for years now and I'd hate to become one of them, especially since I, unlike they, have a functioning phone and am usually at the computer. Has this happened to anything else? What should I do about it?


Does anyone remember a show called "PowerHouse" on PBS I think back in the early 80s? It was about a group of kids who solved crimes from a clubhouse/rec-center type place called the Powerhouse? There were little musical interludes on the show as well (I seem to remember one with a dude with a big afro who made music Bobby McFerrin style - without instruments...)
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I'm looking to get a degree online so..

What are some reputable places to take college classes online?

Do online classes still count as "college", in the sense that I can apply for FAFSA and get financial aid for them?
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1. I'm not going to school today, what should I do?
I'm definitely going to Nordstrom because there are some Lacoste shoes I've been wanting. I was going to go the movies but there isn't anything out right now that really interests me. I'd really like to stay home and sleep but my dad comes home early on fridays so I have to be out of the house by 10:30 and not home until 3:15-ish.

2. When was the last time you embarrassed yourself?
Mine wasn't really bad at all, but to me it was horribly embarrassing. I went to the bank yesterday to cash some birthday checks from my family, it was the first time I had ever gone to the bank alone, and when the teller asked me how I wanted my money I didn't realize what she meant and I said "regular". I realized what she meant right after I said "regular". At least now I know for next time.
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farmer parable

I'm looking for a parable I heard once about judgment. It's about a farmer and every time something seemingly bad happens to him (like his son breaks his leg on his horse) he tells the village people not to judge the situation but wait and see because some good could out of it. He always turns out to be right, like it turns out the son doesn't have to go to war like all the other villager's sons because his broken leg is still healing.

When I google for the story I only found one ridiculously long chinese version of the parable. I'm looking for a shorter version that I can repost in my LJ. Does anyone know where can find a link to the story? Thank you.
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What's the shortest time it's taken you to fall in love?

(Meaning, either from the time you met him/her, or when you started dating. And which one was it?)

For me, it was five months since I met the guy.
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I'm wanting to buy a fogless mirror for in the shower, but there seems to be two different kinds and I'm not sure what kind are better.

One kind affix to the wall somehow, usually with a suction cup. The other kind attach to the shower head so that water can trickle across the back of the mirror to keep it from fogging.

Have you ever had a fogless mirror? What kind was it, and how well did it work. Did it last very long or did it eventually start fogging?
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1. Metaphorically, how long is 11 weeks?

2. Are snowflakes white or clear?

3. Are you more comfortable when it's just a little bit warm or just a little bit cool?

4. What's your favorite "I'm not really hungry but I'm bored" snack food?

5. What's the most annoying thing about your job itself?
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Is it true that sometimes you can ask the bank to take back an overdraft fee if it's your first overdraft and you have a good reason for making the mistake of overdrawing? For instance, my friend thought that yesterday her paycheck would go in like it does every Thursday, so she used her debit card to buy gas and food that night. The check didn't go in until today, though, and the bank charged her an overdraft fee for each transaction she made. I know it's her responsibility to keep track of her balance but I've heard sometims you can talk to the bank and make some sort of arrangement.

Edit: Well, I took my friend to the bank and they were actually nice about it and refunded all the overdraft charges after she explained the "mistake." But they won't be so nice about it again, heh.

Excel Question

Is there a way to get a speadsheet to print in two or more columns on the same page, as possible with text? Or would I have to insert some blank columns into the spreadsheet to create pseudo columns?


Text can be formatted like this:

Image hosted by

I basically want the spreadsheet to look like this:

Image hosted by

But I've found a way to do it (inserting blank columns and cut/pasting cells) so disregard. :)

next week

yeah, so turkey day is next week...i only know that i'm cooking a turkey at our house and bringing it to mom's...have no idea what else is on the menu...
what's going on with you and yours, food-wise & travel-wise, on thanksgiving?
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Flea season coming to an end

Hi, got a question about Advantage or other heavy duty flea products.

I've had my cat on Advantage for the last four months. Her next dose is coming up and since I'm going to have to fork over another $40 for her next few doses, I was thinking about just letting it lapse since it's cold here and the fleas should be dying off by now anyway. Just curious as to whether anyone has experience with this and will it hurt her system if I let her dosage go for a couple months? What's your opinion?
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What are your tastiest turkey and stuffing recipes? (If you've got other thanksgiving type food recipes, feel free to leave those too)

It's just me and my bf for turkey day, and so we will probably only buy a good-sized turkey breast or something like that, but I've never cooked one before and I'm looking for tasty ways to prepare the food.


(I scanned back through the community, so if this question was already answered, just show me what I missed ;)
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has anybody read A Million Little Pieces by James Frey?
It's the story of his life (Frey) as an alcoholic and drug addict & his time in rehab.

I read it in 2 days and I thought it was an amazing book.

Just wanted to see what anyone else thought of it.
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Can Billy Zane sing?

He was on an episode of 'Charmed'. I say he used his real voice, my sister says it was a voice over.
I need to prove my sister wrong, but I dont for the life of me know where to find such information.


so, i talked to paula and at first we were going to have pork chops for dinner...then i changed my mind - so now we're having pancakes and bacon...
ever had breakfast for dinner? if so - what was it?
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Sex Question

Okay, I was TRYING To check archives but apparantly our T-1 is running a bit if this has been asked recently just drag me out into the street and have me drawn and quartered...

so, since I'm all sorts of DATING again the question has arisen of How long do you think people normally wait to have sex when dating???

do people really even DATE anymore??? or is it more like go out a couple times, have sex, assume you're in a relationship...

thoughts???? anyone?????


To clarify the question..I'm not asking when I should have sex with someone I'm dating. I'm asking what OTHER people do. How long you date before you make that decision...that kind of thing.

Sorry if I was unclear...I've been eating a LOT of chocolate covered coffee beans the brain is not functioning properly!

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And, is there a certain noise that just makes you crawl inside? Or give you goosebumps?
Music played backwards really gives me the creeps. Theres just something about it that sounds demonic or something. It really scares me sometimes, but I still want to play a bunch of my beatles songs backwards, just to see.
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help- quick! i've never had to take care of my own insurance stuff before...

I am renewing my medical insurance through my employer, and I admit, I put off filling out the form until now.

There is a form enclosed with my renewal package- "Affidavit of Domestic Partnership". I live with my fiance and we fit all the requirements necessary to qualify for him to get medical insurance as well.

And at the bottom of the form, there is a place for signatures for both me and him, the date, and two lines for "witness". What is that and who can sign it? Can I get anyone to sign it or is it more complicated?

Also, for my "out-patient mental health/substance abuse treatment", the benefits are as follows:

Network Provider:
90% after network deductible
30 day annual maximum
70 day lifetime maximum

And... for the dental part of my plan, it describes the "basic care" as-

Network Provider- 100%, no deductible

What does all that mean? How much will I have to pay out of pocket? I've been considering going back to a therapist, but haven't done so because of my lack of money. Just what does that mean?

Any help would be appreciated!

P.S.- I just have to gloat about my fabulous medical insurance overall. I work at a min. wage job, but the benefits are amazing. I'm enrolling both my fiance and I in the vision insurance, and all I have to pay is $5.48 biweekly for the "enhanced" vision plan. I can finally get contacts! Contacts that will only cost me less than $5 a pack! Wheeeee!

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I know there are several versions of "Walking On Sunshine" but who did the original one?

Also, just in case anyone cares, I found something I can use @ The Salvation Army for my candy striper disguise. Thanks for all your suggestions even if some of them weren't conducive to such short notice. :)

Which leads me to my next question: Do you ever wonder what happened to some people's situations that they ask about? Like, I want to know if kelann162 got her computer to work. That's the most recent example I can think of.

High school structure

I'm RPing in a high school/academy based community(grades 9-12), and before jumping off the deep end and screwing up, I wanted to know what the norm is in regards to high school structure in the USA?

Here in NZ we follow a structure of:

Form Time
Class One
Class Two
Class Three
Class Four
Class Five

What is it like in the USA?

Wow. I never knew it varied so much! Thanks everyone. Even if there is no definite answer, I've got some ideas. XD
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1. Do Days Inn motels offer free Wi-Fi?

It said that high-speed Internet was available, but does that mean there's a computer room with wired LAN that you have to pay for, or a free Wi-Fi in the room?

2. Is Panera Wi-Fi really no-strings-attached free?

Any Lego collectors among us?

I LOVE Legos! They are the best toy ever in my opinion.

But as for my question...

Does anyone know of a web site where you can order specific pieces, like a set of legs, or heads, or individual bricks?

I have found a couple but I still am on a quest.

If any one knows of any, please tell me.

Thanks in advance!
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do you use a hard disk or blank cd for powerpoint?

im making a big presentation that extremely heavy on media.


also-whats more advisable to use?

power point 'oo or '03?

i figure '03 but '00 is closer.

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Paint on cars

Is there a good way to get paint off a car without wrecking the paint? :P

Since that doesn't make sense... my friend's friend Jane scraped another car while backing up and now has a line of paint that rubbed off of the other car on her parents' car.

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I'm going on a road trip tomorrow and I'm in charge of the maps. I keep all my maps in a purple folder IN MY CAR. But no, when we clean the car out, my mom insists that the maps have to come out.

I can't find the purple folder.

I've got to be up in seven hours... do you have any idea where it is? It's not in my room, it's not in the kitchen, it's not in my studio closet.. and it's not in my car.

I am royally screwed.

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My friends and I aren't really Harry Potter fans, but since everyone was at the theaters tonght getting their Wizard and Hogwarts groove on, we decided to go see a movie... Get Rich or Die Tryin, huzzah! But now my question: To any of you 50 Cent fans, how much of that was actually HIS life? I know nothing about him, so I'm just curious. I'm not really a big enough fan to go read his whole biography, but anything you know would be great. Thanks.