November 17th, 2005

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Random Movie Fan Question

Have you ever eagerly anticipated a film being made?

For example, a book you loved being turned into a major motion picture or seeing an actor you adore being cast in a part you thought they'd be perfect for?

Were there many production delays? What kind of impact did those delays have on your excitement/anticipation?

Were there casting decisions that upset you? Did they dump actors you loved for ones that were totally inappropriate?

Ok. Just a lot of questions that basically boil down to if you've ever eagerly anticipated a film during its production, how did the anticipation during and the result after make you feel?

Oh yeah. And what movie was it?

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And another thing... (for those of you who, you know - have lives and don't obsess over movies being made)

Why does flossing make your teeth feel all sensitive and loose?

I just got a cleaning on Monday at which time they told me I had no cavities, great gums and great bone density...yet still, whenever I floss - it hurts. My teeth are close together, but not crowded or crooked. So this just annoys and confuses me.
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(no subject)

1. what's your favorite hot chocolate mix/recipe? i hate the water-y powder-y tasting ones.

2. what does your bedroom look like?

3. what are you watching on tv? if not watching tv, what are you listening to?
gothgirl if u made this let me know and

oh so Mixed-up

Hi all I am new here *Waves*

Would you rather die alone,or die loved but leave a heartbroken mate behind?


Am i wrong in feeling this way? because while i am still living A Life i want to enjoy life with someone but not settle down with anyone...Just in case tomorrow i shall be dead.
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Now I'm Nothing...


I don't currently have full text messaging on my phone, I have it only where people can text me, but I cannot respond. Is there anyway I can get it turned off completely? Like to where no one can even text message my phone at all? I know I'm getting charged to receive the messages and I'd rather not have to pay for something I can't fully use, and I honestly don't want text messaging anyway.

Would I be able to call Nextel itself, or maybe go to a customer service building around here? Or is the whole thing just not possible?
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(no subject)

Have you ever been to prison or jail? How'd you get there?

I was in jail once for an hour. (Arrested while protesting). It was kind of boring-- all the people in my cell were my friends, though! Thank goodness. :)
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(no subject)

any ideas for a unique santa?

we have to dress up a guy as santa claus, but not in the traditional way. then has has to do like a pageant show. and he has to complete the sentence "I am the real Santa because..."


(no subject)

Has anyone ever taken Buspar for anxiety? If so, did you have any side effect (i.e, weight gain,dizziness, etc.)

Edit: I am only really worried about one side effect - the weight gain. I have been on Zoloft, Paxil, Effexor, Celexia, Lamicatal and Depakote in the past 10 years and all have caused weight gain. I have been on nothing for a year and have lost 20 pounds and am happy with where I am at and fear going back to the way I was.

I find myself with very high anxiety and the dr. gave me Buspar months back to control come panic attacks I was having but I dont see many articles on how it effects weight. All the other side effects I can deal with :)

kitty kat...

we just got our 6 month old kitten back from the vet, he was neutered on Tuesday...anyway, we also have a spayed 10 month old kitten...before the male kitten was neutered he would hump/mount our female kitten...and we thought it would stop once he was neutered! However, that is not the case, we brought him home last night and not only was he even more hyper than ever, he started to hump/mount our female kitten. Is this normal? Will he ever stop? And he is also still spraying? Is this normal? Should I call the vet?
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(no subject)

Big storm or somethings.
Bits of stonehenge fall over.

Fix it, or leave it?

my personal vote, now that people have responded... I'd probably say fix it.... in the middle of the night with a billion people's help leaving no evidence behind so we still don't know what happened. Or whatever. use it as a chance to see what might have worked. puttign it up there with a crane seems no fun.
Is you crazy?

I got a promotion

I got a promotion that includes my own office, but the terrible thing is that it is completely enclosed in the center of the building with no natural light, and what I can tell is poor air quality. I get sleepy the minute I walk into the office. I think some plants would help the air quality immensely, but I don't want to doom some plant to death by fluorescent light, so I need recommendations.

What kind of plants should I buy for my new office digs?

Thanks in advance.
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(no subject)

i bought a pack of hanes underwear yesterday and they're HUGE. i bought my size but obviously they don't fit. the package says "pre-strunk cotton". so i'm assuming they won't shrink? if not, how can i make them shrink? i'm a laundry idiot.
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panda dance

(no subject)

Has anyone ever written to a celebrity you idolized when you were younger, whether it be a sports star, an author, actor/actress, musician, etc?

Younger as in 15 years of age or younger. And did you get a reply?

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tick tock

Blonde Moments

Have you ever had a light bulb moment, where something painfully obvious *clicks* in your head and you feel enlightened? For example, a friend of mine just figured out that Eminem's initals for his real name, Marshall Mathers, are M & M. Wowie. Blonde moment to the extreme.

Another example- my friend's grandma asked us what kind of animal Jiminy Cricket was. She thought he was a grasshopper. Um.

I know there's tons more, that I've done and others too... but my mind blanking. Share, my bebies!

(no subject)

What are the small, weird things that you do?

For instance, sometimes when I've just bought a bottle of ranch dressing and I'm on my way home, I'll put some on my finger and lick it 10 times. So that's 10 fingerfulls of dressing.........weird.
lead me

a question to my knee pain peers

I usually have a swimming class at noon but the pool's closed because of mechanical problems, so I think it's pretty safe to assume that class is canceled. It's cold outside, probably in the 40s, and my knees are giving me grief -- I can feel my kneecaps popping in and out of place (and now it's the left knee too). If I had had swimming today, she would have stuck me in the deep end to tread water and move around to make my knees feel a little better. I was planning on working out this afternoon (actually I could go now if I wanted to but I just ate), but since I won't get that rehab time in the water... is that such a good idea? Would doing half an hour on the elliptical make things worse?
Self cleaning

Presentations and speeches

What are some habits that you find distracting when someone is speaking/presenting to a group?

When someone speaks and gives a PowerPoint presentation (or something similar), what are some things that you find distracting or annoying about the actual slides?

I have a couple presentations to give in the upcoming weeks and am looking to avoid annoying and/or distracting habits, and would like my PowerPoint to be free from annoying sights, etc.


(no subject)

So, I'm making my Christmas list and I can't think of anything besides five PS2 games and one book. I really want more books but my mind's going blank. Does anybody have any good book suggestions? I really like adventure/fantasy (i.e. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter) and romance (i.e. VC Andrews) books. I also like comedy, so funny books would be great too.

Also, the book I already asked for is The Areas of My Expertise by John Hodgman. Has anybody read this or heard reviews? Hodgman was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night and he was cracking me up so I figured his book would be pretty funny.

Any information would be helpful, thanks! ^__^
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Yeah, why the hell not?

Spurred on by a comment in the underwear question, I always figured it'd be fun to ask:

How many of you are single and looking?

Edit: You don't have to be looking for anything in particular to be looking, at least according to me. Single and dating, single and having fun, whatever, they all count.

iPod help

Yes, I realize that there is an iPod board, but this is also a question and this is a question board so I still think that it will fit here.

Is there a free way to get video onto a new 30 GB iPod? I know you can convert video using Quick Time Pro, but that costs money that I don't have. Maybe a program to convert them or some other way to get around that? Help would be appreciated.

(no subject)

Okay, so if a person has made specific threats to you in the past, then attacks you, and you kill them, it's killing in self defense.

If (person you're close to, friend, family member, etc) has had specific threats made to them(which you know about), and you're there when the person attacks her- if you kill them, is it still self defense? what is it, and would you get in trouble/how much trouble?

there's a restraining order down, but I told her I'd come be her guard dog this weekend if she wanted me to... and possibly if she didn't
Wolf- Fantastic Mr. Fox

(no subject)

This is a question for those who are or have been pregnant.

What were the earliest symptoms you experienced? How far along were you when you started having symptoms? How far along were you when you found out you were pregnant?
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cat tea


Do you look younger than you are or older than you are?

I'm 23 and I still get carded to see R-Rated movies (though I don't think I look THAT young!) Most people think I look 21ish.


Someone asked below about self-defense and defense of others. This is somewhat related to that.

What other Innovative defenses have you heard of aside from those listed on that website? ("black rage" etc)
cartoon cat

(no subject)

What was that name of the community you join to ask how to find specific communities? Community hunt or something? I need to find a community where you can ask about legal stuff, like where you can ask about the likelihood of a lawyer being interested in a particular case or lawsuit you may want to take to court. I can be more specific here if anyone has legal expertise.
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inspired by a post in childfree

Can you get a ticket for parking in one of those reserved parking spots for pregnant women if you're not pregnant?

What do you think of those, anyway? Most folk over in the childfree community don't like the fact that they exist. I honestly don't know if I ever want kids, but at this point I'm 'childfree'. I read an article that says that most pregnant women don't get enough exercise anyway.

So- to those of you without children, do you ever want them? Why or why not? And do you consider yourself to be 'childfree'?

(no subject)

If I knew this item wouldn't be so easy to just GET, I'd not have put this off until the day before. That said, where (other than the Salvation Army since I am checking there tomorrow) can I get a candy striper uniform thing? Dress, apron, whatever it is, it needs to be the red/white thing.

(no subject)


Anyone know of French drinks (doesn't have to be french per se, just consumed in France) that aren't alcoholic?

+What's the best gift you've ever received? (Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays, it's all fair game)

For New Yorkers-
Can you name some inexpensive restaurants?
Interesting places?
My sister's visiting this weekend, so I'm bringing her shopping in Soho and to Otto, but I need more entertainment and whatnot (for someone on a budget).

Do any of you actually notice a difference in brands of bottled water?
(Not counting the fruit-flavored and other similar things)

How did you come up with your screen name/ What's it from/ Does it have any relevance?

(no subject)

1. Does it make you uncomfortable to see a bare pregnant stomach in real life? Like, if the woman is wearing a shirt that doesn't reach her pants.
1a. What if it's high enough to show her belly button?
1b. What if she is wearing a regular long shirt, but she's sitting down relaxing and absentmindedly lets her shirt rise up and expose her tummy?
1c. Does it make you uncomfortable just because it's a pregnant belly, or do all bare bellies make you uncomfortable?

2. Do you ever wear clothes from the hamper? What would you wear: jean, t-shirt, socks, undies, etc...? How often do you do it?

3. Do you think it's weird that in spanish, boy parts are called "huevos" but in english girls are the ones who have eggs? What are girl eggs called in spanish? [Edit: I KNOW it's the same as "balls" in english, but it's funny because GIRLS have actual *eggs*. Get it? Oh nevermind, it's killed. But seriously, what ARE girls eggs called in spanish?]

4. What is the meanest thing someone has done/said to you in the last seven days?

5. My boyfriend treats me like crap, should I stay with him? Just kidding.

(no subject)

Since a previous post mentioned childfree...

I've gone to look at a few posts there even though I do want children (I've never argued with anyone there, though). Once, someone responded to accusations that being childfree is selfish by asking what are some unselfish reasons to have children that are biologically yours.

I honestly couldn't think of any reason! I want children because I like them and I think I could provide a good and happy life for a child...but I can't think of a single reason that child has to be biologically mine that isn't selfish.

So for those of you who want children (or even those of you who don't), can you come up with a reason?

Sorry if this gets answered in the aforementioned previous post. It's a little more specific, which is why I'm asking it separately. If you're answering both, you can just copy-paste from there or tell me to go look if you want. :)

EDIT: There's nothing wrong with having children that are biologically yours just because it would make you happier to do so and I'm not trying to imply that, especially since I may do it myself. It's just a question, no moral judgments here!

(no subject)

This might be a dumb question. Excuse me, if it is.

Is there anyway that I can call someone's cell phone and have it go straight to voicemail? I mean, not like the cell phone is off or is busy.. I just don't want him to pick up. Ehh?

(no subject)

Hey guys.. quick favor?

I have to write a persuasive essay for my English class. It's due Monday but I need a rough draft by tomorrow and I don't even have a topic yet. The only topics that I came up with that interested me at all were Capital Punishment, Abortion, Gay Marriage & Legalizing Marijuana. But they're all too "cliche". My profesor doesn't want me to write a paper that he would expect to read.
Any ideas? It can't be cliche and it has to take at least 3 pages to argue my point.

Any & all ideas would be appreciated... I'm having a writer's block right now. I'm completely STUMPED.

Thanks a lot for anyone who reads this & even more thanks to the people that spend time thinking about it & a whole lot of extra thanks to anyone who comes up with any sort of topic.



I just got into a very interesting argument with a friend of mine. I asked him if he believed that everyone has secrets. He said yes.

I don't believe I have secrets. This half makes me feel unique in a good way, and half like I may be living my life "wrong" somehow. I'm not ashamed of myself, and I feel strong enough to let people look at me and basically tear me apart. In the end, the only opinion that matters is my own. It's my life, right?

I'd like to know your opinion on the following statements that he and I made during our conversation (it was online, so these are direct quotes):

1. You should have secrets. Something for yourself, otherwise you're for everyone else.

2. You need things that no one can ever know. Once you share them, you have to defend them, and they're no longer yours in the eye of your subconscious mind.

3. (By relationships I mean friendships)
Me: I feel like I put a lot into relationships and I don't get the same honesty back.
Him: Sounds like you might want to work on being better for yourself and not for others. Self-improvement for the sake of growth, if you will.

4. People won't respect you if they think they've got you all figured out.
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Online Investing

Does anyone do online investing in stocks/options? Have you ever checked into investing websites, such as, or even MSN Money or I'm VERY interested in learning to trade stocks, (damned tired of not making much money, but I like my job and don't want to leave it right now) and have had about 3 weeks of self-study with some borrowed materials (from people who are trying to sell their training) but am unwilling to shell out too much for hyped-up training... on the other hand, I don't mind investing in my education...

Knowledge? Success or failure stories? Anything would be helpful!
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(no subject)

Okay. So. A few minutes ago I went to get out of bed, and when I was about 10 feet out of my door I got incredibly dizzy and ended up on my knees holding onto a coffee table trying to keep myself from ending up headfirst on the ground. This has happened at least twice before, once about two months ago where I ended up holding onto a banister, and again about a year ago when I walked into the bathroom and passed out. This doesn't happen frequently at all, but it's really starting to worry me. WebMD hasn't been any help. Anyone know what could be causing this, fatigue or vertigo or something?

And yes, tomorrow I think I'm gonna be setting up a doctor's appointment.

(no subject)

I am not religous, I grew up protestant but I didn't go to church I didn't practice any type of religous anything. Sorry if this offends anyone but I don't really believe in god or heaven or hell. Anyway, I just wanted you guys to kind of know why I hardly know anything about this topic...

I've heard that you have to get confirmed in order to be married in a church.
Is this true? Is it true for all churches?
Do you also have to be baptized in order to be married in church?

Also, since I'm basically an idiot about this... does it have to be a priest who marries you?
I've heard of a Justice of Peace being able to marry people.
What is a Justice of Peace and is it religous?

I'm not planning on getting married or anything, I'm thinking of writing an essay on this subject and I just want to get my facts straight before I do.

Thanks to any & all answers. Thanks for taking time to even read this.


Maps and stuff

Someone once posted a question about where you could find decent map creators/generators I think... does anyone know what were the sites that were named?

Is there a difference between corporation and enterprise, or can they be used interexchangably?

Some food for thought: if there is a so-called Utopia, and if the mass public has the ability to genetically change themselves to become physically perfect, what do you think will happen?

(no subject)

any studies that show which temp of water is best for you? (hot vs cold.) lol yes im watching that episode of seinfeld where this guru tells george he has to shower in only cold water.