November 16th, 2005

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We're going to do the sung version of the Christmas Carols for the Psychiatrically Challenged at my church as a light note for the Christmas service. You can read them Collapse )

What other disorders and parodical carols can you think of?

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Does anyone know if they'll be showing the episode of trading spouses with the psycho christian again?

Have you ever been afraid to do something, something stupidly simple but you worried about it alot and it made it hard? How did you get over it?

I'm bored. What should I do?

Do you think everyone should go to college? Are you going to college? What are you going for?

What are some crazy beliefs you have?

Do you know anyone who used to be conservative and is now liberal?

Do you know anyone who used to be liberal and is now conservative?

Do you.. speak. sign language? Would you like to speak with koko the gorilla?

What question are you too afraid to ask?
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heys there. i have a few questions and need help so hopefully there are people who can help with this.

1. the back of my knees (and sometimes the area between the forearm and the place where u see biceps basically near the elbow area) itches. anyone knows the cause for that? can it be because of some vitamins or nutrition deficiency or something along those lines. if so, what vitamins am i lacking ... and what do you propose that i do.

2. i've been scratching cause it's itchy and there are scars. is there any way to get rid of them. the skin behind my knees have sort of darken which is kind of disgusting. is there anyway to get rid of those and get back my normal skin? is there any products you recommend that i use?

thanks a lot for answering!

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I just got an 30 GB iPod, and now after a few hours, I believe it has a ton of viruses. It has deleted everything off itself like 3 times and now says that 5.57 GB is full, even though with photos & songs combined, I only have like 3 GB. How can I fix this? Is there any way to get a virus scanner for an iPod or do I have to send it back to the manufacturer? What will repair this?

Note that I do download from sites other than iTunes Music Store, and have been trying to get my own video clips onto the iPod unsuccessfully with programs from less than credible companies in their testing stages.

Can anyone help me?


I have now tried for a third time to put songs onto it, and when the iPod is finished loading and I take it out, it comes up empty. I keep getting a message that iTunes.exe is corrupted, and my pictures work fine, but there are no songs at all on my iPod, after loading 500+ songs and having iTunes tell me that my iPod has 6+ GB. How do I remedy this? I'll go to bed for now and hopefully someone will answer this by tomorrow... I really appreciate the help.

I'm Slow on the Sex and The City Bandwagon

Only started watching this year... Just finished Season 5 --

1) For Carrie, did you root for Aidan or Big? Why? (I'd root for Aidan -- He's a better boyfriend)

2) If you were choosing for yourself, would your answer change? Why? (I have to admit I'm more attracted to Big)

3) What's your favorite episode? Favorite season?

4) Favorite / great quotes?

5) Which episode best defines your life? Why?

Point us to good Sex and The City websites other than HBO's.
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A Problem shared?

Just curious as to people's views.

Poll #613513 A Problem Shared?

Which do you think is most accurate?

A problem shared is a problem halved.
A problem shared is still just as much a problem, but you'll feel a little better.
A problem shared makes you focus on your problem - not such a great idea.
A problem shared is a problem doubled.
Problem sharing is good for some people, but not all.
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Think a Little
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Computer dilemma and etc

Mostly just my brain.. If I order from Dell, how does this sound???? (relatively cheap from what I can tell so far)

Ultra quiet, this desktop features high-speed processing for seamless multimedia. Connecting peripherals such as cameras, printers or MP3 players is easy with multiple USB ports and optional 9 in 1 Media card reader

Intel Pentium 4 Processor 630 w/HT Technology (3.0GHz,800FSB)
Operating System
Genuine Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
256MB DDR2 SDRAM at 400MHz
17" (16.0"vis) CRT Monitor
Hard Drive
80GB4 Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) w/DataBurst CacheTM
Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelator 950
1 Yr Limited Warranty6, 1 Yr At-Home Service7 and 1 Yr Technical Support
I would just like your opinion on this system?????? Is there anything that would make it better/or be better?????
What do you use??
Can anyone recommend a good web cam???
(I had to erase the little (R) in a bubble things cus my client doesn't like them, but they are there!!!)

Dental question

So, I have a really painful abcessed molar, which I can't go in for a root canal on until after this weekend (I have to drive out of state on Friday and can't cancel the trip). Well realistically it's probably not going to be until after Thanksgiving now.

Aside from taking the antibiotics they gave me and a lot of ibuprofen, is there anything I can do to make it hurt less for the next week or so until I can get it taken care of? Home remedies, etc?
Self cleaning

Smelly Stuff

Out of curiousity, some questions on smelly stuff.

What is your favorite scent to wear? (perfume or lotion)
What is your favorite scent to smell on others in general? (guys or girls, just your favorite scent on others)
What scent do you find most attractive on someone of the opposite or same sex?

What scent do you find the most comforting?
What scent do you absolutely hate that a lot of others really like?
What scent can instantly make you really hungry?

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it's review time at work. i'm getting feedback from coworkers. the form has a positive comment first and then negative. i noticed myself reading the negative first.

when hearing good news versus bad news, which would you rather hear first?
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Strange things happen to me

So this last Friday night, I was wondering around my town bar to bar having somefun and low and behold I end up running into my "ex-girlfriend from the 7th grade" We hung out and eventually ended up going out to dinner and exchanged phone numbers and I'm hoping we will be going out again.

So... does this seem as weird to everyone else as it does it does to me?

Also is it both funny/pathetic and sad that, in a way, I waited 14 years for a half-drunk 4am Dennys Dinner date?
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1.) How do you do that thing where you do the thing and the thing comes up and you click the thing and the thing you wrote is on the other thing? lol, what I mean is:
1a.) How do you make a link like those that say (My answer) that when you click it, it leads you to the answer in LJ?

2.) Are you scared of mice?

3.) Are you scared of any animal?

4.) Have you ever programmed a robot?
4a.) If so, can you help me with this project?

5.) How can you transfer your contact lists, pictures, etc from a phone (which won't turn on) to a new phone?

6.) What does Verizon (or any other cell phone company) do with the phones that are sent back.
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What's the longest you've gone without seeing your significant other? Why did you have such a long time apart? Did you want to spend that much time apart?

My answers - I think it was about 3 weeks, although our next run will probably break that. (It will probably be 27 days apart before I get to see him again, more if we're unlucky.) To make it even more fun, it's been 2-3 weeks between seeing him the last few times I've seen him. We spend so long apart because everyone in our family except for my dad has a job, we don't have cars, and we live 45 minutes apart. As to the last question, hell no.
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This is brought on by a small discussion in another community. I started wondering what you all would think.

What's your opinion on someone who feeds carnivorous pets(Cats, dogs, etc.) a strictly vegan diet due to his or her own personal beliefs?
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Okay, somebody fill me in here...

When is Thanksgiving? Is it tomorrow or next week?

I'm pretty sure it's next week but I've seen so many people saying they're going home for Thanksgiving and all sorts of ads and church message signs and EVERYTHING talking about Thanksgiving. I don't remember turkey day getting this much hype last year.
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How many tattoos do you have?

At what age did you get your first tattoo? How long did you wait before getting your second? Third, fourth, fifth, etc..?

How did you decide what you wanted your tattoo to be?

Do you have plans for any future tattos; when do you plan on getting them?

Do you think it'll be weird when you're 70 and you have all these saggy wrinkley tattoos... or do you just think it'll be common for old people to have saggy wrinkley tattoos by then so nobody will care?

Did you ever think that you would never get a tattoo or were you always open to the idea?

How much of a role do your tattoos play for you? I mean, are they conversatiom starters or do you forget you have them? Do you love looking at your tattoos in the mirror?

Are you more aware of other people's tattoos now that you have one; were you always aware of people's tattoos; or did you justnever notice them to begin with and you still don't?

Do you friends or family members have tattoos?

Have any pictures to share?

food food food

Why am I so hungry? I ate breakfast, oatmeal with protein powder and before I left for work I had a peice of toast with jam...and then at 11 a.m. I had to eat my lunch and my fruit...and now I have no food left 'cause I already ate it all.

Yesterday I couldn't stop eating...does anyone have any idea why I am so HUNGRY????
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Ordering food

Does anyone else out there order food for buisness meetings in your company? (i.e. catered/box lunches, etc.) If so, do you find that it is really difficult to do? I find there are constantly problems with who wants lunch, cancellations, additons, last minute requests, more people showing up than they told you to order for, etc.

Like this week, for example - there was a training class that I had a order count for of about 15 below the number of people that were really there. And that was just one order out of 22 for the week.

It drives me nuts and I get a lot of flak when things aren't right, even if it's not techncially my fault (ie wrong head count). Anyone else have that problem? Is ordering food just one of those bitchy things that never goes well?
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1. How much should it cost (roughly) to have a timing belt and water pump replaced on your car (servicing the car for maintenance, no mechanical failure)? I'm looking for a price max and min that I should expect for a Lexus IS300.

2. Do you look at your dookie before you wipe? Are you ever surprised by what you see?

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Does cracking your knuckles really make you more prone to arthritis?

Edit - Also, can any of you provide sound proof to back your answer up? A lot of the people I know insist that it does give you arthritis and I'd love to be able to explain why it doesn't.
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1. Have you noticed that every so often, the same questions get asked here in the same day or week? The person who posts says they really didn't know or had no recollection of the question. (I've done it myself. When I joined, I apparently asked something someone else had asked just a bit before me.)
So what's the cause of that? Do great minds really think alike? Do we have some sort of collective consciousness here at TQC? A universal heartbeat, if you will?

2. How do you deal with someone who always tries to avoid discussions/conflict? Do you try to catch them and trap them into discussing the issue? Or do you just not bother at all? I'm talking about someone who literally runs away everytime I try to bring up a touchy subject and this is getting silly.


I need help with costume ideas.

This Saturday I'm going to Diabolique, a fetish ball held every year in Philly. It is akin to the Black and Blue ball in NYC. The outfit can be anything goes, except no nipples. The theme this year is Cirque Diabolique. A circus theme. One friend is going as a harliquin, another as a ring master (bitch! my only idea!)

Any ideas for something that is inspiried from the circus to wear?
Friends: Unagi.
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1) We're having a dessert night here soon and everyone's supposed to make something. Know any easy ideas for desserts?

2) Are those anonymous questions still being posted? Or aren't they turning up on my friendpage?
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Does anyone else have tunes that get firmly stuck in their head and refuse to go again, but worse, which appear of their own accord?

I don't mean stuff from the last six months of the charts or music you listen to all the time, but really random stuff that you can't have heard anywhere recently?

Me? Well I get these stuck in my head:
 The theme tune to "Johnny Briggs"
 The theme to "The Third Man"
 "At the River" by Groove Armada
 "Sweet Caroline" by Status Quo

At the river is probably the only one I've heard in the last 5 years too...
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I need to get the oil changed in my car. If I take it someplace like Jiffylube do I need to make an appointment, or just show up? How long does it usually take (20 minutes, 1 hour, etc)?

If you live in a cold climate, what are some things you do to get your car ready for winter? I realize I have to get a snow shovel and ice scraper, etc. Is there anything else that would be helpful to keep in the car in winter?
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I'm making burritos with ground beef and beans for dinner. We usually put some packaged taco seasoning in the ground beef but we don't have any today.

My family doesn't like unseasoned ground beef (even though I LOVE IT) so adding it to the burrito plain isn't an option.

What should I mix into it? Taco sauce? A little tomato sauce with some pepper?

What do you add to ground beef when making burritos or tacos?

And just out of curiosity, what percentage ground beef do you use? We buy 80% lean.
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What do you think about this?

Basically, a woman is marrying the boyfriend that shot her in the groin and held her hostage...

I personally can't understand it at all. I understand abusive relationships and I understand the fear that a lot of women feel toward their boyfriend/husband but he will be in prison for 20 years and won't be much of a physical threat to her. I don't understand. I've been in abusive relationships before but I always knew that they were abusive. I had the mindset that I'd eventually leave and that what he was doing to me was wrong ... Was she brainwashed by him?
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Buying a house with bad credit

This is a very broad question, but I'll give it a shot.

Almost 5 years ago (before we met), my husband declared bankruptcy. Since then, we've worked hard to straighten out his credit and we've done an ok job. I don't know his actual credit score, but we've knocked out almost all his debt. He has two very low-limit cards which we pay off (on time) every month. The utilities are in his name and they also get paid in full every month. We have a child and another on the way and it's time to consider buying a house. I've googled and yahooed and all the info is so overwhelming (and alot of it is contradictory)...
We would use my credit, but mine is not so great (I got too many credit cards in college and EVENTUALLY paid them off... 4 years later.) I don't have an income because I'm a stay-at-home-mom, so we probably couldn't use my credit anyway.

Anyway, we've been renting for 4 years now and I hate that all this money could be going towards a house.

Has anyone here ever bought a house after bankruptcy? Or with bad credit? Where do we start?
Anybody have any good websites with reliable info? Advice? Anything?

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I just did the dumbest thing. I noticed a few spots on my light beige carpet, so I grabbed the spot remover. I started spritzing the spots and rubbing them in. Then I noticed it smelled like bleach.

I grabbed the TILEX and not the spot remover (honest, but stupid mistake. The bottles are the same color and they're shaped exactly the same. So yeah, I have about six fist size bleach spots in the carpet, even after I frantically dumped water on them and tried to dab them with a towel.

New carpet. And I rent. Am I fucked? Is there anyway to fix this?
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Bon Fete

Do you share your birthday with anyone notable or famous (past, present, or future)? Not necessarily the year.

I have Nostradamus and uhhhh, Patty Duke.
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lulu guinness clutch

credit cards

So I recently turned 18 and have decided that I should get my own credit card. I currently have one on my dad's account. I'm not in college yet but I was looking at ones for students. I don't really care if I get one that is for students I just happened to be looking at them.

1. So my question is, is this one only for college students?
I'm sorry if it's obvious but it doesn't really say, not that I can find anyway.

2. The main reason I like that one is because you can put a picture that you took on it. Do you know of any others like it?
Sorry if these are stupid questions!

1. yes.
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Journally things

1. What determined the interests listed on thequestionclub's userinfo page? Did they get added to after questions rolled in, or did the maintainers make a good guess at TQC's birth, or a bit of both?

2. Do you program?

3. I'd like a cute new manga/anime related icon to use. Don't go to any trouble over this (if you would've planned to) but I wouldn't mind suggestions/links.

Aww, son of a...

Okay. Here's the deal: I recently found out why my computer had been acting so oddly when I found ncscv.exe lurking in the background processes. So far, I've tried:
-safe mode+ completely updated spybot search and destroy, which yielded nothing.
-safe mode+ completely updated symantec anti-virus, which yielded nothing.
-safe mode+ trend micro's house call (with a complete scan), which yielded three cookies. Whoop-dee-doo.
-regular windows+ agobot removal program yielded nothing.
-safe mode+ agobot removal program yielded nothing.
Right now, I'm trying to get this sonofabitch with an ad-aware scan, but it too will most likely yield... nothing.

GAAAH! I'm at the end of my rope, and I've got NO confidence that I could successfully navigate the system registry. What can I do to remove this stinkin' trojan once and for all!? (It's a Dell laptop that runs windows xp with service pack 2, if that helps any.)
I'm sorry to be asking such a mundane/annoying question, but I've got an 8-10 page paper due in exactly eleven hours, and I'm desperate.
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I have to write two papers in the coming weeks, one for my college writing class and one for my psychology class. My paper for college writing has to be an argument, pretty much any argument. It must include research from books, databases, scholarly journals, and so on. The paper for psychology can pretty much be about anything as long as it relates to psychology. Both papers have to be 10-12 pages. Does anyone have any ideas on a topic that I can do where I can use the same paper for both classes, or a paper that I will only have to make minor changes to accomodate for both classes?
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Speak your Mind!!!


I have been allowed a chance to attend a very special gathering this upcoming Saturday. At this meeting will be 300 sisters and brothers coming together with laypeople, such as myself, to discuss the furture. TO talk and come up with ideas in how the Catholic orders can reach out to the local communities, the nation, and even on an international level.
The sisters have sponsoring this meeting to prepare for a large 'congress meeting' of sisters on LI, NY and disuss the election of new delegates, and new issues and programs to iniate.

I need ideas. i always hear people saying this and that of religious people and they don't do enough.

Question---->vSo, what can they do?
I do hope this post is clear in what ideas I hope to hear!!

 I am looking for ways that the Sisters can reach out and aid the public and  communities


 for example I am suggesting a free or low cost child care program to be run by the sisters to aid mothers looking to further  their education.

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Ahh! Babies!

sorry for two posts in a row but get over it

Background info:;jsessionid=KUEZRXFWINVBKCRBAELCFEY?type=oddlyEnoughNews&storyID=10300688

Do you think celebrity criminals should be allowed to profit off of selling their artwork? For instance, someone is well know because they raped and murdered seven women brutally and now they are in jail for life. They create some art, sell it on ebay and make thousands of dollars because someone wants to own something john wayne gacy created.

Should criminals be denyed constitutional rights? If so, which rights? Which rights should NEVER be denyed? How much freedom should criminals have?

Raising money.

I'm thinking I might go to Europe this summer..

does anyone have some clever ideas on how to raise money other than the whole bake sale/ask for donations?

Also- for those of you who have passports, how much did it cost you? I have a general idea, but I just need some reassurance.

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MISC: Go Ask Alice


How can I learn to forgive myself?

I beat myself up over every little thing I've ever done that hasn't been to my liking. I obsess over mistakes and things I've done wrong...over things that others don't give a second thought. There are things I said and did when I was as young as 5 that I still can't get over.

How do people learn to forgive themselves for little and big things?

(and yes I was raised Catholic...why do you ask ;)
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dancing man

(no subject)

If you are a gay man, do you always have to be either the giver or the taker, or do you switch it up and do both in a relationship?

I've heard some guys say they only like to be bottoms but wouldn't you want to vary it up?
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(no subject)

Do any other fairly well endowed women lift heavy things at their job? (I know you're out there. We ask enough boob-related questions.)

How do you get around holding them close to your body? Or generally creating a possible need for a masopexy a few years down the line? (I don't want to mess up my back either. :/ )