November 15th, 2005

Help with my kitty

I live with a cat that was found with a dead mother at a very young age.

So she was not nursed long enough and tries to suckle everyone CONSTANTLY.

Is there anything we can do to help her get over it or is she stuck that way?

She is almost 3 now and her owner really doesn't care, but I can not stand it. I feel like he is depriving his cat of help.

any ideas would be appreciated greatly.
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Do any of you live in the Chicago area? I am going to pick up a friend from the airport (Ohare)on Thursday and I would love to stop at the Trader Joe's while I'm in the area. How far is it from the airport? How do I get there? Is it even worth the drive? I hate Chicago traffic.
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(no subject)

A few, nonrelated questions:

1. What is a good way to bleach your hair without buying a bleach kit.

( I want to do just my bangs, so I dont want to buy a whole kit and waste it)

2. Apple Cider: cold or hot?

3. Any good, kinda, okay digi cams for under $100 (cheaper the better, I really just want to cam whore ^_^;)


What wakes you up in the middle of the night? For me, it's thinking/realizing that there's something I've forgotten to do, usually at work... at 3:53 I woke up 95% sure that I didn't send out the December food drive reminders.

What is it that can shake you out of a sound sleep?
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love exists

Herniated Disc

My lower back has been hurting for awhile, and in the last week my legs will become numb.
So I finally went and saw a chiropractor yesterday.

I have a herniated disc.

I have some questions:

1. Has anyone ever had this?
2. What helped you to feel better?
3. The doctor is probably going to re-adjust my back tomorrow, have you ever had this done?
4. How long did it take you to feel normal again?

Thank you!
S is for Susan who Perished of Fits

(no subject)

Does anyone else find fruit disturbing in that to contribute to its species, it needs to be torn apart in order to get to the seeds/pit?

Just a thought.
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(no subject)

A question about that I can't seem to find the answer to on their help page:

I bought some tickets for a movie this weekend, but something came up and I can't go. I know that the theater requires you to present the credit card used to make the purchase, so could I give my card to my friends and have them use the tickets?

when you're confused and desperate.. you go to TQC!

okay. so to keep it short my estranged boyfriend and i both are somewhat mentally ill. he is depressed and has some serious anger control issues. and i have depression and a pretty nasty anxiety disorder. we've been together well over a year and things were going fine. the last month or so we constantly fight, and he is really mean and controlling in a passive way. theres been a lot of death in his family and he always wants to drink and get high. (we can go do what i want but he makes me pay for it by being a royal dick). we got in a huge fight and i lost it (crying, screaming, etc) and he trashed my apartment, told me to kill myself, stole my car for a few minutes. etc.

everyone is telling me that he's too dangerous to be around and to call it quits with no looking back.

however, we've been friends for 11 years. he's my first love. all that. so its not so easy. is there any safe way to try and fix things? (im doing my part with therapy and im back on my meds so im not so hysterical). maybe take a break for a few weeks? or am i just a damn fool and need to cut him out of my life?

i know this is a lame drama filled question but i need people not involved to give me some real advice.

what about couples therapy/ would that be a feasible option if he agrees?
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(no subject)

I am a highly stressed person. Bipolar, aggravated depression, borderline personality disorder – non-medicated but continuing therapy. I find it VERY, VERY hard for me to relax and take time for myself. When I sit, I stress about the things around me, being out of place, not lined up right, dusty, etc., so I get up and clean. I think part of the reason I get up and clean is because cleaning is somewhat “fun” for me. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and I am doing something. I KNOW I need to make time for me to sit and relax but really, when I sit and am not accomplishing something, I feel BORED. I can not find a hobby that keeps my attention. I like to read, but I'm a speed reader so a book takes about 3 hours. I like to cook but hate cleaning and eating. I like to crochet but that’s kind of my “cold weather” hobby (I get to wrap up in the blanket I am crocheting. Not fun to do when it’s so hot out!) I love my xbox but games that require mindless shooting bore me. I love my computer based logic games (like the 7th Guest, 11th Hour or Safecracker) but I spend 45 hours a week at my computer at work and want to avoid it like the plague when I’m home. I love to geocache & camp but its snowing.

So my questions:

1. Do you have any recommendations for hobbies that I can do that involve my brain, isn’t expensive, can keep me entertained and sitting still?

2. Are there any xbox games out there that are logic based (i.e., solve a puzzle to open another door…)

Thanks in advance!

In Desparate Need of Advice!

I was very sick with the flu yesterday.
Today I am feeling better, but now I'm wondering where I should go for lunch. I'm going to have soup, but I don't know where I want to go(too lazy to go shopping for instant soup today, BTW).

It's between Taco Fresco's Chicken Tortilla Soup, Rolly Polly's Garlic Mushroom Soup, and Noodles and Company's Chicken Noodle.

What do you think? Any other suggestions?

EDIT: Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I went with the chicken noodle. XD

(no subject)

So this is a long shot, I doubt anyone will know what I'm talking about, but it's worth a try.

Several years ago on NPR I heard an interview with this guy. He was a newscaster in (Italy/France--I'm not sure) but also had a career as a singing. I downloaded some of his songs because, at least to me, they were totally cool and some of them were hilarious. I remember that in one of them he did a voice that sounded like Speedy Gonzales or something. This dude was one of the major serious news anchors in his country, and his career as a comedic singer was kind of like "Huh? What?" I have since lost the songs and I want to remember the dude's name.

Anyone have any clue who this dude is?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it. His name is Karl Zero, see here

(no subject)

scooters- like Razors, that type, that had a bit of a fad following maybe two years back- are those clear in the snow?

I ride one to/from class. I know that in the rain I have no brakes, but now it's snowing. like, alot.

and, if you're like me me, and you hatehatehate calling people (I'm 19 and a college sophomore, I've ordered pizza once in my life if ever)- how do you get over it for things like "hi, this job you're advertising, i want it"?

(no subject)

1. What's the difference between "breaking up" and "being dumped"? How does one KNOW that they've been dumped?

2. If you get a phone call and you're busy, do you say "Let me call you back" OR "Can you call me back?"

3. Do you get up to pee during the night? Everynight?

4. My coworker keeps bringing in candy to work and I have zero self-control.

I tried doing a reward system with myself, saying that If I get through the morning without a piece of candy then I can have one after lunch and if I get through the afternoon, I can have one at the end of the day. I figured that way I wouldn't be craving it from the idea of not being able to have any because I knew I'd have some soon. that didn't work. I'd had five pieces before lunch.

I tried psyching myself out, reminding myself I was getting too much caffeine which could be bad for the baby... that worked until I forgot. =\

I tried chewing gum and drinking water to distract myself from wanting candy. Didn't work.

I keep telling myself "Just one more peice and this will be my last" but of course it never is.

Any ideas how I can stop eating so much damn candy?!

(no subject)

anyone know how to extract audio and video from websites and possibly edit them together?

I am doing a powerpoint presentation on the movie capote and I was wondering(by some miracle)if it is possible to get the audio when you enter the movie site of him speaking and the music and then maybe see if i could put the trailer in and have some reviews in between some scenes.
basically create a little movie of my own in powerpoint if thats possible.
please let me know asap.
Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA

Batman Begins soundtrack

Does anyone know what the titles of the songs on the Batman Begins soundtrack mean? They don't seem to be real words.

(Vespertillo, Eptesicus, Myotis, Barbastella, Artibus, Tadarida, Macrotus, Antrozous, Nycteris, Molossus, Corynorhinus, and Lasiurus.)
Self cleaning

(no subject)

Have you ever had someone come up to you and say something like, "Your hair is so long(or short)"? Do you take that as a compliment? How do you react?

The reason I ask is that I have longish hair, it's down just past the bottom of my shoulderblades. I had someone I work with today tell me that my hair is so long. She didn't say anything else about it, but I wasn't sure what I should say back. It just seems strange to me, as all she did was state a fact. It's like telling someone, "You're wearing blue today."
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petit prince

cities, suburbs, etc.

1. what do you think of living in cities? what do you think of the suburbs? do you have any opinions of people who live in the suburbs? do you think one is better than the others?

2. are you defensive about the place you live or grew up?

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(no subject)

1) I need to quote this article from the BBC but I don't know the author. Would I then just put BBC as the author?

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2) Could someone tell me how to get squared brackets on my iBook?
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IP Addresses

I have a complicated situation and I need some help.
My exSIL violated her custody agreement in April by taking my niece and nephew out of the state. We haven't seen them since. The police are little to no help with this. They took forever to allow my brother to file charges against her for kidnapping their kids. They have taken months to get warrants for things. We knew where they were at one point and the police told my brother that he could be arrested if he just went and got the kids and that was not true.
Anyway, my exSIL has called friends and we have had to go through a long process of getting phone numbers traced. It's been 4 months and the police are still working on the first number.
She has an LJ, jediteafaerie, and she updated recently and I need to see if I can find out the IP Address where she posted from.
Is there a way to do this?
I am not on her FL so I do not have access to the actual post.
Just so you know, I will be contacting the webmaster to see if they will help but, like I said, it has taken the police 4 months so far to trace a phone number. How long will it take them to trace an IP Address?

Also, here is a link to their Missing Childrens' poster to lend a little validity to my claim:

I'm not necessarily asking anyone to do this for me. I just need to know how to do it so I can at least do it myself.

Will you please help me find the IP Address from her 10/15/05 post? I'd appreciate it.

Christmas Dinner

Inspired by the below question. If you celebrate Christmas, what does your family have for Christmas Dinner?

My family is areligious...however, we do celebrate Christmas. But my dad side of the family is family is mostly Jewish, so we like to make traditional Jewish foods like knishes and noodle kugel. Last year we also made goulash, which was awesome :-)
cat tea


1. What's the most recent book you've read (or are currently reading)? What genre is it and would you recommend it?

2. What's your favorite genre? (for books, not television or movies.)

(no subject)

ok to go along with an earlier post:
say you have siamese twins that have basically one body and two of them gets a boyfriend..does the boyfriend have one girlfriend or two? and what if they have a sexual relationship, they both use one body so who is the guy actually bonking?

(no subject)

What do you consider a "miracle"?

I never really understood this term. On TV, when a kid overcomes an illness they call it a miracle, but is it really? I mean.. unless there was 100%, no doubt about it, no chance to overcome it, then I don't think it's a miracle. Maybe if someone had a leg amputated and grew a new one, that might be a miracle... but learning to regain a normal life without the leg isn't necessarily a miracle.

Or people say that having a baby is a miracle. How is it a miracle? Maybe if a MAN had a baby with no medical interference, that might be a miracle...

But I might just be a little cynical about it. I dunno.

Has anything ever happened in your life, or to someone you know, that you consider a miracle?
jon snow


I'm a Canadian citizen. I was born and raised in Canada to a Canadian born father and a British born mother. My mother was a British citizen until she was 17 when she gave it up to become a Canadian citizen.

Since my mother was born in the United Kingdom, I can get a British passport. I'm thinking about applying for one.


1. If I, a Canadian citizen got a British passport does it mean that I could work in the U.K. without having to obtain a British work visa?

2. What would be my nationality if I have both Canadian and British passports?

3. What is the difference between being a "British national" and a "British citizen"?

Resume help?

Kay, since I finally managed to call these people- they want me to send in a resume.
The job involves answering the phone and quoting prices and such for an insurance company. Eventually I'd get licensy/certification-type-things in related areas and get raises. Great job. It's been up at least a few days, likely a week or two with the position start date listed as 'ASAP', and when i called they said all three positions were still open. (read: potentially desperate for warm bodies)
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(no subject)

and now something entirely different, which I'm sure you'll be pleased to oblige:

My boyfriend thinks rottweilers are scary violent dogs. I know they can be, there were some fucking scary ones down the street from me when I was in fifth grade- but owner's fault, not theirs.

Please supply me with pictures of your rottweilers being adorable friendly cuddly goofballs.

good morning, USA!!! *dance*

1. Who here has read Why Do People Hate America? by Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Davies? I love it. What did you think?

2. Usually, I loathe learning about American history. Now, I have not yet been to college, so I haven't been able to learn about it from that perspective, but learning about it K-12 was horribly boring. I much prefer European history or world history. Anyone else with me on this?

However, I'm really interested in this-

3. Before WWI, and before WWII (but a little less so), the United States practiced isolationism, and was very neutral. Pearl Harbor forced the US to be drawn into a war, and ever since then, it has been speeding away from isolationism, to now where it is intervening in almost every single country's political affairs, and has military all over the globe. How and why exactly did this happen? What made it change so fast? I realize that this answer could get horribly long, so don't write it if you don't want to, but what are some good websites and books that can tell me about this?

(no subject)

Places that accept Paypal.
Hi. I live in the middle of nowhere, on campus, and I don't have a car. Even if I got a ride, the places around here don't offer much variety. The only form of payment that I have is a Paypal account, so I was wondering if someone knows about any online stores that accept Paypal.

I need:
Places that sell winter clothes, beauty / hygiene products and stuff like honey, rosemary oil.. the kind of ingredients you'd use on natural hair treatments.

Edit: I don't trust E-Bay merchants. I don't have any credit history, I've applied for credit cards and been rejected, even student credit cards, or secured cards.
Also, post any other sites that accept Paypal. I love shopping online.

Thank you all.

~ Snow Goddess (Yuki no Megami)


I had an e-mail back from the Evening Post to a letter I wrote to the 'letters forum' part of the paper

Now I have a dilema.......

The editor e-mailed me asking if he could discuss the attitude of my sons school towards rememberance, that in itself is cool. He felt enough about it to warrant further investigation.....and do an article on it.


If I go ahead and do the story, does that mean my son will get bad vibes from school. I will be a 'parent who disrespects the school', will that in turn reflect on him. I know it shouldn't but I am all to aware that it might.

I cannot remain anonymous if I want to mention WHY my desire for this cause is so strong, as it involves my Dad, who has the same surname as myself and my child.

The letter was about my sons school, but it was also about the general lack of respect to our War dead, and the increasing ignorance to the cause in general.......


i feel weird asking 'what should i do' questions, but here you go...

I have a dilemma.

I LOVE HARRY POTTER PROBABLY TOO MUCH and the 4th movie is coming out Friday (Thursday night for me.) I was at the midnight showings of the first three movies, and I don't want to miss this one and break the tradition.


My boyfriend called just now and said hey, wanna go to Dallas on Thursday? Um, no, HARRY POTTER! But then he tells me that he got tickets to go see the Suicide Girls! And two of our friends are coming too! I SO WANT to do this... however I have to work Friday morning at 7am, and Dallas is a 4 hour drive away, and the show will be getting out late.

What should I do on Thursday night?

Edit: I'm not sure that my boyfriend and my friends know what they're talking about. I searched for a while, on the SG website, and at the website of the venue that the show is supposedly at, and everything else, and I found no mention of the Suicide Girls being there at all. On an off chance, can anyone confirm or deny that this show is happening?

Tutor Issues

I manage a tutoring facility. I am having problems with my tutors in that they are not following procedure which is causing me to have to do ten times more work to make up for what they aren't doing.

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scared, ghost, pretty, drown, jumpy

Still can't find that story.

I've been looking for one specific ghost story for ages. I don't recall where I read it, or when, which makes things much harder, but here is what I know.

It was on the internet, and supposedly true.
The setting was someone, possibly a trucker or delivery-person, driving a car down a road, rumored to be haunted, possibly in Hawaii.
He/she kept seeing horrible things trying to get into the car until either the sun came up or they turned off onto another road, and when they did the things stopped.
There may have also been something about seeing eyes of someone sitting in the back seat even though they were alone in the car.

Not much help, I know, but does this ring a bell with anyone? I'd at least like to know I didn't ahllucinate it.
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(no subject)

Does it annoy you when people in this community delete their posts after a day or so? Why do people do this?

It annoys me when I'm having a conversation with someone and I click a link in my email only to see "No such post." I think people probably do this because they don't want any more responses in their inbox, but if that's the case, then I say either turn off email notification or don't post here.

(no subject)

Have you ever lent a decent sized sum of money to a friend?

Also, I have having a slight problem with what my mother wants to do.
Backround: She wants to form a LLC (limited liability Corp) made with 25000 from each of the kids. Apparently the money would be used for land purchases, which would then sit until either (a) the money has been accrued to build homes/apartments on it or (b) the land has grown in value enough to sell.
I don't have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is how the LLC is going to be set up. My mother, who is separated from my father, will, in essence, control 5/8 of it. She refuses to have my father act as legal custodian of some of my siblings assets (they are under 18). She also wants my brother and I to sign a proxy form giving her control of our votes, in the event that we are unavailable. To me, this seems a little fishy.
Another thing that I was having a problem with. In the contract, there is no such language detailing what would constitute being unavailable. As far as I could find out, she needs everyone's signatures in order to make this valid, so I have refused to sign until my questions and concerns are answered. My older brother is doing the same thing.
Now the question:

Do you think that I am doing the right thing or being paranoid?
Friends: Unagi.

(no subject)

1) Could somebody leave a comment with one of those squigly lines? Much thankies.

2) Why does my iBook not a have its own squigly line? Or am I just blind? it's an Azerty keyboard. There's no squigly line and no squared brackets either. ::sniffs::

Edit: Answered! Thanks!
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I'm not much of a poetry buff.

I'm supposed to pick a poem written by a woman that expresses a sentiment of the time in which it was written for my Images of Women in Literature class tomorrow night.

What are some of your favorite poems written by women? (bonus if I can access them online!) I'm Googling, but nothing is striking me.

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Dinner Gift?

I was invited to a co-worker's house for a "Holiday Dinner" in a few weeks. In the evite, he specified that it's not a work event, it's a personal invitation. I know that there are 3 other people invited and we're all allowed to bring a spouse/SO.

Do you think I need to bring a gift or something when I go? What are the rules on that? I don't want to feel stupid if I'm the only person to bring something (or the only person that doesn't), but I don't want to be rude either.

Also, if you think I should bring something, what do you suggest?

(no subject)

1) If you had the opportunity to travel to outer space, would you go?

2) Are you afraid of dying? Why or why not?

Note: these two questions are not necessarily related, I just like to see how people answer them.

(no subject)

Inspired by the lecture I had yesterday in my African politics class.

Look at the tags on the clothes you're wearing or if your at home anything thats handy.

Where were they made?

Include the brand names too if you like.

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(no subject)

i tried looking on different websites and googling this, but no website seems to update enough. so. who was kicked off americas next top model last week? extra points if you can find me a webpage that has an episode summary!!

(no subject)

why does there seem to be this new obsession with Hey There Delilah by the Plain White T's? I love the song to death, of course, but did they suddenly get more popular and I missed it?
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True or false?

When I am home, I have several lights on if I am going all over the house. Like my room, the downstairs and the basement as I go up and down to do laundry etc...

My roommate turns lights on and off as he enters and leaves rooms, so there is always a trail of darkness behind him.

My question is this...

Doesn't leaving a light on continuously for several minutes pull less electricity than if you turned it on and off repeatedly? I heard that to turn it on pulls more electricity than if you just left it on for a little while.

I heard this from several places, does anyone know if it is true or not?
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books = good

Grammar Time!

What would be the correct word to use here? I know what I have isn't correct, but I can't put my finger on what would be...

"Spirituality is often accompanied by flexible beliefs and an openness to new ideas; the person who considers themself to be spiritual tends to search for a personal truth."

(no subject)

1. favorite chocolate bar?
2. what's on the cover of your notebook/diary/journal/binder?
3. if you have a romantic/sexy icon, could you post with it? i love those kind of icons!
4. do you have a common thing you write or do when you type?

1. caramilk
2. binder: it's a black binder and i wrote song lyrics all over it in silver sharpie, and there are stickers, and my bible has pictures of loved ones all over it.
4. i do "....." that in between EVERYTHING. and i say "ttyl" all the time.
Me--State Fair

pre mixed antifreeze and ketchup...

Thanks for all the poem suggestions! Very helpful, I think I am going for a Maya one...

Okay, so if I am using 50/50 pre mixed antifreeze for my car, is there any reason I need water? My mom seems to think I need water in my radiator. I am uber confused by what the hell she means. I've never put water in my radiator before. FWIW, I am driving a 1994 Chevy Corsica, and I live in Iowa, where we got our first snow tonight, which brought this conversation on. Oh, and I am leaking antifreeze, and I need to get it fixed, but was/is sick and didn't get home to do it.

Poll #613612 ketchup!!

After opening, where do you store your ketchup?

In the fridge.
In the cupboard.
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Cold Stick Figure Guy

A trick for separating pages?

I bought an English book ($53) for class yesterday, and I took it to work with me. When I was putting my stuff together, I put the book in a bag with my pop and a starbucks frappaccino. It turns out the coffee was open... so it spilled all over my brand new book. Now the pages are stuck together. If I try to separate them by pulling them apart, the words start to disappear. The guy at the bookstore can't do anything. He can't give me a discount or anything on another new book either. It's a first edition book (Media and Messages by Barnhisel) so there's no way I could buy it used from anywhere either. On top of which, I don't have much money to spend in the first place.

How do I separate the pages of the sticky book without having the words disappear?

By the way, I need this book for my class on Thursday morning.

Thanks as always.
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regina [lupinskitty]

(no subject)

Ok, so my 21st birthday is coming up in December.

My parents naturally want to get me something special, as does my grandfather. We have already decided that a harpsichord would be a gigantic waste of money, because I already don't play our piano, and I'd rather wait for graduation to get a new laptop and iPod.

So...what do I tell my mom?

Get a new iPod now anyway?
Really, really nice winter coat?
Expensive purse?
Something else nifty?

Think my parents would spring for a car? ;D They really won't

(I really don't want to sound greedy, like I have to ask for something, but my mother has been e-mailing me and IM-ing me everyday asking what I want and it has to be special.and I really don't know what to tell her. She already has my wishlist... What do I tell her?)
at seven

(no subject)

Sorry to do a not-very-interesting health question, but:
What can you have when you have "a sore throat"? Mine doesn't hurt very much, but it's hurt very mildly on and off for 2 days, and my head/self has felt a bit funny the way you do when you're coming down with something. Just now I checked and I have a teeny bit of white gunk on my tonsils (or at least what I think are my tonsils!), which I remember happening when I had mono, so it seems like it could be a symptom of something worse than just having a cold or something? (I've checked with no success.) It doesn't really matter because if I feel worse tomorrow I'll just go to the campus health services (and get out of class and lie in bed watching "Lost" all day!) but I'm curious...

Really I should just call my Mom, when I got mono she diagnosed me a week in advance from 100 miles away. Ah, moms.


Let me try to add something more fun... Though wholly unoriginal.
1. Who's your favorite character on "Friends"? Which one reminds you most of yourself? [You can combine two if you want ;) ]
2. Who's your favorite on "Sex and the City"? And again, who's most like you?
3. Haha ditto both for "Arrested Development" just to be random.