November 14th, 2005

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Did anyone ever read a book in school, or as a younger kid, about a bunch of kids that have to live in a school after their parents disapear/die? I had a dream about it the other day, and it's driving me crazy that I can't think of it!!!
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Sex as a gift?

1. What is your opinion on giving sex or sex acts as gifts?

2. Does your opinion depend on how much value you place on sex?

There’s been many times in this community where somebody has asked a question such as, “What should I give my bf for his birthday?” or, “My boy has been sick/away/stressed/whatever and I want to do something nice for him, what should I do?” and they have gotten responses like, “Give him a blowjob!” or “Have sex, duh!”

Either some people have nothing but sex on their minds or my mind is unusually clean! :) I NEVER think of sex as a gift. I'm curious about other people's opinions.

What's Your Core Erotic Personality?

What's Your Core Erotic Personality?  & What's Your List of Aphrodisiacs?

Why inciting arousal can be tricky

Plus, ten aphrodisiacs that really work

By Neal Santelmann  

Updated: 10:38 a.m. ET Nov. 13, 2005

...At the root of human sexual desire is the "core erotic personality" — a.k.a. "sexual template" — which, in a nutshell, is whatever gets you off. "Everyone has in their mind an image of someone or thing they find sexually desirous," explains Dr. William Granzig, dean of clinical sexology at Maimonides University in North Miami Beach and president of the American Board of Sexology. That image might be a person of specific age, race or hair color, or it might be every person. It could be a fondness for a particular style of dress, objects such as women's shoes or fur-lined handcuffs, or behavior such as cross-dressing or exhibitionism. Whatever it is in particular, the sexual template is believed to develop early on during a childhood erotic experience — perhaps as early as age three or four — and it sticks with you for life.

The difficulty of maintaining sexual desire over the long term, of course, is that if your partner falls outside of your sexual template — or you fall outside theirs — sooner or later one of you is going to lose interest. "Many people whose template is not, say, age-specific can have great sex throughout their lives," notes Granzig. "But if you're only attracted to 20-year-olds, once your partner hits 30, your desire will decrease. Unless, of course, you can figure out some ways to spice things up."

...Ten aphrodisiacs

Naruto - Grr

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There was a movie I had as a child. It was Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid. I can not find it for the life of me, and I no longer have the VHS. I know it was animated, and opened with a live action shot of The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen.

Does anyone remember this movie? And can anyone give me a link to where I can buy it again?

All I can find is the Disney version, which isn't what I want.

(Edit) Okay, I found it on so I know it wasn't all in my head. I still need a place to buy it from.
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hair dye advice/random questions

I've been bleaching/dying/etc my hair for a long time now but was never particularly careful about it (ie. I didn't care if I bleached it and it turned out 4 different colors) so now I need some info.

I dyed my hair black a couple months ago. The black has faded and now it's back to my natural color. I plan on bleaching it tomorrow night and dying it another color.

01. Will the black dye in the ends of my hair interfere with the bleach, even though it's faded? I'm not sure if there'd still be stuff left in my hair even if it's not visible. If so, will using a haircolor remover (not bleach) fix that?

And.. while I'm here...

02. Do you like oranges, orange juice, or both? (Not which do you like better.. but which ones do you like?)
03. Do you like mushrooms on your food?
04. How long have you been on the internet? What was the first place you started visiting frequently?
05. Does your opinion of a relationship (how likely it is a couple will stay together) change if you find out they met over the internet?

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What do you do with your spare change?

Any suggestions on what I should do with my brother while he is here?
Small town, one movie theater, couple of restaurants, a college. He is coming here from Denver, so anything here is also there, save with the possible exception of the scenery, but I don't have enough time for that.

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Last night I wore a ring out and when I came home I forgot to take it off and slept with it on. It's silver colored, not real silver though. It's just a $4 thing I bought from Claire's. Anyway, now there's a greenish band around my finger where the ring was. What is this?
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1. If someone who, in your opinion, has a really awful sense of style compliments something you're wearing, how do you take it? Do you second-guess what you're wearing?

2. Do you care how your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other dresses in general? Do you sometimes care (for example, if you're going to a really nice restaurant?)

3. What is your biggest complaint about your significant other if you have one? If you don't have a significant other, what's your biggest complaint about your best friend?

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Hypothetical questions:

Imagine that you've been in a long-term relationship for about a year and you believe yourself to be in love. Then one day someone offers you your dream job in a place (city, country, whatever) where you've always wanted to work - with a catch. If they give you this job, your significant other cannot come with you then and possibly cannot go there ever. Those are the conditions, no working around it. Do you take the job?

Now reverse the roles. Say your significant other got the offer and took it. You remain friends, and you still care very much for her/him. Years later you're both single and and the same people offer you your dream job in the same place. You take it, and your ex confesses that s/he still has feelings for you and wants a second chance - but if s/he had her/his time back s/he'd still take the offer. Would you give her/him a second chance?

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How come all of my family members are dying at once? My grandpa, my grandma (already dead), my aunt and my other aunt are all dying or dead.

Also, I think that my grandpa is dillusional... I called him just now and he tried to convert me. Don't you think that is odd?
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New Boyfriends(Girlfriends), Old Boyfriends(Girlfriends)

Is it a bad idea to take my new boyfriend to the same place I took my old boyfriend for a romantic weekend getaway? I just completely fell in love with this Bed and Breakfast that I took my former boyfriend to, and I want to share that experience with my new boyfriend, but I don't know if that is a bad idea or not.

Has anyone ever "re-vacationed" with a new boyfriend(girlfriend)?
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I've been thinking for awhile now of getting a working visa and going to Australia or New Zealand for a few months out of next year. But:

-I don't have a clue what's available though, and what would bring in at least a moderate sum of money.

-I don't have a university education, so that would take away any of the ‘specialty jobs’.

-I’d be 19 by the time I would leave, and the person I’d likely be going with would be 23.

-Someone once told me what they did around my area (I live in Calgary, which is really close to Banff/Lake Louise in the national parks of Canada). She lived in workers residence and worked in various places in the national parks (hotels, restaurants, ect). Does anyone know if something like that is a possibility over there?

-I live in Canada and I’m used to being cold (I love it actually), so does anyone know of a place that wouldn’t be too hot from about September – January ish that would still have job opportunities (maybe something like I described in the question above?).

Can anyone suggest any websites or other resources out there that could help me? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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okay, this is a song question. I was half asleep this morning so I don't know if this song was playing or if it was in my dream.(especially since in the dream, i was at a dance club..... in the desert...)

I don't remember it much at all, but it had different parts describing things- liek maybe different stages of flirting/dating/sex, because I know one verse described sex... but all i can remember from it is something about grey skin going blue (which i don't think should happen during sex...) and "and then there's a spurt" or some line like that with a splurt/skooshy kindof sound effect behind it.

Was I dreaming, or does this song actually exist?
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Do you think that people who are caught with pornography on their work computers or sending porn to other co-workers (assuming that everyone in question was of legal age, the porn was legal, and the recipient had no problems with it) should be treated any differently to anyone else who wastes work time/resources through any other means?

PS. No, i havent been caught with porn nor have i ever had porn on my work computer, this question comes after reading this article
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1. You know how Photobucket has those "Bandwith Exceeded" banners after your bandwith has, obviously, been exceeded? How long does it take for those things to go away?

2. Do you dream about LiveJournal sometimes?
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quick canker sore remedies

What are some QUICK, TRIED AND TRUE remedies for a canker sore? I really need it to be gone by Thursday, just got it last night, and my canker sores ususally last at least a week.

I've been taking lysine and multivitamins now. In the past I've tried salt water, baking soda water rinses, lots of mouth wash, I use a toothpaste without SLS, acidophilius pills, Orajel Mouth Sore, chewing tea bags, tea tree oil. But still always lasted at least a week.

Any other suggestions that are TRIED AND TRUE and works FAST, like within a day or two?

Forgiveness and second chances

If somebody really upset you in a major way (cheated on you, stole your bf/gf, spreading a rumor and other betrayals), do you forgive them and give them a second chance?

If somebody totally abandoned you during a bad time in your life, or just quit calling you and then months or years down the line they call you all buddy buddy as if they never left, do you forgive them and welcome them back into your life with open arms?

If a close guy friend blows you off and treats you like shit because he had a completely psychotic girlfriend who hated everything female or any male that would bring females into his presence and then they break up and he comes back saying "You're my buddy!" do you forgive him and let him back into your life?

What would you deem "unforgivable"?
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Okay so my friend ice skates, and her and another girl on the team made a MySpace of one of their assistant coaches. They put his picture and made it like it was his, only it wasn't that complimentary, to say the least. Most of the friends on it were other girls who skate, though, and they all knew it wasn't really him. It was all kind of a joke. So anyway, one of the girls told and he is threatening to sue my friend and the other girl. They're both 15. Can you sue a minor? What's the worst that can happen to them?

Waldorf Schools

Do you have any first hand experience at a Waldorf school - whether it's teaching or having been a student? What's your personal opinion when it comes to this kind of education system?


I love candles but all my candles burn really fast. I have a white barn candle that I love that doesn't burn quickly.

What is your favorite candle and is it really worth the price so that it burns longer and smells good?
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Damn it's really hard to catch up in this community after not reading it all weekend. Couple of random questions (with back story):

1. I fell down the basement stairs two days ago. My flip-flops were wet and so I slipped at the top of the stairs, and landed on the left side of my butt. I proceeded to bounce down the stairs uncontrollably, banging my left thigh and scraping my left arm up in an attempt not to bang my head on the steps. It worked, but now I have a HUGE painful swollen bruised area on my left thigh, kind of under my butt cheek. It's about as big around as a CD, it's solid blue and purple, it hurts to sit down, and it is puffy. So the question is, should I be treating this massive bruise special? Should I avoid putting weight on it (lying down on the left side or sitting down) entirely?

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1. What is a one word, 6 letters that sounds like examine? I'm reading Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and the character Sable has just signed his real name which fits the description above.
EDIT: Ahhhh, thank you!!!! That has been bugging me all day.

2. Why does Safari crash everytime I log onto Yahoo to check my email? It'll work with everything on Yahoo exept the email and I don't...understand.
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This is my mind.

Lets say that due to post birth surgery, or some really wierd hormonal imbalance in the womb, a pair of Siamese twins ends up with one boy and one girl.

Lets say that their joining is kind of.. twisted, and the boy's brain is attached more to the girls half of the body and vice versa. At any rate, to make this more fun, both would be guaranteed to die if seperation surgery was attempted. And even if it could, they'd end up with the other ones part of the body.

Then, one of them rapes the other.

How in the hell would the court system handle such a case? In such a scenario, it could be argued that both have full right to the body, and the act was little more than masturbation. However, the minds *are* independent, and rape is more than just a violation of the body- if that was all it was, it would be little worse than simple assault, and anyone with a brain knows that isn't the case.

But with the way they are joined, there is no way they could seperate them. To punish the rapist, the victim would have to be sent to jail along with their attacker. Even if seperation were possible, the victims body would be taken to jail, and they would have to live in the body that attacked them.

What if it is the male mind that was the victim, but the female mind used the penis to do so? The male mind presumably would like to have a functioning penis, so castration of any sort would obviously be out of the question as well.

Descriptive Writing...

I'm not asking anyone to do my homework. I was just wondering if anyone would be willing to read my peice of descriptive writing for english class and tell me what I might improve on before I have a peer-editing session tomorrow. Thanks so much in advance!
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I'm sorry if anyone considers me lazy for this question or anything like that. My english teacher scares me so much I just want help in making this as good as poccible before handing it in...
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hokai, so--

1. The most amazing friend I've *ever* had refuses to talk to me or even acknowledge my existence much anymore, because I did something pretty stupid awhile ago, but I don't think it was unforgiveable. I really want her forgiveness, and I think she still wants to be friends but she's still hurt. Or I may be completely wrong. I still miss her, and it's been... almost 2 years now. (Edit: She talks to me once in awhile, but is really indifferent..) Should I leave her alone or what?

2. Does anyone know how to get a piece of writing copyrighted? I wrote a piece that I'm really proud of and I am curious.

3. Where do you get your digital pictures printed?

Kyouya - Outside the Lines

Child porn

Now that my title has your attention :P

If someone was to take a pornographic picture and photoshop a child's picture into it (or vice versa), would it be illegal? If it isn't, do you think it should be? If it is, do you think it shouldn't be?

If you think it shouldn't be illegal, where would you draw the line? Make it have to be an obvious photoshop? Decent photoshop, but one where you could still tell it was shopped? Something else?
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three questions brought to you by my psych professor

Answer the following three questions WITHOUT looking at anybody else's comments. I can't time you, but answer them as immediately as possible - don't take like 10 minutes to think about each one, just say the answers that first come to you!

Then, once your own ideas have been posted, check the other comments. If you had the same answer as someone else (or a similar one at any rate), reply to cancel it out. We're looking for the most creative/original ideas, so having some that nobody else thinks of is a good thing. Just to keep it fresh (because if the thread lasts forever.. in theory, everything should eventually get canceled out because more than one person has to think of it) I'll say that.. it's 9:45pm Eastern now, and I'm going to edit this post at midnight we can see who's feeling most creative tonight! PS if you can't do math and live in another time zone, in 2hr,15min I will edit. Feel free to keep posting your ideas after that, but I'm gonna stop counting at that point.

1. What are all the different forms of transportation you can think of?

2. You have a very valuable gold coin. You are going out of town for a month and leaving your home empty. You are not allowed to take the coin with you. Where do you hide it?

3. What uses can you think of (aside from the common everyday household uses) for the following common everyday household items?
-film canister
-toilet paper roll

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I just bought Black and White 2, annnd I need Pixel Shading 1.1 or higher for my video card, buuut I have a NVIDIA GForce4 Mx 420 video card.

I tried downlading like 3498234 updates for my video card, but no luck.

What can I do to get that pixel shading?
Do I have to buy a new video card?

Anything will help. Thanks.
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Quinn Twin

Mailing Pharmacuticals

Ok, so I have a problem with anxiety. In fact, until this Saturday that just passed, due to stress, I had not left my house in an entire week. And I hardly slept or ate, to boot. I know the cause, as when I had insurance, it was diagnosed by my then doctor. I was telling this to a friend who lives a state away. Knowing that I do not have insurance now, nor the money for a visit to a doctor, and sharing the same type of anxiety, he offered to send me some of his klonipin (sp?) in the mail since he has insurance and the money to get more. I declined, even though in the past it's been prescribed to me. I declined because that's how I am. But then I started thinking about if I had said yes, if there would have been trouble. I know, especially since we're in post-9/11 America, there's been more security in the postal system. Would they even be able to tell if he sent me anything, assuming the packaging just looked like a normal padded mailer? Do they have dogs come do random checks or other screening processes? Mostly I am just curious, but also I'd like to know the real amount of risk in case it ever gets bad enough that I really would benefit from taking him up on the offer.
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Medical advice over the internet

Why do people ask medical advice over the internet (whether it's a rash or alcohol poisoning or canker sores or bruises or whatever else I've seen lately), especially in communities with no real experts?  Asking questions about the pill in a birth control comm makes sense, trying to diagnose your suspected STD (or whatever) in TQC does not.    You're not guaranteed someone will be able to help you quickly, or that any help will be accurate, and people can't exactly diagnose you online, especially since the majority of us are not medical experts, and giving you suggestions of what worked in one situation may backfire in your specific situation.

So, in a way to hopefully prevent reading more posts like those, I'm putting this here.


If you're in the US, you can access FREE CONFIDENTIAL NURSES 24-7 by calling that number.  They can tell you at home treatment options, if whatever you have is serious enough to seek further medical help, or whatever else you might be posting here for.  If you've used it, what have you called about?
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what do you guys think of arrested development?

me, i feel no one should blame fox.
that show is too whimsical and ron howard just makes it worse.
they need to get some haughty narrator type and make it more like a tennenbaums/dallas spoof.
isn't that what it is, essentially?