November 13th, 2005

eyeballs and waxing

1. Have you ever worn contacts? prescription and/or non-prescription?
2. If you've never worn them, why not?
3. Have you ever gotten a wax? What parts of your body?
4. If you get your eyebrows waxed regularly, how often do you get it done?
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Paris in flames

What are you thoughts about what's going on in France? Do you see it as an act of revolution or do you think it leans more towards terrorism? How do you think this will change things?

Here are some helpful links for those of you that have no clue what I'm talking about.
Paris on lockdown to prevent unrest.
French Police Clash With Youths in Lyon
Riots in France
Clichy's 'les miserables'
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(no subject)

A package (being sent through USPS) was supposed to be delivered for me, but nobody was here to receive it. They left a card saying that the package is at the post office and I can pick it up or they will re-deliver it.

On the back of the card, it says to check the sections that apply (when you want it redelivered, etc) and to leave the notice where the carrier can see it.

I don't really have a way to pick it up from the post office seeing as how.. a) I don't have a car and none of my roommates are very nice, and b) I have no clue where the post office is. However.. I live in an apartment. We have incoming mailboxes on the first floor (I live on the third), and an outgoing mailbox near the lease office. Leaving the card on my door wouldn't do any good because the mail man would never see it unless he was coming up here for another reason... and I'm pretty sure the incoming mail is delivered to the office by USPS and then a complex employee puts it in our boxes.

So... where am I supposed to leave this card so they see it and bring me the package, since I have no other way of getting it?
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(no subject)

I have an question about excel -

I need to do a line graph - of which the X axis is the the years from 1962 to 2003, and the Y axis is percentage of something that changes throughout those years.

I've listed the years in a column in excel and then listed the percentages next to it, for example:

1962 44
1963 37
1963 44


And I copied all that and tried to make a chart, but I can't seem to make the line graph I want.

What I need is:
for the values on the X axis to say 1962-2004, but if I copy both the year and the percentage I get weird charts, and I get a normal chart when I just copy the percentage values, but then the X axis values say 1-43.

How can I change the 1-43 value on axis X into 1962-2004.

I hope it makes somewhat sense.
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What are your thoughts on violence?

Is it ever justified and/or necessary (if so, WHEN...if no, WHY NOT)? 

If you think of self-defense as different from violence (ie. hitting is wrong, unless someone hits me first), is physical "self-defense" ok to defend yourself against threats of violence or a non-physical "offense" (if that makes sense)?
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Polls, and etc

I like making things and helping, would anyone like to submit questions for me to make a poll (I know that some of you aren't paid users, so I figured I'd try and gather a bunch of questions and post them as an entry, just tell me if you want to have multiple answers to be chosen, selection of one, and of course which possible answers you might want people to be able to choose from!!!!!)
2. Does anyone know what happened to little bunny foo foo at the end of the song?? I can't seem to remember..
3.. Pepsi or Coke products???
4.Is anybody else out there awake right now, lol..
5. Anyone know a good way (and free) to get rid of popup ads?

(no subject)

I'm the only one at work (a cheap shoe shop that's trying to seem a little cool) with a tape recorder, so I get to make the tapes. sadly, almost all of my music is completely inapropriate.

what are your favourite r&b/ pop/ alternative songs from this year? or just some general obscure but great ones?

thank you very much!
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Now that winter is coming, I was thinking about getting a humidifier, but I was wondering about something and thought maybe you guys could help me out. Now, we keep the windows open in the winter because we love the cold, so it's not as dry in our house as others because we're letting in the moisture outside. Obviously, winter does a decent job of being dry on it's own though, so that's not the complete solution to keeping the air moist. But there's a few things I'm worried about...

1) I straighten my hair, if I use a humidifier but set it maybe on the other side of the room, will it activate the curl in my hair I worked so hard to take out? Would this be a non-issue if I used a cool mist humidifier?

2) If it gets very cold that night, would the moisture turn into frost, or do they not emit that much? (wow, I feel dumb asking that for some reason, lol)

3) Do you have a preferance to warm or cool ones and if so, can you tell me why? I don't have any children to worry about and even though my dog sleeps in my room at night, he generally leaves things alone and we could put it where he couldn't even get to it.

*Bonus Non-Humidifier Question!*
The cats and the ferrets are left to their own devices in the rest of the house, but it's an apartment, so it's not a ton of space. The cats have cubbies and we have blankets left out in the living room and the ferrets' whole bottom of their cage is full of various blankets (a light one and a fleece one), so they do have some options, but I worry about them at night (maybe for nothing). I know ferrets love cooler temps and the kitties have never gotten a cold in the winter before, but still, it's the mom in me. The lowest it's ever been out there when we wake up (we turn the heat on to about 70/75 during the day) is maybe 60ish (we only open the windows in the bedroom). Should I possibly do more for them? Like get a small heater and put it out there for them? I worry about not supervising them with it though, even though they generally leave most appliances/candles/etc alone. Thoughts/opinions/experiance?

Thank you so much everyone!
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(no subject)

I got an e-mail with picture attachments of my cousin's new baby. I'd like my grandmother to be able to see them since we all live 3000 miles away from the rest of the family. However, my grandmother does not have a computer and she doesn't really live near here either. My mother printed out some of the pictures, but I'd like to have them on better paper and better quality than on regular printer paper. Does Kinko's do this? What other places do this, and does anyone know who does it the cheapest? Is a .jpg file good enough?
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(no subject)

two questions off a weird dream i had last night:

1. you and another person are on trial (seperately, but at the same time) for something like murder. The other person is convicted and sentenced, you get off scot-free. If you then announce that it was, in fact, you- then what? you can't be tried for the same crime twice, so what happens? and does the other person then get off because they didn't do it?

2. would you feel more guilty about the other person being in trouble if it were a family member you didn't much like or some random guy off the street?
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(no subject)

After a date the other night with a new boy, I realized I had a new deal-breaker.

He didn't make me laugh at all. (Not that his jokes fell flat; he didn't even make any.)

Is that a deal-breaker for you?

EDIT:I made him laugh several times. *shrug* It was that on top of a couple other things - he and his car reeked of cigarette smoke (which affected my allergies for two days afterward), he didn't read, wasn't interested in politics, and a couple other things. It was just the straw that broke the camel's back.
I didn't necessairly want a comedian, but humor is a big requirement for me.

(no subject)

What are your standards/definitions of different kinds of relationships? For example, what constitutes "friendships," "dates," "flings," "relationships," "serious relationships," and anything in between for you in terms of physicality, habits, monogamy, etc.?

(no subject)

this is for those of you who have lived with a boyfriend/girlfriend or currently are. If you have with more than one, just pick the most recent.

How long had you been dating before the move in?
How long did you live together or how long has it been?
Did it change your relationship? Good or bad?
and last do you regret it?

(no subject)

1. You know how sitcoms always have a swinging door into the kitchen? I've never seen one in real life... have you?

2. Does it annoy you when people take forever to tell a story, with their "No, wait, now how did that go?" over and over?

3. if you had a friend or acquaintance who was just beginning to start smoking, would you say something to them; or would you just let them do their thing as to not be a parental-type nag? I just don't understand that "starting" to smoke. I mean, you're not even addicted, why would you keep doing it when you know you're going to be!

4. Does your opinion of a new acquantance/classmate/coworker change if weeks after you met them, you found out they smoked?

5. What would you do if your 8-year-old daughter was about to leave the house in a belly shirt and super short shorts?

6. Yesterday, I saw one of my distant relatives who was about 8 or 9 and she had professional fake nails (french tip). Do you think that's weird? I certainly did. haha.
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(no subject)

Have any of you ever been to see a taping of the Daily Show, or known someone who's gone? What can I expect about the whole process? I get to go with a friend this Thursday night and I was excited for it but I'm weirdly getting second thoughts like "Oh I'll have to miss such-and-such class, I'll have to be in the train so long, blah blah" so if you know anything about it, get me excited for it. The sad news is the guest is just some Richard Clarke author guy I've never heard of (I don't think), and not Rosario Dawson who's going to go on earlier in the week... oh well!

Or if you've seen a taping of any comedy-type show really, and you think I can maybe expect the same, fill me in?
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever been to a warehouse-club store? Which one?

2. Do you have a membership to a wearhouse-club store?

3. Which products make it worth it for you to belong to a warehouse-club store?

1. I've been to both Sam's Club and Costco.

2. I had a membership to Sam's Club, but when I moved there is a Costco closer to me. Plus, it seems like Costco has higher quality goods.

3. Red Bull was the main reason. We can get a case of 24 for $30, when a 4-pack at Jewel is like $6.99. We also found out that a brick of yeast is $3, which is the same price at Jewel as the little tiny 3-pack.

Kyouya - Outside the Lines


Does anyone know of a text -> speech program that doesn't sound like a robot, that I could actually understand if I didn't have my eyes on the screen?

EDIT: Let me clarify... does anyone know any free text -> speech programs that let do you more than a small amount of characters at a time? I'm looking for something that can read a book to me while I knit.
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(no subject)

it's so embarrassing to like this song, but can't help myself. i especially like towards the middle(1:49 in) where he cries out "i think i love you" and and just as he says "so what am i so afraid of..." the background cassidys come in and harmonize with a little ooo-waaah!

go tambourines, go

is there a cheesy oldie(ie 1950-1960, so as to exclude most lounge and pre-psychadelica) you love against all reason?
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(no subject)

I know everything depends on the individual and their behavior, but answer for on average, and in your own opinion... say for example it was your own child asking for these priveleges... if you're not going to give a ballpark number then don't answer cause it gets so boring when every answer is "it depends on the person" haha.

1. What do you think is the appropriate age for a child to be allowed to play alone, unsupervised, in a room? What about with a sibling? What about with a playmate?

2. What do you think is the appropriate age to get ears pierced?

3. The appropriate age to wear heels?

4. The appropriate age to wear makeup or pluck eyebrows?

5. The appropriate age to wear revealing belly shirts?

6. The appropriate age to get a body piercing? (naval, tongue, eyebrow, etc...)

7. The appropriate age to stay out all night with friends?

8. The appropriate age to sleep over with a boyfriend/girlfriend?

(no subject)

what's better?

A jacket that fits snug or one with room?


i like snug jackets b/c i hate layering.
but i recently got a larger one b/c i'm going to get in shape next year.
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(no subject)

So I've been best friends with this one chick for like 5 years and she knows my history with guys. She knows that when I'm drunk I can get pretty flirty with guys but I never sleep with any of them. Lately for some strange reason everytime I get drunk she tells me that I should stay away from guys because I don't want to end up doing something I'll regret in the morning. I've told her that I'm not like that and that I know what I'm doing and that she doesn't need to tell me this. I was invited to my guy friend's party in a couple weeks and she says that she doesn't think I should go alone because she doesn't trust me. She thinks I'll end up sleeping with him if I go. I keep telling her that I won't but she won't leave me alone. She acts like I'm a slut and I don't know how to get her to stop treating me like that. What should I do because I don't think I deserve to be treated like this.
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i'm wondering...

what is the song that has been playing a lot lately... I THINK it says "that bi*ch is fine, but this the killer! slam slam!"... but i really have no idea. it's hip hop and the beat is totally infectious! i want to download it but idk what to search!


(no subject)

1. Do you work better or worse under pressure/stress?
2. If better, do you purposely procrastinate because you know that you will do better work if you leave it for the last minute?

1. Better. Hell, i have a 3000 word paper due Tuesday and i'm at only 851 words.
2. Kind of. I procrastinate because i don't feel like doing it until the last minute.

Buying laser printer cartridges

I need to buy a toner cartridge for my HP LaserJet 1300.
HP sells the Q2613X cartridge for $92.
This place sells it for $65
This place for $39.50

So the range is something like that.

My question is - what makes for such a large difference in price? What makes more sense to get? Definitely not the one from HP, I'd think...
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(no subject)

Is it too big of an age gap for a 17 year old guy to be dating a 13 year old girl?

Yes, I know that 4 years isn't much of a difference in the big picture, but in the context of high school, is that too big an age difference? Especially considering that the guy will be graduating this April and the girl will still have three more years of high school left to do.

I'm especially interested in hearing the opinions of those who are parents in this community.

Do you recognize any of these songs?

I'm looking for stuff on iTunes and there are some songs I've heard on the radio or in a club that I really dig, but I have no idea what the songs are called or who sings them.

One goes like this:

"It's all all round the world like la la la la la"

"It's sexual, the way I feel about you is sensual" (or something like that. It's kind of trip hop sounding)

I hope you all can help me.

Millons o' thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

"Out of sight, out of mind". Do you find that this works for you?

Do you find it easier to stop thinking about someone if you

a) Don't talk about them to anyone, and don't look at their pictures etc at all


b) Talk about it to vent, and look at their pictures until you simply get numb to it?

I've found that talking it out with people helps, because you get their support and understanding, but I can't look at the pictures without getting a sick feeling in my stomach, so I just don't look. At all, anymore.

Thoughts? And yes, this is referring to a "breakup" of sorts.

(no subject)

I'm working on kind of a project.

What are your favorite euphemisms/slang for an orgasm? :o)

Totally meant to post this here first, but posted it in my personal journal. The only reason I noticed was because I'd expected answers by now, lol. D'oh!

Bachelorette Party

Who do you invite to a bachelorette party? I need to come up with a list of people for mine. Do you invite only close friends or should I include other girl friends who I'm not super close with but have a fun time with? What about married cousins? How many people are typically invited?

(no subject)

I'm updating my resume to try and get a job with the local police department as a “Property Office Assistant”. The thing is, my grades in college aren't so hot/ I'm not yet done with any degrees, and I don’t plan on going back to school until I have a job set as police officer. I am very qualified for the job, and I don't want my college grades to over-shadow that fact.
Is there a way show that I haven't spent the last two and a half dicking around without having to reveal that I was dicking around at school?
edit:For that matter, how do I put in my secondary schools? With or without a GPA(since the posting says that only a highschool diploma/GED is required in education)?

Also, is any one willing to show me an example of a strong résumé that they wrote/(or possibly take a look at or edit my own)? (The ones I found through google seem very...robotic, is that the feeling I'm supposed to get off of them?)
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(no subject)

Hi all,

Started doing kickboxing again after a year's break and I want to re-mould my gumshield but have forgotten how (other than it involves boiling water) and lost the instructions. Can anyone here help before I give my gums 3rd degree burns?


A slew of questions for your answering delight.

1. What kind of music is alternative? What genre of music is MSI (Mindless Self Indulgance)?

2. Do you like techno? If so, can you recommend some good techno music?

3. Why do cars roll forwards when you arent applying the break or the gas?

4. Why does sunlight fade things?

5. Do you dance? In front of people? At home? In the mirror? Naked? Do you think its good for you? I dance, not in front of people, and not naked, but it always makes me feel good.

6. Whats your feel good music? Mines the beatles. They always make me feel good inside.

7. What are your views on how society views sex? Too accepting? Not accepting enough? I think that sex has become too much of a passtime for some people, and less of an act of love. Also, alot of people are too dependant on it.
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more wedding questions!

1. What song would you/did you pick for your "first dance" song at your wedding? I'm looking for a nontraditional song that's not been overplayed at tons of weddings, and also it can't be country.

2. What are some other "must play" wedding reception songs that are not cheesy? Songs that would get people up and dance but are not typically played at a wedding (like "Celebrate good times.." is played at every wedding we go to)

3. What is a good song for a female soloist to sing during a Christian ceremony? Again, a beautiful song, but not cheesy.

Neopets, Harry Potter, and Fight Club.

1. This is going to sound stupid, but how does sites like Neopets work? The programming I mean. (How you can earn Neopoints through playing games, and when you buy stuff, they actually deduct the points from you in real-time.) I run a pbp (play by post) roleplaying game, but I have always wanted to create something similar to Neopets, because it seems so much more 'real'.

2. What's your favorite Harry Potter book?

3. What do you think of the ending to Fight Club?

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