November 12th, 2005

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Does anyone know if FedEx delivers on Saturday?

(By the way, my cousin's wife had the baby yesterday, and he appears to be healthy so far! Thanks to everyone who responded to my question!)
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I hate my mouse.... HATE it. I am going to get a new one, and so as a payback for all the stress this damn thing has caused me I will send it out with a good bang.

Now I was thinking destroying it with good old hammer work, by best friend says I should tie it to a rocket and shoot it into the sea - I live on the coast - seeing how bon fire night was a new days ago fireworks would be easy enough to get I suppose....

But how would you do it?

And be creative... I need ideas....
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Argh, I'm trying to remember the name of a book I had to read in 6th grade. I think it was about a kid who stopped talking, and his friend had to figure out why. The kid who stopped talking might have been in an asylum, I'm not sure. Any ideas?

Thanks anyway...

For those of you who answered this question, I appreciate the effort.

The friend in question also has a long-term pre-existing condition of MS, and since the medication he needs for it has caused the diabetic condition, any natural sweetener of any kind (i.e. most fruits, especially apples) are out of the question for at least the next six months while they try to get things under control. I'll keep the links, though, for if and when he is allowed to have sweet-type foods again.

And so it's not against the rules...

Do you (non-specific you) can your own foods? If you do, how long have you been doing it, and why? Do you share?

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If you wake up feeling really grumpy and depressed (or otherwise bad) is there something that you know you can do to automatically cheer yourself up?

What sorts of things or activities make you feel better?
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My iPod keeps showing me that little sad face whenever I try to plug it in or turn it on. All the websites say I need to erase and restore it, but it won't even show up on my computer. What do I do?

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What is there to do in a small town (under 7000 people) for 10 days?
I don't have any school or work obligations, so those don't take up my time anymore. The nearest large city is 75 miles away.
Edit: I live in Socorro, NM.

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This is for all the single people out there. Do you like being single? Would you rather be in a relationship? The reason I ask is because I have been in a relationship for the past year and a half and I really miss being single and free. Having total control over my life. Do you ever get lonely?
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so, it seems adblock is on a mission to block anything made with the newest version of flash, whether i tell it to or not.
This means I have to turn adblock off to view some websites or play some games and such... and it's a bit annoying.

Is there a way to fix it?
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Online shoppa!

1a) If you're from Canada and you order stuff online, where do you order your merchandise from?

I've only used sites like and my brother is an eBay fanatic, but he gets stuff from the USA as well.

1b) Are there any good sites (besides the well-known ones like, etc) that have things like manga/anime, and they ship *from* Canada? :-) Have you actually ordered from there? And if you have, would you order from them again?

2) If you've ordered outside of Canada have you ever gotten "custom" fees added when it crossed the border which you ended up having to pay for?

3) What are the worst experiences you've had regarding online shopping? (Auctions included.)

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Random question, but has anyone ever used their mobile phone whilst flying? I know it's prohibited, but I was reading a novel where one of the characters actually did...and I just wondered if anyone had ever done this? I haven't - I'd be terrified of mucking up something with the plane/getting arrested for breaking the law!

And anyone know why you can't use a mobile when the plane is taxi-ing in in the UK, but you can in the US?
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Fox movies

I watched this movie as a kid, and for the life of me I can't remember what it was called... or even what most of it was about.

All I really remember is that it revolved around a little fox kit, and for some reason an older male fox (his father? Some random male fox that took pity on him?) had to raise him and teach him how to hunt. I rather clearly remember a scene where the older male fox catches a duck, and gets the younger one to pluck it.

Any clues on what this movie was?

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For those of you who ARE familiar with Shel Silverstein, are you aware that prior to becoming a children's writer a poet, he worked for Playboy, publishing erotic cartoons and stories in the magazine?

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Hey! I'm a college student who wants to travel a bit during next summer (end of August until middle of September). I'm not sure where to go, but I'd like to hit places where the round trip flight is less than $300 (so I'm pretty much limited to domestic) and where it's easy/cheap to find places to stay at (think hostels). Places where it's safe to travel in as an English speaking group. Since I live in California I was thinking Mexico, New York...? Have you ever done great deals as a student traveler that you could share with me?
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1. Have you ever eaten a pomegranate before?

2. If so, how do YOU eat them? I've been searching around online for information on how to eat one, but I see a lot of different ways of going about it. I bought one and would like to eat it today, so I'm curious as to how some of you do it. Thanks!

3. Can you save the seeds? How do you store them?
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I'm trying to find the name of a singer for my aunt. On Thursday's Alias, there was a song at the end, "The River is Wide" I looked it up and it is originally by James Taylor, but on the show it was a female voice. Anyone know who the singer was?
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Firefox help

I've been using Firefox for a few months now, and love it. Today, however, it seems to want a vacation. Whenever I open Firefox, it refuses to work. It acts like it's going to work, but it's just a blank page. I don't even get the menus at the top (File, edit, etc.). Any suggestions on what I can do to get my beloved Firefox working? Right now I'm using IE again *shudder*, so help please!

Edited to add: Also, when I try to close it, it tells me the program isn't responding. I don't know if that has any impact on what I need to do to troubleshoot this.

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1. What are some current fads that have lasted for many years? Jeans are a good example.

2. Do you think schools should have no school on holidays such as Veterans' Day? It seems like the only thing everyone cares about is having no school for a day, instead of actually remembering/knowing the meaning of the holiday.

Okay, so I'm bitter. Your point?

Were you one of those kids who was always bullied in school? If so (and here comes the bitterness), do you still hold a grudge against the kids who picked on you?
I know it's stupid, but I'd still like to beat the crap out of that asshat who teased me about it when one of my pets died. He deserves it! *grumbles*
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If you write a check to someone, and the person never cashes it, is there a point where it's no longer valid?

I just balanced my checkbook and there's a check that hasn't cleared from a month or so ago(i know a month would be too short, but it makes me curious)
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So I'm in a computer lab, where most of the people here (or who were here) are doing research and writing papers and studying. It's very quiet (as in no one's speaking at all), except for one individual talking on her phone. Loudly. The girl next to me just asked me whether I thought this was rude, and I answered, "Yes, but either way it's extremely irritating at the very least." We have yet to say anything to the loud chatterbox.

So, in your the girl on her cell phone being rude?
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Prez for a day

If you could be President of the United States for only a day, what one piece of legislation or initiative would you enact (assuming of course, that it was possible to get anything done in a day in Washington)?
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I have really thick straight hair, about to the middle of my back. It's the kind of hair that even if I curl it and use hairspray and everything, it only stays curled for an hour or two. It won't hold anything. It's just straight.

So for my question: every time I try to scrunch it it just dries out and straightens. Any suggestions? Or am I just doomed with straight hair forever?

Edit: by 'scrunch', I mean where you put gel or mousse or something in it while it's wet so stays wavy/wet-looking.
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Does this look like a good idea to you?

Do you get nervous driving through tunnels? The tunnels that go under water do make me a bit squeamish. I imagine a wall breaking and the water rushing in. If it's a crowded tunnel like the ones to New York City, there's no escape!

I'm shitscared of deep water any way.

It won't make me not use the tunnels because the chances of that aren't that great. Well unless a terrorist has the bright idea to detonate a bomb in one of the tunnels.

Is it more scary to drive through tunnels or drive over bridges?
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My partner's three children (13 year old boy, 9 year old boy, and 5 year old girl) are staying the night with us tonight.

What's something we can do that will involve everyone and keep everyone amused, and preferably be free or very cheap?
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When you see an old cartoon show on television, do you sit down and watch it and become a kid again, or does it make you feel like more of an adult?

I enjoy it, but after a while I feel uncomfortable.
It's the adult feeling kicking in.
they sure don't make cartoons like they usted to.

also- what do you think of people who go to extreme lengths and buy dvds of their fav cartoon shows?
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I need help/suggestions for what to get my family for Xmas! If you have an example of what you're talking about with a picture, it'll be very helpful.

Dad - he likes motorcycles, shooting guns, mineral/rocks, some music like norah jones, madonna, and mariah carey, he works as an engineer, likes computers/machines

mom - she's really into health stuff, likes chinese stuff (we're chinese btw), pretty decoration things, works as a research associate in a hospital, always busy - works a lot

sis - she's 12, really likes to read (almost any kind of preteen books she's read), likes arts and crafts/making things, likes some disney channel/cartoon network shows,

I've always given my sister books in the past, and I've given my mom candles and books on being healthy, and my dad motorcycle books and a motorcycle sculpture. I'm looking for something unique.
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What are the signs that your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on you?
Besides the obvious "Hey, I saw him/her making out w/ someone else."
Like, late for dates, missed calls, etc.


What songs/soundtracks/cd's do you listen to when you want to get down and dirty? I need some good suggestions for sexin' it up music to make babys to;) (babys optional!)

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001. How does the Iron Chef secret ingredient work? I mean, the second they reveal it, the chefs go right to it, so what's the deal?

002. Can you sleep in socks? Can you have sex while wearing socks?
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Book Recomendation

I need some decent books to read. But I'm pretty picky.

I like horror/mystery/mindfuck type books, but I'm sick to death of vampires, zombies, and murder mysteries. I'm currently reading "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card and like it pretty well, although I generally dislike goverment conspiracy books.

I've also been fond of Anne Rice's earlier books (Interview, Lestat, and Armand are all I could read. The others are just very bad, IMO.) My latest favorite was Blood by Patricia Traxler. It was a bit of a murder mystery, but I enjoyed it because of the artistic words, emotional intensity, and symbolism. I whore for symbolism.

I think most of all, I just enjoy a good mindfuck. I've heard the end of Ender's Game and I think that's why I'm enjoying it so much, even though I already know what's going to happen.

What are some books I should read?

Princess Fantaghiro DVDs

I was wondering if anyone knew anywhere a friend of mine could purchase the english dubbed versions (or even the english subbed) of the DVDs 'Princess Fantaghiro' 1, 2, 3 and 4 online?

We've tried Amazon, Ebay, and all the NZ auction sites. I have a friend who is desparate to buy them for a cousin.

<3333 you guys and thanks.
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I work at a deli counter at a gorcery store. I only just started about a month ago. There is a lady who work there, she's about my mother's age, who is always correcting me. No just, 'Hey, you're doing tha wrong' or 'There's a better way to do that'. No, if I'm doing somthing wrong, or if I ask her a question about how to do somthing, she physicly PUSHES me out fo the way and takes over, or pushes my hadns out of the way.

I thought she had some seniority, the way she acted. I figured she was jsut set in her ways, and really knew more than me about it. But it turns out she has been working there only a week more than me. I also have previous experience with food services, especialy with the slicer machines.

SO! Here's my question:

Nest time she tries to correct me, or tells me I'm doing somthing wrong, when I'm really just not doing it HER way, should I:

a) Take off my hat, read my name tag very carefuly, and say 'Huh, thought so. My name is Tricia, not Sue. Go fig'

b) Put out my hand, grab hers, shake it, and say 'Hi, we must not have met. My name is Tricia. I'm 20 years old, not a child by ANY cultural standards. I was hired to work in the deli because I've had experience in a mass production kitchen before. One of my daily responsibilities was taking apart nad cleaning the meat slicer. Good to meet you, LET'S BE FRIENDS!'

calling card

dont laugh! but when i call with a calling card does the 1-800 number show up on my phone bill?

*edit* obviously im calling a 1-800# to use the calling card pin to call long distance. Maybe im not wording this very well:)
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Random questions

1. Who else loves when MTV runs a marathon of their incredibly cheesy TV shows?

2. How do you study for an exam? What are your study tips / processes?

3. I want to volunteer (or do something besides work and hanging out with my boyfriend). Any ideas of what I can do?

4. What is your favorite meal to make?

5. Are you a morning person or a night person?

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This would just be some useful information to have for a mock trial my American Institution/Economics class is doing.

How does one use a jumping wire to start a car? How difficult would it be to start a car using a "Jumping wire"? Is it a task that could be easily done while drunk?

(The answers I'm hoping for are no, it is not difficult, and yes, it could be done while drunk. ;P )

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01. How long do you think it takes to TRULY fall in love with someone?

02. If a guy/girl tells you they love you, and you don't want to say it back, what do you say?

03. What is everyone's favorite livejournal communities? (Can you please include LINKS to them so I can browse them faster.)

04. My boyfriend has been camping all weekend and I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas of something sweet I can do for him when he gets home?
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So I'm going to Lehigh tomorrow (2days, 1night) for a sleepover weekend thingy for prospective freshmen... and I don't know what (handbag wise) to bring with me. I already have this huge ass Gucci travel suitcase for clothes and stuff, but I don't know if I should bring another bag or two more? I know that I'm going to meeting a lot of people, so a smaller bag would probably be key, but how safe is security, in college generally??? Should I risk bringing another bag.

Anyway, I talked to my mom and she said that I could only bring Coach there so I was thinking I'd go with the 2 pictured below.
Would bringing the white one be too much?

Thanks in advance!
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US Supreme Court

Now, the Supreme Court can rule a law to be unconstitutional, or invalid due to subconsitutional law of greater precedence.

However, they normally do this because a litigant uses a specific argument against the law. It is not unheard of for the Court to uphold a law in one case, but another case that uses different arguments, to invalidate it, even with minimal or no changes to the courts lineup.

Can the court, if they determine a law is unconstitutional for reasons not related to the current challenge, invalidate a law in the ruling, or must they wait for a challenge to come up that uses the correct reasoning for invalidating the law?

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Does anyone know of a product which can eliminate under-eye circles? I don't mean the kind that you get when you don't get enough sleep, I mean the kind that you have your whole life that never fade.
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what do you think when people allude to the idea that man is an animal? do you agree or disagree? why or why not? EDIT: i'm not talking biologically. i guess i'm looking for a more philosophical/spiritual/intangible answer. apologies and thanks in advance.

also, i'm assuming that most of you are like me: you're in this comm and ask_me_anything. which do you like better? i like this one better.

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For the past two weeks pretty much, Ive been getting bad headaches on and off during the day. They arent migranes, and mostly they are just like a normal headache, but the one I have now is a killer. And nothing helps. Do you think that its bad and I should go see a doctor, or has this happened to you and it just stops? Its only been like 1 1/2-2 weeks. *shrugs* I hate the doctors...