November 11th, 2005

minnie and zeus


Poll #609965 Death...

If I could live forever,

I would
I would not

If I could choose the age of death...

Young (by 30)
30-50 (aka don't want to get too old, but you want a longer life)
50-70 (old enough for grandkids or whatever)
70-90 (natural lifespan)
as long as possible

I would prefer to die

Suddenly, without knowing it was coming
knowing that it was coming so I could prepare

Aaaaand, If you could choose how you were to die, what would you pick (OTHER than "old age")?
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(no subject)

I have never in my life asked for an extension on an assignment before, but I think I probably should.

How late would you say is too late? it's 2:45am now and the paper is due at 10:10 and it simply is not going to happen... but I feel like if I e-mailed my professor right now it would look like it's just because I'm slacking and put it off to the last minute, which is not (entirely) true.

Am I supposed to ask for a specific date to extend to, or would it be appropriate of me to say "I will definitely have it in class on Monday, or if you'd like I can submit it on Blackboard over the weekend when I get the chance, possibly even Friday night," or should I let him tell me when to have it? Should I explain why I need it?

WOW. I'm so lame. Haha.
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Do you pay attention to zippers?

I hesitate to buy things with zippers that aren't made by YKK. It's one of the things I look for to distinguish a well-made item from a cheap one. I got curious tonight and learned that YKK is a Japanese company – Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha. So now you know!

(no subject)

so there's a boy
he plays with my head
i want to forget about him
i don't know how
what should i do to hate him so that it's easier!?

also, why do i have irrational fears of everyone hating me?
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Soul Caliber III

I heard a rumour that they're ONLY going to release Soul Caliber III on the PS2 - they're apparently not even going to just hold out and make people with other systems suffer. While I have a PS2, it's A) the crappiest system I have and B) everyone knows Soul Caliber II was best for Cube (hello, Link!) and second best for SEXbox and that the PS2 verion pretty much blew goats for beer money.

Can anyone tell me if this terrible rumour is true? I NEED MY FIX!

PS - I just want to make sure it is known that Soul Caliber is pretty much the greatest fighting game of all time. It's so freaking great that I bought a Dreamcast just so I could play the OG and watch the chibi fighters in the controllers. Best $15 I ever spent in my life! I had missed my Dreamcast so much, I couldn't believe I'd ever sold it in the first place!
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(no subject)

i watched trainspotting last night. i had never seen it before. i started falling asleep about the time that they bought the 2000 in herion and mark decided he would try it. who can tell me what happened after that and how it ended?
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Procrastination Rocks!

"So they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, no human being must separate."
Mark 10 2-16

Is that a good verse to put in a card for a couple that is getting married? They're both Christian (he's a minister, actually) and the card I have for them just reads "Congrats" or something simple like that. I want to put in a little something more, and I thought a Bible verse would be fitting. (The wedding is tomorrow morning. Way to wait til the last minute!)

Average cup size - on the increase?

An earlier question on breast implants prompts this question.

I know that "B" is supposedly the average bra cup size. However, over the past few decades, due to coverage in the media (movies, television, sports, etc.) it seems that larger breasts have become "preferable". "Gentlemen prefer bigger boobs (instead of blondes)."

I'm thinking about this from a natural selection/evollution viewpoint - do you think that average breast size has been or will be increasing because of this? If you think so, is it something you've already noticed?


(no subject)

So there was this basketball game between UBC (University of British Columbia) and TWU (Trinity Western University) the other night. TWU is a Christian university. So a group of UBC students dressed up in priest and pope outfits (they're not catholic, but whatever) and every time TWU would make a mistake they'd start chanting "sinner"! And stuff like that. Now. I understand that that's all fun and games and whatever. But if this was the same situation, except the school was muslim, this would be on the front page of every newspaper. What are your thoughts on this?
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day off!

1. What funny stories do you have about your pets? Are yours as crazy as mine?

2. What are age-appropriate gifts for an almost-five year old boy? I like giving loud toys with lots of little pieces, but my husband is scared that the parents will just save it for if/when we have kids. Would games like Memory/Candy Land/Chutes and Ladders be good? Are Legos too 'old' for that age?

3. What is the coolest gift that you're buying someone this holiday season?

4. Do you get your nails done (but not have fake nails put on)? I had a manicure for my wedding and loved how it looked, but can't afford it all the time. I bought an at-home kit, but it's just not as good. Any recommendations?
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i'm *always* random.

1. how much money do you think is reasonable to spend on a christmas present for someone you've been dating for six months?
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i want to buy him a digital camera, (haha, see next question,) and the one i want is going to cost me about $275, with all the additional bells and whistles. do you think that this is too much to spend?

2. have you ever bought a
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ2 5MP Digital Camera with 6x Image Stabilized Optical Zoom? is it a decent camera? what are your experiences with it? i have read a lot of good reviews online, and a very few bad ones. i've never used a panasonic digicam before, so i'm wondering if anyone has some personal experience. i'm usually a nikon person.
2b. if you wouldn't recommend this camera, what other camera for less than $300 would you recommend? why?

3. why is it that i trust thequestionclub's opinion more than the opinion of other random internet strangers? and i don't seem to be alone in this?

4. so, i finally gave in and downloaded the updates for my semagic client. it won't save the format that i usually like to keep my application in (it allows you to move all the tool bars, i like mine in a certain order.) anyone else have this problem? any way to fix it? the old client sucked less for this, but there are features of the new one that i dig and want to keep.

5. what leads you to the faith that you have? (be it faith in christianity, or atheism, or whatever.) do you think anything could ever change that in you? why or why not?

6. if you got into an argument with a stranger, and saw them again at a later date, what would you say/do? what if they started talking to you?

(no subject)

My parents purchased a 130.00 dollar warranty on my computer last February, yet for some reason my problem is not covered in the plan. Lame. So this is my last resort, because I refuse to pay 70.00 dollars for a little problem.

I have a Compaq Presario. For some reason, it will not burn CDs. The drve will play CDs just fine, but it will not burn songs from Media Player or my pictures in My Pictures. It keeps saying "Insert blank CD-R/CD-RW into drive" - and I've already inserted like 12 different kinds. There IS a CD in there. When I then click "retry", it freezes.

The only programs I have installed are AOL, and the program that came with my printer. I don't download music or save lots of crap to my computer.

What in the hell is the deal??

Please help.


When I was a minor my mom was the only signature on my savings account (which meant I couldn't make any withdrawls without her). I'm not a minor anymore, and I want to know if that rule changes now. Do I still need my mom to sign when I want a withdrawl? Or is that void now?

Your daily commute

How long does it take you to get to school or work each day?

I'm going to start a course soon and it will take 1 hour and 20 minutes to travel one way. It got me thinking if this is reasonable, and how long it took other people to get where they're going each day.

(no subject)

Can someone explain the process of bleaching, toning, and developing to me?
+Any other steps I'm unaware of.
I definitively messed it up my first attempt. It makes a suitable light red, but I wanted blonde =/

Also, can anyone recommend an intensive hair restoring conditioner or anything? Something to make my hair (which is beginning to die) return to its once healthy, happy state?

On the spectrum of the other type of questions, what are your favorite things for each of your 5 senses?
Favorite taste, smell, sound, sight, and feeling (not emotion, but physical tactile feeling)?

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Deaf FAQ's?

A conversation with a hearing co-worker inspired me to think of this. (I'm deaf by the way, but read lips and speak quite well).

I was working with the infants department last night, and she asked me, "If you have babies, how will you know when the baby is crying?"

I answered, "Technology. It's a wonderful thing." and I explained that there are so many things that help deaf people with that sort of thing (i.e. lights and vibrating things).

Now that inspired me...I'm planning on setting up a webpage with all the Deaf "Frequently Asked Questions" on there.

I'm asking all of you...what do you want to know about deaf people and/or their culture? ASL related questions?

For those of you that are Deaf, what do the clueless people often ask you?

For example, "How do Deaf people use the phone?" and "Can Deaf people read braille?"

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(no subject)

OK. I'm tired of looking pregnant and am going to do something about getting rid of this belly of mine.

Thing is, i'm not going to be going to the gym - my exercise generally consists for taking the stairs at home a lot and going for long hard walks.

So, for you flat bellied women out there - what (home type) exercises are good for toning down the stomachy area?

Edit for clarification: When i say no gym, i mean classes and such as well. I'm saving, so really can't spend money on this, and anyway i have social awkwardness issues which means i can't do exercise type things where other people can see me.

Stupid Freshman

At my Univ. we have to have a C+ to pass (I assumed this was a college thing but I found some people who dont have that lil rule) My question does the GPA thing work? Say I get a "D" in a class does that still effect my GPA? Is a C+ still calculated into a GPA like it was in the good old highschool days?

Also, how did you do your first semester of college? How did you think you were going to do @ Orientation, Mid terms, Finals week?
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Has anyone out there seen the movie Higher Learning? The one with Omar Epps, Laurence Fishburne, Tyra Banks, Busta Rhymez, and Jennifer Connolly?

I would rent it because I really am interested in seeing the ending, but I don't have a way to rent it right now... could anybody explain to me what happens in the last 30 min or so? Specifically I'd like to know how Kristen (the girl who got raped) turns out.
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Two domestic type questions.

1. Earlier this week my cat threw up on the carpet and we still can't get the stain out. Any suggestions on what to use?

2. I have some cookie cutters that are the type that press a design into the dough. I'm assuming sugar cookie dough would plump too much and ruin the design, plus I couldn't frost them. Are there any types of cookies other than gingerbread that I could make with them? It's really important that they keep their design.
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(no subject)

Today I saw a bird. Pigeon size, pigeon shape, pigeon bobbing walk, pigeon grey... without the shiny neck thing or red eyes. beak looked huge though.
I walked up to it. it walked away. I walked up to it again, walk-chasing it around some sort of small outdoor storage locker. I had to actually run at it before it would fly about two feet. Then it decided to hang out under a bush.

Young pigeon?
Diseased bird of indeterminate sort?

(in iowa)


1. I have a credit card that my mum always wants to borrow to make purchases for her business. Her cards are maxed out. She couldn't borrow mine for a year because it was also maxed out (due to my purchases, not hers) but now that I have paid it off, she wants to borrow it again.

It irritates me (and inconveniences me) a little bit and I'd rather she didn't use my card anymore. Is there a nice way I can refuse to lend it to her?

2. I can't manage my money to save myself. I've tried to budget but I can never make one that actually works. Do you have any tips on how I can handle my money better?

(for example, the rule, "Always pay yourself first." which means you should always put money into a savings account before you put money on bills - but that one never worked for me.)
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Pepto Bismol

I ate some chewable Pepto tablets last night and this morning my tongue was coated in brown sludge. I had to use my toothbrush and nearly gag myself to clean it all off. What is that and why does it happen with Pepto?
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Charging cell phones

How often should a cell phone be charged? Should you wait until it's half-empty on the charge, almost all the way empty, or keep it plugged in as often as possible? Rather, which will make the battery keep the ability to stay charged the longest?
Kyouya - Outside the Lines

Sacred Touch of Beauty lyrics

Can someone please help me find the lyrics to Ghostland - Sacred Touch of Beauty? I would love you forever if you did. I have been Googling like mad, and they just seem to not exist. (Sorry for the second question in such a short time)
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Self cleaning

Tension headaches and knots in muscles

So normally I know exactly what to do about this, but my knowledge has failed me so far. So I would like to know what you all do when you get a nasty knot in a muscle that just won't go away.

I have a knot in the muscles in my upper back, between my shoulder blades. It's more towards the left shoulder blade. It started yesterday, and just won't release, and is now giving me a hellacious tension headache.

I have tried heating it and stretching it. It's in an awkward spot so I can't reach it to rub it out, and ice just seems to aggravate it.

holding hands

iTunes help

I am running the latest version of iTunes, and I just tried to burn a cd but it told me that my computer wasn't "authorized" to burn the selected songs. They were songs that I purchased from the music store, so they weren't downloaded illegally or anything. Does anyone have any idea how I can "authorize" my computer to burn cds, or at least why the message is appearing?


(no subject)

1. Should I do face mask then pore-clearing-strips, or the other way around?

2. Are all cell phones free for nationwide long distance? Someone said that last night but I'm paranoid...

3. If you're one of those idiots on myspace that post pointless bulletins ("repost this now or your mom will DIE!"), why are you so stupid?

4. What's your ringtone? (I have Black Eyed Peas - My Humps, Adam Ant - Ant Music, and the Dixie horn from Dukes of Hazzard ^_^)

Dysfunctional Males

Which ones have you dated?  Tell us stories!

Drama Kings : The Men Who Drive Strong Women Crazy
by Dalma Heyn

From Publishers Weekly
Based on interviews with 100 middle-class women, Heyn (The Erotic Silence of the American Wife) explores yet another classification of dysfunctional males. Drama Kings are defined as men who have remained "[s]tuck in a my-needs-come-first understanding of relationships." According to the author, women are getting stronger while Drama Kings, afraid of attachment and commitment, create scenes that sabotage intimacy. Heyn presents four categories of these losers, but their descriptions sound like old complaints about men forced into new packaging. The Visitor is a loner who believes "the way to a woman's heart is through her genitals." The Proprietor is a jealous bully who demands constant attention. In contrast, the Easy-going Guy makes up fake girlfriends in order to avoid moving forward in a relationship. The Hit and Run Lover pretends to want closeness, but leaves without warning if there is the smallest problem. Heyn's upbeat message is that, although women can be tricked by Drama Kings, they often leave them, emerging stronger from the encounter and ready for an independent life. Self-help devotees may be engaged by the author's anecdotal style, but her stance that she is writing a feminist text to support strong women rather than a simple relationship guide is not fully convincing .

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(no subject)

I'm trying to sign up for as many dating/friendship/networking type sites as possible. Free ones.

So far I have:

Are there any other active ones that you know of?

(no subject)

On Windows XP is there any way to select all the files in a folder and name them and/or number then? Like "November 1" "Novermber 2" etc... Like I tell it I want to name them all November and it applies the numbers by itself. Am I making sense?
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I'm baking choc chip cookies, but the dough is moister thatn it usually is, and the first batch burnt on the bottom, but stayed pasty on top. Any tips/ advice on what could be wrong, and how to fix it?
I've made them to this recipe before and it's been fine- the only difference this time was that one of the eggs had two yolks in it.

(no subject)

This may be a question frowned upon by this community, but I'm an indecisive little bugger and I can't come up with a decent topic.

I have to write a free-topic essay for a college application, but am having a hard time coming up with a topic. Obviously, something that would set me off as an individual, but I don't have any outstanding experiences that would be worth writing about, let alone reading. And I'm steering away from anything traumatic or painful because I'd like to steer away from the potential of sounding pitiful and I'd rather not bring up subjects that would make me upset.
Should I just write about my thoughts on a particular subject? Or is that too general? What kinds of suggestion do you have?
If it helps, I'm applying for a school for Engineering and Applied sciences.

(no subject)

I have a weekend of paper writing ahead of me. Im gonna go shopping for supplies in a few minutes. I need to get rid of any excuses I can possibly make up to procrastinate....which is what Im doing right now.

I have, water, soda, and candy.

What else could I need to lock myself in my room in front of my computer for the next 48 hours?

Also, does anyone know what shade of purple San Francisco State University's. hoodie comes in? Is it dark purple (I would assume) but Im ordering it from the online book store and they dont have pictures and I would be quite upset if I get a Lavender one.
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(no subject)

If you're having a fat day how do you get over it?

I'm having a bad fat day. Have thus convince myself I look like pre Weight Watchers Kirsty Alley with more blubber than a Humpback whale. Logically I know it's not true and I'm over reacting yadda yadda blah.
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(no subject)

Anyone do pilates here?

I have pretty bad posture, and I think I have really weak lower back muscles.

Therefore, when I do some floor exercises such as the hundred or the leg stretches, my back gets sore really quick and I can't do it for too long.

So, anyone know any other good exercises/stretches to help strength my lower back or make it feel better after it's sore?