November 10th, 2005

ET Fate

A few random and related questions

I have (or rather, had) an AudioVox CDM-8910 cell phone through Verizon Wireless. I dropped it, and it no longer works. If I press the power button, it will blink it's light, but it won't turn on. I'm planning on going to VZW tomorrow, rather, later today.

1) Do you have this type of phone? If so, has this ever happened to you, and what could fix it?

2) If you have Verizon, do you know what their policies are on fixing phones or replacing them? I have insurance on mine.

3) Where can I find out the worth of a coin? (I have a red Indian Head Penny from 1889 and don't know it's worth.) Please don't say EBay. I checked, and prices there range from $.01 to more than $14,000.

4) Where can I find an inexpensive laptop in good condition?

5) What ISP do you have? Are you satisfied with it? What do you think of it?

6) What is the best ISP out there (meaning best in cost, spyware protection, least amount of kick-offs, etc).

7) Do you have a website/messageboard? If so, what's the URL?

8) What's the best way to get more members in a messageboard? What kind of things do you look for when joining a new community like that? What appeals to you?

9) What do you think of my icon?

10) Do you ever think about a TQC post all day?

11) (From Friends) Would you rather live in the pocket of a smelly giant or at the bottom of his shower drain?

12) Can you lift just one eyebrow at a time?

13) Can you cross your eyes?

14) Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

15) Can you make shapes with your tongue (ie, some people can make the shape of a three-leaf clover with their tongue)?

16) Are there any communities or websites dedicated to keeping college students focused on school? Not like mentoring, but like a set schedule to follow or something like that.

17) Are there any free crochet patterns online that you know of?

18) How long should it take to crochet a scarf? (I'm taking waaaaay too long on mine.)

19) Are you as tired of reading my questions as I am of writing them?

Thanks in advance.
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i am SO not a fashionista

So the cast party this weekend is semi-formal. The last semi-formal party I went to was in early October of last year, and it was warm enough for me to wear a mid-shin length skirt and spaghetti-strap top. It's a leeetle chilly for that now.

To a normal party I'd probably just wear like jeans and a sweater. I don't dress nicely... pretty much ever. So what should I wear?

Note that even though it's semi-formal, it' still a college party.


A friend wrote me a check, and while most people (if it’s an even amount) will write “Seventeen and no/100” or “...and xx/100,” she wrote “Seventeen only.”

I’ve never seen anyone write the “only” before for an even amount, so now I’m curious: which do you write? Have you seen someone write “only” before?
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(no subject)

1. Does anyone know where I can order/buy "weird" ethnic foods like insects, game meats, exotic foods, etc? Can be an online site, or a restaurant/store/etc around Central Texas area.

2. What's your favorite childhood books?

3. What's your favorite recipe that you've made?

4. Have you had your own business? (any kind) How was it?

5. Are you frugal? If so, what do you do to save money and budget? Tips/suggestions?

6. Do you live paycheck to paycheck or do you try to save money? If save, what percentage of your paycheck do you save?

7. How important is money to your life? Love? Friends? Family? Career?

8. how many of you live with a SO but are not married? if so, how do you divide the rent/bills/etc? how do you sign your contract as? any other tips.

9. what's the most disturbing movie youve seen? and why?
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Random question...

Do any of y'all ever narrate your life in your head? I've been finding myself doing so quite often lately, like today at work:
"She gazed down at the little girl, silently wondering how such a small person could be so adorable and so frustrating at the same time," which was in reference to a little 2 yr old girl I watch being difficult. I don't even really do it consciously, I just do. So yeah, weird. Anyone else as weird as me?
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My Bad!!! Ear Worms

Okay, Simple Question and I hope no one hurts me for the spam!!!!!
Apparently they will,! o.o! and do.

So I will switch it, do any of you have any earworms that always get stuck in your heads? What are they?
Do they happen at specific times? or certain things trigger them?

This has been edited.. o.o* sorry
::: Another Edit::: Earworms are those songs that get stuck in your head, sometimes without you realizing it.. and they just cycle, over and over again, driving you insane
Normal people.

(no subject)

One of our flat-panel monitors at work randomly died this week, we checked all the obvious things [like if it were unplugged] but nothing worked and we bought a new one.

No one wanted to dispose of the monitor so I'm taking it home to see if I can fix it [I really really hope I can or maybe can have it repaired cheaply because I can't afford to buy a panel monitor myself and this would be awesome]. Do you think it'd be cheaper to just buy a new one, or should I see if I can find a monitor-servicing person?

Also, any ideas what's wrong with it?

(no subject)

Does the number of people your boyfriend/girlfriend slept with really matter to you?

If you have slept with a good number of people and your partner asked you how many would you lie to save face, not answer, or answer honestly?
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(no subject)

Does anyone know of any online stores in the U.S. that sell anime action/gashapon figures (beyond Naruto and FMA) and that actually keep them in stock? I'd like to avoid the pricy overseas shipping, but almost every place I've found is always sold out of everything. I've also tried Ebay, but they're all overseas, too.
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New Bopp

Reeeeaallly stupid question...

...but it's early and I'm confused easily when I just wake up, and my co-worker is arguing with me about this...

If a theatre says they are showing Harry Potter on 11/17 and the show time is at 12:01am..... That's actually Wednesday night/Thursday morning, and not Thursday night/Friday morning.... RIGHT???
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Another drug question

How much of an addiction do you think is actually psychological? For example, when cigarette smokers quit, they find that the actual craving subsides after a few days to a couple weeks, but the URGE the smoke (while having a cup of coffee, a beer, an argument, etc) doesn't go away for a very long time, if ever.

Then there's marijuana which most people agree isn't phsyically addictive. Does that make it any less harmful (as an addiction - not as a drug. I personally don't think it's THAT harmful aside from the obvious inhalation of smoke. But any addiction to something in the sense that it takes over your life, is detrimental to your physical and psychological health)?

Do you think the psychological withdrawal can exacerbate the physical symptoms? For example - caffeine addiction. Let's say you knowingly go without coffee for a day and you're normally a 3 cup-a-day kind of guy. You will most likely experience withdrawal symptoms. Now, let's say I make your coffee in the morning and I switch it to decaf with your knowledge. Of course you will experience withdrawal symptoms, but do you think they'd be to a lesser extent?

Any other thoughts on this?

EDIT: Do you believe in the concept of an addictive personality? Or do you think it's more of a matter of self-control and self-restraint? Do you think it's human nature to want to repeat something that is enjoyable (be it drugs, sex, etc)?
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Health Type Questions

1) If you have a drug overdose and go to the hospital - what happens? Do they send the cops to arrest you? Require you get treatment? Just send you a bill after releasing you without fuss?

2) Can people who've had gastric bypass surgery get fat again? I know their stomach is now way smaller, but what if all they ate was junk?

3) a] Why is skin cancer WAY more easily dismissed than other cancers? People still die from it and the treatment for it (when you have more than one or so spots) is still terrible.

b] If someone you knew developed skin cancer, would it encourage you to be more aware of sunblock, wearing hats, etc?
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I need help!

...well, beyond the norm, anyway.

A friend of mine has recently (i.e. within the last week) been diagnosed with diabetes.

Is honey a viable substitute for sugar in recipes (specifically apple butter)? If not, can anyone point me to a fruit butter recipe that specifically caters to the diabetic?

1. He's male, so it's not gestational.

2. I'm at work, and on a 28.8 connection to boot, so Google is not an option.

3. I was hoping for something more along the lines of "I have used this".

Thanks for your replies!
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(no subject)

My computer crashed about two weeks ago, and I just got it back yesterday--completely restored. Before it crashed I had purchased Microsoft Works Student Edition and was using that. Since it was restored, I don't have that program loaded on anymore. When I try to use the Microsoft cd to re-load it, nothing happens. Am I missing something? Should I call Microsoft since I have already paid for the product, but the computer thinks I haven't?
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They're not all furries... and furries aren't all bad!

This is something a friend and I were discussing yesterday in the context of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but I realized that it definately isn't confined to that fandom! Anime is full of catgirls and tv/comics/etc. in general have all kinds of humanoid animal creatures.

I encourage comments, even though I know most of them will probably be wondering what the hell are wrong with some people.

Does the thought of human sexual interaction with animal-esque creatures bother you?

Yes, and I am in a fandom with animal-esque creatures.
Yes and I am not in a fandom with animal-esque creatures.
No and I am in a fandom with animal-esque creatures.
No and I am not in a fandom with animal-esque creatures.
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(no subject)

What alternatives to coffee could I take to help me stay up to study?

Something that hopefully isn't as distracting as the funny feeling coffee gives to my stomache, its diuretic effects, or its after-jitters. I was considering energy drinks, but I don't know...

Oh crap.

Alright, here goes.
You see, I have this photocopy of a short play that my theatre professor gave me so I could get the background of my character (for a monologue) down more accurately. The thing is... well, I didn't know that she wanted the photocopy back, as stated in the e-mail she just sent the class ("bring in your plays"). Not knowing this, I kinda drew in the margins of the first page. Not on any of the text, mind you, but there's no way I could return this to her with its newly acquired border of red ink. I can buy myself some time (probably) until this coming tuesday, but I don't know what to do! I was thinking of either (1) using some white-out to cover up the border, but this would be glaringly obvious, or (2), using some white paper to cover the inked areas and just photocopy a fresh version of that page. However, this would be glaringly obvious as well because all the other pages have the photocopied margin displaying the rest of the book's pages it was copied from.
I'm panicking, I'm short on time, and I can't think of a viable solution AT ALL. HELP! What should I do?
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(no subject)

Thinking about all those ahem girls with eating disorders/weight issues and how they feel so "fat" and miserable even when they're thin made me think...

Would you rather be overweight but happy, or thin and unhappy? And why?
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(no subject)

What do you do on a friday/saturday night?

I've been drinking almost every weekend since i was 17, im now 22, and i want to find something else to do because its costing me too much money and im becoming more health conscious. I have no hobbies other than blading, but i cant do that anymore because they tore all the parks down.

So yeah, for the non drinkers, what do you do?

How To Ship A Large, Heavy Object?

I have a photo stand that is roughly 5 feet tall and about six inches wide and rather heavy (I'm not sure of the exact weight however). I'm going to need to ship it from a very small town in Northern Alberta, Canada to South-West England early next year and I'm wondering what the best (and cheapest!) way to do that would be?

It will be too awkward/cumbersome to take on the plane with us, as my boyfriend and I will also be transporting two cats, a desktop computer and a whooole lot of luggage.

Any suggestions on the best companies/methods to use?
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(no subject)

Is there a sure-fire technique for swallowing pills? For whatever reason, I've never been able to do it, and I'm not sure why. Recently, I've been able to shove them down my throat, but about half the time I just end up throwing up from that. I'm starting a couple medications today that I'll be taking daily for quite a long time, so the vomit roulette method isn't going to cut it anymore.


1. Growing up, were you close to your siblings?

2. As you moved into adulthood and your lives started to grow apart, did you lose that close relationship?

3. How did you cope with that? If it hasn't happened yet, how do you think you will cope when the time comes?

4. Who was the first to get a SO? How did that change the dynamic between you and your siblings? Were there any issues of abandonment, or jealousy?

5. Is there any way to maintain a close relationship with siblings despite having to grow up and eventually seperate?

Collapse ) You don't have to read this to answer the questions, but if you do read it and can offer me some advice I would be grateful.

(no subject)

What is the minimum amount of money you have to make to have federal income tax taken out of your paycheck?

I've been a student worker at a university since January. For about 9 months, I made near minimum wage and got NOTHING taken out of my biweekly checks. I recently switched to a higher paying job, but I'm still a student employee. I got federal income tax taken out of my first check (Oct 28), which was $245, but not out of this week's check, which is $221. It just dawned on me as I'm writing this that maybe federal income tax is only taken at the end of the month.

Also, why are student employees exempt from having social security payments taken out of paychecks? I guess it's to put more money in my pocket (presumably for school expenses), but don't I want to be putting money into SS? I'm so confused.

Bankers, lend me your ears!

Without too much detail, let me give you a background. My little brother spends all of his free money on beer and vodka and whatnot.

How can I set up some sort of bank account that will only pay-out for certain reasons? Can I even do this? Or would it be better if I set up one that only pays out when he turns, say, twenty? I really want him to use the money I am giving him for a car, and not booze, and am afraid if I drop a hundred for his birthday, that's all it'll be used for.

Or should I open an account through my name and hold it until he's making a down payment?

I don't know. I just can't give him cash.

Inspired by another question:

How many sexual partners to you consider to be "a lot"? no cop-outs with "it depends on the person" and such. If you can't figure out a number, ball park it.
EDIT: An Adult. How many for an adult? 13 year olds shouldn't be having sex anyway.
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Halloween 2008

(no subject)

I'm writing my resume, and I worked as a cashier in a bakery/deli, and also helped to make sandwiches in the deli. What is job title? Or what kind of job title would look best on a resume to describe that?
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(no subject)

I think I'm getting bronchitis. Aside from going to the doctor and having him give me antibiotics (which I plan on doing tomorrow if I still feel this shitty), what can I eat or do to help my immune system along? Nothing involving meat and preferrably nothing with milk, please.
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(no subject)

Today I took my dogs to the vet for their shots. My appointment was at 10:15 and at 11:00 I was still waiting while I could hear the vet and his other client bullshitting about vacations and other nonsense. I was so angry and tired of waiting, I got up and left. He must have heard the door shut behind me because he came after me, saying he was done with them and would see my dogs right away. So...

Don't you hate being on time for a doctor's appointment and then sitting there waiting what seems like forever?

Have you ever confronted a doctor about being made to wait so long? If so, what did you say and how did they respond?
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(no subject)

To make iced/cold green tea -

Do you first heat up the water and then soak the tea bags, and then wait for it to cool and then put it in the fridge/add ice?

Or do you just infuse the tea bags in cold water in the fridge?

I've read that you should just make the tea in cold water because heating the water and then cooling it down ruins some of the antioxidents in the green tea? But I've also heard that you're supposed to heat it up first to infuse the teabags better?
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(no subject)

I got five hours of sleep last night.

I went to classes today, had a water fitness class, and went to the gym to work out.

I have a test to study for and worksheets to do for it tonight.

Can I take a nap? *whines*
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(no subject)

Have you met any celebs at your job? I work at a hotel and right now Dustin diamond aka "Screech" from saved by the bell is staying there. I've also met the guy who does the Girls gone Wild videos Doug Stanhope and Cheech from cheech and chong.

unrelated sorry:I have a new LJ name freshsocks. So when I post again it'll be under that name :-)
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(no subject)

I was at my friend's house and saw her opening her paycheck (she substitute teaches). Her mother came in, they started looking it over, and her mother said that if you earn less than $10,000/year that you don't have to pay taxes.

Is that true?

My friend earns about $54-60 per substitute assignment if that helps. And she usualy works twice a week.
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Things i'm still trying to figure out.

Both of these things happened to me years ago. i still don't know quite what to make of it, i'm still as confused as i was at the time.
i'm interested in hearing how others would have handled them/reacted:

1) I've been friends with Heather since 4th grade. (We went to different highschools and colleges) Before our first summer off from college, she mentioned that she had landed a job with the cleaning crew of a cruise ship and would be gone all summer. I was sad that i wouldn't get to see her, but oh well. Summer carried on.
Three weeks before school started up again, a mutual friend called to tell me that Heather was back and wanted to see us. So i called her and asked how her big summer adventure had been....
And it turns out that the cruise ship job had fallen through. She didn't go anywhere. She stayed in the small suburban town and worked part-time at an art gallery. And this was news to ALL of our group of friends, Heather never once phoned any of us during those 4 months. She told me this like it was not weird, like nothing had happened.

She's *definitely* kooky, but i'd never known her to be this clueless/hurtful/fucked up. We had been friends for 10 years at that point.

2)Darren was in my class for the first year of college, and we were almost inseparable. He left after first year but we stayed in touch and visited each other right up until my graduation. I have never met anyone who could make me laugh like he could, and we would talk on the phone for hours in tears from laughing. He even came to my year-end gallery grad show. We were having a fine old time, and at the end of the night he said he was going to his parent's house for a week, but would call me when he got back into town. We hugged.
That was 3 years ago. I haven't heard from him since.
Which is not to say i didn't try. Once two weeks past i called him and left a message. And another one the next week. And the week after that. After two months i was seriously worried and said so. Nothing.

But i know he is still in Toronto since other people we knew have seen him (but not talked to him), i know where he works now. I could go see him tomorrow if i wanted to, but i have no idea what i would say. Other than to call him an insensitive bastard, which up until that point, he wasn't at all.
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Grosso Question

I think i'm living in the Ametyville hosue! I noticed about 5 flies in the kitchen - no big deal. Then I went into the basement. Dead flies EVERYWHERE. Probably about 50 from what I can see, majority of them by the crawl space door.

Ok, so if something dies and attracts flies, do the flies die from feeding off it? I dont understand how all these flies got into my house #1 (the dead thing I found I assume but if so, why in the kitchen now, after the dead thing is taken out. Perhaps there were two dead things and one is in the house still even though I cant smell it???) and #2, why are they dying?


BTW - how the hell do you mass dispose of flies? I cant go around trying to kill all of them! *sigh*
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(no subject)

My friend and I found a kitten downtown. Collapse )

In case you didn't read the LJ-cut, it's a girl.

EDIT: My friend and I have come up with a few names: Rigby, Jude, Boxcar, Sierra, Yoshi, Brando and Fonzie. Thoughts?

EDIT2: I think I've decided on Rigby. Thoughts on that? :P

Crack the Code

You know how people use code to get around pay dating sites. Usually I'm pretty good on these things, but unless this is a phone number, I'm lost.. Any ideas??

"I have been called NTRO and MAD in the past ;-) You can put it together"

Unless I'm way off base about it even being code and then I'm REALLY lost.

two entirely unrelated quetions.

1. Dog names? Your dog's name, dog names you like. Whatever. My family is probably adopting a whippet in the next few days, which has been through several unfortunate names, and is now at "baby". My mom had just suggested "Libby", after a dog we liberated from the pound many years ago.

2. Would you rather be rich and unhappy or poor and happy? I overheard this question in a class once. The girls discussing it, to my confusion, automatically chose rich and depressed.
edit: look, the thing with these hypothetical questions is, assume the happiness or unhappiness is inherent. That's the deal. The point is, do you value money over happiness? Comfort over fulfillment? Would you rather deal with bills or depression?

(no subject)

When it comes to good friends and their destructive habits, do you believe in intervention? For example, they're having unprotected sex with a lot of random people, they have an eating disorder, or they're cutting themselves. So maybe they have a problem, or maybe they're just doing really dumb crap (like in the first example), but you want to stop them and you are someone they trust and are close to. When they resist, is there a point when you stop trying to interfere?
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I personally love Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, or MXC, but I wonder... do any Asian people find it insulting?

If you want to watch it it's on Spike TV at weird times, and they do a lot of marathons of it... probably on Web TV, too.

(no subject)

My boyfriend won't go see Harry Potter IV with me next weekend because he told his mom he'd see it with her. I think this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

How many of you do this? Wait to see a movie for the first time until you're with someone in particular? Do you get mad when important people in your life see movies before you get a chance to see the movie with them?

My boyfriend's mom wants him to wait until Thanksgiving break, when the two of them will see the movie together. Somehow, seeing it with me the weekend before that would make the action of seeing it together stupid and/or obsolete. Or something. I don't understand it - can someone please explain?

BTW, I'm sorry if I sound belligerent. I'm just frustrated. :o) I have to see this movie by myself b/c everyone I know who wants to see it has "reserved" it to see with someone else a different weekend. LAME!


There have been a number of tax-related questions lately, so I have a question:

Are taxes bad by definition, or are taxes necessary? If you believe they are necessary, what do you believe funding from taxes should be used for?

(Please skip the complaints about waste and fraud. And no conservative/liberal bashing, please.)

-- edit --

And what should taxes NOT be used for?

portable DVD players

I'm thinking of buying a portable DVD player. I want to spend the least money possible but I want something decent as well, meaning decent picture quality. Ideally, I would like it to be able to play burned DVDs as well. Any suggestions?

Also, if you already own one, how do you feel about it?

If you don't own one, do you think it's worth having? (This is a question for you... I'm not trying to get your opinion of whether or not it's worth it for me).

Also, what should I look for when shopping for a GPS? I want to get it as a Christmas gift for someone.

(no subject)

I have asked questions relating to this before...but these are new..I think

Ok, so I have a paper on my own prejudice on organized religion due. I have to provide a service to said "group" and then write about my opinion afterwards. So...I live in Utah and we decided that we were gonna invite some missionaries (mormon, obviously) over to talk to us. We have some questions we wrote down. But what would you ask them if they came by? and you actually let them set foot in your house?

Also, For any...mormons, ex-mormons out there anyone know if missionaries go around to members of the church to be fed? heh, odd sounding. but My roommate said something along those lines would serve the purpose of my "service". Im not sure if this is true or not. or any other ideas of how I could tie a service into this paper? Without really doing much else? I dont have much time and Im leaving town next week. Any service I could provide the guys while their here (and wow, that sounded sexual, I gotta work on that) or is the meal thingy true? Otherwise, think my psych prof would buy it that Im serving them by giving them 3 new girls to preach to? Even though theres no way they'll convert us?
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(no subject)

Does anyone know what kind of health problems could happen to a baby that's 6 weeks premature? My cousin's wife just went into labor and she's not due until December 22nd. I'm worried because I was born 3 weeks premature and I am deaf because of it.

(no subject)

1. What would you do if your 13-year-old daughter put a lock on her bedroom door without asking you if she could?

2. What is your opinion on breast implants?

3. Are you watching Degrassi this season? Do you watch it on the CTV schedule or the-N schedule, and why?

4. What have you bought in the last 24 hours?
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(no subject)

Laugh all you want, but it's hard to deny that names have associations. For me, I associate 'Brad' and 'Jason' with jerks and jocks, and 'Chelsea' and 'Ashley' with bitchy princesses. That's not to say that someone named Brad, Jason, Chelsea or Ashley can't be a lovely person, but the name itself has negative connotations for me.
That said!
What names connote hotness to you?
For me it's John/Jon/Jack- they just seem so strong and manly and traditional. Also Vincent and Alexander (better if it's nicknamed Sandy but no one, unfortunately, does that anymore). Oh, and I may be the only one in the world, but I think Sanford is hot. Also unusual: girls names that used to be used for guys - Leslie, Ashley, Stacy, etc. If someone can pull that off - hot.
Do you know why?
I have no clue when it comes to John/Jon/Jack. Most of the people of my acquantaince with those names I've either been indifferent to or negative on. As for Vincent and Alexander, I know guys with those names that I'm attracted to, so no mystery. Sanford was my ex-boyfriend, who I honestly think is one of the most attractive people I've ever known. And I guess I'm getting Leslie and Ashley at least from Leslie Howard (an old actor) and Ashley Wilkes, the character from Gone With The Wind.

Customers from H E double hockey-sticks.

For those of you who have jobs that force you deal with repeat customers from time to time.

Have you ever had a customer who you HATE, yet due to your excellent service, they keep coming back to you?

Or do you just tell them bluntly, "I do not want your business anymore?"

Any stories to share of customers you had to endure, or ones you finally told off?
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