November 9th, 2005

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In the book/movie High Fidelity, there's a part in the beginning where Rob and Laura are in bed while their neighbor has loud sex. And then Rob says, "They go on long enough" and then Laura says, "I should be so lucky."

What did Laura mean?

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1. Do you ever take notice of how often other people you see on some type of regular basis wear certain pieces of clothing?

2. How often would you be okay with repeating certain pieces of clothing? (e.g., you wouldn't wear a top more than once in a week, but you'd have no problem wearing a generic pair of jeans again that week.)

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Ok, all of the military branches have the nicknames (some not always good)
Marine - jarhead or leatherneck
air force - fly boy
navy - matelots (sailor specific)

So what are some others, specifically for the army?
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Just a few totally unrelated questions for you.

1) Anyone have a really yummy homemade spaghetti sauce recipe they'd like to share?

2) I'm about to get divorced, but it's pretty amicable. (As in, he doesn't exactly want it, but he can see why it's a good idea, and we're getting along fairly well.) Since we're still friends, and since it was a part of my life, I'm going to keep things like the framed invitation, the wedding pictures, etc. I don't plan to display them, just to keep them in a box somewhere. I think this makes sense, but some friends think it's incredibly strange/unhealthy. Thoughts?

3) Do you think that everything that's happened to you has made you what you are today, so you would change any part of your past? Or, alternatively, do you think--fuck that!--I could be a good person without going through some of that shit, and I'd change certain parts of my past if I could? Or are you somewhere in between?

4) Junk fiction (bestsellers, etc.): waste of time, or good way to relax?

***EDIT*** For question two, I think I was a little unclear. There are no kids. I mean that my friends don't think I should keep anything from the marriage at all, whether I display it or not. I think just keeping it is no big deal. It's not like I'm living in the past by building a shrine to him or anything. =Þ
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Let's do our best to not turn this into a wank-fest, yes?

What do you think of people who are pro-anorexic/bulimic? Is it their choice and none of anyone's business? Slow suicide (for those that are pro and also anorexic/bulimic)? A psychological issue?

Personally, I've never been able to understand anorexia or bulimia. I don't get why someone would starve themselves to meet a standard of society. I've been guilty of eating less to lose weight myself, though never starving myself or forcing myself to throw up.

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How do you know when your cell phone battery is really and truly fried/dead and you need to buy a new one? Any ideas on where I can get a cheap one and fast? All it has to do is last me till Christmas, when I get a new one.
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Random Questions!

1. What's your favorite class you're taking right now?
2. What's the class you're doing the best in right now?
3. Are you musical? Do you play an instrument or sing? Which one?
4. Is there anything that you really regret doing or not doing in life?
5. What do you think is the best inspirational sports movie?
6. Question for girls: Do you like long hair on guys or short?
Question for guys: Do you like long hair on girls or short? (I've heard guys say that they're just not attracter to girls with shorter hair.)
7. Do you wear a watch? What does it look like?
8. Do you need glasses? Do you wear them? Do you wear contacts? Are both eyes the same prescription? What's your prescription?
9. What should you be doing right now?
10. What do you think are the two best colors to wear together?
11. What's your favorite out of the four seasons?
12. What's your favorite holiday?
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Does anyone know how to craft an "elevator speech" or just a short introduction of yourself to employers? More specifically, does anyone have an example I can read?

I'm a college student looking for a science research internship.

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I am listening to musician by the name of Eros Ramazzotti. His music is either in Spanish or Italian and although I cannot understand what he is saying, his voice & music is quite soothing. I know I have heard the same type of music from an American band but for the life of me, I cannot place a name. Can anyone help refer me to a sing-a-like?

You can find his newest album at Click on any song to preview a portion.

power went out

I'm on a Mac. Does anyone know how to help me here: my power just went out and when the computer came back on, everything is HUGE. I'm sure this is a display thing but I don't know. I went into Display settings and the Resolution is set at 800x600, 60Hz... Does that sound unusual? Should I change that? I'm so frustrated! Please help!

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how long does it generally take for ick to go away?

I'm changing my water today. happy clean water should help.
Edit: No, seriously, I need to change the water. It's slipped my mind for way too long. I got test strips to check on the water, and it's off the chart on 'your tank is full of fish poo.' I don't think it'd stress the fish so much as relieve them heartily.
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four random questions.

1. The other day, I saw a friend from high school and I got his cell phone number. But now I'm apprehensive about calling him, as he has a girlfriend and a kid. It's not like I have any kind of shady intentions, but I don't quite know the ettiqute in regards to calling him, hanging out with him, et cetera. What would you suggest I do?

2. Which LiveJournal scheme do you use: Dystopia, XColibur, or Lynx? (I swear by Dystopia)

3. Have you ever submitted a secret to ljsecret?

4. What's the last MP3 you downloaded? (mine: "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Joy Division)
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I am having an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin I am taking. I have a call put in to my doctor, but does anyone have any ideas on how I can relieve the symptoms? I have this disgusting, swollen, itchy, red rash all over my face and my eyelids are puffy. It's so uncomfortable and gross and I itch like crazy.
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Love Is

If you wear contacts.

I just got contacts last Saturday after about two years of having NO eyewear (busted my glasses and had no insurance to get new ones). The contacts don't bother me too much and I can't believe how well I can see now!!

Question is:
For those who wear contacts what type of wetting solution do you use? Not the stuff that you soak them in overnight but the stuff you can use during the day when your eyes get dry... My eyes have been really dry and I tried the stuff that came with the contacts but I didn't like it, it seemed to dry my eyes out MORE as the day progressed.

Any recommendations?


Odd questions.

Do you know your mother's bra size? Yes/no?
Did you ever find your Dad's secret stash of porn? What did you do?
UKers -have you got your poppy yet?
If you can swim -how old were you when you learnt?
I am having a bad day -are you?

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Inspired by an earlier question -

Is it illegal to download TV shows? If so, why? Especially those that are broadcast over free networks that can be picked up by bunny ears or something. I could sit there at 8pm and watch the show for free, why can't I get it later for free?

I'm honestly curious. There must be reasons that I'm just not thinking of.
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1. Where is the line between "observing" and "judging"?

2. When was the last time you shaved your legs? I haven't shaved mine since September 3rd and I don't plan to anytime soon.

3. For those who still live at home, what "parenty" type things do your parents still do for you (like laundry, cleaning your room, etc...)? My mom still collects towels and dirty dishes from my room when I forget, and still checks on me in the morning to make sure I'm up for work. haha. Is that weird?

4. If your cat/dog cries at your door over and over to come in, then go out, then come in, then go out... do you actually get up to open the door for them everytime regardless of where you are, what you're doing, and how comfortable you are; or do you just let them cry until they get bored and walk away?

5. Are you a cat person or a dog person? Do you think this is in any way affected by pets you (or your friends/relatives) had when you were growing up? I'm a cat person and I've only ever had cats. sometimes i wonder if I'd be a dog person if I had ever had a dog

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do you have aflac? (supplemental insurance, you know, the commercials with the duck)

if yes, which plan/ plans?

if no, you dont need to answer me, thanks :-), im trying to decide by the end of the day.


What are some of your favorite remedies for hiccups?

Reason I ask--I just swallowed my mineral water wrong and got a bad case of the hiccups. My cube-mates were laughing at me and the more they laughed, the worse it got. Finally, one of my coworkers came over and said "If you hiccup one more time I'm going to give you a dollar."

They disappeared! Nothing has EVER worked like that before. She says it works every time as long as someone else is saying it to you. Just thought I'd share. I probably won't use it because I think hiccups are funny as hell, but anyway...

medical oddity?

So I went in my friends hot tub on Monday night. By the next morning, my palms were all sore but I assumed it was a bruise since I wasn't completely sober and I was hitting things pretty hard. But this morning, the bruises hadn't gone away and it actually spread to the bottom of my feet and I can't walk. I went to the doctors (hobbled in to the doctors) and he gave me Pretnazone I think and something else.

Has this ever happened to you or any one you know? The doctor said "Wow, I have never seen anything like this before." And called his doctor friend in immediatly to look at me. It was pretty funny, but I just really hope it goes away soon. Any information besides amputation would be nice.

Edit: Sorry, he said it was an infection of some kind, and on my arms and stomach (I didn't even notice!!) I have an allergic reaction.

Ok, put your thinking caps on, kids.

Ok, so there are two brothers ages 7 and 3. The eldest has leukemia and has some restrictions on his activities. He has a lack of energy at times and should really have things that can be kept germ free.

With that in mind... what kind of toys or activities can I *make* for these kids? I would like to craft something for them but I'm having a hard time thinking of things that I could either make, or make a kit for them to make that would be fun, stationary, AND easily washable.

Their relative says that they have "painted, and drawn pictures which are embellished with glitter, sequins and anything else I have on hand. We do millions of puzzles. We have made collages, and lot's of thank you cards, and ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). We made sun cathers out of CD's, and decorated/decopaged Altoid tins." so those things are old hat to them.

I was thinking of getting them some shrinky-dinks to decorate (I'm hoping that the boy is still staying at home and not in a hospital, otherwise he won't be able to see the fruits of his labor so fast). Other than that I'm out of ideas.

This isn't something that I have to do for them. I don't even know them. But the situation hits close to home and I'd love to be able to give these kids something FUN to do when they're surrounded by so much hardship..

I'd appreciate ANY input. Even something to get the ideas flowing... *sigh* This is proving to be very difficult!
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Looking at pictures of myself, and thinking about my dad, my job, and my hobbies, I gotta ask. Is there any way to noticeably improve posture? I don't mean surgery or anything of that kind. Are there any exercises (aside from "put your head and shoulders back") that I can throw into my workout routine that will get rid of my slouch?
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If I support my boyfriend and want to claim him as a dependent (and can, according to tax laws), does anyone know how much that will affect his financial aid for school? I know it would probably depend on what I make, so if you know at what income level in California it would make a difference, or where I can go to find out, please share. :)

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When you interview for a positon within your current company, do you still need to send a thank you or follow up letter?
I'm currently working part time but interviewed for a full time position doing the same job.
Letter, or no?
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My sister got her ears pierced two weeks ago, and wants to switch her studs out for surgical steel post earrings. Would it be alright? No one else in my family has any piercings so we're all clueless.
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Recently I just been pretty tired, fatigued, and groggy.

What can I do to get more energy, and not feel so groggy, and be more alert?

[It's pretty hard to moviate myself to exercise right now, because it just sounds like a hassle and I feel too tired to do it right now. I'm just too lazy lol.]

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Is there a(n) word/expression for when your birthdate is the same as your age?

For instance, next year I'll be 21 on the 21st of December. I've been led to believe that there is, but she didn't know the term.

Answered: One's "Golden Year/Birthday". Also "Champagne Birthday".

Related questions:

Have you had yours yet? Did you do anything special on it? If you haven't had yours yet are you hoping/planning for something special?

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Okay, who out there has a MythWear bag? especially one that's the silvery fabric? Is there a care tag inside? mine's gotten dirty but I don't know if there are special instructions for the silver fabric, since *water* sometimes makes it look dirty... or for the embroidery, since, yanno, it's embroidery.
I was going to ask for a new one for christmas, but they seem to not make mine anymore.... and their website is kindof a disaster. but it's such a good bag.

Have you ever had these?
It says 30-50 eggs, but how many hatch?

Imagine a machine with two gallonish rectangle water reservoirs on top of eachother. Top one needs to drain into the bottom one, but the top one also needs to be removeable- something you can take out, fill with water, and replace.
The original plans had a pipe running from a bottom corner of the top tank to the top of the bottom tank, with a handle to be turned to open and close the pipe.... but, this means that there's a hole in the bottom of the top tank(which doesn't work for filling it)... and when you put the top tank back in, you have to line up the holes just right or else water will spill all over the compartment bay and make a mess... or worse, get inside the machine and fuck it up.

option a, put in a pump with a flexible hose in such a way that the hose hangs from the top to the bottom, sucking the water up and then letting it fall to the bottom tank (hose must be flexible enough to fall back into the reservoir once someone's pushed it in)

or option b... what?
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how does one become more politically active? i would like to be more active but i don't want to just jump in feet first into something i'm not totally familiar with just yet. any tips?

Any old porn.....

*What is the difference between pornography and erotica?

*What are your views on pornography? I'm trying to look deeper (if you pardon the pun) than simply sexual stimulation.

*Does pornography have a purpose?
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Does anybody know how to set up a messageboard/forum? It needs to be free too.

You see, all my siblings are in different countries, and one of them thought that if we had our own forum to talk in, that'd be a cool way of keeping in touch. So I need to find one and set it up.

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I know this has been asked before, but I cant find it. How do you change a program on Windows XP so it is no longer your default? In this case I dont want Kodak's picture thingy to be my default one.


My girlfriend would like to listen to more techno, but doesn't really know what to look for, can anyone recommend something good? Her favorite right now is Sandstorm by Da Rude. Thanks!
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hat topics

Okies, so whenever I don't know what to write about, I pull a topic out of the hat. The problem is, I have run out of these topics. So what are some random topics or questions I can write about?

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My roommate's boyfriend(the suspected pathological liar) is 'asleep' in her bed, about 4 feet from me. He is *totally* faking being sick.
I went to an elementary school where I got picked on alot. I know all about faking sick. I am 100% sure that he's bullshitting, possibly to get more attention from her (Like they don't spend disgusting amounts of time together already... at least he's getting a single next semester, maybe she'll be down there more often).

Would you call him on it? how would you call him on it? I don't think we have a thermometer.
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In domestic cats, what is the evolutionary advantage of an orange and white tabby pattern? Did it evolve naturally? It seems like orange isn't the greatest camouflage color... Or was it initially a fluke, and then over many they were selectively bred to the point where they are common in everyday cats?
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Who do you prefer: Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?
(Alternate answers like Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, Steve Carell. . .acceptable! But discouraged.)
I ask because at this moment in time, I have so much lust for Colbert that I would probably give up an arm for one night. I seem to be the only person in the known world - all my friends prefer Jon. But Stephen! He's so - well. I won't get into this.
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