November 8th, 2005

Love by Angst Ridden Adults

Is it really weird to hear adults getting all Dawson's Creek about relationships??
Is it especially weird to hear male adults getting all Dawson's Creek about relationships??
Give examples & explain what weirds you out the most about the examples.

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I downloaded some updates from Microsoft, and the next day my laptop was completely useless--anything that runs any program or opens any kind of document has disappeared. The updates must have had osme vulnerability to some virus that would otherwise have been harmless. damn you Bill Gates. I assume its unfixable, but will replacing the hard drive make it semi-workable, or should I give up hope and just buy a new machine?

Also, sorry for the accidental post earlier--it was supposed to go in my personal LJ but I'm on a weird computer with Windows issues. Thanks for not deducing it was obviously an honest mistake and filling my email inbox with what I assume is snotty LJ-style pissing and moaning. That's sarcasm, by the way.

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How do I return to my regular/main profile on Firefox? I think one time something was wrong with the program, it probably said something along the lines of "We can't open Firefox because it's already open in another profile" so I made a new one. But now I don't have any of the snazzy extensions and plugins that I downloaded with the profile.
I tried searching for the solution on Firefox, but they only showed me how to go to my Profile folder.

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I have a really bad cold sore on the inside of my mouth. My mom suggested I swish a solution of warm water and salt around my mouth like you would with Listerine. It seems to be working, but not nearly fast enough. I put some numbing gel shit on it, which helps a little, but I keep cutting it open when I eat and talk. It's been torturing me for like a week and I'm pretty desperate to get rid of it. If I were to take a pinch of salt and press it directly onto the sore, would that make it heal super fast? I know that sounds incredibly stupid, but I just thought I'd ask before I subject myself to excruciating pain for no reason.
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Does anybody know who the last star (I think he was in football) to join the military before Patrick Tillman was? If I remember right it was in the 1970's I think 1971.

No matter how I word it at the moment, I cannot find a link that says the guy's name. I can't exactly keep "The brothers felt that there was nothing special about them to deserve the attention; though the last sports star to join the army was so and so from 1971" in my essay ;)

Edit: Nevermind, I found what I was thinking of.
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Is anyone's gmail being funny?

You know how if you get a lot of responses emailed to you from one livejournal post, all of them should be in "one email"? You just click on that and it expands into the X number of comments that you got on your post?

Well, starting yesterday only like 2-3 posts have been in each email line, and therefore, when I got like over 44 comments on an entry I posted on here, plus a fe wother communities, I ended up getting like 70 separate emails instead of a few emails with like 40 expansion parts?

Wondering how I can fix this, and why this is happening?
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On my computer (im on my dad's now) when I start it up (I have Windows XP) the bottom 'start' bar doesn't show up, and neither does any of my icons. I tried restarting, and even doing a virus scan, but nothing seems to help. Does anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it?

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I have to go to my parents' house for the week of thanksgiving. I'm being picked up by my mom, fair enough. I get along with my mother.
The rest of her family, though, is borderline white trash. The people I hang out with are my cousin travis, because even though I can't believe a word his pathological liar mouth says, the stories are interesting, and my cousin cody, because he got the freak mutant smart gene. he's 12. I'm 19. we talk just fine.

So it's a week of bad food (cooking is no-one's strong suit), nothing to do, middle of nowhere... family asking me about college and boys and mocking the fact that I'd rather sit in the corner and read...
Also my father. My father and I don't get along... He listens to Rush Limbaugh, was in the military for 20+ years, and demands perfection(asked me in earnest, when i opened my SAT results, whether I got a 1600. No. i got a 1400. I *had* been proud of my score, thanks Dennis). He also seems to think I can't do jack shit with my life. At one point it looked like I might be able to graduate college early, with all the credits I'd be bringing in. "Oh, I don't think you should." "Yeah, If I'm on scholarship I might as well gor for the whole four years." "Yeah. I mean, you can be a mcdonalds manager in four years or a manager in 3."
I don't tell him things, he doesn't ask my mom things about me. He doesn't know I have two majors, he doesn't know I have a boyfriend. i've had a boyfriend for a year.

So, that's the background. now, to *leave*, to go home, I have the option of a) my father drives me home on friday or b) my grandmother driving me home on staturday or sunday. I probably won't be allowed to drive with my father(from an argument where he dangled the keys over my head and said I couldn't have them unless I called him Dad, after calling him Dennis all weekend), and my grandmother drives the old lady van of doom that I don't *want* to drive.

Either way, I'll be listening to headphones as much as I can.

Do I want to ride with my father, which will get me home faster and be a shorter drive but be with my father, or ride with my grandmother, which will be later, a longer drive, and... I don't know. she's old, and it's a 2 hour drive each way... and somehow the scenery just looks less interesting out of her windows....?
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Americans,If today is election day, are you voting today? Why or why not, if you feel like sharing?

I'm not. I would if I had a car, since I'm free for the next 7 hours and it's only 2 hours one way to get home to my voting jurisdiction... and I forgot to order an absentee ballot in time (not like they would open my absentee ballot anyway, but it's the thought that counts I guess)


1. To high school students: If you plan to go to college, what would you like to declare as your major?
2. To college students/grads: What is [was] your current major? Have you changed majors at any point? If so, why?
3. To grad school students: What was your undergrad major? What's your grad school major? If there is a huge difference in subject areas, how well did you adapt to your new subject? Do you find it easy, do you feel clueless, or something in between?

EDIT: my story
I applied to college as an International Business major. Changed schools and my major to finance. Changed my major to Information Systems with a minor in anthropology. Changed my minor to a double major in info systems and marketing. graduated with the double major. now i'm a grad student with a concentration in pharmaceutical management. I feel bored by it and think maybe chemistry would interest me more, but I have no sciences in my background. none.

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Do you think theres a significant difference between the class material you learn in the basic 1000 level classes (or however your school does it) depending on whether you go to a Community College compared to a University?

I ask because I have friends who went to and are going to community college and they've taken psych classes. (Because everyone and their mother wants my major) However, when I try to talk to them about the stuff in my class its way over their heads. Im in plain old intro to psych just like them, but we seem to get a lot more in depth. Semesters are the same, class hours pretty much is it just because Im at a university?

Obviously it could just be my class...however, I know people going to community colleges in Michigan, California, and Florida. All of them seem to have the same sorta summarized version of classes.
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Whenever im sick, whether its hungover or otherwise, i hate spewing in the toilet. I always use either my window or i go outside and spew in the garden. Does anyone else have this weird tendency?
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Who normally hosts your holiday family gathering (e.g., your parents, your grandmother, an aunt or uncle?)

At what point, age or family-wise, does one decide they can or should host the family holiday gathering instead of another relative?
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So my question is....
i see people on the style network all the time talking about how theyve styled for so and so and all this im a professional stylist do i become one of these haha. I know theres classes for hair and makeup but ive never heard about style classes?
How do i get my foot in the door or do i even begin?
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Parental Units.

For those of you who don't live with your parents:

1. How long since you moved out?

2. How far from them do you live now?

3. Was it an easy transition?

4. How often do you visit?

5. Would you prefer to put more distance or less distance between you?

And, if you do still ive at home:

6. When do you want to move out? Or do you?

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For those of you who WANT to have kids someday and DON'T HAVE KIDS right now...

How old are you?
When do you think you'll want to start having kids?
How many kids in all do you think you'd want?

If you don't want kids at all, please don't answer.

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by crop-crop-crop

American flag and religions

I was in my Education class today and we were reading about students' freedom of expression in school. We came upon the topic of students not standing for or saluting the flag because it's against their religion. I'm only a freshman in college, so I still clearly remember how some kids chose not to stand every Monday during the national anthem. They *said* it was against their religion, but these were generally the slacker kids who didn't really care about anything and thought they were cool because they "rebelled" (and I knew one of the others was a practicing Jew, as our family had been invited to experience Passover with theirs, as we are not Jewish).

My question is this - what specific religion prohibits standing for or saluting the flag? It's just that I've never heard of any and that I can't think of any, and I'm curious.

Thanks ♥


Ok, so I have always been very midly nearsighted in my right eye - enough to have glasses, but not need to wear them ever really, unless maybe I was at the waaaaay back of a movie theater or something.

However in the past 5-6 months, I have noticed my vision getting much worse quite quickly. I now can't drive without my glasses, especially at night (at night I can't see the lane line paint marks anymore without them, or read even interstate street signs). In fact even with them on it's not that great - the glasses aren't strong enough anymore, and even in the daytime I'm starting to have trouble reading signs and seeing turn lanes, etc. (yes I'm getting new glasses :P)

Now, just this week, I've noticed that I can barely read the text on papers stuck to the wall on the other side of my cube (~3 feet away.) And I'm starting to have to squint to read the (small print) phone list which sits on the desk to next to my left hand.

So, my question is - is it normal to have your vision go this bad so quickly, even if you were a little bit nearsighted to begin with? It's only the right eye that seems to be going. And I haven't had any changes to my normal routine in the last few months - I still sit at a desk in front of a monitor for 8 hours a day, though I did get a new flat monitor recently.

Any ideas on why my vision could be going bad all of a sudden?

EDIT: Ok, ok, I have an appt for 2:30 on Thursday! :P
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Is there any way to find out what textbooks a specific school will be using for their classes?

I have my History 111 book (The American People Volume 1 by Nash, et al), and I plan on taking the course at another school (I dropped the class), so I was wondering if it would be better to hold onto it if I knew what this other school was using.

EDIT: I'm trying to find out what books before I've applied or registered for classes.
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Does anyone else here have a severe oral fixation?

I am constantly eating, sipping on something, applying lip balm, chewing gum, sucking on breath mints/cough drops/hard candies, Listerine oral care strips...I can't seem to stop, either.

What can I do to stop myself? It's at the point where I'm not even conscious of popping another breath mint or munching on something.

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Is it a bad thing that I find it amusing that when people sit down at the broken computer next to me, they get pissed off when it doens't work and storm off? (I'm in the library/cafe area at my school). I mean, it's just a computer......there are like a million working ones upstairs....right?
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ethical dilemma...

I am modeling (nude) for an art class tonight, on campus. I didn't tell my boyfriend I was going to do it--I had told him they were looking for models, and what they paid, and he was like "well it's your body, but I think they are underpaying people" and didn't seem really upset or excited either way about it. I tell him? He most likely will call tonight, and I won't answer. I was thinking of saying that some group had a meeting tonight, because he can't keep track of what I do. (he's not a jerk, just very busy, and he has a terrible memory--he remembers the important things!)


(I'm not normally deceptive, but I just know this is one of those things...I've wanted to do it for a while, but I don't want him being all chivalrious on me.)

ETA: Okay, I most likely will tell him, then, but now I don't know when...he gets done with work at 6 (and all I can do until then is text message, and I don't think it would work well that way), and I go at 6:30. I suppose I could tell him when I get home later tonight. Or not go. Ah, I don't know.

ETA again: I told him afterward, he just said, "whatever trips your trigger", but I don't think he's especially thrilled...oh well, I might buy him something nice with the money! They also want me back next Tuesday, and I really was very comfortable and enjoyed myself.
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How often do you talk to your significant other?

for how long?

what are yall's living arrangments? like, is it long distance or next town over or whatever.

my bf and i are 4 hrs away from each other (each 2 hrs in opposite directions from our homes, which are like 20 mins away from the others) and talk on the phone every night for at least an hour, usually more. we also text and sometimes IM during the day.
would you think that's too much? if not, what is?
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Inspired by the post about slides and toboggans...
My boyfriend thinks the word "toboggan" means any number of types of fitted, knit hat for cold weather. does not agree.
What word could he possibly be mistaking it with? Also, what do YOU call those hats in general? I always just called them snow hats or winter hats.

claims to fame

For better or worse, what's a story that people always tell about you?

Mine is that a couple years ago, in summer school, I voluntarily ate an entire donut that somebody abandoned on the floor of the most high-traffic staircase in the high school. I don't think I'll ever live that one down.

(no subject)

I need to find quotes made by politicians or people of high status in society regarding sexual assault. I'm not asking you to do my homework, but where do I go to find quotes by people that would have a high status?

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I have an electrical appliance, with a flip switch. One one side is a circle and the other side is a line. which side has to be pushed down for the appliance to be on? I need to know this before I plug it in, so I can't just check myself.

Do you have alot of diners in your area? If not, where do you go to hang out and get coffee at 3am?

If I have an almost flat tire (the tire gauge reads about 8 instead of the normal 30), can I drive it to the gas station 3 blocks away?

If you don't need glasses or have other eye problems, how often do you go to the eye doctor?
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Question about a job application

If I'm applying for a job and there are two different jobs available, cashier and floor staff, where can I mention my preference for this? Do I just put it on my resume as well? If so, how do I write it? (What's the heading I mean.)

The thing is I don't really mind either...I guess my preference would be cashier but how I say I would like either one?

More background info: This is an on-campus job at the bookstore, main shop, or the techshop, and we were told to just email our resume and schedule... or should I put my desired position in the email itself?

ALSO, there are 3 locations you can work at, so should I also mention where I'd prefer to be placed, or it doesn't really matter? (My only preference is that it's not the tech shop lol.)

Thank you very much for any help, I'm really bad with this stuff. ^__^

edit: what would be an ideal subject to put in the subject line (for the email) >.<
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(no subject)

Besides geocities, tripod, angelfire, etc...

What other free webspace sites out there that's good, and few/no ads if possible?

I only want a small simple one, not a lot frills needed.
FTP support helpful, I'm writing my own html code.

[I just need to upload html and txt files]
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(no subject)

Have you ever been with someone where the sex was fantastic? I'm talking sex at least 3 times a day cause it was just that good.

I have but he was an abusive asshole, I don't miss him but I sure miss the sex.

Will I ever find that again, cause I've been with other people and the sex with them was nothing like the sex me and my ex had?

Everyone says love=great sex, I did love him, but before we ever fell in love it was still phenonminal can someone explain that one?

More kidstuff.

Again, to the parents out there:

Is the line between coddling and coldness a thin or thick one?

How do you raise a child to be strong, yet continue to make them feel loved and secure?

A bit: I am a first time momma with an 18 month old son.

Thanks to all who would like to answer.


My keyboardis going CRAZY. SOMEEEEEEEEtimes whhhen Iiiiiiii push oooone kkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeey itttttttt does the key multipleeeeeeeee times orr doesssssssssn't tttttttype thhe kkkkkkkey at alllllllll, as you can see. It is wireless.

how do I fiiiiiiiix it? Pllease help. I have toooooooo write a paperrrr.
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What's in a name...

1. Have you ever heard of somebody named, like.. God, Satan, Hitler... or what about like, Cinderella or Tarzan something?

What are the most outrageous names you know of? NOT names that just have funny pronunciations or spellings, but names that are actually directly associated with something else?

2. If you were to have a kid, what names would you consider (for boy & girl)?
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So I totally missed most of HOUSE (I was on the phone with my family, damn :p). What happened?! I mean, I understand the kid was sick (don't know with what), and I was damn happy to See Lee R. Ermey as House's father, but what was said? What went on? I am totally confused! :(

Short summery would be best.

call me vera
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I have an eyebrow piercing. I've had it for... a little less than a year, and now it's totally starting to migrate out. I love it to death, though. Is there any way to stop it leaving my face, or do I just have to suck it up, take it out and get it repierced?
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One day I'd like to move somewhere, so anyone has suggestions for what cities or even areas you think would be a good fitting for me?

Currently I'm in Austin Texas. Which I like, for the most part, except I hate the summers.

I'm looking for a place that has -

-Mild weather (no harsh freezing winters, no blistering hot summers) - (how much sunny days and cloudy days doesn't matter that much)
-A very liberal/democratic city
-Near (within an hour or two driving distance) some kind of nature/parks, lakes/rivers,
hills/mountains, etc.
-Plenty of stuff to do like museums, zoos, libraries, etc nearby (within an hour or two)
-Low cost of living
-Near a large city, but not in it. (within 2 hours drive)
-Most people are educated
-Relatively good air/water quality
-Relatively low crime
-A pretty city (nice scenery, etc) would be a plus too.

If you don't know any places that fit ALL of these, at least fit the first five would be helpful.

Added: Because of the stupid ban on gay marriage that I am ashamed to say that passed in Texas, it makes me want to get away from here and its stupidity and bigots even more.

(no subject)

1. Do you pronounce "adversary" as ad-VER-se-ree or AD-VER-sary?
2. Bus etiquette! Public transportation bus etiquette to be specific. Two people to a seat. All seats have a least one butt on them. You're sitting next to someone; you have the aisle seat. Is it proper bus etiquette for you to move as soon as someone gets off the bus so both you and your stranger have your own seats? Would you stay where you were?
3. Another bus question! I find that men are statues while women are more likely to accommodate another person on the seat. Women will move over and scrunch their legs together and make room for you while guys won't move an inch. Has this been true for you on your bus travels? What about you? Do you squeeze your body together to make room for someone? Are you male or female? Does it depend on whether or not the newbie is a male or female?
4. Do you believe "everything happens for a reason"? Explain. As for me, I think this is bull.
5. Do you know who's in my icon? (If you would like/need another picture, see my other icon)
6. What's your favourite music genre? No cheating: only name one! Bonus points for favourite song within favourite music genre.
7. Has your gas prices gone down as much as ours has? Ours has returned to pre-summer prices. (around CAN$0.80)
8. Please don't name names, that may cause drama and I would like to keep that out of this. Names aren't necessary anyway. I'm simply curious to see if other people have noticed these kinds of things.

Have you noticed that certain members of tqc seemed to have changed personalities? One that I'm thinking of - s/he used to be snarky all the time but seems as docile as a sheep now. It's confused me. Another one used to be quite nice, I thought, but now s/he's quite the bastard more often than not. I don't read these people's journals so I don't know if it's because of something they're going through or not. But these changes in personalities that I've observed only through comments to multiple kinds of questions seems really odd. And it's not just these two. Around four or five, I've noticed, and I make a note to read their comments especially.

No offense is intended to anybody. And please, refrain from using names if you comment.
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I am getting a new computer in a few days, a Hewlett Packard notebook. What are some things that I should do to keep my computer running really well right from the start? I want to avoid some of the pitfalls that led to the demise of this computer. I know about spyware removal programs, but what else? Anything else I should keep in mind? Little-known tricks? Thanks!
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camo-kimmy's comment earlier got me wondering

do you think it's weird to call an unborn baby by name?

personally I don't think it's weird, I never even thought to not call them by name lol! (and this is my reasoning I suppose: because they have personalities before they're born and they're people and people have names, even if they're not born...)
Other: I read banned books
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Does anybody know the word for the thing in playgrounds you slide down on? I don't think I've ever known the English word for that. I thought I knew what it was but I put the Dutch word in to this translator and it gave me "toboggan" and I've never heard that word before.. Edited: answered. I think I would've prefered if it was toboggan. heh.

To make this question more interesting: who is doing Nanowrimo? I've just written almost 3000 words in 2 hours. (I am at 14755 now). And yes, I need that word for nanowrimo. I'm having some of my characters build a playground.
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(no subject)

1. What are your opinions on feminism and a masculine dominated society?
My boyfriend tells me what I am and am not allowed to do- is that morally wrong, in your opinion?

2. What would you consider your "rules to live by"?

3. Glasses v. contacts.. what's sexier?

4. Favorite old school Nickelodeon show?

EDIT: He won't allow me to get a tattoo, dye my hair certain colors, imbibe alcohol, etc. While I tend to be submissive sexually, this wasn't referring to that, but more to overall boundaries he sets in behavior.
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(no subject)

1. Has anyone else noticed that banks seem to be getting bought out an awful lot lately? Banks that were around for 20 years or more are going through three or four different owners in the span of a few years. As if the banking industry weren't already shifty enough. What's going on?

2. Guess what?!