November 7th, 2005

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Brain tired of thinking.

Help me make a decision:

I've had these broken mirror pieces glued to my closet door for the last five or so years. I've cut myself on it a couple times. Not really baby safe... I took the doors down a few weeks ago when I was painting and carpeting...

SO should I....

(a) put the closet doors back up and just assume that by the time she's old enough to walk and explore, if I'm still in this house, I'll figure something out then

(b) put up curtians, even though I'll then have to rack my brain trying to find perfect curtains which kinda sucks because I'm tired of shopping and being "creative"

(c) leave the closet comepletely uncovered which is how I've had it for the last few weeks anyway since the painting and carpeting and it's kind of growing on my because my closet is very clean and organized anyway

(d) go out and buy closet doors which most likely have to be pre-ordered to the right size and all that other annoying crap

(e) something else I'm not thinking of?

Thanks =)
(I would do a regular poll but I'm free account so there ya go)

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I have an open invitation to visit my aunt anytime I want. She lives in NM me UT. I plan on going down there for Thanksgiving, but I dont know how to let her know. Im overanalyzing again, but how would you let someone know that you plan on visiting? Im gonna email her. We're fairly close, just recently have we really started talking and she isnt scary per se. Im just weird. So how would you word it?


How do I cite a handout/"ditto" given to me in class, using MLA format? I couldn't find anything on Google, but then again it's 2:30 AM and I'm really freakin' tired.
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What would you do?

There is a current bra commercial that asks the age old question, "What could you do in 18 hours?"

This got me thinking, what could you, the viewer at home do in 18 hours?

My response under the cut.

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here's a question for the clueless....

What is a Nanowrimo? I have been seeing posts about it all over the place, and most of the people Ive seen write about it, basicly are not happy with it, or would rather kill themselves than do it. I know that this is prolly the most stupid question I have ever asked but someone give a clue to the clueless...thanks!
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2 questions, totally unrelated to each other

1. what does the phrase "in vain" mean, exactly? such as: "his death will not have been in vain".

2. i was listening to bob dylan's "shelter from the storm". now, if this doesn't make sense, don't worry about it, but in the song he talks about a woman who gives him shelter from the storm. it's not said what kind of "storm" she's giving him shelter from, but it can be interpreted that she provides some sort of relief from hurt and sadness in his life. given that interpretation: who gives YOU shelter from the storm? what does he/she/it look like? how do they provide you shelter - physical shelter, warmth, light, advice, etc? i know this sounds weird, but enlighten me. :)
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hey everyone.
so, over the summer I bought the exarby sofa-bed from Ikea. However, it didnt come with a mattress cover, and I'm sorta getting sick (and uncomfortable) with the plain white uncovered mattress.

I want to buy a futon cover, but the dimensions for a normal futon cover are several inches off in every direction.

Would something like that matter a great deal? Or am I destined to be screwed into an uncomfortable bed?

Anyone have any luck with their Ikea sofa coverings??

PS. the measurements of the mattress for the Exarby are:
Mattress length: 72 7/8 "
Mattress width: 47 1/4 "
Mattress thickness: 3 7/8 "

For a futon, it's
54" x 75" and up to 8.5" thick...

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Does anyone know if there's a way to stretch out leather shoes?
I bought a new pair of leather flats for work and they're just a bit tight around the toes. They were fine when I tried them on, but after a long day of work my feet are too swollen for them.
Do you think breaking them in and dealing with the pain is okay, or is there another way?
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locking my wireless

My wireless connection is all screwey for some reason, so we decided we should probably lock it up. I live in a building with about a billion people, I have a feeling someone is sucking up all the juice.

BUT the thing is, to lock it I need to know my "host name" and "domain name" and I have no idea where that info is.

It says I get it from my isp, but how? Is that a stupid question? I have no idea how this stuff works!
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(no subject)

Has anyone actually found a job, or at least gotten replies, from any online or print job ads?

For example,,,,, newspaper ads,,, etc.
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(no subject)

Answer as you feel RIGHT NOW.

What is more important to you? Friends, family, career, significant other, or... other. If it's something else, what is it?

Has this changed over time? Do you think it ever will?
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MP3 Virgin

Can someone recommend a good MP3 player? I was looking at them this weekend but there are so many to choose from... I don't know if I should stick w/ a I Pod or go with another brand. I'm looking for the $100. - $200. price range.

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Ok, so I just got a call and found out that the job I applied to wants me to come in for a job interview. The thing is, it's my first one and I don't know what I should wear or say to make a good impression... help?

EDIT: It's just at the theatres in the mall. :)
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(no subject)

Ever since I started working at restaurants, I've been in love with non-slip soles. I had one really durable pair that died on me (and the company stopped making women's shoes) and have resorted to cheap Wal-Mart shoes that don't have a lot of support.

So, where can I find some kick ass non-slip shoes that are durable and awesome? (I know some of the Doc Martens are non-slip, but I haven't figured out which ones are still as durable as they used to be. The Air Wair ones?)

That 70s Show

It had been about a year since I last watched "That 70s Show"...

I tuned in last week to see that Eric is now "in Africa." Why did he go to Africa?

And I guess that Kelso has also been written out of the show. Where'd they send him?

(Note: I'm asking about the characters and the storyline of the show, not the actual actors and why they left.)

Digital Camera Help

I've been wanting a digital camera for a long time, and now I finally find one thats half decently priced. I just don't know if it would be a good camera, so help please?

Fuji Fine Pix A120 Kit Includes:
- 3.1 megapixels
- 16 MB Memory Card
- Battery Charger (ultra fast 2-3 hours)
- 4 AA Batteries
- Camera Bag

All for $99.97(Canadian) w/o taxes.

Would it be worth the money? I want a camera that will take nice and clear pictures, or should I just save up for a better one?
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(no subject)

I'm doing this competition for my class and we're sopposed to come up with a whole research paper on setting up a space settlement. Anyway, right now I'm covering cost, and I just had a few questions.

How is NASA funded?
How would you cover the costs in initiating a space program/settlement?

If I were to say that the government would fund and also private organizations/special interest organization would help pay the cost, do you think it would fly?

Also, what are some disadvantages to this? Lack of supervision?

Eye Twitching

So...the left corner of my left eye has been twitching since yesterday. I think it's from poor sleeping habits, but I can't be sure. What could it be from? How can I make it stop?

(no subject)

1. I work at a Café, and I take a lot of cash over the course of my shift. WHY do people feel the need to hand me a wad of crumpled bills?? I know that you know it's five dollars, but I also know that you know how cash registers work - the bills are all unfolded, not just crammed in there, wadded and sweaty. Whenever someone hands me a wad of crumply nastiness, I painstakingly unfold it and face it all the same way before making their drink. ;o)

To those of you who work cash registers or have done so in the past, what kinds of little things like this bother you?

2. OK, I don't pay attention to news and politics and anything like that. Partly because I don't really have the time, but mostly because I don't really have the inclination. There's enough hatred and horrible things going on in the world to depress me every time I try.

So can someone explain to me in Dummy Terms (c) why people are rioting in France? I would really appreciate it. :o) Just a basic overview is fine.
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Musical Question

Ok, musical people!

I was playing around on the piano earlier, and played some chords that sound really familiar - I kept playing the sequence without really realizing it, but I have no idea what I was playing or what it reminds me of. XD

The chord progression I played was something like:
i-VI (2nd inversion)-III-VII(first inversion) then at this point, either iv (2nd inv.) or VI (1st inv) seems to work, then i-v(1st inv)-V#(1st inv)-i.

In Dm:

Dm, Bb (2nd inv), F, C (1st inv) then Gm (2nd inv) or Bb (1st inv), then Dm, Am(1st inv), Amaj(1st inv), Dm.

Now, that last i-v-V#-i may have just been me being random and not my memory, but who knows.

So, the questions:
#1. Anyone know what the heck that is? Or is it just a common chord progression that my subconscious likes right now? Or am I just nuts? :D
#2. Did I get the numbering on those chords right, or, for lack of a better phrase, was I sort of cheating on some of those? (Eg, can you have/are you supposed to have VII and v chords in a minor key?)
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Computer question

My internet connection is fine, but I'm unable to logon to AIM, Trillian or AIM express (through the web browser). AIM Express logs me on, but doesn't load my buddy list. The rest just say "Unable to be reached" ... does anyone know why? or is anyone else having the same problem?
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(no subject)

So I have this problem with leather boots. Every time I wear them, the leather on the heel/achilles tendon area of the right shoe inverts and irritates the skin on the back of my heel, causing blisters and torn skin if I wear it too long. The left one is always fine. This has happened with at least 3 pairs of leather boots.

So what gives... is my right heel deformed? Is it a result of maybe walking funny?
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(no subject)

1) Have you ever had an addiction before? To what? What was it like?

2) I'm going to be buying a laptop soon. My computeryyy friend told me:
+ Dell is bad
+ Toshiba is okay
+ Thinkpads are nifty
(what do you suggest for laptops? I think I'm getting a toshiba)

3) Don't you hate it when people like certain bands because they're unpopular, and once they become slightly mainstream and once their songs reach top 40, people hate the band? I know people who used to love yellowcard and fall out boy, but now they hate them, and man it's because they're popular and everybody knows them and likes them.
Sheesh. If a band is good, then you should be happy it's gaining popularity.

4) Do you like college better than high school, or vice versa? Why?
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(no subject)

I use the P2P program Ares to download music every once in a while. For some reason, it just won't connect anymore. I haven't changed any settings, or even used it for about a week. Any idea how to fix this?
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(no subject)

Do you have your middle name on your credit card?

Do you shiver after you pee? Why does that happen?! haha

What do you think is your widest body part? (not from side to side, but all the way around... and excluding shoulders)

If you buy something on credit card... and pay your bill at a later time... when do you consider that money "spent"? I consider it "spent" at the time of purchase but many people answered the "How much money did you spend this week" question including bill payments. ::shrug::

What days do you usually have off work?
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(no subject)

1. When someone says WORD, what does it mean?

2. Have you ever wanted to pee so bad, you actually spasmed/shook when you got to do the act?

3. Can you live without Coffee?

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Geek squad

Has anyone called the geek squad from Best Buy and had them fix your computer? If you did, what was it like? Did they do a good job? My computer's been having some problems lately and the usual AVG, Avast and Spyware programs aren't fixing it. I'm thinking about calling them to do something about it.
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My sister and I just adopted this cat for my mom as a Christmas present and we're looking for some name inspiration or well, at least input. My mom has another cat who we named Rikki (after Rikki Tikki Tavi...she's very weasel-esque looking)so we're thinking of R names along the same line as Rikki (more human like as opposed to pet like names).

We've narrowed it down to Ruby, Roxy, Riley, and Ruthie. Which do you like best? Or if you don't like any of them, what R name would you prefer?

She's a female by the way.



What's your opinion on this statement-

"Okay so this one time I was leaving the mall, and this black/hispanic/korean/whatever guy comes up to me, and..."

I've noticed that quite a few times in this community, someone will tell a story of what has happened to them, and in the description of the story, include the race(s) of the non-white people involved. This doesn't bother me, but it seems to bother some people. I've seen others berate people for including the race of the person involved, asking things like "why did you feel you had to add that?" and "why does that matter to the story?" and generally, well, being a butt about things.

IMHO, when I read a story that includes the races of the people involved, I don't think anything of it. If I were to write a story in which I include that, it would only be to give everyone a picture of what's going on.

I think it's normal that we include these things in our daily speech because we (well, most of us here) live in a white-dominated society, and when we see others of another race, something clicks in our heads- "oh, there goes a black person", and so on. I think that it's racist in the smallest of ways, but I think that when people here write it, there is definetly no ill meaning intended.

Do you feel the need to call people out on this when you see it? Why?

Any other thoughts?
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Waterproof, hard-shell, backpack.... too much to ask?

I'm going on a trip and I need a protective case for my camera.

I want a combination hardpack (Like this) and a water-proof bag, like a buoyant dive bag, NOT just weather-proof (Like this)

I want this combo because I will be traveling/walking a lot and need a backpack type bag to make carrying easier, but also the protection of the hard outer case (in case of dropping, falling, high-speed moped crash, etc), and dive-proof so I don't have to leave it in the car while in the water (ie, no stealie expensive equipment from easy-to-break-in rental car please).

I hav googled the hell out of every combo I could think of to find this and haven't had any luck. Is it possible this item doesn't exist??

If you are a photo-fanatic, dive-fanatic, extreme sports fanatic, etc and can think of anything that might suit my needs, please clue me in. I would say money is no problem, but that's not entirely true. If it's going to be like a thousand dollars, my money is better invested in a underwater housing for my camera instead. But please don't let money be a factor in your suggestions.

Thank you ahead of time.
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Coma List

There was a TV show on in Australia a while ago called John Safran's Music Jamboree, a segment of one episode talked about music therapy and encouraged people to make a "coma list," a list of music that they would appreciate being played to them should they lapse into coma. (John Safran in a word = irreverent.)

My question is, what would be on your coma list?
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No sound on the internet?

I hate my freaking computer! For some reason it plays sounds just perfectly when I have RealPlayer, Windows Media Player or another music/video player up. But when I want to watch a video online that has sound, I get nothing, zilch, nada. WTF?? Does anyone know what could be the problem.

Oh, when I click on the speaker to get the volume controls to come up a window pop-ups and it reads:

"There are no active mixer devices available. To install mixer devices, go to control panel, printers and Other Hardware, then click add Hardware.

This program will now close."

I don't have the printers and other hardware option. I do have the add hardware option, but I don't have CD for the speakers, never did. Also, when I click on Sounds and Audio Devices icon, it says that there is no audio device and no speakers. They are all attached and I haven't touched anything and my husband said he hasn't touched anything either.

Can anoyone help me? I really hope I made sense. Thanks!

Exiting the bus (or "I hate feeling like a sardine when the bus stops")

Say you are on a bus that is entirely full: All of the seats are taken and there are people packed into the aisle, standing. The bus shuttles between one place and another, so everyone is going to the same place. When you arrive, should all of the people standing exit before all of the people sitting or should it go front to back with people standing and the people sitting by them leaving at the same time? Why?


im doing a presentation on Dali and i need to include his most famous artwork.
so i have a few on my list but i want more.

so whats your favorite piece of Dali's art?

and for randomness..

what is your favorite sin?
what is your favorite virtue?

do you like chihuahuas?
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(no subject)

1. I have a Nokia phone from T-Mobile, and I've lost my book so I don't even know what exact model it is. In the top left corner of the screen is a symbol consisting of two circles connected by a line across the bottom, sort of like O_O. It appeared a couple weeks ago. What does it mean? It's voicemail. They changed the icon.

2. Have you ever been given a job that you're almost certain is impossible, but you're not 100% sure so you don't want to give up and say you can't do it? Oh, and there's a deadline looming...

How long is too long?

My friends and I just finished playing a game that ended up taking about 2 hours to play. We were all having fun and laughing, but when it finally ended, one person said I'm glad it is over, it took too long...

Do you ever get frustrated after doing a long activity, even if it is something you always enjoy?
Or can you do it for extended time and still enjoy it?
Whats the threshold before it becomes tedious as opposed to entertaining?
Normal people.

(no subject)

Hmm another earring question. Yeah.

What I want to do is get the balls off of barbells like this
Image hosted by transform them into regular stud earrings. ...I feel kind of dumb, but am I correct in assuming that both beads will unscrew off [and if only one comes off, how hard will it be to CLIP it off? What kind of clipper-thing would I need]? And any ideas where I can find earring posts and backs etc. so I can make my own?

Or if you know where I can find stud earrings in this sort of style it would save me a lot of trouble :D

(no subject)

1. What do you do when you miss someone?
Look at pictures? Call them?
Is there any way to make it better, in lieu of seeing them?

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3. What is the best impromptu tool for masturbation?
Appliance? Vegetable?
Don't say hand, that's obvious and I expect more originality out of you all.

4. Are you sexually attracted to anything.. bizarre? Embarassing?

5. Describe your ideal mate.

EDIT: I suck at life. In an entertaining way.