November 6th, 2005

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how do you pronouce the word "fungi"? i guess there's no set pronunciation but i am curious. why do you pronounce it like that?

related: does anyone here actually pronounce it "nuke-you-ler" instead of how it's spelled (nuclear)?

i say it like, "fun guy".
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Very random.

When was the last time you legally purchased porn from a store (not online)?

What's your favorite flash game (link please)?

Why do I have the hots for Marilyn Manson all of the sudden? (I really don't know, it just appeared out of the blue one day.)

For those of you who saw Saw1+2, which did you like better?

About how long does it take to create a video game (like a good quality PC game), from beginning to end?

Has anyone played Fable: The Lost Chapters? Thoughts? I'm not a big roleplayer/quest type game girl, but there aren't any other video games that look good to me, so I was thinking about getting it.

Is there a website or active LJ community (preferred) that posts non-fanfiction writing prompts every day or every week?
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i'm just starting to take voice lessons (for recreational purposes, i have no intentions of being professional or anything like that). i'm supposed to bring in a cd of songs i'd like to sing.

any suggestions for pretty songs that would be beginner friendly? preferably ones that are a little more upbeat, not about how i hate life, men, and the world in general.


p.s. how much does and hour vocal lesson usually cost? i have no clue if i'm getting a deal or paying too much

Video Games

Which video games scare the living crap out of you? (My boyfriend's been showing me the Silent Hill series the last few weeks, and I am seriously creeped out. Yikes!)

My apologies if this has been posted before!
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(no subject)

1. Are you voting this year? Do you vote every year?

2. Have you ever been kept awake by a smell (either good or bad)?

3. What's your opinion of Cleveland?

4. What's one food you have to have at Thanksgiving, or it doesn't seem like Thanksgiving?

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Have you seen 'Elizabethtown'? Was it good? It's playing at a drive in theater 30 minutes away and I was wondering if it's worth going.

When you go on a dinner and a movie date, which do you do first usually?

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I've had an indoor only cat for almost a year now. Last month, she got out through an open door and was gone for two days. I freaked, but finally she came home. Since she came back and had seemed none the worse for wear, I decided to bend on my indoor only rule and let her come and go for a month. She seemed to mostly stick to the house next door and our yard, and though I really didn't like it, I figured she was happier and wasn't tearing up the house as much.

Then she disappeared for three days. I finally found her next door - skinny and with cuts on her face. I know she was probably just defending her territory, but I decided that's it, no more going outside. Needless to say, after a few days of rest and food, she's not very happy with me.

My question is, does anyone have any experience with acclimating a cat back to the indoors that's been outside for awhile? Any advice?

(And please, I'm not posting this to stir up the indoor/outdoor cat debate. I've heard both sides of the issue and I've made my decision - I'd like her to be indoors only and that's the way it is.) I'm just looking for advice on how to make it easier on her and me.

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So, in reformatting my computer, I lost all my music files, all the songs I had in iTunes and so forth. However, all the music is still on my iPod. Is there a way to move all the music FROM my iPod TO my computer? Or am I doomed to move them all one CD by CD?

Inner circle dating

Do you feel it is acceptable for friends in a closely knit group of friends to date one another?

Do you feel it can create drama and break up good friendships?

Or do you feel it can be a very positive thing?

Please give me some examples of success and not so successful and how it affected those close to them.

Thank you :-)
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I'm slowly making my way towards having a blog on my own domain and I've tentatively decided to go with Wordpress as my blogging software. There are four "endorsed" webhosts, and I think it's probably best that I go with one of those, given that my web skills are only slightly above average.

Does anybody have any input on the following hosts: BlueHost, Midphase, DreamHost, or Laughing Squid?

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As Americans, many of us in general would agree that a French accent is sexy. But what do other countries think about American accents (not including accents like Southern, Bronx, ghetto)? In Spain, in Mexico, in Japan...? What country's people would generally agree that an American accent is sexy?

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I'm playing Polar Express for Gamecube and I'm stuck. Ironic, since up to this point I've been cracking up over how easy most of it is. Heh.

I'm at the part where I need to move crates on ice for the girl to get through. I know how to move the crates, but I can't figure out what she wants! I thought I just needed to clear a path for her, but she's saying there's nothing to "push off." I don't know what she means by that, or what to do, and there's no walkthrough for this game (since, for the most part, you really don't need it!). Anyone know?
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Whose job is it to write scripts for TV narrators? (like on A&E or TLC shows, for example)

Are they also called script writers, or is that only for fiction works like sitcoms and dramas?
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Is there a reason behind all of this?

Lately, I have been having these dreams about myself, cheating on my fiance'. In my dreams, I'll be with someone, and willing to do foreplay, but never have any sex. When it gets to the point of sex, I refuse because I say it would be betraying the one I love. Anyway, in wakening moments, I could never even do foreplay, kiss, or even HOLD HANDS with anyone other than my fiance'. So I do not have some secret desire to cheat with anyone. But these dreams are rather disturbing to me. I do not really care so much for dream MEANING, so much as I want to hear maybe some logical propose as to why I might be having these dreams...
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If you, a Ron/Hermione shippper, wanted to convert me, a Harry/Hermione shipper, what fic would you reccommend to accomplish this unlikely feat?

note: this is only because I do like to find out how the other half thinks. you probably won't convert me. give it a shot anyway.


For anyone who gets migranes:

If you take your meds (i.e. Imitrex) a little late, what can help jump start them? A glass of water with lots of lime seems to help me.

For everyone:

How old do you think you will have to be (were) when you realized you wanted kids? IF you want kids.

Favorite prescription drug for recreational use?
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Allergies + Horror Movies

1. If you suddenly developed an allergy to something, what would be the worst thing, in your opinion, that the allergy could be?

2. I just watched High Tension (Haute Tension) ... has anyone else seen this? Holy Shit. This is, in my opinion, the scariest and most suspensful movie I've ever seen. What do you think the scariest movie is?

I have the attention span of a child and I can rarely sit through movies without getting bored and fidgety, but this movie... jeez.

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Now, how come stores start the Christmas season right after halloween? I mean, there's 48 days till christmas, and already the stores are playing friggin carols and having christmas sales.

Does anyone else find it annoying?

Also, what would you do with 20,000 dollars (pretax)?
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Imagine you are a new husband or wife, and are expecting a child. Upon taking a sonogram, your doctor informs you that the child will have a serious disease that will affect his physical or mental abilities, such as Down Syndrome, Spina bifida or diabetes. How would you feel? How would your spouse/partner/SO feel?

Would you keep the child? Give him/her up for adoption? Abort the child?


EDIT: Assume you and your spouse want a child. This is for a project about genetic diseases, which is why I included diabetes as well.
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Anyone remember an old Green Day song, that went sort of "I've been waiting a long time, for this...".
I see the video on FUSE all the time... & I'm dying to hear it again!

Are there any bands you like, until their newer albums came out, and now you can't stand them?
a) I liked Dillenger Escape Plan, and Green Day's old stuff, but the new stuff isn't as good, to me anyway.

Does it annoy you when everyone seems to obssess over the same band, all at one time?
a) It seems like everyone and their mother listen to Panic! At the Disco right now, and it's all over myspace. I'm afraid they're going to burn out, and be overplayed, like Fall Out Boy =[.

What's your biggest weakness, when it comes to food?
a) Cherry, and apple pie. Or Whipped cream. MMMM.

Any special talents?
a) I can't get lost. I have a very good sense of direction. I always know an alternate route, and being able to figure out where I am, NSE&W helps.
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(no subject)

1. what are your favorite childhood shows?

2. what's the last movie you saw and how did you like it?

3. when did you lose your virginity?

4. how many times have you moved? to where?

5. if you have and/or want children, how did/are you going to name them?

6. what pets do you have and what are their names? (and pics too if you have any)

7. what is your goal for the future?

8. what is your favorite vacation spot, and why?

9. when did you start going online? how old were you?

10. for living expenses, about how much do you spend a month? (how much for housing/rent, how much for bills, how much for food, and what else you spend money on)?

11. if you have a job, how did you get your current job?

12. how many of you graduated from college without a job lined up? if so, how long did you take to find a job? and what did you do durin the time when you didn't have a job?

13. what jobs did you do when you were younger (high school, etc)? which ones did you like and didnt like?

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Followup to this question. If you haven't already answered it, please do.

What if the government passed laws prohibiting anyone with a "serious" genetic defect or disease from having children? What if the government forced sterilization (castration, tubes tying) of those with such genetic defects/diseases? What if such laws also sterilized individuals with illeagal drug problems, so that their possible children cannot be born with addictions? What if these laws included those with HIV and serious STDs/STIs?

All in the name of keeping these defects and diseases from being passed from generation to generation.

Assume this system is perfect (i.e. NO ONE can escape these laws).

Would you agree/disagree? Why? Wouldn't this be a good plan in order to help our civilization become healtier and have better lives?

(and yes, I know these ideas were implemented before.)

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ah..I'm new..forgive me if something I ask has already been brought up.
I have lots of questions running through my mind..

so, a few for this evening:

1. When you take a shower do you prefer to face the shower-head or to let the water hit your back?

2. When eating with a fork and a do you hold them?
[For example..I hold my knife in my left hand and my fork in my right hand and I don't switch them or put them down after cutting..]

3. Do you find the tango to be absolutely incredible?

4. Which country has the best flag?
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Got milk?

I've got this disgusting smell in my apartment and I can't tell where it's coming from. I can only really smell it in my living room (maybe in my kitchen as well? slightly?), which is central to all the other rooms - bathroom, kitchen, bedroom.

A few weeks ago I poured some milk that had expired into my sink, and found a week or so later that the dishes in the sink had been blocking it from draining, and had since hardened into a hard-jelly like substance. It stunk, bad. I threw some of it away, and I got rid of the rest of it down the drain.

This smells very very similar. But I've taken in a good whiff in the sink, and it's not coming from there. What else could it be??? Or how can I get rid of it at least!
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MISC: Go Ask Alice

Picker Uppers

What do you do to cheer yourself up when you're feeling a bit down?


I go out and buy myself new pajamas, a new book or dvd, and some Starbucks coffee. Take it all home and just shut myself away for awhile and enjoy.

Such was my day.
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Children stuff

About what age do children start talking? What age do they start making short sentences and then longer ones?

Is there a website for this sort of stuff? I'm writing something involving children and it'd be nice if I didn't have to ask you guys for everything.
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Book of Mormon - spooky Mormon hell drea


You’re moving to another country where you must learn a new language.

You also learn that your last name sounds like (or is) an obscenity in the local language.

Do you change it?

What if it’s your first name?


To those with piercings:

1. Have you found that your earlobes are too sensitive to be pierced, but not other places (navel, etc)?
2. What metals do you use, especially for ear piercings?
3. For extra-sensitive skin, what metals and piercing methods are available/suitable? (I've personally tried 18ct gold and sterling silver and my ears wouldn't accept it.)
4. What's the surgical procedure to get rid of keloid scars?

first digital camera

I'm looking to buy a low-end digital camera for my nephew's 18th birthday. (He's not very technical so basic is fine.) What are good cameras on the low end, like under $100 but preferably something between $50 and $75.
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This is going to sound insensitive, but I really am curious... it was asked by a little boy in a movie and I realized even *I* wouldn't know how to answer it..

If a woman has one child and he dies at age 8, is she still a "mom"?

If a woman has one child and he dies at age 50, is she still a "mom"?

If a woman has a stillbirth, is she still a "mom"?

If a woman has a baby who dies hours or days after birth, is she still a "mom"?

Questions Questions Questions.

Here are a bunch of questions that have crossed my mind lately:

1. When you’re sitting in the dentist chair and the dentist is all up in your face cleaning your teeth and whatnot, where are you looking? Do you look at the dentist’s face? Do you look around the room? Do you try looking down your nose at the cleaning tools? Or do you close your eyes because you don’t know where to look, like me?

2. What do you think of these lyrics?

3. What are your feelings on livejournal communities that support eating disorders, such as Anorexia and Bulimia?

4. For those of you who are/were in high school, do you find that your school is very ‘cliquey’? If so what ‘clique’ do you belong to, if any? What kinds of ‘cliques’ exist? Do you think that movies portray high school accurately? Compare yours to schools in “The O.C.” or “Mean Girls”, what’s different?

5. In your own opinion, what is the difference between a girl who’s considered “hot” and a girl who’s considered “cute”?

6. Has anyone ever said anything, un/intentionally rude or not, about your appearance or personality which has affected you ever since? What was it, and how has it made you feel?

7. What is your favourite type of apple? Do you slice your apples? Remove the skin? Or just eat it how it is? Do you wash your fruit before you eat it? What are your thoughts on fruit/vegetables being genetically altered?

8. When you’re walking, (ie. down the street, down the hallways of your school, in the mall, etc), do you mostly look at the floor, look at the people passing by, the scenery around you, or a combination of it all?

9. Does it make you feel uncomfortable when you see someone ‘checking you out’, or do you just suck up all the attention? What do you do when you notice someone staring at you? Do you stare back at them or look away nervously? Do you hate it when someone is looking at your butt?

10. What kind of laugh do you have? Loud? Quiet? Deep? High-pitched? Snorty? Hearty? All of the above?

11. My history teacher asked my class this question last year, and the answers were really interesting. The class consisted of students aged 15-16, however; this community’s has a wider age range: Your 14 year old daughter is on an all-boys hockey team. At the end of practice, it’s time to go into the change room and change! But your daughter doesn’t want to change in the girl’s change room all alone; she wants to change in the guys change room. Coach says it’s the parent’s decision. As a parent, is that a yes or a no? Justify your answer.

12. Does it bother you when people say something offensive, and then they say “no offense!”? Do you take it to heart, or do you let it go? What about when people say something rude but then say “just kidding”?

13. Do you like a song because it’s ‘hip and catchy’ or because the lyrics are inspiring and/or relatable? Any other reasons? But be honest, do you pay attention to the lyrics of songs? Do you like analyzing songs and their meanings? If you could pick one song that describes your life perfectly, or closely, what would it be?

14. Do you like it when you see someone you dislike fail at something? Do you think that makes you a bad person? Do you think you’re a revengeful person?

15. Rock, paper, or scissors?
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(no subject)

What's your favorite quirky/funny/shocking/disgusting t-shirt logo or saying? scan it, type it, whatever.

Mine is a shirt from a place called Cape Foulweather, that says Beach Paramedics, and on the back, it says "Surf with the Sharks. Let your kids ride a Whale. Drive fast on Curves. Swim in a Riptide. Swan dive off a Cliff. Deep sea fish from a Rowboat. We thank you for you support. Beach Paramedics." It's amazing!!


So, i just saw the movie Saved for the first time tonight. I was just wondering what you all thought of it and if you're a Christian and what not. My dad is a pastor and he liked it, but hes definetely not your normal pastor type, soo i dunno. He did complain about some things though. I also have a friend who is a hardcore Christian and she thought most of the movie was basically "blasphemy" thats why i was just wondering what everyones viewpoints were eh.

I absolutely adored it! I consider myself a pretty loose Christian, i mean, i go to church on occasion, but im pretty liberal as far as issues like abortion or same sex marriage. I just loved that in the end, it was basically that you had to accept and love everthing thats thrown your way. Thats basically how i feel about religion, i tend to agree with alot of things involved with it, but i like to form my own ideals too. I dunno, im rambling now heh.
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So I saw Murder By Death last night and was stuck right by three huge speakers for about three hours. As a result, I barely hear out of my left ear. From what I've read online, this should go away in the next 24 hours or so, but I'm curious as to if there's any way I could make it go away a little quicker?

(no subject)

How do you feel about censorship?
After watching tonights(possibly tonights) family guy about censorship, then reading one of the comments here about how children shouldnt see such things as suicide, im wondering what everyone thinks.
petit prince

random questions

1. what's your favorite indiana jones movie?
2. besides "brown eyed girl," do you have a favorite van morrison song?
3. have you ever had any of the following: sponge candy, loganberry, a chicken finger sub, labatt blue, or blue cheese on pizza?
4. do you like hummus?
5. do you think the dr pepper commercial with "i would do anything for love" in it is funny?

thank you for your time
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question, questions. . .

Okay, a few questions.

1) After being idle for like two to four hours my computer goes into hibernation, I hate that - it's damn annoying, how can I change it so that it doesn't Hibernate? I am using windows XP if that makes any difference. :)

2) Today I was laying in bed laughing, and all of a sudden there were sharp, shooting pains in my uterus. I am not on my period, or even close to it. I stopped laughing and they quickly went away but it was totally weird. Just a spasmed? or should I write up a will ;)
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Gromble's Nose Knows

Since my other post was immediatly irrelevant thanks to Shippo, I have a new question!

Poll #606796 Gromble's Nose

When you were a kid, did you think the Gromble's nose looked like a dog weiner?

YES! I was old enough to catch on and be horrified!
No, you sick freak!
I didn't, but now I do - THANKS.
What the hell are you talking about?
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panda dance

free mailing lists?

Does anyone know any free online sites where you can make your own mailing list (preferably by adding/deleting the emails myself) and where you can send emails to the people on that mailing list through your own email, and be able to include attachments?
minnie and zeus

calling 911

Inspired by the recent post on child abuse...

Have you ever had to call 911 (or the equivalent emergency number for non-US members)?  What was it for?  Has someone ever had to call 911 for you (ie. you were injured or in an accident)?

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