November 4th, 2005

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So, this is now my second cigarette free day coming to a slow end. I'm quitting cold turkey after smoking half a pack to a full pack just about every day for what's nearing three years now. How long do you suppose withdrawls with last?
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When getting pulled over, are you still required to show proof of insurance and registration if you are on a motorcycle?
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What is your favorite LJ community? Why?

Do you have communities on your friends lists? Do you use filters?

What do you use LJ for? Keeping in touch with friends? Finding information? Making new friends?
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Random Questions

1. If someone pisses you off (in a fairly harmless way - disagreeing with you or just annoying you) and you snap at them (or do something otherwise hurtful) and they start crying, do you feel guilty or do you feel as if they deserved it?

2. If you won a contest, and you could pick a prize from two things -a 90 minute massage or free lunch for five days - which would you choose?

3. a) do you lie on livejournal? b) do you limit it to just communities or do you do it in your personal journal as well? c) do you sometimes start to believe your lies? d) did you lie answering this question? ;)

4. Do you ever get a feeling that someone (either in communities or on your friends list) is a complete liar?

5. Ignore everything anyone has ever said to you about your appearence. How would you feel about yourself and your appearence with no feedback whatsoever?

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so tired...

I have been so tired the last couple of days...and I am wondering, I have been taking allergy pills before I go to sleep, which are supposed to make me drowsy...but shouldn't the drowsiness wear off by the morning?
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Do you believe that luck is something that is an intangable factor in life? Is it something you have some degree of control over?


1. do you wash your hands with warm or cold water?
2. how about when you rinse your dishes?
3. have you ever found love to be boring?
4. if someone is staring at you does their eye color determine how creepy it is?
5. have you ever been to the psych ward?
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a few randoms

1. Have you ever called a company to complain about one of their drivers on the road?

2. Do you like chewing gum?

3. When do you put your Christmas tree up? (if you celebrate Christmas)

added 2 more
4. What is your favourite mix for white rum?

5. Do you just read the 'current entries' page of TQC, or do you go to the "previous entries" page in case you missed any?

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Have a good day everyone :P

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Can you iron things that say "Dry Clean Only"? What would happen?

[edit] thank you all, but it worked out surprisingly well on a normal setting...maybe the tag lied to me.
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Registration help

I've got 3 classes for the spring semester. But I need 4 in order to receive my grant and other financial aid.

Problem is that the classes I actually DO need are either filled up (and I've called advisors and department faculty staff to see if they could squeeze me in but to no avail) or there is only one class being offered and it clashes with the others I've already registered for.
So do I register for one "easy" class (creative writing) just to get my full-time status, or should I just leave off at 3 classes?
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Meta - Berries

Uh, help. Seriously.

I need some clothes that are business casual, needed for a reception *today*. (I know I procrastinate, but it's not like I had time to go shopping during the week anyway.) But I still have at least 2 hours to go to the mall & get clothes with.

But the problem is...

I'm only 18, any nice business type clothes I find make me look 30 and up. I...don't want to look 30 and up yet, but I don't want kids clothing either. I'd like at least a somewhat mature look because I look childish enough already. =P

I'm SHORT, and as such, a lot of clothes I find are too long/too big/for people with bigger boobs. :P What are some good places I can find in an ordinary mall that will have things that will fit a small, average build person?

And what suggestions can you make me for what to wear/where to go? I'm thinking of just a simple clean-cut black top or something, because they want to take pictures of shoulders or waist-up.

Plus, I want it to be moderately priced... for obvious reasons. :|

HEEEEEEEELP... any suggestions would be appreciated!! ^_____^

edit: done... ^^

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I'm going to Cuba today, and I'm wondering if I should bring my iPod nano with me. I'm scared I might lose i, or that it might get stolen. I'm going with a bunch of people, but it would be nice to have for the plane and for sitting on the beach by the pool.

What would you do?

web graphics

Can anyone recommend where to get button graphics to use for a site? I need them to make an HTML editor. I don't mind the style though (ie, whether they are like desktop icons or MS Word buttons doesn't matter). If they're ready made to be used with a rollover effect would be preferable.
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I've been wondering how it is that you should figure out what sort of things to do with your life, career wise. Two seconds ago, I decided that maybe it's whatever consequently makes you a generally agreeable, happy, interesting person. (Rather than irritable, unhappy, discontent.)

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Any thoughts? How does a person get there?
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the names of God

I'm looking for a list of all the names of god, including all or as many world religions as possible. When I google "names of god" all I get is websites that list the names of God only for their particular faith or religion. I want a list of the names for many world religions, not just one or two. Where can I find this?

Vague v. Non-Existent

Regarding vague LJ posts --

Would you rather the author give you full information or just not post them at all if the author won't provide details?

Do they make you feel like you're overhearing a secret? Or just plain curious / nosy?

Do you write vague LJ posts? Why?

Unrelated: How can I wake up from a nap / night's sleep & not be groggy?

Unrelated: How long does it take for Sharpie ink to fade off skin?

I'm in love with..

"14th Street" by Rufus Wainwright. I've heard most of us stuff so as far as I can tell Rufus doesn't have really any other songs quite like that so yeah.. what other artists/albums/songs would you highly recommend if I love that song?

I really like the chorus with it's female bgvs, the horns, and all that. The song sounds a lot like classic old broadway material, I suppose.

Thank you as always. :)
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Nindtendo DS

For those DS owners out there...

When Lunar came out I bought that and played it for... maybe ten minutes before putting it away and not playing it since. I'm horrible about playing RPGs, I like them but I never seem to finish them. Plus this one mentions cards which makes me nervous. (I keep getting flashbacks of the Kingdom Hearts GBA game.) I did like the first two Lunar games, but I didn't beat the second.

Recently my friend got that new attorney game for DS and seems to really love it. It looks like something I'd like and might play all the way through but honestly I don't know.

So thoughts... trade Lunar in towards getting the attorney game or hold off? If you've played Lunar your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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As part of a group oral presentation on animal rights, I will be speaking to my class for about a half hour on my vegan lifestyle (what I eat, wear, can't use, et cetera). So, all you omnivores out there: what are some things you've always wondered about vegans? If you hate vegans, why? I'm looking for total honesty- don't worry, I'm damn near impossible to offend.

3 unrelated questions - weightloss, sex and hair!

1. Do those weight loss belts work? (It's that belt thing you wrap around your stomach, it's supposed to make you sweat and lose weight. I'd post a picture but I'm hopeless at google.)

2. Is it possible to have a healthy relationship without sex?

3. Ladies, do you have hair on your upper lip? Are you self concious of it? Do you do anything about it?

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So, balancing my checkbook(goddamn I need to get a better job than modelling because modelling pays for day-to-day stuff and then I've got nothing for 'holy crap how are my fish sick again' and 'holy crap I need to buy books next semester again'). And, at the end of the month on my online statement, there's "ATM Monthend fee."(It's a dollar.) There are two columns- "amount" and "fee"- pretty much everything goes under amount, but this goes under fee... and, where it shows the balance, the dollar has not been taken out. What's up with that?

How much do you believe in second chances? Like, if a proven bitch is trying to hide her bitchiness and it's beginning to come out...
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Does anyone have the complete text of The Zoo Story by Edward Albee? I used to have it somewhere, but I don't know what happened to it, and I tried to google it, but I found nothing but a dead link and a plethora of analyses. It's a relatively short play, so I assume it must be floating around somewhere.

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Inspired by a tangent in the career-seeking post: do you love having nothing to do and lots of free time, or does a lot of free time not sit well with you? I.e., without a job/school/whatever, are you content to just sit and relax, or do you get bored and/or depressed?

Personally, I like having some free time, but after a while the inactivity drives me nuts. I prefer being productive. I don't know what to do with myself when I have more than two weeks off. ^_^0
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N64 Game Question

There is a game I used to play on N64 but I can't remember what it's called. It was a racing game and I think Mountain Dew cans were somehow involved (to unlock a secret course maybe?). I also remember there being one course that was in a huge black room with large colored geometric objects everywhere. There was also another secret course where you drove through an office or something and all the furniture was super huge.

Does anyone know what game I'm talking about?
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What's the last thing you binged on?

Is there a good way to clean out those industrial type mops [strings of rag]? We don't have a really set procedure at work and it's starting to bug me that the mop head is always gritty and grimy and gross and I don't have a very good way of rinsing it yet so any tips would be great.
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Girls - what's your favorite/sexiest piece of lingerie? Where did you get it from and why do you ilke it?

Guys - what's your favorite kind of lingerie you like on a woman? Why?
Other: I read banned books
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How do you quote dialogue? In Dutch I learnt it to be like this:

“This is where I say stuff.”, she said</b>,</b> “Hi, hello! I’m talking here!”

See the commas before and after “she said”. Word likes this when the language is set to Dutch but when I set it to English it wants me to get rid of the first comma so it looks like this:

“This is where I say stuff.” she said, “Hi, hello! I’m talking here!”

Is Word right? Is that the way it’s supposed to be in English? Or is Word just crazy? Because it just looks wrong without that first comma there. And would this count as a grammar question to post at a grammar community?
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Lie or tell the truth.

So I've been recently lying A LOT to my parents about what I've been doing and where I've been going. If I'm going out with my friends, I usually say that I'm studying over someone's house or doing a group project. My parents fall for this bc they're Asian, and studies are very important.

Anyway, on Thursday my school had Pigskin Playoffs (like powderpuffs), and I decided that I'd tell my mom where I was going bc I thought she'll be nicer since it's my senior year, and you know you only have this once in your life. But, instead, she wasn't and she COMPLETELY flipped out bc I'm "partying too much." (I went to a Sweet 16 that prior Friday.) Anyway, I went, and my mom kept on calling my cell asking when I was coming back, etcetc. And when I came back, she started yelling again at me bc "I'm not focused on school." Which is completely wrong.

Just today, I lied to her again and went out to lunch with my friends.

Should I keep on lying to her bc it seems to be working, I'm getting everything done and stuff. Or should I tell the truth and risk her not letting me go out?
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Borders has these new audio books that come in little mp3 players. I want to buy one, but only if I could somehow rig it to play other stuff too. I mean if it works out, I'll be getting what basically amounts to an mp3 player that can play 8 hrs worth of music for $20.
Do any of you guys know of a website that gives instructions, or if it is even possible?
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Okay. I was just answering the question about porn and was thinking are there things you just like to do by yourself? Stuff wither you'd rather other people not see you doing or things that you like doing alone.

For example I like shaving my legs alone in the bathroom with the door closed/locked. I like singing alone, sometimes I sing with my bf at home but generally I like singing (actually seriously trying to sing) alone. I like pouring over fashion magazines while eating snack food alone so I can assess each item, judging it's wearability and design. I also like reading novels alone. I don't know why but I do.
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1. If you are physically attracted to somebody but are not really friends with them so you don't know their personality very well or anything... and you find out that they are a bad speller, would you be less attracted to them?

2. Is it a safe idea to keep a mattress and box-spring in storage for like, 3-4 years? Will it become moldy or mildewed or anything? Does a "mattress storage bag" type thing exist to keep dirt and bugs out? (I just upgraded from a twin to a full and my dad suggested keeping the twin mattress in storage until the kid outgrows her toddler bed... it's a good idea but I don't know how realistic it is. It would be like on rafters in the garage... not really damp I don't think.)

3. Do you play with your belly button?

4. What was the last thing that pissed you off, annoyed you, made you lose your patience, etc..?

5. How much money have you spent in the last seven days (including credit cards)?

6. How many purchased DVDs do you have in your own personal collection? (not DVDs that a roommate or family members happens to have at your disposal; not DVDs that you burned from a friend... DVDs that you liked enough to buy for yourself)

7. Would you think it was odd if a non-religious couple named their child Christian?

sex and the city

Ok I've scoured the sex and the city quote sites, but I can't find the quote I'm interested in. I believe its in the episode that charlotte gets married and carrie tells aidan that she cheated. Carrie says some quote like "why worry about finding my soulmate (or some similar word) when I've got 3 right here" (referring to the rest of the girls). Anyone have the dvds or remember the quote?

Good and Evil

Ohhh celebrities

1. Are you related to any famous people (living or dead)?
2. Have you ever met anyone famous?
3. Are you connected to anyone famous in a "six degrees of seperation" kind of way?

Oh, and please tell who for all of the above. Don't just say yes or no. (Seems obvious, but you never know...)

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Do you know your IQ? I don't mean your IQ on one of those silly online quizzes that gives everyone a 140; I mean on a proper test like the Stanford-Binet or something similar.

Do you know your place on the Kinsey scale?

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My old computer, a Windows 2000 Professional, crashed recently. The hard drive was replaced, but now everything is in 16 bit color. What do I need to do to allow more than 16 bits of color and more than just two options for the resolution size?