November 3rd, 2005

Quinn Twin

toe nail gone MIA

Ok, this is weird and gross - but I need answers! Tonight the toe nail on my left foot's little toe fell off. Just - gone. Well, actually, this time it was *barely* hanging on at the top, but with little resistance it came right off. This is like the third time this toe nail has fallen off (the second time wearing this exact colour of polish *que mystery music*) over the course of like 4 years. To my knowledge, I don't have any fungus or anything else that might cause this (but I don't have ins, so if there's sneaky kinds, I wouldn't readily know). When it happens, it never hurts and it's usually in the tub or right after I get out. Is this even somewhat normal? Should I be concerned? It's always the same toe and like I said, I don't think I have anything wrong with me and my shoes are wide/loose enough. Someone validate that either I am ok and this is kind of common or that I am a freak and my foot is clearly dying. Thanks.
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Normal people.

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Do you listen to techno? Can you recommend some for me?

After my turn in the bathroom in the mornings I usually only have 15 minutes to scramble everything together and get my hair dry after my bath....I don't want to blow-dry it but it stays soggy for hours [it's pretty long]. Any tips on how to dry hair super quickly without using a dryer?

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Argh. I've been looking around all morning for a way to cut down the filesize of this image to 400k or less. I've tried using online gif editors (it's too large for any of them), downloading crappy freeware gif optimizers (none of them actually made the file any smaller, and one made it even bigger), and downloading actual quality image editors (my privileges are restricted here on my work computer, so I can't install any of them).

So I beseech you, internet wizards, help me make this file smaller, either by color reduction or cropping out the sides, or both.

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1. Long story short: I ordered a large item, decided I didn't want the item, cancelled the order. Item was shipped out today, even though I cancelled the order a week ago.

My question: When UPS comes with the package, can I just ask the delivery man to wait for me to fill out the return sticker and put it right back on the truck or do I have to organize an entirely new reurn trip?

If I have to do the latter, how on earth do I do that?? =\

2. My cousin is getting married in December.

I've never been to a wedding in my life so I have no idea what is dress appropriate, especially for winter. In movies it's always summer so they wear summer dresses and stuff....

Can you help me by giving me some descriptives to help me figure out where to START with the outfit-hunt?

Or if you have any pictures of what you've worn as a guest to a wedding or anything.. especially winter weddings...
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Tell me, tell me, tell me the answer (you may be a lover, but you ain't no dancer).

01. Who's your favourite Beatle? Why?
02. Does Ringo's cool name make you like him more?
03. Favourite still-breathing Beatle? Why?
04. Favourite McCartney wife?
05. Favourite Beatles song(s)?
06. All you need is love, ba-ba-na-ma-naa?

Answers to be submitted by way of a handy poll, if you'd be so kind.

ETA: I love how much people dislike Paul McCartney!
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Lately my computer has been taking forever to open a window.. It'll take a couple minutes for a document to pop up or the volume control or anything, but it isnt all the time,. Does anyone know whats causing this?

Lack of energy

I have no energy. It's really a big problem in my life. I have had a blood test done, which showed that I lack iron and folate. So I'm taking iron tablets.

It has helped a little bit, but I still feel sluggish and my body feels like it's 80 years old. My 51 year old diabetic smoker dad is more energetic than I am! It makes working very difficult, as I work two physical jobs.

I get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night. I'm 20 years old, I eat reasonably well and I'm only about 5 kilos (10 pounds) overweight. I drink heaps of water, and before work I'll drink a sports drink like Gatorade but it doesn't really make much difference.

Has anybody else had this problem? What I'm looking for is suggestions of what to try next. I'm thinking maybe I need to sleep less, or eat more, but I just don't know.
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Which is more attractive on a woman:

-a lanky, small-breasted, no-hips figure
-a curvy, decently-sized-breasted, hourglass figure
-something in between that you'll specify in a comment

I've gotta go with the first, but that's becuase it's the opposite of my figure, which I hate having and therefore hate looking at ;)
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What is the word in literature for when a character serves as a contrast to another character? Like their personality and behaviors are there to make it even more obvious what the OTHER person is like?

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1. Have you ever received a handwritten love letter? Or have you given one to someone? For me, the only handwritten one was in 1st grade, heh. On construction paper, with spelling errors galore, and a rose drawn on the back in crayon. Later on when I got into "real" relationships things like that were done in email. :P

2. Before a major surgery of someone you are very close to, would you rather treat it positively as if everything is going to be okay, or would you rather try to give your "goodbyes" and anything you want to make sure they hear "just in case"?

3. Do you think an assistant principal would lie to a 7th grader who just ran for class president (of the whole 7th grade) and lost, about the voting being very close? This 7th grader is one of the smartest ones but not popular at all, and the winner is not as smart but very popular. The assistant principal just brought it up to the student, nobody asked him.
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Does anyone know of a decent, reliable Game Boy Advance emulator for the Pocket PC?

Of course, I definitely own a GBA and most assuredly all the games I could ever want, including those from Japan and those in Japanese translated into English via hacking. Just like all my emulators. =P

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You are offered $1,000,000 for the following act: Before you are ten pistols - only one of which is loaded. You must pick up one of the pistols, point it at your forehead, and pull the trigger. If you walk away, you do so a millionaire. Would you accept the risk?

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This probably varies, but...

How long does it take for someone to receive a security deposit back?

The walk-through has been done and it just needs to be gone over again by another person to confirm. The person that did the walk through told me the place looked awesome and was shocked as to how clean the carpet was. She didnt see anything that needed to be fixed whatsoever. She didnt see a problem with me receiving my full deposit back.

Have you ever received all of your deposit back before?
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1. Is there any food that is GRAY? (supposed to be gray -- not like molded bread or overcooked beef or anything...)

2. Where do squirrels go at night?

3. Is your moniter above or below eye level?

4. What did you do for somebody else today?

5. Do you think you would put less energy and enthusiasm into planning your second wedding that your first? What if it was your partner's first wedding?

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1. What's the coolest thing about turning 18?

(I can't wait, and I want to know if it's like turning any other number, not as special. Like when people go "You're 16! How do you feel?" "Uhhhh the same" kind of thing)

2. What was your favorite birthday year?

I liked turning 16. I got to drive, finallyy.

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Have you ever made a locked entry for just one person on a filter?
Has anyone else ever done that to you?

The first time I tried out the filters in lj, I made a test one with just one person and got him to reply to see if it worked and one time an lj buddy made a one-person filter (me) and the entry said YOU! yes YOU Morty! and I was askeered to answer at first thinking it was a trick so I waited to see if anyone else on her f/list answered first.
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I work in daycare, and I'd like to make something for the kids in my room (there are only 5 of them) something for Christmas...any suggestions for something cheap and easy? I'm thinking an ornament, or small fleece blanket

(they are infants...4 to 9 months old)
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shipping computers!

Hello all,
I'm moving across the country in a few weeks and need some advice:

Is shipping computers (full PC towers) advisable?
As in, I don't want the precious hard drives inside being dropped/kicked etc.

Any recommendations as to who I should ship it with (within the U.S.)?


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You ever worked really hard on a journal entry, be it lots of neat coding or intense emotions or whatever, and then get this sudden urge to spam it, just to get comments and feel proud?
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For girls (and guys too I guess) out there-

What jewelry do you wear on a daily basis?
What kind of jewelry/gemstone/metal/etc?
And is it meaningful/important/etc to you - how so?

If you want to include pics of the jewelry it'll be great too.

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Do you ever listen to a song and like it, even though you know you really shouldn't?
Rephrase: Do you ever listen to a song and wonder why the hell you like it?
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So I'm new.......hello!

Has anyone used the bare essentials make-up? What do you think of it? I just saw a commercial and it looks pretty good, but most commercials make a bigger deal. So yeah, thanks!
Normal people.

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Do you or does anyone you know refer to the police department or police station as the "cop shop"? Have you heard this phrase before? Where are you from?

My friend says this all the time but can't remember where she picked it up from.

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Sorry to post again in such a short amount of time, but this topic is completely different:

What do you think of women who watch porn? Is there some sort of stigma about it? Like, would it be easier for a guy to say he watches porn than a woman to say so? And what do you think of guys who watch porn? Are you comfortable watching porn with friends of the same gender? What about watching it with mixed genders? Does it matter if it's soft/hard core? Does the storyline/group/gay aspects make any difference?
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Oddball dates

So what are the most unlikely reasons that there are posts in this community dated 1970 (2), 1980 (1), 2008 (1), and 2020 (1)?

[I was going to ask about the most likely reasons, but I figured that would be just boring.]

minnie and zeus

Music with a message

What are your thoughts on religious music?  (By that I don't mean chants/hymns used in worship services, but actual Christian or other religious band with faith-based lyrics?
What are your thoughts on music with a political message?  Is it ok as long as you agree with the message, or would you prefer that politics stay out of music altogether?  If you do like political music, what are your fav political bands or lyrics (just links are fine for lyrics)?
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What's your favourite piece of literature? And by that, I mean the kind of book high schoolers would likely be forced to read in English, or something from THIS LIST. The reason I say that is because it'll increase my chances of finding a copy. =P

I want to read Oliver Twist and I have a burning desire to reread Catcher in the Rye now, even though I hated it when we had to read it for English. I've read 1984 too many times for my own good, and then getting to read it for class was even more awesome. ^__^

Edit: And which ones do you hate dislike?

(thanks for the answers...I'm gonna bookmark this now for future ref! =))