November 2nd, 2005

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So yeah, DDR. I want to get one of the games. Xbox is the best system we have presently, but there are non-system TV versions of the game as well (a PC version would rock, if it's worth it). What version of game and/or pad would you recommend [the cheaper the better]?

Please link to the products you mention. Thanks a ton. =)
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Another iPod question, don't you just want to kill me -_-

Last one, I's the situation.

I'm thinking between buying an iPod mini, 4gb, for $225 CAD/~$191 USD
An iPod nano (haven't decided on the size, but probably 4gb @ 289 CAD/~$245 USD)

My concerns are the obvious ones, and I'm not too crazy about paying a significantly larger amount for the same amount of space (nor am I crazy for the 15% additional taxes, but anyway). I believe the nano is the one that uses flash memory, which is a plus for me, but at the same time, I've heard it scratches up easily. I take care of my stuff pretty well, but is a nano really more susceptible to damage than a mini? My campus techshop has a clearance sale for the mini one (it's around $25 off regular price for the clearance minis, and the nanos are $10 off regular price all the time), so I'm wondering if I should grab it while I can, or get the new newer really better?

What would you do in this situation? (And let's just say, for the sake of this question, you *had* to pick one of the two models mentioned above ^_^)

OHHH yeah, and the Apple care protection plan...whatever it's called. Is it essential you purchase it? Will you be screwed over if you don't, or is it just a chance to get some more money from the consumer?
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el dio de los muertos?

Spanish! Can anyone help translate something into Spanish? I don't trust Babelfish to produce something gramatically correct. Also, this is not homework and I am not trolling for birthday comments. I just want to piss off my mother (long story)

So, the question is what would be the Spanish version of "I find great amusement in the fact that I was born on the day of the dead." Or, at the very least, "It is interesting that I was born on the day of the dead."

Gracias in advance.

Ok, here's one for ya...

I've been talking to this guy at work for a little bit now- not very long, but Im way interested and would like to get to know him better. He's intelligent and charming and all that jazz, we talked 'til 4am the other night; it was so nice to just click with someone. So he tells me about how he's had shitty, shallow relationships before and he doesn't want that anymore (Im with him there.) He tells me he doesn't want the typical girl we work with- not just sex. So we talk and all is peachy until last night; we went to a party, he got drunk and was ALL about the sex. Hanging all over all my friends from work, all over me, very grabby and just very everything he said he didn't want. I was so disgusted I just went home. Im still disgusted, but I still like him- the sober him, I guess. So, my question is: Which is the real him? Anyone been in this situation before? Is it even worth it?
He says he used to be "that guy" who is a total jerk and no one likes. He said he works hard to not be that guy, and that I wouldn't have liked him. I think I met "that guy" last night, and he's right, I didn't like him.
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ok, i'm so desperate right now, its not even funny. i had a friend im me two essay questions that i need to answer today for class, so she does that and then, being the smart one, i CLOSE the window before copying it down, so what i'm trying to ask is, is there a way to retrieve my message history on aim?
you would be FOREVER appreciated if you can answer!


What happens when you 'name your own price' on priceline. If an airline accepts it then you get charged, if no ones accepts it then you dont.


Will they offer you a price that is close to what you wanted?
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Will ick (the fish disease) ever go away on its own?

I still plan to medicate the tank as soon as i can get out to walmart, but the plecostomus was covered in white grainy spots the other day and now not so much...

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After browsing through the answers on this post I noticed how many people wouldn't like/date someone who did drugs.

So, my question: What's your opinion on drugs? if you can: please have an opinion on Hard and Soft drugs. :P
How are the drug laws in your country? Do you know the nearest place where you can buy (soft)drugs?

I live about 5 minutes on bike away from a coffeeshop, but here in The Netherlands they don't sell coffee.

Edit: For the people unfamiliar with Dutch Coffeeshops. They sell softdrugs. Weed and the like.
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1. I saw a movie a couple weeks ago..

All I can remember is several scenes where a hispanic-looking gardener accidentally cut the heads of of swan-shaped topiaries while he was pruning.

Any ideas?

2. Without looking, can you tell me in you own words what the 9th and 10th Amendments are?

3. For Americans - how would you describe the Constitution's impact on your life?

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Without boring you with the details, I'm bipolar and not currently medicated for it. This causes me to neglect basic responsibilities for long stretches of time, such as keeping my living space reasonably clean. Well, I randomly ended up cleaning my kitchen last night. After throwing away about a month's worth of garbage and cleaning a huge stack of moldy dishes (I know, I'm sorry), it actually looks nice. The only problem is my counter's got a couple weird orange rust-like rings that neither Scrubbing Bubbles nor Lysol could get rid of. Any idea how I can get rid of these?

My apartment is rampant with lady bugs- as in, there's at least 30 on my kitchen ceiling right now (that's not including a pile of them stuck in the spider web that I'm really not looking forward to cleaning). There are also usually a ton of them congregating on my door frame, waiting to get to the party inside. Is this a common midwest thing (I'm from New York, but I'm temporarily living in Indiana), or is it because my apartment was filthy for so long? I'd normally assume it was the latter but I don't have any ants marching around here to confirm that theory. What can I do to get rid of the lady bugs? Sicking the vacuum on them is not my first choice, by the way.
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Since I've asked about the best/favorite movies, now I am asking...

What do you think are the worst and/or overrated movies in your opinion? I won't limit it to 5, so you can say as many as you want.

Also, please say movies you have actually seen yourself, not because "you heard it's a bad movie" from friends.

And reasons on why you think it's so bad would be nice too.
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Get Rich Quick Schemes

I was just told, as yet another example of her craziness, my coworker in involved in some sort of make-money-while-you-sleep scheme. She has a little black box that she clips to her belt and she has to wear it from the moment she gets out of bed until the moment she goes to sleep. Apparently it monitors what tv stations she watches and radio stations she listens to. She didn't think that anyone would notice this thing and since her boss noticed it this morning she's going to just tell people it's a pager cause it's noone else's business what it is, etc etc etc. I have yet to see it myself but I am mighty curious. This woman is a total loon.

I googled around searching for more information about such a device or the company that is paying her and how much etc etc etc. I'm usually pretty good at finding random information but I must not be tuned into the GoogleUniverse today.

Anyone know what this thing is? How it works, physically? How much she'd get paid? Who in the world does this kind of thing? Have you ever done this sort of thing? What other kind of make-money-while-you-sleep-by-letting-us-feed-off-your-brainwave schemes are there out there? (Obviously I'm a bit biased towards thinking she's a crazy person who is being suckered into something but... I'm open to other ideas.)


are euros accepted everywhere in europe (probably a stupid question but y'know, just in case)?
do you know the ratio of euro to dollar (preferably canadian)?
is there such a thing as a euro pass? where there's some sort of train throughout europe or something? somebody was telling me about it...maybe they're crazy though...
is it easy to find a part-time, short-term job in europe (i ask because it's hard where i'm from to find ANY job)?

I ask these cause i think i'm going to europe probably next january, and these questions are relevant. thanks in advance!

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EDIT: i have broken up the entry for those who might not have had patience to read the original "very long paragraph"... oh, well, better yet, why don't i just shove it all in an lj-cut -> MAN i'm smart!
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A really girly moment.

Tomorrow I have to dress nice, and the shoes I'm wearing with my outfit have that little thing that goes between your toes like flip-flops. And I need to wear nylons because my legs look really bad (they're full of scars and still stained from the fake blood I used on halloween). So, Im worried that tights will look funny on my feet.

So, do I wear the tights? Can you buy tights that dont cover your toes? Am I worrying about this too much?
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How do I go about getting a drivers licence and a bank acount in a State that is the one I go to college on? I didn't have a drivers licence back in New Jersey, but I'm attending college in Maine, and I came here because I want to move here (who would have thought...)

      ^  ^
   /   |  |   \
    \|_|_|/    "Meow", says the kitty.

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I've been with my girlfriend for only a week. Before we got together we would talk a lot on the phone and online and in person too. Now that we're officially together we just sit there in silence. I don't know how to get her to open up to me or how to open up to her. Any ideas?

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If your boss seated you in a place that made you uncomfortable, what would you do?

My boss is trying to make sure my computer monitor is always facing his door which also puts me in an uncomfortable position. Physically and mentally. Physically because the desk he's putting my computer on is lower meaning I have to slump over and mentally because it shows that he doesn't trust me enough to have my monitor to myself. He's trying to ensure that I never use the internet for anything not work related. I've never been caught using the internet.

Whatever though. His company, right?

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What do i do with old checks?? I have some checks with my old address on them, but still my current account number and such. I feel weird just throwing them away (especially cause there are people who dig through the trash here), and i don't have easy access to a shredder. I suppose, though, if the answer is shred them, i'll find a way. I'm just sick of coming accross them over and over. TIA
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workout time!

Survey part:
1) Do you exercise regularly?

2a) Do you go to a gym?
2b) What equipment do you use in the gym?
2c) What kind of nifty amenities does your gym have?

3) Do you have any physical injuries/conditions that force you to take more care with your workout?

4) How much does your gym membership cost?

My questions:
5) I commute to college every day and we have access to the gym/healthplex through school because the healthplex was built on school grounds. As long as I'm enrolled in school, I have free membership. So after finals are over in the middle of December, will I be able to go to the gym between then and January when classes start up again?

6) Can I work out on a stairmaster if I have patellar tracking disorder? I forgot to ask today at the end of my last therapy session.

mostly LJ stuff

1. Do you belong to any "rating" communities on LJ? Which one(s)? Why or why not?

2. If so, why did you apply/join?

3. If you don't, would you ever apply? Why or why not?

4. In general, what do you think of them?

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When you answer, please repost the question along with the answer so we don't have to do all that scrolling...
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Frank Conroy had a mantra - the holy trinity of writing is meaning, sense, and clarity. Do you agree? Do you think good writing must posess one of those? All of those? Or is it not necessary to posess any?
Are you a writer yourself? An English or Comparative Literature person? An avid reader? Or not?
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I was asked this question in a class today, and I thought that this was possibly THE PLACE to bring it around:

Why is it that abortion is the litmus paper issue in America?

Don't say "Because religions are against it." Well, most religions also say "Thou shall not kill," so why isn't war the litmus paper issue?

And a follow-up:

If abortion was outlawed altogether, how would the US be different, do you think?

Please, don't start drama or attack anyone over their beliefs. This was an open opinion discussion in my history class that I find interesting, and I want to see what everyone thinks.
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(no subject)

It was asked a few days back about whether or not a specific couple engaging in a specific sex act were still virgins. I have my own still-a-virgin question under the cut.
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Still a virgin?

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i'm trying to find this website i used a few times once. it was to find font names. it would ask you about the font like is the a a circle or the one with the thing on top? does the y curl or go straight? and then at the end it would tell you the name of the font. I tried googling. any ideas?

Not a moron; asking a moron question..

With that title, I will now ask this what would seem to be a stupid question to most. However, I have exhausted my install versions of windows [xp pro , xp pro sp2, win 2k pro] and hard drive.

What I am trying to do.... Import some video.

Though, what I have at the moment as an ATI All In Wonder RADEON 32MB. How can I get this to work with XP SP2 ? Or if needed win 2000 pro.

Alright, basically what OS and or drivers will allow this card to allow composite/tv tuner card video?

The ATI website is a hunk of junk, and has more links to downloads in various parts rather than information to download. Granted, the card is not supported anymore.

I just would like to know exactly what to download (and in what order) to get this card working for a video import project on some windows OS. I remember it working on windows xp...but never used it after the sp2. So, if anyone had/has this card and had it setup on anything from win2k up, I'd like to know how and if you could give me any direct links/ versions would really help me allot. I am about to write a strongly word letter to ATI... no, not really. they'd laugh.

Thanks if anyone could help!
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A friend of mine is in her first apartment and I want to help her decorate :]
She doesn't have any particular colors or styles going on right now, and we both think hanging beads would be a most excellent addition to her living room arch! It's about as wide as three doorways so it'll take three sets of beads...

Which would you get from here?
There's too many choices for me and she wants it to be a suprise :P

[I'm really leaning towards the glow in dark ones myself]
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Say you have a very good friend. When you're with him, everything is amazing. You have the most interesting conversations, you always spend your time laughing, he makes you feel really good. You have never had a connection like this with anyone.

But then there are times where he ignores you or makes you feel bad and guilty about things you shouldn't feel bad about. And sometimes it's really bad.

So, do you put up with the bad stuff for the good?
Or do you give up the good because of the bad?