November 1st, 2005

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Hi everyone,
I'm writing a paper for my Ethics class, and I was wondering if an English/grammer buff out there could make sure my commas are in the right place in this sentence:

MacKinnon asks, “What do you think of the use of prenatal diagnosis and abortion for purposes of sex selection in these or other cases?” My response, put simply, is that I think it is unnatural, and thus, immoral and impermissible for these types of abortions to be carried out.
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Everyday Things

What are some common, generally accepted little things that bother you? I don't mean fads or anything - things, objects, styles, etc. that have been around for a long time, and you have no idea why they are the way they are.

As examples, for me:

Jeans without back pockets. Especially on girls. I know most girls don't use back pockets, but jeans without back pockets just make someone's butt look huge. Non-jean pants without back pockets are fine though.

Kids' drawings where the sky consists of a blue stripe at the top of the page. I've never understood why kids do that. I didn't understand that even when I was a kid. My sky always went down to the grass like it is supposed to. Maybe it is because my artist mother drilled it into me, but I never even considered making the sky just a stripe, so I've never understood the logic behind it.

So - your random little dislikes?
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I've seen some people say that they don't like questions that are basically "Do my homework for me!" How exactly would you classify "doing their homework for them"? (This is for everyone, whether or not you've made a statement like that) Are you against any question that is in any way school-related, including asking for topic ideas for an essay and proofreading help? Or only if it's a specific question "e.g., Why did x character do this in x book?, What title should I give my essay?, What is the answer to this equation?"

Just trying to see what different people think is acceptable, I know that it's allowed to ask them here regardless.

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Is there a site that has clips of commercials? The specific one I'm looking for is this one for the Animal Planet where two men are lying on the beach checking out some other guy, talking about how bad they want him, how delicious he is, etc, and then it shows the guy looking back at them, and they're alligators. It was absolutely priceless, but I never saw it again.

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What animals are you scared of (removing humans from this pool, of course)?

Are you liberal or conservative?

I've always thought that liberals were more open minded thinkers, so why do a large portion of them (here at least) disagree with the military's existance?

Did anyone else realize that when posting, the top of livejournal had changed to a halloween theme?

Do you like to listen to orchestra?

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What makes someone a real friend?

This morning I had sat here trying to figure out who in my life I would consider a real friend and so far its been difficult. A lot of them might act like they are my friends, but really they arent.
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another one of those mp3 player questions...sorry ^_^

Could you recommend a good mp3 player that...
(1) holds at least 1gb of music (but not TOO MUCH, i.e. I don't need 20gb because I only have 3gb of music right now)
(2) charges via usb (I don't want to buy batteries) & lasts pretty long on a single charge?
(3) is pretty light and looks nice (like not blocky, or "bland")
(4) plays not only mp3/wav but wma as well? Infact the more variety it supports the better. :]

I've been looking at iPods minis, since they look really nice, but they don't play wma files and a lot of my songs are wma (and I don't want to convert...-_-); same problem with the nano I guess.

Also, does anyone have an mp3 player made by Sony? My friend said they're bad but she hasn't actually used one before, so I'm curious about that too. I'm looking at the Sony NW-E407 mp3 player... any thoughts?

Are there any particular brands/models I should avoid at all costs?


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1. what are you wearing?
2. i have a headache, besides advil and water, what can i do to get right of it? i am at work so laying down and sleeping is not an option
3. what should i have for lunch?
4. what did you do for halloween?
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What's the weirdest thing someone has done to your food? Not, 'what's the weirdest thing you eaten?', but a normal meal gone all crazy.

When I was 18, my family went on a cruise. Mum and I had French Toast for breakfast one day, and we didn't recognise what they brought us. The toast was 5cm thick [2 inches?] cut in half diagonally, dipped in the egg-and-milk mixture, then coated in crushed cornflakes. Weird as hell. But, with enough maple syrup, really quite tasty.
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Random questions

1. Would you want to know the precise date of your death?
2. If a new medicine were developed that would cure arthritis but cause a fatal reaction in 1 percent of those who took it, would you want it to be released to the public?
3. If at birth you could select the profession your child would eventually pursue, would you do so?
4. If you could "uninvent" one thing in the world so that it would no longer exist, what would you choose?
5. You've won $50,000 - but have to give it all away. To which charity or institution would you donate it?
6. If you could have a stranger come up to you and whisper anything into your ear, what would you want them to say?
7. When someone sneezes do you say "bless you" or some other variant? Do nothing?
8. Which foreign country would you be least interested in visiting?
9. What are three things you HAVE NOT done that might surprise people?
10. When wearing the following eye makeup, in what order do you normally apply them? eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara
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Have you ever had some kind of report written up about you for any reason that you were able to read afterwards? (when you were in high school or older, not really as a child since at least for me the teachers always wrote stuff up like that)

(For example, I had this interview (high school) and they mailed in some report to my parents and it was kind of creepy in reading it, they paid attention to every little thing. Don't remember it word for word, but it sounded something like "She wore light makeup, neat clothes, hair was this, shoes were that. She acted in a quiet manner. When asked X, she knew it. When asked Y she hesitated a little before answering but supplied the correct answer. It's apparent that she is not always sure of herself, even when competent." This went on for a few pages actually because they went into detail of the WHOLE thing, almost every single thing they tested me on or asked me.)

Help the Insomniac!!

Does anyone know of an effective OTC "sleeping aid" that's available in Canada? Cuz I'm really getting sick of waking up at 2, 4 & 5:30 EVERY FREAKING DAY. My doctor won't prescribe anything because he hates me, so I need to get something myself.

Any suggestions?
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Were your parents very strict when you were growing up? Were they very laid-back? What were some of their rules? Did you follow them? Were you a kid who was constantly in trouble, or were you a quiet, submissive child? Where did you grow up? (What country/what region if in the US)

Does your S/O snore? Do you? Does it bother you/is it really loud? (Like, to the point where you can hear them through the walls?) What, if anything, have you done about it?
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hypothetical situation of the day

Let's say you live alone, have no friends, and the only people you interact with regularly are your co-workers. Let's say you go home from work one night and die in a freak traffic accident. The authorities come and handle it and file your death certificate or whatever they do. You were due at work the next morning, but your dead self doesn't show up. Your boss calls your phone repeatedly but no one is answering. How long will it take for your workplace to find out you died? Do the police or the coroner or somebody take on the task of finding out where you work and notify them? Does your workplace not get told for days on end (resulting in you being fired, since they are assuming you just don't want to show up to work anymore)?
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The other day, my best friend asked me to name 2 bad movies. I named two that we had never seen together or talked about, that I could remember, and he told me those were the two he had.

Another time, I was grcery shopping. I was going to buy chicken for dinner that night but at the last minute got pork chops.

A few hours later, I was talking to him about the bad day he was having. I offered to make him dinner to cheer him up. He said ok, but only if I made pork chops.

Finally, for the last day or som, I've been thinking about this girl he used to know, and wondering what had happened today. I was going to ask him if he heard anything from her, but forgot about it.

Today at lunch, he told me that she emailed him the other day.

It all seems like more than just a coincidance to me. He jokes and says we have ESP.

Does stuff like that happen to you?
What would you call it?
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I'm interested in seeing how many people will know a variety of different things (just random trivia). This comes up often though and I wonder "How many people know this or that?".. so my question is, do you think I should ask a bunch questions like that here every so often or does that call for a new community or something? Do you think most people would be honest and not google answers? I know it won't be foolproof but it would be just for fun. Do you think adding point rankings would be a good idea?

Or should I just scratch the whole idea completely? haha.
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I just got an itunes gift card (for 15 bucks)

What cd or songs should I buy?????

EDIT: I like all types of music except polka, am always looking for new music to listen to and I'm very very open to anything (but polka)
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music through my ages

I'm having a birthday party this weekend and I want to make a mix cd of hit songs starting from the year of my birth.

I was born in 1980, so I want to find a hit song for every year until 2005. I don't care what genre, I just want hits that everyone would remember.

So please, could you help me with this project?

Just name the song and artist and which year it was released.

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Okay. Yahoo and Google= no help.

Can anyone point me to a web page with a tutorial on writing a death scene? What's realistic, what's not, etcetera?

And surprisingly, this isn't for NaNo! :O
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1. Do you like my new icon? It's the first icon I've made myself.
2. Have you ever dressed up as a literary character for Halloween?
3. Do you think the song 'Gravity' by Embrace is really dumb?
4. What do you think of the new Livejournal stuff? Scrapbook, the 'My LJ' page, etc?
5. Do you get nervous before you post questions here?
6. Button-down shirts on guys: Sexy? Or too stuffy?

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do you know what a 'layette' is?
what is your definition?
where do you live/are you from?

I just heard this word for the first time, and am curious if it's another demonstration of my queen of obliviousness, or if it's not that common of a word.
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Can anyone recommend a program that will convert WMA's to MP3's?

It doesn't need to be totally free, but it must have at least a 15 day trial, and I must be able to convert the songs while in trial mode.


For the past several weeks, my bathroom has smelled funky. (I can't really describe the smell ... I think if I could describe it, I'd be able to identify what's causing it.) Here's the story so far:

We got two cats a couple months ago, and after bringing them home we discovered that one of the cats considered the bathroom to be his own personal litter box. We have since gotten his picky self to use the litter box, but it means having to keep the bathroom door closed 24/7 (unless one of us is standing right there). All bathroom smells tend to stay in there.

The bathroom has been thoroughly cleaned since the last time the cat snuck in and did his thing--I used both cat cleaner and have cleaned the entire floor with regular cleaner. The bathmat has been cleaned. The trash has been changed. The toilet, sink, and bathtub have been cleaned. The plunger and toilet-bowl brush both smell fine (yes, I actually stuck my nose close enough to them to make sure they weren't the culprits). We always leave the fan on for a good long while after taking a shower, to make sure that it doesn't stay super humid in there. I don't see anything mildewing or molding.

Any ideas for what could be causing the smell?
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Someone on my flist just posted about how someone they knew tried to kill themself. The writer said 'he turned himself in and now he's in the university hospital.'

What happens if you try to kill yourself - I know suicide is illegal (WTF?) but it's also the only unpersicutible crime (since if you're successful you're dead) - so how's it legally work if you attempt it and don't succeed?

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First off, a couple thank-you messages:

1. To whomever suggested being a "Formal Apology" for Halloween. It was easy, and many people told me I had their favorite costume of the whole day.

2. When I asked what your soul music was (ages and ages ago), the person who answered with Nick Drake. You created a fan.

And now for the questions:
1. What is your favorite non-carbonated, non-alcoholic beverage?
2. Have you ever been in a Residence Hotel? How long were you there?
3. What do you think of Weird Al Yankovic?
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alcohol absorbtion?

Why is it that whenever I'm around drunk people I always hear someone say "Oh, you're drunk! You should eat something to absorb the alcohol." Why do people seem to think eating will absorb the alcohol and make them less drunk?? The alcohol is still in your stomach, it's not like it magically turns into something else. What is the reasoning behind this?
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1) I have to do a paper on a leader of a peace movement. Any leader, any peace movement. Someone already chose MLK jr. and Malcom X. So, ya know, any helpful hints or suggestions would be mucho appriciated.

2) I am tired. And bored, ask me any quesion you want. :) or just answer my question.

EDIT: No Ghandi because he wasn't apart of the "American" peace movement. Which is just ANOTHER reason why I hate this final paper.
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It’s quite a ride—that feeling, that state-of-mind—an indescribable ecstasy that is, by no means, substitutable.

Is this grammatically correct?
And, I'm confusing myself, do I keep the is part or not?
I'm trying to say that the feeling is irreplaceable.
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Say I got a calligraphy pen and want to make pretty writing with it. Now I don't want to make the regular old calligraphy that they always show you, I want something more like the cursive they used for the constitution, that fancy, old-fashioned penmanship. Where can I find some of that, if not a lesson, then paerhaps a large sample?
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Do you ever wish you had a third hand/arm? (as in, it was just a normal human thing to have three arms)

What things could you do better or more easily if you had a third arm?

Where would you want your third arm? (Your can rearrange your two existing arms to accomodate the third)

What other body part do you wish you could change for convenience?

Oh, if you could move your clit anywhere you wanted, where would you put it and why?

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There's a professor in one of my majors who is totally awesome. I loved the class I had with him, and I loved going tonight to a discussion led by him. I talked with him a bit, how I told people that they needed to come to this lecture cause it was my favorite prof and it was going to be awesome. He said that another student and I were his favorite students from last year and that we had completely dominated the class.

God I want to be his TA. This is where you guys come in. How does one become a TA for a certain prof?
because left to my own devices I'll end up emailing him like "Dear (name): please please please make me your TA. You don't have to pay me. I love listening to you lecture."
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What's so great about iTunes? Why should a person use it instead of, say, Winamp? This question is mainly aimed toward people on Windows who have more of a choice of media players.
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