October 31st, 2005

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I'm writing an essay / procrastinating

1. What key on your keyboard is faded the most?

I have a new one, so they're mostly all there. I remember specifically on my old one the N key was the most faded. I just thought of asking because I noticed that my new keyboard's spacebar is already smooth in the exact place where my right-hand thumb hits it. I'm so interested in how we wear things down, slowly.

2. Does anyone know if the pressure of growing wisdom teeth can ruin (to the point of, say, actually cracking) nearby teeth that get in the way?
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Here bunny-bunny-bunny...

Spyware ...

I was wondering if anyone knew any good download sites for spyware removal.

I know in the past I have been to sites who do it for free. I would love it if you know of a good free site but a reasonable "pay" site would be fine.

Any help would be appreciated!
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Time, boys and money

1. Do we still need daylight savings time? I know it was created to save energy but is it really needed now? All it does is confuse the hell out of me for a few days.

2. When do boys grow out of the "I like girl so I'm going to annoy the hell out of her" stage? I know 18-20 year old guys who still do that and it's kind of sad.

3. When I asked about renting before I was told that you should make three times the amount of rent. Is that a hard and fast rule?
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More School

Reading through the post below this one, made me rethink a little about what I thought about the American school system vs. some of the other school systems I've heard about, so I thought I'd ask another question:

What sort of school system do you think works best for elementary students (between the ages of say 4-18)? Where are you from and what sort of system is used there? Do you think you got a "good education"?

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Normal people.

(no subject)

If you've ever had a beard or significant facial hair, what sort of steps did you/do you take for cleaning/grooming? Do you condition it with hair conditioner, etc.?


how old is too old to go trick or treating?
(im 19 and im going tonight :p)
did your parents used to steal the good candy from you?
have you ever beaten someone up and stolen their candy?
have you destroyed and property on halloween?
what are you dressed up as if you did dress up?
does you butt hole ever itch?
are you sick right now?
how many hours a night do you sleep?
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To work or not to work, that is the question.

I usually work Saturdays and then have Tuesday & Wednesday off. This past Saturday they didn't need me to come in because our work bin was empty.

I *can* come in on Wednesday to make up the hours but I can't decide whether or not to come in.

Reasons not to work Wednesday:

- They really don't need me to come in because this week's paper is so skimpy, so by asking to come in I'm not really showing "work enthusiasm" it's just obvious that I'm concerned with the money (even though realistically that's why anybody goes to work, haha)

- Wednesdays SUCK. They are the most disorganized and chaotic day, and being unfamiliar with Wednesday routine, it's musch mre stressful on me than it needs to be.

- I have a lot to finish on my room and I only have time on my days off so this bedroom renovation project is taking a million times longer than it needs to.
- I don't WANNA go to work, dammit! haha

Reasons to work Wednesday:

- Noticable difference in paycheck; which with the afforementioned bedroom project, I could really use.

Would you?
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(no subject)

I think a friend is giving me a kitten for my birthday next weekend. From his hinting it's a 6 week old girl from the humane society.

What should I name her?

I like cute names like "Nacho" or "Peanut". I want to stay away from people names.

(no subject)

I want to thank you all for your advice/suggestions etc., they've all worked out very well.

New question:

So I did my first professional bouncing/security gig Saturday evening, it was a big success.
I did so well, in fact, that I've decide to create a business out of it.

For the business name, I want to incoporate my name and the first 3 letters of my last name are DOG.

Any witty suggestions?
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1.) Have you ever stolen anything?
2.) If so, what have you stolen(If you're chummy with the five finger discount, just give a list of what's noteworthy :-P)?
3.) What's your opinion on theft/when is it acceptable, if at all?
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My Kansas icon.
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(no subject)

Can someone explain the American education system to me? I've got a really big headache.

I basically thought that it was pretty much the same as the UK one - starting school (ie, learning the three Rs) aged 4/5, compulsory education ending at 16, and those who want to progress to university leaving at 18.

But I have a friend who moved to America, and she's going to university aged 17 - and she told me that this is normal for Americans. Then I read an article about the ages different countries make their kids start to read at, and it said that American children start at age 6.

I'm very, very confused.

(no subject)

I have to bring Friday treats this week for my section of the office (I have to bring for about 8-12 people).

Any ideas of what I should bring? Something good. Last week someone brought homemade pumpkin cheesecake and a platter of crackers/cheese/meat and even Halloween candies. I don't really have time to make anything. What would you like to snack on at 9:00 am on a Friday?

also posted to cube_dwellers
leon/stuffed animals/snuggle/cute

(no subject)

Silly question (maybe?)

1) Is there anyway to make temporary bangs? I don't think so, but I am looking for other ideas and suggestions.

2) At the very last moment I decided to head out to a bar tonight with my friends dressed up as Boo (from Monsters, Inc.). I am thinking of going to ragstock and trying to find an extra large shirt (for a night shirt) etc. Is there any other distinguishing things I could do to add to the costume in order to get the point across that I am Boo?

3) What are ya'll doing (or did) for Halloween?
I am going out to a Bar but weary of the fact that I will be drinking. Halloween for me has been a pretty rotten holiday, but I threw up Saturday night so I think the worst is over.

Thanks in advance!


For those of you who quit, how long on average would it take you to complete a 3'x4' quilt done in 1" or 2" blocks? It would be a custom design I am making and not a kit (so I would have to cut all the squares myself). It's going to be a Nintendo charachter quilt, probably Donky-Kong, if it matters (pixels = quilt squares :P). I'm not planning on hand-quiting it either, I would take it to a shop for the finishing.

I've never made one (but do a lot of sewing otherwise), and I am planning one for a Christmas present, and had no idea if I have enough time left or not. What say you, quilters?
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I want candy!

So, I haven't done anything at all whatsoever for Halloween for the past 9 years or so, but I know that tonight, since I now live in a very kid-ful building, that if I want to maintain my sanity tonight, I will have to give candy.

1. In case of leftovers, do you buy candy that you like and will eat later, or candy that you have no particular interest in, just so you won't be tempted?

2. Do you dress up just to answer the door or is that kinda lame?

3. What's the average age cut-off for trick-or-treaters where you live?

4. Where do you buy your candy? (i.e., the supermarket, walmart, target...)

5. Do you think I should stay home or just avoid everything and go to my in-laws to veg out with a book and have dinner in a neighborhood with no children?
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For you cooking Connoisseurs...

This is one hell of a question, but do any of you know the "quick" method of boiling an egg. or just how to boil an egg in general?

And Is it not sad that a person who knows how to make baklava, Pasta Primavera, and brownies from scratch does not know how to boil a damn egg?

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(no subject)

does anyone know what the rule is for dropping pell grant sponsored classes?
like, what class is it ok to drop but you can't drop a certain number of hours?
I am thinking about dropping my bio class(its 4 hrs).
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(no subject)

Next year I'm thinking about buying a condo or townhouse (in the central TX areas, if anyone wnats to know).

So far, I am stumped on how to do so. So does anyone have any tips on how to research this, which kind of realty(?) people to call to research, any good or bad experiences, etc? Any other information would be very greatly appreciated.

I am very new and inexperienced about this, and I'd just want some tips to get started. Thanks.
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(no subject)

The other day I was looking at a comics section and I saw a strip I really wanted to save, but since it was someone elses paper I couldn't. The strip is One Big Happy (I'm 99% sure) and it has the girl and the boy(or maybe is was someone else, not too sure) in the mall watching people in costumes go by and seeing what they were. Well 2 girls walked by and the girl said something like "they're going as sluts" and those girls said something about making fun of their school clothes.

I've looked online, and I can't seem to find it anywhere! Can anyone help me?
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flash drive question

I can save stuff to my flash drive okay, but when I try to print stuff off of it on campus, it gives me a printer error. If I email the documents to myself, I can print them, so I'd assume it is the flash drive. Is there any way to fix this?
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can anyone recommend cool websites that sends free catalogs? i just love looking through catalogs and not buying anything, heh. doesn't really matter what the products are, but i do like clothing catalogs and toy catalogs.

(no subject)

I see RENT: The Movie is coming out Nov 23rd. From being a very big fan of the musical, I am quite scared to see the movie with all of the extra stuff that just just mentioned in the play but never seen. How do you think this movie will be?

How good of a movie do you think RENT will be? (scale 1-5, 5 being the best

never seen it
ACK! Musicals! Run!

(no subject)

someone gives you $200. they insisted that the only way they'll give you this money is if you do not spend it not rent, bills, etc. you HAVE to splurge and spend it on yourself. what would you buy?
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The Receptionist Classic

Fall Back

I know not every country (and not all states here in the US, for that matter) observes Daylight Savings. So, as if this wasn't confusing enough as it is...

If you're military and stationed overseas, do you change your clocks back, too - even if you're in a country that doesn't observe this practice?
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(no subject)

Who's the oldest person you've ever been attracted to? It can be someone you know, a stranger you've seen, an actor/musician/celebrity. Also I'm not talking about seeing a picture of 24-year-old Elvis Presley and thinking he's hot... basically are you presently attracted to anyone significantly older than yourself, and not attracted to the way they looked when they were younger? Example: Many young women of today are all hot for Sean Connery. I'm not. But I did have this wierd thing for Marc Alaimo in his Star Trek characters, and he's almost 40 years older than I am. He's gotten a lot more wrinkly lately so I don't know if the attraction still stands. But it's recent enough.
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What's your costume?

(I am almost certain no one has asked this yet, astonishingly, but even if they have, well hey, why not ask again now that more people have picked them out presumably? hehe)


I am moving to Canada in about a year I live in North Crolina now and i was wondering if anyone have any information that they think i should know such as things i will have to do to move there, change in currancy, mannorisms, suggestions on where to move, things like that. Or if anyone knows any good sites or communities that may help me i would appresiate it thank you.
SS Klondike


Who do you have a crush on?

I have a few: The woman in the icon (Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney), a cashier at the grocery store a block-and-a-half from my house and a friend of my wife's (and my wife knows this - we're very open about that stuff). There are probably a couple dozen other fleeting crushes that I've had in the last few months or so, anyway...
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This may have been asked before but I don't remember it.

1) What do you use your livejournal for? (journaling, just reading others' journals, writing about politics/opinions, etc.)

2) If you use it for journaling, how well would you say your journal reflects who you are (on a scale of 1-10)?

3) If you use it to write about politics or opinions, do you do it for yourself or to try to get the word out about some cause..?
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(no subject)

Some friends and I are toying with the idea of a comprehensive Star Wars marathon. We're trying to come up with a screening order that makes some thematic sense, and we've narrowed it down to a choice between these two:

  1. A New Hope, Phantom Menace, Empire Strikes Back, Attack of the Clones, Clone Wars, Revenge of the Sith, Return of the Jedi
  2. A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Clone Wars, Revenge of the Sith, Return of the Jedi

So is it better to watch TPM before or after Empire and why? Notice I'm not really looking for suggestions for alternate orders unless you've got really good reasons for it. Also, this is not an invitation to tell me all about why you think Star Wars sucks.

(no subject)

Okay, working on a paper.
"(name of place) is accredited with The Accreditation People."

how do I not use accredited for that verb? "is with the accreditation people"? "Is set up with the accreditation people"?

yay for vocabularies. thank you guys.
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I'm not sure how old everyone's children are here (and a whole lot of you don't have kids, I know. But please read on anyway and give me your opinion) Anyway, my son is 2 and I have another one on the way. I've begun sort of thinking about school for the kids and I am so stuck.
I'm not a big fan of our city's public schools, I would prefer a private but non-religious affliated school. Problem being, the average tuition per year for those schools is about 13,000. So I'm going to have to play a little give and take here. Granted, I certainly have some time before I have to choose, but this got me thinking- how do other parents make their final decisions on school?

So parents: How did you decide where to send your kids?

And everyone else: What kind of school did you go to and what did you like and dislike about it?

(BTW- thanks to everyone who has or will answer. I could use any and all advice and viewpoints.)

Funny signs

Pretend you're a tourist:

If you saw this sign outside a restaurant, what would you think it meant?

2 hot dog all dress + frites + liquer $3.99

Note: if you're a Québecer, please don't answer because you'll ruin my fun.

***EDIT: Well, that was fast! It's 2 all dressed hot dogs (relish, mustard and cole slaw), fries and a soft drink :)
by crop-crop-crop

(no subject)

The long and short of the story: My mother shut my door too hard. The knob on the outside doesn't work (hasn't for months now), and basically, I'm locked out of my room because the knob won't turn on the outside and the hinges for my door are on the other side. The pins and screws are also on the other side of the door. This side is just...blank.

I've been hammering, sawing, prying, everything in my power to get this fucking knob off. I don't want to ruin the door or my molding (that's why I haven't just sawed a big giant hole AROUND the knob or stuck a screwdriver in the jamb), but I'm running out of ideas.

I've basically got a doorknob with some of the casing removed and there are two little holes on the sides, but I don't have anything to fit in them. My little saw isn't working when I stick it in and try to saw off the part that connects the knob, and it's been about an hour and a half and I'm exhausted.

How do you suggest I get this damned knob off and get back in my room?


"Truth and Beauty"

What is this book about? I need to read it as a memoir for college. Can someone please give me at least a paragraph synopsis about what this story is about? What is the premise? What does the author try to prove?

Any information is appreciated, thank you so much!

It's positively un-googleable.

A little help from the history folks in the audience, please?

When and how did logical/very rational thinking become so much more valued than the arts in US culture?
(If your'e wondering, no, this isn't for homework.)

Edit: When I say "logical/rational thinking", I mean stuff like how science/math majors are seen as better than majors in the arts, ie. "I'm a liberal arts major. You want fries with that?"
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(no subject)

Am I going insane?
Is there a word that starts with O and means to banish or kick out?
Sometime to the tune of "oustrize" but I can't spell it at all, which is why I can't use a thesaurus.
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itchy sweater

Will massive amounts of fabric softener work on a rough itchy synthetic sweater? I got this awesome rainbow knit sweater thing from Goodwill and the tag is gone so I don't know what exactly it's made of, but the threads seem like plastic. It's really irritating my skin though. Probably not because it's used or anything (I've washed it in a regular washing machine many times before). What will make it softer/less scratchy? It's almost like what happens when you machine-wash a wool sweater.


It's 6:30 here in Indianapolis, and I have yet to see ONE trick or treater. Is it because I live in a townhome rental community? But I know there are lots of kids here, and we're right next to a residential area.

When I grew up in WI, pretty much anytime after dark was fair game. But, nope, nothing.

Where are all my trick-or-treaters?!
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leave your turntable on

let's talk about sex, let's talk about sex.

So, tomorrow I have a paper due about comprehensive sex education, and why it should be taught in schools. This is all fine and dandy, but... I can't come up with a title for the paper. I used the infamous Salt N Pepa song for the poll I conducted for the paper, so now I want something fresh for the title.

Anyone got a title I can use?
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(no subject)

I'm in the middle of my exam week right now and facing a dilemma. After a geological exam tomorrow till noon, I have Wednesday off, Physics on Thursday 9am-12pm and Calculus on Friday 9am-11am.

* I was very good at physics in high school but the sheer chaos of engineering babble and the occasional equation in my current textbook (written by our professor) daunts me to no end. I haven't really spent a lot of time on it up to now and don't really know, realistically, how long it'll take me to prepare for it properly (though I've been told it's very doable once you get past the chaotic babble).
* I've spent quite a bit of time on Calculus and am not quite at exam-level yet, but think I will be with just a little more time
* I'll have to complete both exams successfully eventually
* If I fail either exam I will have to retake it either in January or next year.
* I study considerably better when under signifigant pressure (like now) than otherwise
* Assuming I take both exams, I have almost two days to prepare for Physics, and almost one day to prepare for Calculus
* Assuming I only take Calculus, I will have almost three days to study for it but will have an extra exam during my next exam period, which not only means loss of study time for other exams due to studying for it, but also loss of the day before all the rest of my exams due to taking it. Retaking Calculus would mean doing it at the end of that 3-week exam period, which would suck as it would screw up the last week and a half, which is otherwise exam-free for me.

Should I skip Physics? Or should I take the risk and do both?
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Computer Names

Does your computer have a name? As in, a name that would show on a network?

My computer is named Drexler. I don't know why, but that name popped in my head as I was driving it to my dorm. My previous computer was named Camden, because that's my favorite name.
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(no subject)

What would be an interesting topic for a side Physics research project be? Or an interesting side project I could entertain myself with? I'm a little bored waiting for the next project, so I want to give myself something to do in the meantime

(no subject)

What humor rating would you give each of the following? (1 = laugh your ass off funny, 2 = funny, 3 = smile, 4 = lame/not funny, 5 = offensive):

Blonde jokes:
Rape jokes:
Sarcastic comments:
People falling:
Dirty jokes:
God/religion jokes:
Death jokes:
Pain/sickness jokes:
Animals doing cute stuff:
Bodily functions:
Knock knock jokes:
Ethnic jokes:
Ironic situations:
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(no subject)

1. Do you pronounce the 't' in 'often'?

2. What single word would you use to classify people who overuse the word 'totally'?

3. Did you eat too much candy today?

4. How often do you do laundry? How many loads do you usually have?

5. If you had a sardine-can-sized room, would you rather have a bigger bed with no floor space or would you rather have a smaller bed so you could still have floor space?

6. What tastes good on tomatoes? I've never liked them before and now I can't get enough of them and I don't know what to put on them.
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OMG there is a mouse in my room! It's about two feet away from me, digging in some trash on the floor. WHAT DO I DO!? I'm so torn, because I don't want to handle a live mouse, and I don't want to live with one, and I just happened to be tinkering with my new airsoft pistol when he showed up.

I need input, fast!

[EDIT] Thanks for your input guys. The mouse is outside. All is well.
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Halloween 2008

(no subject)

If you could write an "informative" essay about anything you so desire, and hopefully interest the minds of twenty-five 18-26 year olds (who tend to be a bored, simple lot), what would you write about? Anything at all. And this topic will be used for a 5-7 minute speech as well.
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(no subject)

How would I go about getting screencaps off of a DVD?

I can't hit Print Screen or C, the image is black when pasted into Photoshop then. And I can only view it in Dell Media Experience because of some stupid copywright protection thing, so getting them in BSPlayer, Windows Media Player, or Real Player is out.
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student visas

okay, i really just want to be calmed down at the moment and am hoping i am freaking out for nothing!

the details, my brain is too frazzled for me to make a paragraph...
-i'm going to study abroad in spain from january-june.
-i need a student visa and will be applying at the consulate in boston.
-i need to make an appointment at the consulate, i was hoping to just go and get it on monday, but i just found out that i need the appointment... do you think that i'll be able to get an appointment on such short notice, given that the visa dept. is only open for 3 hours a day?
-do you think it's likely that i'll actually get my visa in time for me to leave on january 5th if i do get to apply on november 7th?

on a happier, more exciting, less crazy note:
who here has studied abroad in europe (or even more specifically spain) and was it everything you thought it'd be and more?