October 29th, 2005

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What's more important to you-- now or later?

For me, now, I guess. I just scheduled a college interview and cancelled it minutes later. It was the last available one of the year. And it's my top choice college. But..I mean, it was on Halloween, and the seniors get to dress up at school! I can't miss it.. and I am looking forward to being German expressionism (aka Amanda Palmer :P )
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What is the word I'm looking for?

Maybe you guys can help me out here. My brain and English seem to be failing on me. But then again, I'm not even sure if there *is* a word for what I'm about to describe. We'll see.

You all know the quote "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"? On the part of the person "you" is referring to, what would it be that they are doing when they feel inferior due to what someone else does to them? What is the word for it? Depreciating self-esteem or putting themselves down just doesn't work properly.

I'm trying to relate this statement and convert it to apply to a somewhat different situation, but I can't really until I know exactly how it works and what the word for something along the lines of "choosing inferiority" would be. There has to be a word for it.

Can anyone think of what the word for it might be? If one exists? If you don't think one exists, feel free to let me know that too, and come up with a word that you think sums that up nicely.
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Do you think that your animals have human characteristics sometimes?

Are you going to forget the time change this Sunday?

If someone needed you to leave on a moments notice, could you do it?

Favorite kind of chips?
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Do any of you currently own (or used to own) one of those Magic Bullet blender systems? If so, is it as useful as the infomercial would make it seem or is it a piece of crap?
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Random Questions

I have acne, and I don't know what to use to get rid of it. What's the best method(s) you've used? What actually works? I work as a cashier full-time, and I'm a freshman in college... it's hard. :'(

My mom said that if you scratch your face then scratch another part of your body, it will spread to that part of your body. Is this true?

Are you suspicious of squirrels?

My computer wasn't working correctly, it wouldn't boot. I called Gateway, and they helped me, but I later realized that many of my files were gone. How can I get them back? I had Gateway GoBack, but the tech asked me to uninstall it because it was making the computer load slower. Are these files still on my computer, and I just can't find them?

What's your favorite type of egg? Scrambled? Hard-boiled? Swimming with fried cheese? Something else?

I wanted to know what kind of costume I could find by Monday if I am working all weekend. Perhaps there is something I could put together using things I have in my home? Oh, and a little more creative than putting a bag over my head or a sheet and saying I'm a ghost. Also, this has to be a costume I can wear to my college classes.

Ok, those are my questions for now. Off to work!
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places NOT to live

Where are the places that you don't ever want to live?

I wouldn't ever want to live in a 3rd world country.

As far as in the US:
I won't ever live in Indiana
I'd rather not live in a red state
I'd also not like to live in disaster-prone places (Florida-hurricanes, along the Mississippi, Ca-earthquakes, etc)

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Can you get cans of compressed AIR for blowing out computer fans? I used compressed gas but I don't like the fact that it's gas and stuff...

Also, how old were you when you stopped trick-or-treating? :)
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Resident Evil and RE: Apocalypse

A question for all you Resident Evil fans (especially of the movie):

What is the difference (if any) between the military unit in the first movie and the S.T.A.R.S members in the second? I'm getting conflicting information from the internet. So far, I have gathered that the military unit was sent in by the parent company (Umbrella, I'm assuming) while S.T.A.R.S is a part of the Racoon City Police Department. However, some sites suggest that they are one and the same. Are they in any way related, or are they completely different units?

Please be as specific as possible, since this relates to my Hallowe'en costume! Thanks!
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I really like this guy, but he has to fly in to see me.

But money is tight for him this month, and neither one of us want to wait. So I offered to help pay- he wasnt all too receptive but said it was ok after it was all said and done.

He is from the south and full of pride.

MY QUESTION IS: Did i make a mistake offering? Did I hurt his pride?

Because he is one of those mans man type of guys, always pays and that sort of thing.

I think it made him feel like less of a man.

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Large dinners

So I am having Thanksgiving this year for about 12 people. I want to do a non-traditional dinner but I keep flip flopping on what to have. I won't be able to please everyone as his side is Mexican and my side is redneck and like completely differnt things.
The question is: If you were going to cook a large dinner for 12-15 people, what would you have?
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Style Wars

Is gothic style vastly different to corporate style?

Personally I think they are very different however I have friends that disagree. They say goth is not that different to corporate style because heaps of people include goth elements into their corporate wardrobe. Just enough not to scare the boss. What do you guys think?

Just to make things clearer. Corporate is what you wear to an 'office' job. Suits, blazers, skirts. Rather conservative. Goth to me is corsets, monocles, top hats, lacy, LOTS of eyeliner. More Marylin Manson/ The Cure vicinity than Blink 182/ Good Charlotte.
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so my parents are thinking about buying me a 1989 mercury topaz. i still have to go see it but my mom told me that its in great condition. it has like 100,000 miles on it. i was wondering if anyone knew how much longer this car would last. and are mercury's reliable?
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Two Identifications

Probably about a year ago, I saw about the first hour of a movie. I'm pretty sure it was on AMC, either on their Monsterfest or their Friday night horror things. I'd put it at late sixties-early seventies. The very beginning had people in a house, and one of them had had his insides melted and was just a skin lying there. One of the guys, for whatever reason, went out to a ghost town in the desert where he found an old church that was used for holding black masses. The cultists either crucified the guy upside down or already had someone crucified upside down. There was also a girl somewhere who was psychic and was seeing parts of what was happening to this guy. Anyone have any clue what it might be?

There was a game which either came with some editions of Windows 95, or maybe the 95 Plus! thing. One way or the other, I remember that it was sort of an afterthought add-on to a Windows disk. You played a little red ship that went through all these crazy-looking levels--I remember a castle-sort, an abandoned city, maybe, and a couple that had optical illusions that were weird--and each level was a maze that you had to reach the end of. I *think* your ship could occasionally bounce over walls. Does anyone else remember this, or am I insane? What is it called? Is it available anywhere aside from that disk I've forgotten about? And if not, what the heck was that disk?

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1. If you use glasses or contacts, would you ever consider getting laser eye surgery? Why or why not?

2. What's your worst habit (not counting procrastination)?

3. Have you ever used any math higher than Algebra 2 at/for your work? What's your job?

4. What's your favorite restaurant and why?

5. Do you give less Halloween candy to kids (mostly teens) that don't wear a costume, or even a mask, when they go trick-or-treating (they just wear their regular clothes)? I do that when I stay at home, but people are telling me that it's unfair.
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I can feel myself get slightly sick. I probably got it from my roommate, who had a high fever this whole week (I've been avoiding the room as much as possible, but I had no where else to sleep, so I probably got really exposed to whatever it is she had).

What can I do to preserve my health at this point?!

Taking Cremains to Jamaica

My father died over the 4th of July weekend. My parents had vacation in Jamaica planned with their friends next week. My mom is still going. Last night she asked me if I thought there would be a problem if she took this small urn full of ashes with her, so they can release some of his ashes there together, as he was very excited about this trip.
I think she could put it in her checked baggage, but I wouldn't want something awful and traumatic to happen to her.
Anyone have any experience with this?
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My dad just bought some program that converts records to cd.....and he is moving the circa 1975 stereo upstairs. I'm betting it doesn't work and he gets PISSED!!! anyone else ever used a program like that? did it work?
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1. If you live on your own (i.e. not with your parents), do you live in an apartment or a house? (or condo, townhouse, etc?).
2. If you DON'T live on your own, how old are you?
3. Did you ever or do you currently live on a college campus in the dorms? Did/do you hate it as much as I did?
4. Does anyone here wear NON PRESCRIPTION colored contacts? What color? Why?
5. What's your favorite month of the year?
6. Were/are you a rebellious teenager?
7. How old would you guess I am? Based on whatever you feel like basing it on ...(except for my userinfo where I believe it says how old I am).
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I have a paper due at the end of this month where I have to write about basically going out of my box. I chose organized religion. Which is very far out of my box, just because I wasnt raised around it. Im now living in Southern Utah, so the prodominant religion is obviously LDS. Problem being, I have no idea about the procedure or etiquette of any church/synagogue/Temple etc. So, could I just call the church and get somebody who would be able to tell me about any service projects they may have going on? Or...any other ideas?
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If I'm planning on being a flapper for Halloween, what essentials do I need? I have a short mini babydoll dress already.

Should I wear black or white stockings?
Buy a blonde or black wig? Short?
Feather shawl?

I've searched google, but I want to be true to the whole flapper theme, and not go off course...

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I know everyone hates these questions but..

Pain level of a nose piercing compared to a monroe?

(I like to think I have a fairly strong pain tolerance...I didnt mind my tattoo all that much but I have a thing with piercings...)

Which one do you like more?

What side would you get each on?

Collapse )
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Can anyone recommend any nonstandard fantasy books? YA lit is fine too, since there's some really good stuff coming out of there lately. By nonstandard fantasy, I mean no quests and wizards and knights...more along the lines of Neil Gaiman, Susannah Clarke, Holly Black, the Bartimaeus Trilogy...

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This may sound like a dumb question, but I'm a bit confused.

My planner says that Sunday, October 30 is Day Light Savings.
The radio just said "don't forget to set your clocks back" - but didn't say when.

So when do I set my clock back? I never really pay attention to this stuff (I just wake up, and set the clock back) but I'm going to a concert tomarrow 4 hours away, and obviously the right time is important in regaurds to when I wake up, and leave. Haha.


Or...wait...we do set the clocks back tonight, which is technically tomarrow...at 1am?

Oh god.

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If someone does something nice for you, do you acknowledge it in any way?

I'm not asking if you think people should, or if you think the doer should expect acknowledgement or anything like that. I'm just asking if you do or not, usually.

For example: Writing you an "I'm thinking of you" email, sending you a card in the mail, posting something about you in a livejournal or other blog, etc. Something in which the doer is not present at the time you receive the nice thing.

*The above is another reason why I shouldn't post when I'm tired. I bet it doesn't make any sense to anyone but me. ;o)
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Apartment hunt

For those of you who live in an apartment what was the renting process like? Is it hard if you have no rental history? I live in the dorms now have never rented or owned and have no credit, I plan on getting a credit card soon to establish credit, and I'm looking into moving into an apartment next year and I want to be as prepared as possible.
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Do you have any favorite songs in a language other than English?

Want to email them to me? bunnybuckette@gmail.com

Sometimes I like listening to music without understanding the words.
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Can someone tell me how you get a sum of 1 for the following?

Given the series 1+1-1+1-1+1-1+1..., give one possible sum for it.

The possible sums are apparently 1 and 2 but I don't know how you arrive at the 1. =/

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Guys: Do you make sure to walk your date back to her car at the end of the night?
Ladies: Do you expect your date to walk you back to your car at the end of the evening? Does it make a difference if it's a first date?

I went to dinner and a movie with this guy last night, and everything was going well (aside from him being 30 minutes late due to traffic, which bothered me a bit, but he apologized profusely for), but when we were leaving the mall, I started walking toward the area where I parked my car, and he just kept going straight. I motioned my hands and said that I had parked "that way." He said "oh, okay, I parked over there," pointing in the other direction, and just kept walking. I was a little surprised that he wasn't going to escort me to my car (it was around 9:45 pm). There wasn't even a "goodbye" thing--because he kept walking, I just blurted out something like "thanks, had a good time" and kept walking. It felt like a bit of a deal-breaker for me: any gentleman would have walked me to my car. You'd think it was an indication that he wasn't really into me, but he emailed me today saying he had a good time, and he'd like to have a second date.

So...do you think I'm overreacting about this whole thing?
If I *do* decide that it's too much of a deal breaker to go out again, should I tell him about that, so maybe he'd learn from it, or should I just not mention anything?
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Sheepish question

Does anyone want to listen to my radio show tonight?

In about a half hour I'm going to be starting my Halloween show, but most of the people I know who would normally listen are out at parties and clubs and whatnot, bringing my guaranteed listenership to 3. This makes me sad. If anyone would like to listen (an idea of the music I'm playing is in this post from yesterday. If you do want to listen, since I definitely don't want to spam, the information is in the last public post on my journal.
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1. I'm having a disagreement with a friend, so I'm looking for more opinions. :P

Right now I'm 5'6", and we're arguing over how tall I'll be when I finish growing. He says, AT MOST, 5'9", but I disagree, though I don't have a set number.

My dad is 5'8", but my mom is 5'3". I just turned 15 a week ago, and I've only had one actual growth spurt, and that was before 6th grade (my 10th summer). Since then, I've just grown slowly and steadily. I eat pretty well, but I usually get a maximum of 6 hours of sleep on weeknights, and anywhere from 8-10 on weekends. EDIT: Oh, I'm male. x)

How much more growth is likely? (And yes, I know I should sleep more)

2. I get slightly frustrated at my history class because of the way we skip back and forth in time periods. It makes sense, of course, because the chapters are arranged by topic, but I hate going from (for example) Constitutionalism in the 17th century back to the Scientific Revolution of the 15th and 16th centuries. It just throws me off, because I like to compare things that are happening at around the same time.

Anyways, I'm planning on making a timeline of the centuries, color coded. I'll be using black for chapters(/eras), purple for different rulers, red for wars, and blue for other people. I'm planning on finding a green pen for other random events, but I can't think of any other colors that I would need. Am I missing a large chunk of information that I could put under another color, or does Eras, Reigns, Wars, People, and Events cover it pretty well?

Thanks for the advice. :D
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I have another question.

I have hardwood floors. And my bed frame is on wheels.

How do I get my bed to stop moving?

I tried sticking pieces of cardboard in and under the wheels, but that didn't work.
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What is a good Christmas present to give that is cheap? I want to give all of my co-workers a present, but I don't know what.

My bosses consist of Tony (male around 45), little Eddie (male around 50), big Eddie (male around 60), Terry (male around 45), and May (female around 40).

My fellow cashiers are Venus (female 20), Alma (female 18), Lupe (female 20-30), and Shannon (female 25).

Tortilla-makers: Lilia (female around 40) and Rosa (female around 40).

Butchers: Rogelio (male around 30), Jamil (male around 40), Don Jose (male around 40), new guy (around 20)

Meat people: Andrea (30), Maribel (20), Sandra (30-40), Rocio (30-40), new girl (20-30)

Produce people: Lorena (around 30), Mike (around 30)

Stockboys: Ali (around 25), Israel (around 15), Shawn (around 40), William (I'm not getting him more than a card cuz he's a jerk and a perv), Kareem (same as William), and Corando (around 16).

As you can see, there are about 30 people, and there is not much money for that! What can I get? I can crochet, if that helps; but I don't have much time, since I go to school full time and work full time. Well... help!
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