October 28th, 2005

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What's something that you never plan to give up, no matter how tight your budget gets?

Mine is Charmin toilet tissue. I can sacrifice an awful lot, but I don't like to skimp on the toilet paper. It's just not worth it!
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Is there some kind of rule that bad shit will happen in and around cornfields in horror movies? The last few movies I've watched have had crazy cornfields of death.
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Next week I get to participate in a conference call with Steve Carrell ( from The Office, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Anchorman, Bruce Almighty, etc). It's a conference call with a bunch of other college journalists, and each of us gets one question and one follow-up. I'm trying to think of something that no one else will ask, or at least a few more creative questions in case I need a back up. If you were participating in this, what would you ask him?
Friends: Unagi.
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1) For an assignment I need to download full text articles and add a copy of the first page to the assignment. Problem is these full text articles download as a pdf and I can't get the first page out of it. So, my question is: how do I get one pdf page added to a Word document? I have Mac version for Word. Or will I just have to print the entire pdf and then just add the first page?

2) Does anyone else feel bad when someone takes you of their friendspage? It's totally crazy. I don't really mind when people take me off but for some reason I feel guilty and feel the need to apologise for being such a bad friend.
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I want to get a book for my mother thats in chinese to help her understand mental illness. Mainly depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder.

Anyone have any idea where online I can get this?

Its problematic that I cant read chinese...

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I'm getting ready to move from my childhood home and I'm not quite sure what to do. I've been living there since I was two with my parents but one passed away and one moved away so since 18, everything has been in my name and in my care. I've already given the landlord notice and he's cool.

So, what's next?
How does one move?
If you cancel household utility services that still carry balances, can you pay them after service has been terminated? The new tenants will be turning all of their services on.
Is there any extra advice you can give?
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I'm running in Relay for Life (for the American Cancer Society) in April. My college does it every year; last year we had the biggest Relay in the country and raised $183,000.

Are you interested in pledging for me this year?

If you'd like to donate for me or my team you can do so here.

Oh, and it's a one-time donation of whatever denomination you'd like (EDIT: any denomination over $10), not really a "pledge" like when you donate per lap completed.

Christmas based poems

Can anyone recommend any Christmas/winter etc based poems? I'm not really looking for Xmas based carol ones. I was thinking more about 'traditional' ones from the Victorian era (they went nuts about Christmas). They don't have to be religious based either.

I'm sending a few friends Christmas cards this year and they'd appreciate something like that written in the card. Sadly, I am slightly ignorant when it comes to poetry so any help will be appreciated!
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But they started it... :P

How do you deal with people you don't like (all the way up to hate through can't stand) but have to be around?
What if they did something really horrible to you personally, rather than were just generally odious?
How uncomfortable would being around them have to be before you'd tell them (or would you do something else)?
Is there any way to get rid of (justifiably) negative, but old and pointless, feelings about someone?
Failing that, is there a verbal form of that self-defense course thing where you difuse a fight by going all limp?
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Nutrition help?

I gained 11 pounds in 4 weeks... and I got lectured by my doctor. er. Anyway, I really do eat way too much junk food so I need help coming up with healthier (or even slightliy healthier, haha) alternatives.

I don't want to completely omit the textures and flavors I crave, because if I try to replace doritos with bananas then I'll never stick to it, you know? By the way, I'm six months pregnant so I'm not trying to lose weight, just trying to gain it at a slower pace.

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I know this is long but I'm so clueless about food so any advice or suggestions are appreciated!


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My sweetheart had all four of her wisdom teeth pulled this morning. I'm stuck at work now, but I'm getting off early to go home and take care of her. I'd like to get her a surprise on the way. Flowers are a given, of course, but what suggestions can you guys offer?

P.S. Don't you think Halloween is pretty much the worst time to have major oral surgery?
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What are some songs that you like MORE because of the lyrics?

I'd especially like to know about the songs that you don't really like or songs by musicians you don't really like where the lyrics touched you so much that it made you like the song.

One of these (I'll think of more later) for me is Video by India.Arie
research books [by me]

Oh, the questions about Jusice.

I. If I was in the CIA and revealed the name of a covert agent and put that agent's life at risk, do you think I should be charged with treason?

II. If Scooter Libby wasn't a member of the Bush Administration would he be considered a traitor? Why or why not? (Be polite and thoughtful please.)

III. Do you think Scooter's claim that "I didn't know know it was illegal to reveal the name of covert agents" should be treated like most laws that "ignorance of the law is no excuse."

IV. Do you think Scooter Libby is just a scapegoat and that mysteriously the case will end there?

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1. Suppose you see a flyer for an event, it's a rally for a political cause to which you are opposed.
Would you let the poster up for the sake of free speech?
Would you take it down as a form of activism for your own side? Do you think it's ethical to do so?
What if it's not just a meeting, but something that will raise money for their cause?

2. I downloaded some clips of a video from a website, but it's in a few parts. Is there a way I can stick the segments back together, so it will play as one long video?

3. If you're walking into a building with 2 or 3 doors, and the person in front of you walks through them first and then holds them for you, do you thank them? after the first door, the last door, or every door?
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Dog Grooming

I have googled this, but would like answers from real people.  How much does a dog groomer make?  Per hour or average yearly salary.  I know this would depend on where you work and what services are offered.  Give me as much or as little information as you want to. 

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Have any of you tried the Bare Escentials Minerals powders and brushes? If so, did you think it was worth it? Did it make you break out or anything? What was your experience with it?

I'm thinking about getting some, but I wan't to hear some consumer reports first hehe.
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Internet punctuation rules

Is there an official rule somewhere about how to punctuate a sentence if an e-mail address or web site URL is the last "word" in the sentence?

For example, at work I'm always writing to people instructing them as follows:

You must send the email to someone@somewhere.com. or
Have you tried using our support site at http://www.oursupportsite.com?

Of course I realize that having the punctuation mark at the end of the e-mail address or web address will cause problems if the person clicks directly on it, in many cases, and it will bring up the address including the punctuation mark at the end.

So what I've been doing is leaving a space between the address and the punctuation mark. However this looks bad to me and I'm wondering if it's proper.

I could just find a way to write the sentence so that the address is not at the end of it, but I correspond with a lot of people whose first language is not English, and so it seems much simpler to word a sentence the way I have been doing, instead of finagling it and making it all passive and backwards and stuff.
Halloween 2008

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1. How many of ya'll are wearing your costume to class on Monday?

And if so, what are you wearing?

EDIT: Sorry, if you aren't in school, than if you're allowed, will you be wearing your costume to your workplace?

2. What's the most expensive clothing item you've purchased?

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a. What is your opinion of the following television shows? (& Do you watch it? Used to? Never seen an episode?) Answer for as many as you want.

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b. If you could only access one TV channel for the rest of your life which would you choose?

Halloween costume

What would be a good Halloween costume for an Asian girl with glasses? I originally wanted to be Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) from Pulp Fiction with a syringe hanging off my chest...but somehow the Asian eyes and black framed glasses kinda, I don't know, throw it off? HA!

Any ideas?

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So, I spilled hydrogen peroxide on my hand a bit ago... leaving me with paler marks where i spilled it or wiped it across.
What causes that? like, did it just bleach it, or did it dissolve away the dead tanned cells, or eat the dirt from them, or what?
How long will it last?

and: would doing it on a semi-frequent basis be harmful? because if one could do it often, I think I found out how I kept getting *second* place on 'palest person at school.'
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Halloween Music!

Tomorrow night's my Halloween show on my college's radio station, and I'm trying to put together a kick-ass set list of awesome themed music. The show has a very goth/industrial theme normally, so you'll notice that some of the songs I already have (behind the cut) are covers. So, I ask you all:

What is the ESSENTIAL Halloween-y song?
What is your FAVORITE Halloween-y song?
Do you have any Halloween-y songs you think I may not already have?

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If anyone would be interested in listening, the information is posted all over my journal and in my user info, and I definitely don't want to break the rules by pimping it here.

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MSN Messenger

Now I would like to put this rumor to rest once and for all. People have been telling me you can be hacked through MSN. That the person on the other end can hack you with out knowing any personal information or you accepting any files. Someone told me that they can find out your IP adress and get into your computer.
So, what's the deal? Are these people over reacting or are they reacting rightly?
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Okay, I'm writing a quizilla quiz thing.... and with each of the answers, I've got a story example thing.
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or movie examples- like for a group that's especially cunning, I used the example of (Serenity spoiler avoidance mode) that thing Malcolm did, to distract the reavers and the alliance to get 'that special thing' from secret hiding point A to point B. (i explain in better detail for the quiz.)

Now, I've got the story things for all of them but one, a group described as incredibly territorial and incredibly interested in getting more things to be territorial over. I know I've probably seen a thousand movies in which person A steals something from the immense stores of person B, who screams and then puts an irrational amount of effort into getting it back.
I just can't think of a single one.
Any suggestions, ones I've probably seen? or non-movie examples?
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How many true friends do you have, as opposed to acquaintances? I'm talking about people you can really turn to in your time of need, rather than people you just party with or know from school/work (for some people there's a difference between friends and party friends).